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Would Somebody Finally Tell Me Why Cuba Is My Enemy? Ditto on Chavez!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

While I was watching some Halliburton related Senate hearing I heard a Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, mention that Cuba was included in the Trading with the Enemies Act. This caused me to once again ask the obvious question that has never once in my lifetime been answered, not by a US politician and surely not by the US establishment media: why is Cuba my enemy? Sure, I have heard the dreaded “C” word, ‘communist“, but like the word itself nobody in the media has ever told me why communism is bad, why a country that chooses communism as an economic system is a threat to me or any American for that matter, or why the people of that nation should be made to suffer because they are not capitalists.

I hear the word “communist” used as an insult constantly, but I never heard anyone who uses that word explain why a communist should be considered an enemy of the United States forget an enemy of mine! I have never been threatened by a communist. The capitalist system on the other hand has scared the hell out of me. The IRS has harassed me about returns that they claim I did not send. I feared for my life for the three or so years that I went without health insurance. My credit card company started charging me $10 for paying my bill over the phone. I see veterans who risked their lives for our nation living on the streets in this country. I see people all over who can’t read, can’t do math, are absolutely clueless about what goes on in the world, and I am watching the cost of an education skyrocket to a point where only a very small percentage of the population in this nation will be able to afford an education; a rather pathetic development for a proud nation with any hope of a future. Yet for some reason I am told all the time that Cuba is my enemy! Why Cuba?

I can surely understand arguments against communist systems. I don’t necessarily think a communist system is good, nor do I think unregulated capitalism is good. The game of Monopoly represents unregulated capitalism and we all know that in Monopoly everyone looses except for the last survivor. That’s capitalism. Actually that is what George W. Bush means when he uses the code-speak term “freedom”. Bush is pushing for economic freedom, as in free of regulations. Free markets where the rich and the haves always win. He is not talking about freedom for you and me to live happy lives. Bush is talking about an “ownership society” but he does not mention who exactly will be owning society when he is done providing the “economic freedom” for the rich to finish life’s big game of Monopoly! In the meantime I am still trying to figure out how Cuba threatens me.

The other day I heard one of the establishment cronies, Democratic Senator Joe Biden, do his part in the mindfucking of our nation by throwing Venezuela into a comment about America’s enemies. Of course he did not provide a reason as to why Venezuela is our enemy. Joe was doing his part in sending out a subliminal message to anyone listening: “Venezuela bad, Venezuela bad!” Venezuela is the new Cuba in that we Americans are being told that they are our enemy every single day by the establishment and their foot soldiers in the media yet nobody will tell us why Venezuela is bad. They may tell us an out of context story about how Chavez insults George W. Bush but they never tell us what leads up to those events. They won’t tell us about how Chavez is taking his nation back from the global ruling elite, otherwise known as the international bankers. Nobody tells us that Chavez is a target because he took is nation out of debt. This is like pissing off the Godfather because you paid off the loan shark. You see Chavez no longer owes the Godfather anything anymore and that really pisses off the Godfather. The Godfather, in the case of Venezuela is the ruling elite and that is a fact. If the US backs a coup or an assassination in Venezuela you can bet the first thing that will happen is a loan will be made by the World Bank or the IMF so that they can “build” and “establish democracy” (otherwise known as economic free trade….you know…freedom;-).

Chavez is quietly becoming the world’s last hope in battling the ruling elite or the New World Order. You see he is empowering his people. As a matter of fact he is helping the South American continent to stand up to the exploitation of America and the international bankers who are in the process of setting up a one world government. Chavez has paid off Venezuela’s debts and has told the international bankers to get the hell out of his nation. He saved his people from the inextinguishable debt that causes a nation to relinquish it’s sovereignty to a private group of financiers. You know, the same way the Federal Reserve pretty much controls the US and how people like Bush are put in power in order to maintain or increase that debt so that the American taxpayer will forever fork over a huge chunk of their wealth just to pay the interest! That’s why wars are started; because wars are the most expensive endeavor a nation can undertake and that means more debt and more money owed to the bankers. Bush & Cheney are insiders. They are in like kids I grew up with who used to drive around with a bb gun popping out car windows because their father owned an auto glass store in the neighborhood! Only they don’t break windows, they start wars! They forced America into an endless war; the ultimate jackpot for the bankers!

The formula: take one “New Pearl Harbor” (and if one does not happen on it’s own create your own!) This will create fear. Part one is essential for without it the rest of the plan is dead. So above all, no matter what happens, you must ensure that the initial “catastrophic and catalyzing event” takes place. Next get the scared people to pay up by telling them that you need the money to protect them. Scared people will give anything to be safe; money, freedom, anything; this has been proven over and over throughout history. Then start a war that creates more enemies, that you will have to protect those same frightened people from! Then ask for more money and ask people to relinquish more rights so that you can protect them! What a brilliant business plan!

