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So When Do We Bomb Pakistan?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

We have heard in time and time again. George W. Bush has threatened all terrorists and all nations that support or provide sanctuary to these so called terrorists. We watched as Bush and company obliterated Iraq even though they did not meet this stated criteria. But now we have a nation that clearly meets that criteria: Pakistan. They have reached a peace agreement with the Taliban and they now claim that they will not arrest Osama bin Laden if he leads a peaceful existence in their nation. OK Bush…when does the bombing start? OK Bush supporters, when are you going to sign up for military service to go after this appeaser of our enemies? Think about it!

U.S. Military: Not Loyal; Obedient!

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

To witness the members of the military profess their loyalty to the current Commander in Chief and Republican Congress is like watching an abused woman stand by her abuser.

These soldiers are either masochists who appreciate being lied to, abused and under-funded, or they are oblivious to reality. On the other hand perhaps they are just doing what the Nazi soldiers claimed to be doing, following orders.

I have a feeling that the troops are trained to be obedient, not loyal, because one can only be loyal to ones’ own. When someone is abusing you or lying to you they are no longer worthy of loyalty. Loyalty is conditional upon ones’ being worthy of loyalty. But if you are ordered to stand by your leader regardless if that leader is good to you or good for you, you are being obedient.

So let’s call it what it is…our military is obedient, not loyal, for if they were loyal they would be loyal to their nation, not to an insane idiot who took control of the nation via electoral coup! Think about it


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Under Bush We Have Lost:

Monday, July 10th, 2006

The World Trade Center, one Space Shuttle, New Orleans, Oldsmobile, the birthplace of civilization: Iraq, countless lives as a result of war, electrical power to the entire northeast section of the United states for a full day, a legitimate electoral process (and with that our democracy), 50 years of environmental protection legislation, a great deal of our polar ice caps, countless animal species, science, our ability to afford housing/education & health care, student loan programs, heating assistance programs, hunger assistance programs, the division in the CIA that was searching for Bin Laden, Paul Wellstone, our right to eminent domain and to feel safe in our homes, our right to eat foods that were not genetically altered, our jobs, $billions of unaccounted for dollars given to military contractors, workers rights protections, whistle blowers protections, our right to hold corporations accountable for their crimes against us, our right to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for killing or harming us, countless officers who resigned from the military, countless intelligence professionals who have bolted from the current insanity, respect for America in the eyes of the world.

We have gained: A presidential administration that acquired power by electoral coup and has broken more laws than one can imagine, a global nuclear arms race, a rise in global racism, unprecedented levels of global warming, powerful hurricanes, government sanctioned hatred (anti-gay), a lifestyle and economy designed to keep us in constant fear, a wider gap between the rich and the poor, four million more Americans living below the poverty line, six consecutive pay raises for Congress and an American population that knows more about the trials of Scott Peterson than they do of the trials of Dick Cheney.

Thanks to the American news media the nation does not realize what we have gained or lost. Can you imagine what this list would look like if I took even 5 minutes to actually do some research? Think about it!

Today’s Anti-Republicans; Tomorrow’s Heroes?

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

First let me state this: being anti-Republican today is not really being anti-Republican. It is being anti-fascist. The political party associations claimed by our current crop of government officials have nothing to do with the actual political ideologies of their respective parties, but the American public for the most part is too lazy to take notice.

Americans today are fooled by labels. They could care less if their brightly labeled bottle of Kool-Aid actually contains poison; they will just keep drinking as they die while defending the purity of their Kool-Aid. And they could care less if their Republican candidate is actually a neo-Conservative who is more like a lying power mongering a Machiavellian than a law and order Republican.

At least the Democrats don’t get fooled by Democrats who only pretend to be Democrats. Are you listening Hillary? That seems to be the only difference between the political parties these days. Democrats don’t tolerate their politicians who do not follow party principles where Republicans are content as long as their party is used by the politician. They could care less about their Republican politician’s actual position on anything other than God and hating gay people; for all they care their candidate could actually be a Communist…they don’t notice and they don’t seem to care.

So for the sake of reality let’s just say that the current crop of Americans who are alarmed by the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the rise of the corporate fascist state that is enveloping our nation, are anti-Republican. Let say that for one reason: it is because the current crop of people in office who call themselves Republicans are openly supporting and actively expediting this transition to fascism. On the other hand, the Democrats in Congress, many of whom are part of this anti-American initiative, at least on the surface try to appear as if they are opposed to that agenda.

