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An American Flag Made in China

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

The owner of the Amp & Guitar Wellness Center in Brooklyn is a very good friend of mine. His name is Jeff and he is a terrific guy. He is one of those rare business men who would rather make less money and do the right thing than cheat a customer. To me that is what America is supposed to be all about.

Six days per week Jeff, or one of his staff, pulls up the gates and opens the charming little music shop that is hidden away in a cozy corner of Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn; a tiny neighborhood filled with a mix of blue collar workers and six figure city folk. Every day it’s the same thing; gates up, alarm off, and if the sky is clear the flag is raised in front of the shop. The American flag, that is. Jeff served his nation in the Army and now he pays his respect to his nation by presenting the flag each day.

Windsor Terrace is an ethnically diverse neighborhood, but it has not always been so. Until recently Windsor Terrace was primarily working class white; home to more that it’s share of police, firefighters and sanitation workers. Republicans. Yellow ribbon “support the troops” types. To get a feel for the old world Windsor Terrace just pay a visit to Farrell’s bar on Prospect Park West, any weekday, at 8:00, AM! Yep, even early in the morning you will see the shift workers unwinding in the only bar in the area that is open so early. And to answer your question…no, they don’t serve breakfast…just beer, and only one kind of beer, Bud…and of course the standard hard liquors. Don’t expect to get a Margarita there either! Farrell’s is an American bar! (Actually…they may serve Margaritas, but I bet you’ll get a lot of funny looks if you order one!)

Peruse the neighborhood on any hard core American holiday and you will see more American flags than you can count. Homes and businesses alike all pay host to that star spangled banner. Windsor Terrace residence sure love their country and they show their support for their nation by hanging that American flag out every chance they get.

So I was in my friend Jeff’s shop a few weeks back while he was drilling holes in the bricks in front of his shop. He was installing a new mount for his brand new American flag. You see the old one was getting a bit tattered so Jeff went out and bought a brand new American flag, complete with poll, mounting kit and a plastic eagle that sits atop the flag pole. The entire scene was like a living Norman Rockwell painting. A hard working American small business owner mounting an American flag in front of his small business in an American neighborhood filled with proud Americans. There was only one problem with this scene…the American flag that was about to be mounted had a little tag on it. Written on that tag…”MADE IN CHINA”!

I am not sure why I am writing about this or how I feel about this. But one thing hit me about seeing an American flag that was made in another nation…I wondered why in the world anybody would ever manufacture the flags of nations other than their own? I wondered what would lead to the need for Americans to import their own flag. I am not sure why I am disturbed by this, but I am. I can not exactly make a statement here other to say there is something very unsettling about living in a nation where we have to import our own flag!

I wonder how many of those gung ho American patriots in Windsor Terrace, or around America for that matter, have imported American flags. I wonder how many of those who do…realize it. And I wonder how many of those who realize it…care. Think about it.

Earth: A Beautiful Place if There Were No Humans

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Yesterday I was looking at a beautiful photograph of sea life that is on the cover of a book (related websites can be found here: and here: ). What I did not realize when I first saw the image was that the book was not a very happy book. While the book explores how beautiful ocean life is, it sheds light on the fact that no life forms on this planet are safe from the the treacherous impact human beings have had on this planet. The book shows how the beautiful ocean life is being harmed by humans.

Human beings, in our quest to satisfy our endless greed, have consumed and destroyed everything around us. We ( not all of us ) humans are so stupid that in our quest to indulge ourselves we have pretty much set humanity on the path to extinction. The simple minded humans, who think that some being up in the sky wants them to have more babies, can not perform the simple math that shows that exponential growth of our species can not be sustained! More babies = more harm to the planet = eventual extinction! The by products of humanity (consumption, destruction, toxic waste), are destroying all life forms, including those that sustain our own lives. You know…like the life forms that we eat, and the life forms that make the air that we breathe!

Several years ago I chose to become the housekeeper/slave to a 4 ounce parrot. I take very good care of my master. I clean up after her, feed her, provide her with my valuable belongings for her to shred with her razor sharp can opener bill, including US currency (actually they are not US currency, they are criminal Federal Reserve Notes). I take her to the park and to my parents house where my mother gives her bits of cookies when I am not looking. Her life is pretty darn good.

