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‘Tis the Season?

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

I will be attending some holiday events over the next few days. I have no doubt that I will be among cheery people who think all is fine in their little world. I am sure that at one point I will be in a room full of people where some of the people are very aware of the facts that 9/11 was an inside job, we have stolen elections in this country and that global human extinction is being expedited by the people who make decisions about war, our food chain, our health and our environment, yet they will party like all is fine.

I may be the only one in the room daydreaming about homeless veterans gathering together to kill every white shirt war profiteer and politician who sent them to go murder people and then tossed them aside like a used tissue. I may be the only person among the festive crowds wondering how the hell the term “homeless people” is still applicable in a world in which the hottest selling “game” costs $600!!! I will no doubt be the only one in the room saying to myself “what the hell are we celebrating?” Think about it!

Beware the Fake Media Watchdog

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

This is an open letter from the editor of to Rory O’Connor in response to his interview with the CBS News Chief Sean McManus. The interview can be read here:


I hope you remember me. I am the editor of We met at one of Danny Schecter’s C-SPAN interviews and then again at his office in NY. We had discussed possible collaborations at the time.

I just read your interview with the CBS news chief and I have one thing to say…I am stunned. I am absolutely stunned that you had face time with this person and those are the questions you chose to ask.

America has never been led down a more dangerous path by our news media. The levels of deception and information omission by our corporate news media have never been greater while the level of distraction, (i.e. Laci Peterson and missing hikers) has never been more prevalent and you use this valuable opportunity to confront one of the criminals in chief to ask questions as if you were a high school kid doing his first interview with your principal. After 2 paragraphs I was expecting you to ask him about his favorite color.

Opportunities Passed (I would have said missed but by all appearances you did not miss anything…you knew exactly what you were doing…and not doing):

You could have asked him why six years into a PNAC driven global war on terror, war on civil rights and war on the US Constitution no mention of PNAC has been made on CBS, not even on 60 Minutes.

You could have asked him why CBS News broadcasts have not informed the public about the fact that 7 of the so called 9/11 hijackers are still alive or about the hundreds of other contradictions between the official story of 9/11 and the official body of evidence.

You could have asked him if he thought PNAC’s published desire for a “new Pearl Harbor” represents a reasonable and valid concern about who had motives while also having the means and opportunity to conduct the attacks of 9/11 and if he thought it was too far fetched to think that it is just coincidence that the US would have our first new Pearl Harbor in sixty years when men who wrote about the the benefits of having one just happen to be in positions to prevent, permit or conduct the events of 9/11, our new Pearl Harbor!

You could have asked him why CBS has not highlighted the ten thousand six hundred scientists, scientific researchers and Nobel laureates who signed a petition condemning the the Bush administration for political interference; thus endangering our health and life on Earth.

You could have asked him why the entire news media and political apparatus of our nation are incestuously intertwined with secretive organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations.

You could have asked him why there has never been a single news report informing the public that the Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the government and is a private, for profit corporation that appears to completely control our monetary policy, recessions, inflations and economic collapses while it answers to no US government body including Congress or the executive branch.

Instead you chose to ask questions like: “Is it true you are the living reincarnation of Roone Arledge?”, “You’ll make more money this year?” and “Are you looking at new potential revenue sources?”

Need I say more?

Rory, I could go on and on but you get the point. I met you several times and I thought you were one of us: members of the reality based world who care about our nation and global community. Your close ties with one of the people I respected most, Danny Schecter, served as stamp of approval for you in my book.

By virtue of your close ties with Danny, after reading your interview I also question Danny’s legitimacy as a media watchdog. I also don’t know with whom I should be more angry, the head of CBS News who, because of his position as a leader of a corporate news entity, is an enemy of all American citizens, or with you; a person who had the chance to confront the enemy and instead played along with him and helped to legitimize him.

A very stunned and disappointed - make that angry,
Jesse Richard - Editor,

George W. Bush the Decider? Is This Really Happening?

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

(CAUTION: Use of adult, yet appropriate language ahead!)

There is an episode in the old TV series MASH in which Col. Potter decided to allow the medical unit in Korea to celebrate Boxing Day by having the officers switch roles with the enlisted personnel. Klinger, the comic character, became the commanding officer. For those of you who have seen MASH know that the sheer thought of Klinger being a commander of the 4077th is laughable, - but keep in mind that he was only the commander for one day…and MASH is only a TV show.

