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Being a Gay Republican is Like Being a Black Klansman

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

The comedian Dave Chappelle did a very funny skit on his program where a blind black man became the most revered member of the Ku-Klux-Klan. Nobody knew that he was black because he wore a hood and he never knew he was black because he was blind. At the end of the skit he finds out that he is black and he subsequently divorces his wife because she is, in his own words, “ a nigger lover!”


I can not think of a better metaphor than Chappelle’s skit for the gay people who identify themselves as Republicans. The hood in the skit that prevented others from finding out that Chappelle’s character is black is just like the proverbial “closet” in which gay people hide from those who persecute them and from themselves. And the fact that Chappelle’s character was a leader in the most anti-black hate group on the planet, the Ku-Klux-Klan, represents the leadership in the politically masochistic organization known calling themselves Log Cabin Republicans!

The Log Cabin Republicans just concluded a conference during which they decided to continue to adhere to the core values of the Republican party. I suppose the theme of this convention was “thank you sir, may I have another!” There is nothing more difficulty for me to do than to support people that actively take part in their own abuse and let me tell you I can not think of anything more difficult to do than support the rights of the homosexuals who align themselves with the political enemies of homosexuals.

Let’s face it, Log Cabin Republicans are to the Republican party what the cheerleaders played by Will Ferrell & Cheri Oteri on Saturday Night Live were to the rest of the squad.

Being a gay Republican is like being a black Klansman or a Jewish Nazi. They should form a new party taking the good values of the Republican party and they should leave out the hate policies of the current party. But they should not be supporting their abusers.

Then again…I may be completely wrong about the Log Cabin Republicans. They may actually be the most powerful Republican organization around because it seems like a heck of a lot of their leaders are either suspiciously “connected” to out of the closet homosexuals or are eventually outted themselves! Can anyone say “Jeff Gannon”? Think about it!

Pro-Life or Anti-Life; Which is it Mr. Bush?

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Before I get to the point of today’s commentary I want to clear something up for the people of America and mostly for the criminals in the establishment media who help distort issues in favor of the people who control them. Nobody, and I repeat no human being who supports a woman’s right to have an abortion is “pro-abortion” or “anti-life”. So let’s stop the inappropriately applied description of “pro-life” for people who feel that women should not have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The term that should be used and is more accurate is “anti-abortion” or “anti-woman’s-right-to-choose.” If you use the term “pro-life” it should be used to describe those who oppose people who believe in the right to hunt, support war or support the loosening of environmental regulations. So if you use that term, use it correctly!

As a personal disclaimer let me clarify something. I am disgusted with my fellow human beings’ trivial approach to parental responsibility. The rampant occurrences of unwanted pregnancies are unacceptable to me when we have so many ways of preventing them. I am not just speaking of unwanted pregnancies that are terminated, I am also talking about unwanted births by mothers who are in no position to responsibly care for a human being. Blame can be shared between the men and women who are responsible for this but let’s face it, women have just a little bit more control over the situation for the most part. I am sorry if you disagree with me but that is how I feel. Not only can a women use birth control but she can also demand that her partner use condoms. Couples can also partake in many satisfying sexual activities that do not necessarily come to a pregnancy risking conclusion. Use your imagination;-) That being said I do support a women’s right to choose but I believe more effort has to go towards preventing unwanted pregnancies and irresponsible births. Parenthood is a responsibility as much as it is a right so let’s practice both equally.

Idea: perhaps we can mix some kind of male contraceptive in every little blue Viagra pill! Just a thought.

Now as far as Mr. Bush goes…I am saying this…one can not claim to be pro-life while ordering death. If anyone takes the position that killing is wrong and that solutions to problems can under no circumstances result in a death of a human being, as anti-abortion activists such as George W. Bush do, then that same logic must be used across the board. If you choose to address a problem by killing people, like Bush did with Iraq, then you are not pro-life! Period, end of story.

George W. Bush has threatened to veto any pro-choice legislation that awaits his signature. He stands in front of the world and proclaims to be “pro-life” while the world counts daily the mounting deaths that have resulted from his actions. We need a word that is stronger than “hypocrisy” to describe this scenario! I won’t even bring up the fact that a record number of state executions occurred during his term as governor of Texas. Oops, I just brought it up. Silly me.