So yesterday, after I realized that the beautiful book contained a not so beautiful reminder of the impact human beings are having on this planet, I looked over at my four ounce pterodactyl and I got to thinking, and I realized something that is pretty darn disturbing. Human beings have had a negative impact on every single life form on this planet with two exceptions: house pets and man made super-viruses. That’s it. Pretty sad, huh. Something to be ashamed about, huh. And when you think about the fact that human beings need other life forms in order to live, it’s just pretty darn stupid, huh.

Humans are causing the extinction of hundreds of life forms every year and we are working hard to end humanity. Oddly enough when I realized that humans are setting up their own extinction I thought to myself, cool. I thought that maybe when the humans are gone the remaining life forms will thrive. It’s weird, but it made be feel a little better when I thought about that. It helped to balance the guilty feelings I have about being a member of the one species that threatens all others. Think about it.

Only in America…

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Only in America can opposing war, humanity’s most horrific obscenity, be frowned upon and ridiculed.
Only in America can sex, nature’s most natural pleasurable activity, be considered a sin.
Only in America can one’s own body be illegal or at least the showing of one’s own human body be considered a crime. (Imagine outlawing God’s work!)
Only in America can having many children be considered a wonderful thing even though sustained population growth can lead to the demise of our planet and all of those new children.
Only in America can a population believe anything it is told regardless of the evidence to the contrary.
Only in America can a person tout his or her freedom without knowing one single thing about the importance of the laws and documents that define that freedom.
Only in America do people not believe what they see, hear, taste, smell or touch unless the people on TV tell them to believe it.
Only in America can an event like 9/11 happen without the public truly examining the evidence of what happened.
Only in America can you have a media that keep the public informed about Paris Hilton but not about revolutionary advances in science that our government won’t allow us to see!
Only in America can a media lie, day in and day out, to the point of painful embarrassment, and deceive the public while causing them immeasurable and irreversible suffering and harm, and the people do not revolt against them.
Only in America can people who are part of secretive organizations
such the Council on Foreign Relations, with unchecked influence on our political process, and who are sworn to secrecy by those organizations, be trusted to report news about our political process.
Only in America would a person like me have to stop his life, end his career and jeopardize his future so that he can simply point out the obvious to his fellow citizens.
Only in America can someone like me be accused of being anti-American for simply trying to expose liars and criminals.

Actually, America is not the only place where all of this exists, but from what I was taught, it is one of the places where none of this is supposed to exist.
Maybe one day I’ll write a follow up to this piece, called “Remember When…”
Think about it.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: In a Room Without a View

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

I have got to hand it to the folks over at FOX News. These establishment cronies masquerading as journalists have convinced America that journalism and reality itself are fair and balanced. They have the American people believing that there is always two sides to every issue and that every issue discussed in a public forum must allow equal time and representation to both sides and that countering “opinions” merit equal consideration.

The truth is that reality is rarely balanced. If it is raining outside you can not report that it is not raining just for the sake of being fair and balanced. Practicing “balanced” coverage of reality in essence distorts reality. This is dangerous. It prevents the public from accurately assessing important issues. It is like having one friend tell you not to drink and drive. They tell you the very real facts about how alcohol impairs your vision, affects your reflexes and is responsible for the overwhelming majority of vehicular homicides. Then, just to be balanced you listen to another persons who tells you that it is OK to drive because you only had a few drinks and you only live a few blocks away and so on and so on. Then they cite statistics that show that driving fatalities are caused by many things, not only alcohol and because they found a source for this information that does not view deaths related to drinking and driving as real “homicides”, the numbers look different. That’s balanced, but is it really the kind of balance that we need in this world? Do we really need an opinion that is clearly wrong and clearly dangerous just for the sake of having balance?