Every day I wake up and realize we are living in just such an episode, but it is not for only one day. Every day, I watch people, real people, so called journalists, politicians and supposedly informed adults, who sit around waiting for George W. Bush to tell us what must be done in Iraq. Every day, soldiers are waiting for orders - from their buffoon of a CIC - about whom to kill, how to kill and how to die! And let me say this as an avid watcher of MASH re-runs and a full time monitor of world events: I know Maxwell Klinger and George W. Bush is no Maxwell Klinger! George W. Bush is unquestionably the most intellectually limited public figure in the US next to Paris Hilton, and tragically, he is in charge of our military!

To back up my assertions about the intellectually inert George W. Bush, I decalre an open challenge to publicly debate him on any subject related to world affairs or any discussion that measures logic, honesty or integrity!

Are we all out of our fucking minds? Are we really allowing one of the most stupid, uninformed people on the planet to make life and death decisions for our world? This guy could not pass a grade school history or science exam and we are letting him make decisions with consequences that affect the entire globe? Are we fucking crazy?

And no, I’m not about to mince words or worry about using polite language. This is too serious and too scary. There is no longer any question about the intellectual limitations of this President. We have to stop covering it up or pretending that George Bush is able to make even the most simple decisions about anything at all. And yet, we all sit back and await his great revelations. It’s beyond stupid.

How long is this nightmare going to continue? I wake up each day thinking that I was just having a bad dream; one so ridiculous that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about it. But it is real! I live in a world that is standing by silently and allowing an absolute imbecile rule us!

Now we are waiting for this idiot to make decisions about how to handle a war that he started based on 100% lies (not bad intelligence…cherry picked intelligence)! Hey America…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DISASTER! PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERY SINGLE DAY BECAUSE OF THIS ABSOLUTE JACKASS!

This post will undoubltedly give me a permanent place on some government watch list and might even end in my arrest for saying it as it is. But, that may be the price of trying to save this nation and the world. It is really time to remove Bush and Cheney, one way or another. In fact, it’s probably time for a revolution! Think about it!

Why Shouldn’t Iran Support the Iraqi Insurgency?

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

It was the United States that encouraged or more accurately ensured Saddam Hussein go to war with Iran in the 1980s. Ronald Reagan’s war consultant to Iraq at the time was none other than Donald Rumsfeld. Donald Rumsfeld and the United States supplied the arms and intelligence to Iraq helping them to kill Iranians for the better part of a decade. The mass graves that we hear about so often when our media demonize Saddam Hussein are filled with Iranians; many of whom are in those graves thanks to American war technology and intelligence; much of which was provided by none other than Donald Rumsfeld. So I ask you, why the hell would anyone question Iran for fueling the current insurgency in Iraq? If there was ever a justification for causing trouble this is it!

While I have no particular love for any radical religious totalitarian government, Islamic, Christian or Jewish, I have to say I am neither surprised nor angry at Iran for making the situation in Iraq worse. History clearly shows that the American & British governments and corporations (can you say oil companies or military industrial complex) are the big trouble makers in the Middle East. Whose bright idea was it to create a Jewish state in the middle of an Arab region on Arab land? Who the hell thought that would result in a nice peaceful region emerging?

Well, actually America and Britain are big trouble makes everywhere, supplying the many of the reasons for conflict and then supplying the tools, weapons, training, and rebels and let’s not forget evil dictators to nations all over the world. When it comes to creating the industry of conflict where the real losers are the citizens of the word America and Britain are surely the equal opportunity suppliers!

So lo and behold we finally see a situation for a nation that had been brutally victimized by the blood thirsty west to enjoy a little payback and everyone is outraged! Hello! What would you do? I hate war. I hate hatred. I hate religion and all the evil that it has brought to the world. Mostly I hate anyone that poses a risk to the well being of my family and my country. So let’s be clear here, it is not now and never was Iraq or Iran that posed a threat to me, my family or my nation. The people who caused these problems are the same people who wanted to make an obscene amount of money doing obscene things like keeping us from having safe, clean, war preventing renewable energy sources and people who make money financing wars. People who start wars are never the people who fight in them yet they are the ones we should really be angry at; not the victims of those wars who now have just reasons for seeking revenge. Think about it!


Have You Read This Mr. Bush? - Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Read this line by line. You will be absolutely stunned at how many provisions of this Geneva Convention have been totally violated by George W. Bush and his war party. Everyone down to the field commanders is clearly guilty of war crimes based on this one convention. As you read you will be hard pressed top find even a single clause in which the Bush administration’s cabal has been compliant. It is simply stunning. And what will become clear to you by the time you finish reading this is that our criminal corporate media have been complicit in these crimes in that they have ignored them even though it is their responsibility to hold our administration accountable to the people of this nation and to the laws of the land!