The fact is that George W. Bush is anti-abortion, not pro-life. I don’t know if anything in life is more obvious than this. Perhaps those in the establishment media might want to take notice of this! Think about it!


George Bush’s Assault on Women 

Dick Cheney & George W. Bush Make Me Want To Be a Christian

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I am a devout atheist. This is not to say that I am not religious. On the contrary; I am more religious than most God fearing people that I know. Why do I say this? I say this because I live by a strong code of ethics and I do so with no hopes of Godly rewards, personal gain or a membership in a post life heavenly resort. I don’t really think I need a book to tell me how to be a good person and I don’t really think I need a book to tell me who I should hate. I try to be good for the sole reason of being good.

I am a big boy now and I have pretty good parents and I think they did a good job in making me a decent person. I learned a lot about character from being around them. My dad worked very hard his entire life. He never took bribes from salesman when he was buying materials for the low paying slave driving mens clothings company that he worked for in the 60’s and 70’s. As a matter of fact he never even accepted the usual holiday gifts like bottles of liquor or the tickets to sporting events that were offered to him throughout the years (and you have no idea how mad I was when I found this out after missing all of those boxing matches at the Garden as well as Yankee, Met, Knick, Giant and Jet games!!!) My mom was a school teacher who never wanted to be promoted because even though promotions would have increased her income they would have taken her away from the classroom, where she felt that she could do the most good for the children of our society. My sister, as much as I joke around about her being the Loch Ness Monster (or Big Foot, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon), is so kind that she actually puts her fear of insects aside to rescue the odd spider from her home and place it safely outside as opposed to killing one of natures living creatures. Of course she tortures me, but that’s another story:-)

So you see, I believe that even though I don’t follow an instruction book, I had some good teachers around me and I developed my personal religion based on their influence. My religion: Do the Right Thing and Just Don’t Harm Others. Pretty simple. It’s not exactly a tax shelter, and I don’t have any special holidays or fancy garments, but I’m happy.

That being said, there are times that I wish my hyper logical mind could make room for some illogic. I sometimes wish my hyper critical thinking could be suspended for just one thing. That one thing would be to believe in some God based religion. I did the religion thing when I was a kid but my critical thinking kicked in as an adult and my brain would have none of that. I don’t think it is a conscious decision, it is just something I can’t relate to. Religion stands less of a chance surviving in my mind when I see all of the real life examples of the vile and deplorable conduct of so called religious people around the world. Religious people murder, start wars, support wars, molest children, cheat on their spouses, rob, lie, you name it. So I say to myself, what’s the point? Why not just be a good person? This way if I do stray from my code of ethics at least I won’t be a hypocrite! Because let me tell you there is no bigger hypocrite than one who hides behind a holy book!

Now about Cheney and Bush…here is the thing…when I see people like Cheney and Bush, and just about all men and women of their ilk, Democrat, Republican, Nazi, whatever, I really and truly wish (I know…who am I wishing to…I DON’T KNOW:-), that there was a Hell. I truly wish that retribution was guaranteed in life. I picture a place where people like Bush and Cheney have to spend the rest of eternity facing all the people who have been harmed by their actions. I have a difficult time living in a world where evil people with power get free passes, so in the back of my mind I hope one day to find out that I am wrong about religion.

I think I would make it into Heaven based on my conduct during this life. I surly have a lot of apologies to make, but to be honest I try to make it a habit to apologize for my wrongdoing while I am alive. I don’t know if that cleans my slate, but I would think that it counts for something.

In the movie Slingblade the main character, Karl, is speaking to a good man who happens to be a homosexual. In other words this man is considered a sinner according to Christianity, and Karl is a bible reading Christian. But after getting to know this man Karl uses his critical thinking and eventually professes to this man “But I don’t reckon the Good Lord would send anybody like you to Hades.” By this he meant that by committing the so called sin of homosexuality the man really did not harm anyone and he feels that a “good” lord would not look upon that man as a bad man and want to punish him for eternity by sending him to Hell. I guess like Karl, I believe that if that of there is a God and a Heaven and a Hell, that a “good lord” would not send anyone like me to Hades just because I never believed in him. I may have to write some things on a blackboard over and over a few hundred times however.

