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I Told You, and I Am Telling You Again

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Back in March I wrote an article explaining, in detail the principles of the Bush administration. I sited specific philosophies of the current crop of neocons who control our government. I explained how lying, deceit and even evil are justified to these people when it comes to achieving or maintaining power. I explained how these people have no interest in compassion, the environment, religion or caring for the people although they must “maintain the impression” that they do.

The recent reports by Keith Olbermann about the Bush administrations use and abuse of the religious right is the latest and perhaps greatest piece of evidence supporting my explanation. The Olbermann report virtually mimics some of my assessment. For those of you who want to dig further into the Olbermann story please read my article. I reposted it under the POLITICS heading. It is called “Required Reading for Bush Supporters.” (It is a permanent link on the front page of

For those of you who have not read the article…what are you waiting for? Read it…and pass it along…to EVERYONE you know! It’s about time the people of this nation started to understand their leaders…for real! Think about it!


Article: Required Reading for Bush Supporters

Report: Olbermann, on Bush & the Religious Right

Complete Corruption

Friday, September 15th, 2006

From the EPA to the FCC, America is experience an epidemic of corruption that is difficult to comprehend! Every day produces a report on how information is being changed, hidden, modified, purged or simply fabricated by agency after agency. We are being lied to every single day on virtually every single issue.

From global warming, to Iraq’s connections (or lack of) to al Qaeda, to destroyed FCC reports, to buried reports on the air at ground zero after 9/11 intentional lies are burying this nation. Officials are being appointed by the Bush administration for the sole purpose of controlling information and misleading the public. This is called lying. There is no other way to describe it.

These lies are leading to the end of democracy, to massive death (when they involve health, war, environment, food, etc.) and to a fascist state. Information is being reshaped by our government so that it supports political/religious ideology or corporate/individual profit. Our society has been completely hijacked and it is difficult to imagine a legal and peaceful solution to this problem.
Outside a forceful replacement of our authorities I see no real solution to our problems. Think about it!

It is Time to Replace ALL of the Leaders of the World

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

I am saying this on the record, as an American born person, with both Jewish and Christian heritage: I could not imagine being more ashamed and disgusted by my government (American), the government of Israel and my ignorant fellow Americans. I am stunned at my friends and family members who support Israel regardless of what they do. These people do not even realize that every “news item” that comes from Israel must be approved by Israeli military censors (bull shit democracy). I am sickened and infuriated at the members of the corporate entity known as the U.S. Congress and the U.S. media. I am sickened by the portion of the American public that remains embarrassingly ignorant to the history of lies and atrocities perpetrated and/or supported by the United States. But I am most angry at the press for making people like me have to stop their lives to alert the American public about real world that remains hidden from them by the media.

The press has been complicit in covering up the obliteration of the U.S. Constitution and it has covered up the inhuman assault on the citizens of the world conducted by America and its allies. Even if you simply ignored every gunshot fired and simply focused on the obliteration of environmental protections by the Bush administration you can see the devastating evil that is being perpetrated on mankind by the son of a bitch known as George W. Bush and the behind the scene people in the real shadow world governing body for which he works.

History aside we are witnessing a new level of American hypocrisy and inhumanity; a level that we can no longer simply stand by and permit. To watch Israel destroy Lebanon, a nation smaller than the state of Connecticut, and to watch the Bush administration step up the delivery of munitions to the most arrogant bigots every to walk the Earth, the Israeli government (not the Jews…the Israeli government…settle down you abusers and misusers of the anti-Semite label), makes me want to organize a complete overthrow of every single nation on Earth. I have had it with these vile maniacs! (Calm down you Department of Homeland Security Nazi bastards…I HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING THIS!!! I am just expressing my anger here! )

It is time to replace very leader of every nation on Earth. It is time to replace every member of every ruling body in every nation on Earth. They have failed. They are responsible for death and hatred beyond human comprehension. They are leading us to extinction. They are destroying the very planet on which we live. These “deciders” make decisions and pass laws that no citizen of the world would approve. They make decisions that would outrage people of all political and religious beliefs and would vehemently oppose. They force people to hate one another and then they send us to commit atrocities against eachother while they reamain out of harms way. It is time for the people of the world to wake up from this insanity and stop fighting for these evil people!

If the U.S. had a real news media the people of this nation would be kept apprised of the actions of their leaders. And if they were really aware of what has been taking place perhaps they would become outraged enough to stop the maniacs who are leading us to doom. If the media did their job, perhaps we would have justice in this world. Let me rephrase that…if we had a journalism entity in this nation or on the planet, one that is truly independent from the ruling bodies (governmental and corporate/financial), perhaps we would have a just world.

Israel US

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  • Thou Shall Hate, Scorn & Abuse - Gays Support Gay Hatred

    Saturday, March 18th, 2006

    Am I the only person who has a hard time understanding how people can accept words that inspire hatred in the name of religion? Am I the only one who can not figure out how the targets of this hatred become part of the institutions that sponsor it?  You can talk all you want about civil rights. You can talk all you want about how Native Americans and African Americans have been mistreated in America. You can talk all you want about how the Jewish people have been persecuted throughout history. But in my opinion no single group has been subject to a longer, more sustained and more widely spread campaign of hatred, abuse and mistreatment than gay people.

    Irrational hatred and abuse of gay people knows no boundaries. It is blind to race, nationality religion. If matters not if the subject is a member of your own family; son, daughter, sister of brother. It is socially acceptable in many places to act on this hatred. Houses of worship, governments and corporations sanction this hatred and unjust behavior and it is practiced at all levels of society, down to the youngest indoctrinated child.

    The one thing that all of this hatred has in common…God. Yes, religion has spawned this vile plague of irrational and unwarranted hatred and abuse. It amazes me how people can conduct themselves in a manner that is unjust, cruel and in some cases murderous and justify their behavior with a holy book.

    I’ll never understand why people need a book to teach them how to be a decent human being. But what is more difficult for me to understand is how anyone in the world accepts the teachings of hatred found in books that are supposed to help us to become good people.

    But I suppose the most perplexing question in my mind is how and why gay people continue to bow to their abusers. They practice religions that teach people to hate them. They work for companies that openly discriminate against them. They sign up to risk their lives in the same military that has outlawed their genetic coding. And they align themselves with political parties that have worked to institute a legal framework of injustice directed at them. It is hard to keep speaking in support of a group that in many cases works against themselves.     Think about it!

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