Following FOX News’ pathetically unrealistic precedent, the ABC daytime talk show called The View decided that they had to “balance” the reality and common sense provided by Joy Behar and Rosie O’Donnell with the idiocy and blind establishment parroting of Elisabeth Hasslebeck. Sometimes ignorance is dangerous. In the case of Ms. Hasslebeck ignorance is not only dangerous, but it is painfully embarrassing. I don’t watch the program often, but I do tune in from time to time, mostly to hear a rare sound byte of reality on an establishment controlled broadcast. This reality usually comes from Joy Behar or Rosie O’Donnell about issues like 9/11, the Bush administration or Iraq. On these rare occasions I have witnessed the most embarrassing example of a typical American citizen who is completely oblivious to the realities of the world; Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Personally I have not heard a single sentence uttered by this Republican talking point TIVO machine that I could not personally shred and expose as partial information, incomplete information, out of context information or a fabricated misrepresentation of known, officially acknowledged and in most cases undisputed reality.

Now before anyone thinks that I believe that the problem with Ms. Hasslebeck stems from the fact that she utters Republican talking points as opposed to uttering Democratic talking points…do some homework. Research me. Read my writings. This is not about left vs. right. This about a little fairy tales known as American Democracy and the wonderful do no wrong history of the United States of America. Folks, official undisputed history paints a very different picture of the world than the establishment media does. I expose media deception as my profession. I do it full time. I can not explain this claim or back it up in one blog entry. I can however offer to debate anybody on this issue, on TV, with the establishment media big shots. So before anyone ‘discredits’ this article or my opinion, keep in mind that I would gladly be a guest on The View, 60 Minutes, FOX News, CNN, etc, and I would gladly show the world how these media criminals are the greatest threat to American freedom and democracy. In essence I can show Americans that the media is our enemy. I don’t tell people this, I show people this. There is a difference. I offer to back up everything I say, in person, on TV. Even on The View.

Now back to The View. Consider the definition of “balance” in context to the meaning intended by FOX News or our current crop of establishment media criminals: “a state of equilibrium or parity characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces.” Taking that definition into account in order to provide balance to “reality”, “truth” or “facts,” you would need something radically “unreal” or “baseless.” Enter Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Here you have the counter balance, if you will, to the legitimate fact based information provided to viewers of the television program The View by Joy Behar and Rosie O’Donnell. What about Barbara Walters you say? Well, Ms. Walters, just like a great many so called journalists and media personalities, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Like the other members of the media who are also part of this secretive organization, Ms. Walters does not inform her viewers about her association with the CFR and like the rest of the CFR members she is not allowed to discuss what goes on at the CFR. Keep in mind that a journalist is supposed to be a professional tattle tale. The Constitution protects journalists (the only profession protected by the Constitution) so that journalists can report back to the people what their elected officials are doing. They are not suppose to join secret organizations that are a very big, yet secretive part of our government apparatus, and then not tell the people what goes on. So to the question “what about Barbara Walters.”, my answer is…I consider her the enemy. She probably knows much more about what has taken place in this world than she has reported to her viewers and I am sure some of the things she has helped to keep secret or to played an active role in deceiving the public about would cause you to agree with my sentiments.

Reality has never been as unbalanced as it is now when it comes to the government of the United States. There is an endless list of disturbing “FACTS”, make that alarming facts related to the Bush administration when it comes to stolen elections, the events of 9/11, lying to start wars, eroding our rights, eliminating our freedom, human rights violations, weakening our nation, obliterating world opinion of our nation, etc. (Again…I offer to back up my claims on TV…but for now you can see the hundreds of pages of documented evidence on the web site.) We don’t need balance. We need reality. We need to discuss exactly what takes place in the world. We don’t need opinion, we need information. Providing us with this information is the Constitutional obligation of the press. The media should be informing us about what is happening, not exposing us to opinions or counter opinions about what is happening. Joy & Rosie provide us with information. Yes, I know that the information is delivered in an emotional politically charged wrapping, but they provide information none the less; a rarity for TV these days. Elisabeth repeats government talking points. That is not what the media is there for. The media is there to question government, not provide it with free advertising.

So I ask you this…do we really need Elisabeth Hasselbeck “distorting The View just for the sake of balance? Think about it!

Reference: main site. 9/11 Documentation
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Being a Gay Republican is Like Being a Black Klansman

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

The comedian Dave Chappelle did a very funny skit on his program where a blind black man became the most revered member of the Ku-Klux-Klan. Nobody knew that he was black because he wore a hood and he never knew he was black because he was blind. At the end of the skit he finds out that he is black and he subsequently divorces his wife because she is, in his own words, “ a nigger lover!”