Now for as long as I can remember I have heard that we must support our military because they fight/fought to protect our freedom. I have been told that I have to support them even when their mission directly conflicts with the principles of freedom both in America and abroad. I am told to support the military no matter what they do or to whom they are doing it. I am told that anything the military does has something to do with supporting my freedom.

Well, I know now that that notion is a load of shit. As a matter of fact our troops have been misused and have acted in violation of the principals of freedom and democracy more than they have been used to protect my freedom. Well at least that is how it has been during my forty two years on this planet. And now they are being misused like never before. As a matter of fact from the look of things they may be used against me/us soon; directly!

On the other hand there are a bunch of good people who are really fighting for our freedom. We are not taking up arms or marching into civilian territories with guns and bombs and secret torture prisons. We are fighting to inform the rest of our brothers and sisters about what is really happening in our world and about who really poses threats to us!

There are a few of us who are fighting directly for the freedom of the only industry that is important enough to be explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution: the press. We are fighting the real enemy of freedom the people who have hijacked our political process and are in the process of eliminating individual freedoms and the concept of national sovereignty around the world. We are fighting the people who have hijacked the only industry protected by the Constitution. We are fighting to inform our fellow Americans about the issues that impact their freedom and their lives. We are fighting for them; even for the ones that think we are the enemy.

You may call us anti-Republican. I call myself pro-Constitution. Personally I am anti-Republican and anti-Democrat. I am not foolish enough to think politicians of either corporate party are going to save our nation. I am of the opinion that we have to purge both parties, remove money completely from the political electoral process, eliminate all modern electronic technology (and private ownership) from the election voting system, and we have to replace our entire leadership with people who actually represent their constituents. We also have to eliminate ALL connections between industry and government. ALL CONNECTIONS! We need protection from corporations, not of corporations. Well, that’s just my opinion.

I may be called anti-American today by some, but if I and my fellow pro-Constitutional soldiers will one day be referred to with the same respect and admiration as any army that fought so hard so you can have your freedom. The difference is that we fight for real freedom, not corporate capitalist freedom! Think about it!

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For the Troops on Memorial Day: A Real President

Monday, May 29th, 2006

One of the harshest comments made by George W. Bush during his time as “president via election coup” has to be his proud declaration of being a “wartime president!” I can not adequately describe the sick feeling I got in my stomach as I watched the Oval Office occupant smile as he talked about making all of his decisions from the point of a war time president. Needless to say I was thoroughly disgusted with George W. Bush as a human being as I am with all the people in my nation who look positively on a leader whose only method of addressing problems or issues is by the use of deadly force.

The actions of this administration have actually caused me to give pause when it comes to the most patriotic notion of supporting the troops. This administration has morphed our service men and women into murdering machines who will fight for a cause that does not exist. I watch as U.S. military school graduates vigorously cheer a vice president who proudly declares that his administration has no intention of adhering to the U.S. Constitution and will continue their policy of spying on Americans. This administration has hijacked our military and is turning them into a weapon to defeat the U.S. Constitution. I can only support a military that is there to protect our Constitutional rights; I can not support one whose mandate is to violate it or whose members support those who do.

Under this administration the U.S. military has been used, abused, lied to, put into situations where their human dignity and decency could and has been compromised and where the new up and coming crop of military leaders do not recognize the clauses in their oath that requires them to protect the U.S. Constitution. This administration has made the U.S. Military a symbol of shame, a tool of tyranny and an enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

What our military, our nation and the world needs is a “peace time president!” Any moron criminal can create war, especially when others are there to do the fighting. A real leader should be able to bring about peace and should be able to address issues with reason, confidence and with the security provided by our military. If the cause is just no lies need to be told. If the cause is just no shots fired would be questioned. The military must no longer be under the control of people with unjust causes and inadequate leadership qualities.

For the sake of our troops, our nation and the world America needs a peace time president. Think about it!

Homeless Veterans: Reagan Would Be Proud

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

I remember when that wonderful super patriot Ronald Reagan, in an attempt to cut federal spending, cut federal funding to several programs that resulted in the loss of jobs for people who worked in the mental health industry. It also resulted in the “release” or “eviction” of many mental patients who had nowhere to live. This resulted the creation of the deranged homeless society that is still quite visible on the streets of every major city in our nation. How is that for compassion?