So let me publicly apologize to my sister for all of the monster jokes, and let me say that even though my weird little brain won’t let me believe in a religion in the conventional sense of the word, I kind of hope to find out some day that I am wrong. And I hope Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and all people of their ilk also eventually find out that some odd guy from Brooklyn named Jesse was very, very wrong! Think about it!

Would a White House Official Lie? Gee, I Wonder?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

While we have heard many a pundit describe the Bush administration insiders as Machiavelli types, we never hear the pundits describe what that means. I did a great deal of research on the people of the administration, their core neoconservative principles, their mentors and their histories. I also explained Machiavelli principles. Let me highlight one of those principles and then point you to my fully researched article; just for your reference:

Point: “A ruler can cheat and lie and do all sorts of things but should at all time maintain the outside appearance of adherence to human rights and caring for people.”

Please feel free to learn about the people who are currently occupy the White House:
Required Reading for Bush Supporters

Any Questions? Think about it!

US Army General: Homosexuality Immoral. Killing 10s of Thousands of Human Beings Who Never Threatened Us…Just Fine. How Christian.

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Just when I thought human beings could not get any stupider, I made the mistake of listening to the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff! I found myself listening to news reports and recordings of this high ranking military officer telling the world how  he “considers homosexuality to be immoral and the military should not condone it!” A man who chose as a career a vocation that put him in a position to implement or partake in the killing human beings on a massive scale is telling us that giving and receiving sexual pleasure with a consenting adult is immoral! In human history has there ever been a bigger hypocrisy?

Somebody wake me up! These past seven years can not be real! Please, somebody wake me up!

There seems to be no limit to hypocrisy in the current administration and there seems to be no limit to the lack of ability or willingness to make note of this hypocrisy by our criminal corporate media or our brainwashed fellow citizens!  When human beings are more accepting of war than they are of sex, perhaps we need to reconsider whether or not human beings are indeed the most advanced species on this planet, or just a virus that poses a danger to all others.     Think about it!

Reference: General Pace: ‘Homosexual acts immoral’ 

Beware the Fake Media Watchdog

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

This is an open letter from the editor of to Rory O’Connor in response to his interview with the CBS News Chief Sean McManus. The interview can be read here:


I hope you remember me. I am the editor of We met at one of Danny Schecter’s C-SPAN interviews and then again at his office in NY. We had discussed possible collaborations at the time.

I just read your interview with the CBS news chief and I have one thing to say…I am stunned. I am absolutely stunned that you had face time with this person and those are the questions you chose to ask.

America has never been led down a more dangerous path by our news media. The levels of deception and information omission by our corporate news media have never been greater while the level of distraction, (i.e. Laci Peterson and missing hikers) has never been more prevalent and you use this valuable opportunity to confront one of the criminals in chief to ask questions as if you were a high school kid doing his first interview with your principal. After 2 paragraphs I was expecting you to ask him about his favorite color.

Opportunities Passed (I would have said missed but by all appearances you did not miss anything…you knew exactly what you were doing…and not doing):

You could have asked him why six years into a PNAC driven global war on terror, war on civil rights and war on the US Constitution no mention of PNAC has been made on CBS, not even on 60 Minutes.

You could have asked him why CBS News broadcasts have not informed the public about the fact that 7 of the so called 9/11 hijackers are still alive or about the hundreds of other contradictions between the official story of 9/11 and the official body of evidence.

You could have asked him if he thought PNAC’s published desire for a “new Pearl Harbor” represents a reasonable and valid concern about who had motives while also having the means and opportunity to conduct the attacks of 9/11 and if he thought it was too far fetched to think that it is just coincidence that the US would have our first new Pearl Harbor in sixty years when men who wrote about the the benefits of having one just happen to be in positions to prevent, permit or conduct the events of 9/11, our new Pearl Harbor!

You could have asked him why CBS has not highlighted the ten thousand six hundred scientists, scientific researchers and Nobel laureates who signed a petition condemning the the Bush administration for political interference; thus endangering our health and life on Earth.

You could have asked him why the entire news media and political apparatus of our nation are incestuously intertwined with secretive organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations.

You could have asked him why there has never been a single news report informing the public that the Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the government and is a private, for profit corporation that appears to completely control our monetary policy, recessions, inflations and economic collapses while it answers to no US government body including Congress or the executive branch.