I can not think of a better metaphor than Chappelle’s skit for the gay people who identify themselves as Republicans. The hood in the skit that prevented others from finding out that Chappelle’s character is black is just like the proverbial “closet” in which gay people hide from those who persecute them and from themselves. And the fact that Chappelle’s character was a leader in the most anti-black hate group on the planet, the Ku-Klux-Klan, represents the leadership in the politically masochistic organization known calling themselves Log Cabin Republicans!

The Log Cabin Republicans just concluded a conference during which they decided to continue to adhere to the core values of the Republican party. I suppose the theme of this convention was “thank you sir, may I have another!” There is nothing more difficulty for me to do than to support people that actively take part in their own abuse and let me tell you I can not think of anything more difficult to do than support the rights of the homosexuals who align themselves with the political enemies of homosexuals.

Let’s face it, Log Cabin Republicans are to the Republican party what the cheerleaders played by Will Ferrell & Cheri Oteri on Saturday Night Live were to the rest of the squad.

Being a gay Republican is like being a black Klansman or a Jewish Nazi. They should form a new party taking the good values of the Republican party and they should leave out the hate policies of the current party. But they should not be supporting their abusers.

Then again…I may be completely wrong about the Log Cabin Republicans. They may actually be the most powerful Republican organization around because it seems like a heck of a lot of their leaders are either suspiciously “connected” to out of the closet homosexuals or are eventually outted themselves! Can anyone say “Jeff Gannon”? Think about it!

Just a Quick Thank You to My Readers

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

I spend a great deal of time investigating and reporting about many depressing issues. Sometimes I get emotionally overwhelmed. At times I find it very difficult to continue my quest. There are surly times when I feel like my temper will get the best of me. It is usually during one of those emotional breakpoints when I fire off one of my angrier news letters or commentaries; the ones that usually result in significant un-subscriptions!

Then again there are moments, like this, when I become overwhelmed by the support that I receive from my readers. On an average day I will receive about 2000 e-mail messages. You can add another 1000 but I try not to count spam! Of those messages many of them contain kind complimentary messages (that really keep me going) or humbling requests to reprint my articles. I receive messages correcting my spelling or grammar…no surprise to me. I receive messages asking me for advice. I receive messages asking me to become involved with other organizations or individuals trying to make our world a better place. I also receive many messages telling me where to buy Viagra or that I have won some international lottery or that someone wants me to help them to move $millions into a bank account or that…oh, you mean that is spam too?

Of course I get slammed now and then; but thankfully not too often.

Oddly enough the humbling moment I am experiencing right now is not a result of any special compliment that I received. It is the result of perusing through my “submissions” e-mail box; the account set up for people to send us news and information for publication on our news page. For some reason I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people who have taken it upon themselves to help me by keeping me informed. These people have helped to make my job easier and they have helped to make become a pretty darn good place to visit if you want to stay informed about what is going on in the world. I still do a lot of manual research but I don’t think I would be able to maintain the consistent broad spectrum coverage without the many contributors. It is very humbling to know that people, many people, take the time to pass on vital information to a website that I started with the expectation that some day we may get 100 visitors per day. Now we get 100 e-mail or more per hour, to say nothing of the visitor volume! Very humbling indeed.

The list of contributors seems to grow as I am finding new “sent from” names all the time. But there are are a few dozen power contributors, you know who you are, who at this point could be considered official TvNewsLIES contributors! I just wanted to take today and thank you all, especially the regulars, for being a big part of what I am trying to do. You might be a falling  tree in the woods but I’m letting you know it is surely making some sound! Think about it!

Forget About Impeaching Bush; Just Have His Presidency Annulled!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Do you remember the game called Twister? Do you remember that arrow that you would spin when it was your turn? Do you remember that the arrow would land on a color and you would have to put your hand or foot on a colored dot on a mat that matched the color? Well, the Bush/Cheney gang are so corrupt and are involved in so many scandals that we can make one of those little spinning arrow charts and use it to select one of the multiple reasons to impeach or incarcerate Bush, Cheney and members of their crime syndicate.