After watching George W. Bush conduct his affairs and speak in public for the past six years or so I am not so sure he can actually read. Well, let’s just say I am not sure about how “goodly” he understands things like words and stuff. But I think no matter how difficult it may be, Mr. Bush may want read this…or at least ask his lawyer to read it. But then again this career criminal has nothing to worry about as long as we have a corporately owned Congress and media who have no interest in running a legal and legitimate government - otherwise Bush would have been arrested many times- for election fraud, conspiracy to commit mass murder on 9/11, etc. Anyway - just read this Mr. Bush. It is one of the no-brainers when it comes to shining a light on the crimes that you have committed:

The document is too long for me to include in this piece so please click here and read the entire documents. I am sure you will be absolutely stunned at the level of violations you will be able to identify.

Perhaps because I did not grow up in Nazi Germany or communist Russia I can not imagine a more criminal and corrupt government than the current U.S. administration. Then again it may just be because there has actually never been a more criminal administration. Think about it!

Can We Call Iraq a Quagmire Yet?

Friday, November 24th, 2006

There is nothing to win in Iraq. The ever-changing reasons given for invading Iraq by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and the criminal U.S. corporate media are now moot. We surely did not have to go to war to protect America from some mythical grave and gathering threat because it has now been proved that the threat never existed. So, the logical conclusion is that there is nothing at all to win here. You don’t evaluate the actions of a bully like America beating up a weakling in terms of winning or losing; you simply measure the severity of the beating. Bullies don’t beat up little guys to protect themselves; but everyone knows that. Well, not everyone.

At any rate, the mission was really accomplished. I should say the missions were accomplished. The mission was actually twofold. The first goal was to start a war; a very expensive never ending war. This would satisfy the fascist global financial elite and international bankers whose real goal is pretty much to own everything on this planet. You see, war is great for these people. They get to finance wars. Private banks such as the Federal Reserve get to charge us interest for lending the U.S. money. War is the single most expensive endeavor a nation can undertake. Central bankers love war. They feed on war like leeches sucking the blood of their host. And what better person to get rid of than Saddam Hussein? He was using the profits of his nation’s oil for something other than American corporate profits. His oil money was going towards paying off his nations debt, providing education and health care for his people. The capitalists known as central bankers and the big greedy oil companies could not allow that! So what better a target for another war than Iraq?

Then there is the other part of the perfect war storm…Israel! This war served to eliminate a leader who was an enemy of Israel. Let me rephrase that; he was an enemy of the leaders of Israel who continue to commit atrocities against the Palestinians. As a matter of fact he may have been the only leader of any nation in the region to help the Palestinians at all; and Israel can not allow this; nor can the Zionists who influence and in the case of the Bush administration define American foreign policy.

That being said, we are now in Iraq. As I already said - we can not win. Staying will not do anything other than kill more Americans, cost the American tax payers more than they can every afford to pay and make the war profiteers richer that the mind can comprehend. We can not leave there because then the even greater bloodshed that may occur will surely be blamed on America; and rightfully so.

So what do you call it when you can not stay and you can not go? Have the media forgotten the word? Let me remind them…it is not “dilemma” or “decision”. It is not about “cutting and running” vs. “adapting to win.” The word is “QUAGMIRE!” Period, end of story. Think about it!

James Baker is NOT “the former Secretary of State!” He is an Enemy of the State!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
“Exposing more media deception!”

When referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger, neither you nor the criminal American corporate media refer to him as the “former Mr. Universe.” Arnold is correctly identified as the current governor of California.

Similarly, when referring to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, neither you nor the criminal American corporate media refer to him as a former Congressman who just happened to have a female intern die of a mysterious injury in his office. He is correctly identified as a commentator or Republican pundit on MSNBC.

When referring to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, neither you nor the criminal corporate media refer to him as a former employee of the Israeli lobby AIPAC who never even took a single course in journalism. He is not-so-correctly identified as CNN’s Ironman or a journalist. (What a joke!)

James Baker has been in the news lately. He is being referred to as the “former Secretary of State” when in fact he should be referred to as the Senior Counsel for The Carlyle Group and a war profiteer. The Carlyle Group is the nation’s 10th largest defense contractor, with extensive ties to Enron, Global Crossing, Arthur Andersen, the Saudi Royal Family, and the Bin Ladens.

Baker’s law firm, Baker & Botts, is also working to assist American oil companies in the Caspian Region. This work right now involves a pipeline to be built through Afghanistan, a pipeline that Texas oil companies were negotiating with the Taliban to build before 9-11. His law firm also defended the Saudis against law suits from the victims of September 11th! Yes, this close personal friend of the Bush family SIDED WITH THE SAUDIS AGAINST THE VICTIMS OF 9/11!