The wonderful Republican hero Reagan had done this before. As governor of California Reagan also assaulted the mental health care establishment resulting in the closing of many facilities.

We know that Republicans could care less about the mentally ill, but you would think that these flag-waving war-mongering false patriots would give a damn about the veterans of the wars that they love to send others to go and fight. Well, think again. Republicans, who seem to love war more than sex, money, happiness, food, air and NASCAR, (as long as others do the fighting), have done nothing to stem the epidemic of homeless veterans in our nation. Democrats (in government) have not done much either, but in many cases they have tried. Democrats who are not in government seem to understand this but they are oblivious to the reality that for the most part the so called Democrats in our government stop being Democrats the moment that they are elected.

Let me say something to my yellow flag waving friends: the words “homeless” and “veteran” should never need to be used in the same sentence. Ever! Actually the words “homeless” and “person” should never need to be used in the same sentence at this point in human development. But greed and the sociopathic lack of compassion in an America that values the dollar above human decency has permitted the homeless veteran epidemic to exist and flourish.

I have been called a liberal by many people who do not know what “liberal” means and think that it is a bad word. Well I am not a liberal for the most part, but if you call me a liberal because I think that our nation should provide the minimum living requirements for men and women who fought to protect us, instead of reducing taxes on the greedy sons of bitches who sent these people to war so that they could make their millions in the first place, - then by golly I am indeed a proud liberal.

I sit patiently as I wait for the day that the American public finally comes to the realization that supporting Republicans is not supporting the troops it is supporting the people who become rich because of the sacrifices made by the troops. It is the liberal, the compassionate liberal, the bleeding heart liberal, who supports our troops and it is high time that we establish this in the consciousness of American society. Think about it!


  • House Conservatives Cut $500M Off Vet Bill - House conservatives, rejecting protests from fellow Republicans who said they were depriving troops of needed support, stripped $500 million in military projects from a veterans spending bill Friday. Democrats in turn said GOP-backed tax cuts and a tight budget passed two days ago were behind a fiscal crisis leading to the cuts.

An Unqualified Decider In Chief

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Let us for a moment pretend that George W. Bush, or any American president for that matter, actually makes decisions for this nation. Let’s pretend that American presidents are not selected for us and instructed as to what agenda to carry out by organizations like the mysterious Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Let’s pretend that George W. Bush, an intellectual imbecile, is actually making decisions that affect our nation.

I ask this one question regarding George W. Bush and his decision making: How is this man qualified to make decisions on issues that he had no knowledge of prior to his appointment to the office of president? This man had no understanding of world affairs, history, culture, war, combat, veteran’s issues, science, the environment, human rights or geography. As a matter of fact George W. Bush is most likely the shallowest and most uninformed individual to ever inhabit the White House yet people trust him to be the “decider” on issues of global importance? A man that knows nothing about science being a decider on issues of global warming. A man who knows nothing about history or other cultures is making decisions related to the structure of five thousand year old cultures. A man who never stepped foot on a battle field making decision on wars that will last for generations.

Why is there no competency test for people who hold office in this nation? Are we really foolish enough to believe that “likeability” is the only quality required in order to lead a nation? Well, if I were to be the decider of this issue I would set some serous standards and requirement for future deciders in chief and I’d bet the ranch that George W. Bush would not meet a single one of my standards. Think about it!

Why Support the Troops? They Don’t Even Realize That I Support Them!

Friday, March 31st, 2006

I am still trying to figure out how the term “support the troops” got perverted into supporting a war and an administration that has abused and shortchanged the troops like no other administration in history. I am wondering how supporting an action that placed the troops in positions where they were left with few choices other than to commit atrocities and war crimes, is a good thing.

The US Military command is now prohibiting soldiers from providing their own body armor, even if they are not supplied with armor by the military. Can you think of any way to interoperate this little move as one that is in support of the troops?

Maybe none of the Bush administration members have yet to own a company that overcharges the government for body armor so they are trying to prevent the troops from buying any until they have their product ready for sale?

I will be forty two years old next month and in all my years I have never been able to figure out why many of the people that I support, speak out for and fight for fail to even realize that I am on their side? Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth sticking up for people who don’t appreciate my efforts. Think about it!

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