But I have an easier solution. While I personally favor criminal proceedings for the Bush cabal for a number of things ranging from conducting an electoral coup on our nation to complicity in the events of 9/11 (or at the very very least incompetence…but the evidence points to complicity), I think it would be easier to simply have the entire Bush presidency annulled! You see all you have to do is examine the evidence of election fraud that took place during the last two presidential elections and you will see that Bush was never elected. So we don’t really need to impeach him….we just have to inform him of the mistake and tell him to leave…immediately!

I don’t get it, this whole nation has their collective heads in buried in the sand. Reality is simply not part of the average American’s daily life. Bush was never elected to the presidency! Not once! Why do we keep pretending that he was? If you need proof of this you can check out the writings of Mark Crispin Miller who has put together the best documentation of this to date or you can read daily

Arrests have been made. People have been sent to prison for election fraud. Yet for some reason the American public can not connect the one dot that is required to understand that when people are convicted of election fraud, election fraud took place! And someone befitted by that election fraud! Hello….can anyone out there hear me? Bush and his cabal are enemies domestic. They invaded our nation and overthrew our government. They used nonviolent means to do so but they did so none the less. We are living under a coup. And the justice system, along with Congress are dominated by cronies and therefor the people of this nation are without protection from enemies and we are without a system where justice can be served. So to think justice in the form of an impeachment is realistic is foolish. Just ask Nancy Pelosi, she will confirm my opinion here.

So instead of waiting for cronies to police themselves and conduct impeachment or criminal hearings let’s just take a moment to step into the reality based world. We don’t need to impeach Bush because he is not the president. We simply have to enforce the laws of the land. He was not elected. Crimes were committed in order to make it appear that he was. Once Bush is out we can arrest Bush for impersonating a US president, trespassing, every kind of fraud imaginable, 9/11, etc. But until then we should simply tell him to to vacate the White House because he is not now and never has been the president! Think about it!

Queen Elizabeth, a Symbol of Inhumanity

Monday, May 7th, 2007

It baffles me that people are still enamored by royalty. Keeping the public thirst for Princess Dianna information was an industry! Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the US is considered a major event! What the heck does anyone care about these people of privilege for?

Royalty is a load of crap! It signifies nothing but a class system where some people are better than others simply because of their bloodline! Sorry, but I don’t buy it! Let me remind my fellow humans that at the other end of the social spectrum lie drones, slaves, meant to serve queens and royal families! The entire concept is vile to me. It makes me sick to watch a nation, my nation, treat with respect a royal family of a nation that we went to war with in order to get away from royal rule!

I know I am going to get hammered because of today’s commentary, but I just had to get this off of my chest. It has been bothering me for years and I just wanted to say it. I despise the concept of bloodline royalty and I am quite disturbed that my position on this is not more popular.

So next time you rush to read about a prince or princess, take a look in the mirror and understand that you are accepting your place as a drone! Think about it!

Dick Cheney & George W. Bush Make Me Want To Be a Christian

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I am a devout atheist. This is not to say that I am not religious. On the contrary; I am more religious than most God fearing people that I know. Why do I say this? I say this because I live by a strong code of ethics and I do so with no hopes of Godly rewards, personal gain or a membership in a post life heavenly resort. I don’t really think I need a book to tell me how to be a good person and I don’t really think I need a book to tell me who I should hate. I try to be good for the sole reason of being good.

I am a big boy now and I have pretty good parents and I think they did a good job in making me a decent person. I learned a lot about character from being around them. My dad worked very hard his entire life. He never took bribes from salesman when he was buying materials for the low paying slave driving mens clothings company that he worked for in the 60’s and 70’s. As a matter of fact he never even accepted the usual holiday gifts like bottles of liquor or the tickets to sporting events that were offered to him throughout the years (and you have no idea how mad I was when I found this out after missing all of those boxing matches at the Garden as well as Yankee, Met, Knick, Giant and Jet games!!!) My mom was a school teacher who never wanted to be promoted because even though promotions would have increased her income they would have taken her away from the classroom, where she felt that she could do the most good for the children of our society. My sister, as much as I joke around about her being the Loch Ness Monster (or Big Foot, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon), is so kind that she actually puts her fear of insects aside to rescue the odd spider from her home and place it safely outside as opposed to killing one of natures living creatures. Of course she tortures me, but that’s another story:-)

So you see, I believe that even though I don’t follow an instruction book, I had some good teachers around me and I developed my personal religion based on their influence. My religion: Do the Right Thing and Just Don’t Harm Others. Pretty simple. It’s not exactly a tax shelter, and I don’t have any special holidays or fancy garments, but I’m happy.