On a similar note Baker attended the funeral of Ken Lay; a man who ruined the lives of thousands of Enron employees and investors while he bilked California out of a fortune!

So, when you hear references to James Baker in which he is described as “the former Secretary of State,” let’s be clear about something. James Baker is one of the architects of the current Bush administration. He is part of the ruling elite who yield power from unelected positions behind the scenes. He is in essence part of what is known as a shadow government or the New World Order. He played a key role in the election coup that inserted George W. Bush into the White House along with the current crop of PNAC neocons.

All this should make you question if Bush asked Baker to perform a study on Iraq or Baker is simply giving new instructions to the puppets in the White House.

So wake up people (and I am also speaking to the so called progressives out there) and come and join me in reality! We are living under a criminal occupation with a criminal media that continue to keep this nation submersed in a cult of false reality. How about helping me to introduce the real world to my fellow Americans! Think about it!

“Under the Radar” = “Intentional Blatant Media Deception!”

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Have you ever heard or read the media discuss the actions of an administration as taking place “under the radar?” This term is used to describe events that take place with little public attention. This term is normally used to describe important events that should attract the attention of the public but are not widely “discussed” and about which most of the public is  unaware.

What do you think “the radar” is? The “radar” is the “press!” When you hear about events taking place “below the radar” you are really hearing about events that are taking place with the “complicit cooperation” of the media. This burying of news is intentional and institutional. These events do not go unnoticed by the media; they simply go unreported to the public by the media.

Bill signings, political appointments, nefarious conflicts of interests within government and overt criminal behavior do not go unnoticed by the media. Most of this information is in the public record. Somewhere behind the scenes and beyond the newsrooms of our nation, decisions are made about what news should be brought to the attention of the public and what news should remain “under the radar!”

This institutionalized complicity by the media was publicly acknowledged by David Rockefeller more than a decade ago:

“We’re grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government..” - David Rockefeller , 1991 in Baden-Baden, Germany

When you ask yourself how George W. Bush can appoint convicted felons and the old Iran Contra gang to important positions within our government, or how a pesticide executive can be appointed to the E.P.A., or how biological warfare programs where super-viruses that can “accidentally” wipe out humanity get restarted, or how the American public still do not know about the Project for a New American Century, or how nobody seems to know about the multiple military exercises simulating hijackings were taking place in the north east portion of the United States on September 11th, 2001, or how a majority don’t know thing one about Iraq (from before the first gulf war to this very day), or that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor is it a reserve, the answer is very simple: the criminally complicit American media, otherwise known as the radar, buried the information. Think about it!

Why Are There ANY American Contractors in Iraq? I Think You Know Why!

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

When the Bush administration invaded Iraq they used a military that was downsized by Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Rumsfeld weakened our military to a point that it could not go to war without help from private companies. I think you know why those companies exists. They exist because of Donald Rumsfeld types who create wars, weaken nations and let their friends become wealthy by looting the taxpayers.

Iraq was the most westernized and industrialized nation in the Middle East before George H.W. Bush turned on his old friend Saddam in the early 90s and obliterated Iraq for the first time. Then Clinton followed orders and continued the assault on Iraq by way of sanctions and occasional bombing raids. But Iraq became industrialized because Iraqis build up their nation. They have a nation of capable people. Why then are American contractors needed? I’ll tell you why: American companies are in Iraq; to make it rich. They are stealing American tax money and Iraqi national wealth. They are the lowest of the low. They are the bloodsuckers of humanity and nothing more. Think about it!

War on Terror or War on Democracy?

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

I have said this many times and the proof keeps coming…the war on terror is really preparation to battle a revolution in this country. All this stepped up surveillance is really an effort by the people in power to prevent the citizens of this nation from rising up in an organized manor for the purpose of overthrowing the ruling elite!

We have seen a great deal of unconstitutional legal positioning that is designed to make eavesdropping and detainment on the American people easy and legal. We have seen new unconstitutional cooperation and operations between the police and military. We are now hearing that high level military commanders want to test crowd control weapons on Americans…NOW! Why do you think they are so scared of us?

The Internet is exposing the ruling elite. The scam of U.S. democracy (capitalism) is becoming understood by the common folks. Details about the central banking system/Federal Reserve fraud are starting to spread. People are starting to understand that 9/11 was an inside job. People are learning about how the U.S. media is completely controlled and betrays the public. And now we see that the rigging of elections in this nation is commonplace.

The people of this nation realize that we have no place to turn. Our government is a sham and the judicial system has been compromised. The people will soon be left with no choice but to take to the streets. And the people in charge will not go quietly and by looks of things they are in heavy preparation to prevent the people from taking back their nation!  Think about it!

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