Instead you chose to ask questions like: “Is it true you are the living reincarnation of Roone Arledge?”, “You’ll make more money this year?” and “Are you looking at new potential revenue sources?”

Need I say more?

Rory, I could go on and on but you get the point. I met you several times and I thought you were one of us: members of the reality based world who care about our nation and global community. Your close ties with one of the people I respected most, Danny Schecter, served as stamp of approval for you in my book.

By virtue of your close ties with Danny, after reading your interview I also question Danny’s legitimacy as a media watchdog. I also don’t know with whom I should be more angry, the head of CBS News who, because of his position as a leader of a corporate news entity, is an enemy of all American citizens, or with you; a person who had the chance to confront the enemy and instead played along with him and helped to legitimize him.

A very stunned and disappointed - make that angry,
Jesse Richard - Editor,

Always Hear the Message - ALWAYS

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Today I just want to pass along a simple yet valuable piece of advice. My advice: Just listen! That’s it. I am saying this because there is too much valuable information being ignored simply because it comes from people you do not like, do not trust or who have a questionable past. Don’t deny yourself valuable information simply because the value of the messenger is in question.

Likewise we tend to listen all too much to bad information because we trust or think we should trust the source. Unsubstantiated information and pure lies flow from journalists to politicians to clergy men and women. Practice critical thinking, common sense and evaluate the message, not the messenger.

We will all benefit if we simply evaluated information based on the merit of the information, not the informant. Think about it!

Muslims Beware! BushCo Thrives on Collective Guilt

Monday, December 4th, 2006

I’ve heard it all and I’ve even caught myself echoing some of the thoughts myself (mostly after 9/11 when I really believed the official story)…”Islam is a radical religion and some of the radical Muslims are a danger to the world!” The message was readily absorbed by a population with very little knowledge of Islam and even less understanding of its practitioners.

There surely is some validity to the statement. There are radical Islamic people, perhaps even many radical Islamic people. Most people with any rationality were reviled by the extremism they witnessed in the beliefs of the Taliban or the rantings of Osama bin Laden. As westerners, we have no way understanding or accepting anyone radical enough to kill someone for simply expressing critical thoughts about their religion. We have no tolerance for people who treat women as if they were possessions to be owned and fully dominated. And, in fact, rational people should not feel comfortable about sharing a planet with such radical people. But let me remind you that there are other extremist who share our world as well…such as the fundamentalist Christians who want to tell everyone how to live their lives and who don’t care what they do or whom they hurt while they force their ways on others. And then there is the segment of Jewish radicals who actually openly admit that they and they alone are God’s chosen people and that Palestinians are not entitled to what they are entitled to; like a small strip of land in the Middle East over which they would gladly destroy the world.

So let me remind my Muslim hating countrymen and women who are being led towards bigotry and intolerance by George W. Bush, that only a generation ago, the Jews of Europe went through a experience similar to one that Americans are creating for the Muslims of the world. All Jews were targeted in an attempt to exterminate them because their actions and beliefs supposedly posed a threat to or offended others. Jews were different. Jews believed in a different God. And, surely, some Jews, as in all groups, were actually extreme in their lifestyle and some surely deserved to be derided. My Jewish grandmother used to say that Jews don’t need enemies because they had each other. By this she meant that every group had its wrongdoers and should look inward at itself, because there were those among her own people who triggered irrational and undeserved prejudices towards all Jews.. She understand that it was not the fault of every Jew that they were targeted collectively, and murdered by the millions.. In the same way, the behavior of those on the extreme fringe of Islam is being used as the excuse for targeting all Muslims around the world. Americans had better start realizing this.

The reality is that members of all radical religions are destroying this world and they all pose a threat to people who are not of their particular cult. Anyone who does not buy into their story automatically becomes one of “them” in this increasingly divided, increasingly radical and increasingly violent world. Maybe some Jews really did trigger Hitler’s anger and maybe some Muslims really did and still do trigger anger in Americans but let’s learn from history for a change. And using history’s lessons as a guideline maybe we can learn to take a closer look at events that trigger genocidal reactions. As in the case of the Jews during World War II, maybe the targets of public rage don’t actually warrant that rage at all.