That being said, there are times that I wish my hyper logical mind could make room for some illogic. I sometimes wish my hyper critical thinking could be suspended for just one thing. That one thing would be to believe in some God based religion. I did the religion thing when I was a kid but my critical thinking kicked in as an adult and my brain would have none of that. I don’t think it is a conscious decision, it is just something I can’t relate to. Religion stands less of a chance surviving in my mind when I see all of the real life examples of the vile and deplorable conduct of so called religious people around the world. Religious people murder, start wars, support wars, molest children, cheat on their spouses, rob, lie, you name it. So I say to myself, what’s the point? Why not just be a good person? This way if I do stray from my code of ethics at least I won’t be a hypocrite! Because let me tell you there is no bigger hypocrite than one who hides behind a holy book!

Now about Cheney and Bush…here is the thing…when I see people like Cheney and Bush, and just about all men and women of their ilk, Democrat, Republican, Nazi, whatever, I really and truly wish (I know…who am I wishing to…I DON’T KNOW:-), that there was a Hell. I truly wish that retribution was guaranteed in life. I picture a place where people like Bush and Cheney have to spend the rest of eternity facing all the people who have been harmed by their actions. I have a difficult time living in a world where evil people with power get free passes, so in the back of my mind I hope one day to find out that I am wrong about religion.

I think I would make it into Heaven based on my conduct during this life. I surly have a lot of apologies to make, but to be honest I try to make it a habit to apologize for my wrongdoing while I am alive. I don’t know if that cleans my slate, but I would think that it counts for something.

In the movie Slingblade the main character, Karl, is speaking to a good man who happens to be a homosexual. In other words this man is considered a sinner according to Christianity, and Karl is a bible reading Christian. But after getting to know this man Karl uses his critical thinking and eventually professes to this man “But I don’t reckon the Good Lord would send anybody like you to Hades.” By this he meant that by committing the so called sin of homosexuality the man really did not harm anyone and he feels that a “good” lord would not look upon that man as a bad man and want to punish him for eternity by sending him to Hell. I guess like Karl, I believe that if that of there is a God and a Heaven and a Hell, that a “good lord” would not send anyone like me to Hades just because I never believed in him. I may have to write some things on a blackboard over and over a few hundred times however.

So let me publicly apologize to my sister for all of the monster jokes, and let me say that even though my weird little brain won’t let me believe in a religion in the conventional sense of the word, I kind of hope to find out some day that I am wrong. And I hope Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and all people of their ilk also eventually find out that some odd guy from Brooklyn named Jesse was very, very wrong! Think about it!

Mood Music? Is That Journalism or Manipulation?

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

The recent obsessive coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting by the establishment media serves up many examples of what is not journalism. Although I can point out about 50 problems with the coverage of this event the one aspect that stands out as an obvious and egregious violation of journalistic ethics is the establishment media’s use of mood music for this coverage. While music is constantly used to instill fear or tension into the so called news coverage on our TV sets, the sad heart wrenching intro and background music that is being played during the coverage is a clear and obvious example of how the criminals who claim to be journalists are in fact shaping your opinion and manipulating your emotion; and they are using every tool and method available to do this including music.

A journalist is supposed to have the same effect on you as a paper delivery person has. They are supposed to deliver news to you and you and that is it. You are not supposed to find out how they feel about the news and they sure as hell are not supposed to try to tell you how they feel about the news. Their job, as defined by their claimed profession, is to report recent events without bias or opinion. That’s it. They have to simply read reports to you about what is taking place. They can show you pictures and films but they are not supposed to manipulate the information, craft a fancy package to deliver it or create an atmosphere that is intended to influence how you feel about what you are hearing.

So let me ask all of the senior anchors on the so called news networks and news programs; which journalism class taught you about how to select the appropriate music for a report? Or did you learn that in your propaganda class? Think about it.

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