In fact, while you’re at it, my fellow Americans, take a really close look at the most recent event that triggered your rage known as 9/11. You may just discover that your rage has been woefully misdirected by the very people who actually pulled that trigger in the first place! You may very well have been duped into hating an easy target: people who are different, people with a different God, and people who may have extremists among them. And maybe that hatred is so very wrong. Think about it!

Some Thoughts

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

When I write about certain topics in my newsletter I sometimes play a little game with myself. I try to guess how many people will unsubscribe that day! I am pretty good at predicting high unsubscribe days. It’s easy. All I have to do is point out obvious, true, factual, verifiable but negative aspects about Israel, religion (mostly Christianity) or Democrats and bingo; let the unsubscribe extravaganza begin! I think out of everything I am exposed to in this line of work the most disturbing thing I face is knowing that some of the good people who turn to me for information and perhaps some perspective on the issues we face still refuse to admit that some of the things that they believe in may not be true.

I hate to be the first one to say this but there are bad apples everywhere and some of those apples are huge! Just yesterday the wonderful do no wrong Israelis once again obliterated a family of innocent civilians. Nineteen men, women and children bombed to death in a single action. This is one of hundreds of such events that take place at the hands of the Israelis where thousands of innocent civilians are killed. Time and time again Israel’s actions get condemned by human rights organizations, the UN and nations around the world, sans America. Israel is responsible for the deaths of more innocent civilians than all the Palestinian terrorists combined, and that is a verifiable undisputed fact.

Each time one of these so called mistakes is made by Israel we are told that they will launch an internal investigation into the “unfortunate mistake”. These investigations usually entail the explicit exclusion of outside investigative bodies and the investigation virtually always ends without finding any fault on the part of the Israelis.

In the mean time Iraq is getting ready to hang Saddam Hussein for killing 148 Kurds in the 80s. There is something unfair and unbalanced about the perception of the actions of Israel as compared to Saddam. We have grown accustomed to viewing atrocities that we or our friends commit with rose colored glasses. I wonder how people would feel about these events if they saw them all listed together without the culprits being identified. I wonder if people would still view one event as a non event and the other event as a hangable offense.

I guess I wonder most about why people turn away from me when I think out loud about things like this as I search for answers. I wonder when people will realize that finding and admitting fault is the only way to prevent that fault from getting worse. Most of all I wonder why my list will shrink once again today.     Think about it!

Gay People are Not the Problem; Closet Gay People Are! And You Can Blame Religion!

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Homosexuals who conduct their lives as do heterosexuals in society pose the same threats to society as do heterosexuals. Their desire to wed poses absolutely no threat to existing marriages or the institution of heterosexual marriage and anyone who says other than this is clearly lacking the ability or willingness to think for themselves!

The “evil homosexual” as depicted by our wonderful American Christian Taliban, seems to come predominantly but not exclusively from one demographic; the closet! Make that the Christian Republican closet; and guess what…the very people who preach against homosexuality played a big part in creating the homosexual sociopath! Yes, by demonizing these people and forcing them into hidden suppressed lifestyles they are forced to keep their deep rooted problems to themselves. They are too ashamed to deal with who they are and they are frightened to death of being “found out” so they can never dare to attempt to address their problems. What I am saying here is that when you repress your natural desires for too long the tendency to explode and over indulge increases! The pressure builds up and you can bet it is going to eventually release (no pun intended!)

At the head of the “blame” list in my opinion are Christians and Muslims. Yes, I risked my life by daring to speak negatively about Islam! But the fact is that these religions, among others, lead the world in cruelty and social abuse when it comes to homosexuality. Hypocrisy seems to be par for the course with these religions as their entire goal seems to be showing people the way to heaven as they make life on earth a living hell for some. That is what they do to homosexuals; they make life hell for them. So many of these people are forced to live a false existence simply because they want to be loved or at least not tormented. And that very forced suppressed existence does two things; it creates the potential for overcompensation and it provides a safe haven for the sickest of the sick; the proverbial deserter hiding out in the middle of a battlefield!

Still with all that comes to light about the hypocrisy of our religious leaders the followers keep justifying their obviously misguided principles. They continue to listen to the anti-gay rhetoric even when it comes from closet homosexuals who are hiding behind anti-gay rhetoric just so they won’t be the target of anti-gay people! Do human beings get any dumber? I think not!   Think about it!

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