Now you have to pay for your protection FOREVER! That’s right, your taxes go towards paying a private bank (the Federal Reserve) interest on all of the loans taken out for the costs of protecting you, by an intentionally financially irresponsible (or complicit) Congress and/or president even though the US has the sole Constitutional authority to print money (and the Federal Reserve DOES NOT) and the US can lend itself money at absolutely no interest…if it so pleased! Friends, this is what started the American Revolution! Taxation without representation! America was started to get away from the Bank of England, another private bank that held the UK hostage, as does the Federal Reserve with America!

So getting back to my initial point…I’ll tell you who is my enemy, anyone that tries to tell me that Venezuela or Cuba is my enemy and does not follow that comment up with a clear and complete explanation as to why that is the case. Joe Biden is more of an enemy to me that Chavez and that is a fact!

So I ask you once again…why the hell am I supposed to consider Cuba and Venezuela my enemies when, as you can see from reading my rant, there are plenty of American enemies for me to really fear. And let me tell you this, America has no enemy greater than the establishment media for it is their cloak of secrecy that permit those other enemies domestic to assault our democracy, our freedom and our word! Think about it!

Then, get your information from TvNewsLIES, not the corporate entertainment networks.

President & Vice President Democrat Mike Gravel & Republican Ron Paul! Yeah, That’s the Ticket!

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Let me start off by setting the record straight. I am not in any way inferring that I believe that the Democratic or Republican parties are about to allow a legitimate candidate to achieve any level of political success in this nation. As a matter of fact I believe that signing up to be a candidate for one of these two parties is the legal equivalent of making a deal with the devil. The two party system is broken and under the control of people who simply do not care about the majority of Americans.

That being said, I am ready to identify two individuals who, in my opinion, may actually still own their own souls. These two men seem to actually be legitimate representatives of the people of this nation and they seem to really want to protect the American citizens from the ruling elite who have hijacked the political system of our nation for their own use. I would like to see them make a joint run for the office of President and Vice President in the 2008 election.

On the Democratic side, my choice to share this slate introduced himself to our nation during the Democratic debate on MSNBC. His name is Mike Gravel and I am proud to say that the readers of this newsletter learned about him weeks, if not months ago. The former two term Senator from Alaska stood alone among a stage full of establishment stooges and spoke boldly about the control that the military industrial complex has over our government and over our culture. As Gravel stood across from the Demopublican Hillary Clinton and the Bilderberg Group approved John Edwards, he did something that no other American politician has done for years, he spoke the truth to the American people about war, nuclear weapons, America’s breaking of international treaties, the fraudulent case for invading Iraq and the myth of a war on terror. He understands the illegality of personal income tax and he would bring an end to the IRS and its blood thirsty practice of sucking the financial life’s blood of the working class. He stood on the same stage with people who have been doing nothing but lying to Americans for years (a semi-pass granted to Dennis Kucinich), and he told the truth. What more can one ask of a president of the United States?

On the Republican side I have identified a real Republican hidden among a government full of Republicans who share the party name but show no sings of sharing the party principles: Republican Representative Ron Paul, 14th District Texas. This is a man who has bravely and vocally addressed the biggest and most powerful conspiracy against the American people in our nation’s history: the criminality of the Federal Reserve system. Ron Paul has entered into the public record his concerns about an illegal, unconstitutional and immoral monetary system that has virtually placed complete control of our government and our economy in the hands of secretive financiers. The central banking system is arguably the most harmful entity on this planet and is very likely at the heart of every war and economic hardship we experience. Ron Paul literally risks his life each time he courageously attempts to raise this topic while, at the same time, his colleagues on both sides of the aisle remain silent as if a bolt of lightning might strike them if they were to take part in this vital discussion. Even Lou Dobbs, the perceived media champion of the working class, pretends this issue does not exist. The issue of the Federal System is at the heart of everything that is wrong with government today. It is the most important issue related to democracy at this point and Ron Paul stands alone in Congress as a champion of the people. It is for this reason alone Ron Paul must be considered a true and legitimate representative of the people and not a tool of the ruling elite.

One way any American can tell if a member of our government is indeed on the side of the citizens (as opposed to being a tool of the ruling financial elite, corporate lobbies, military industrial complex or AIPAC) is to watch and see how the establishment media treat them. If the media ignore them or show a coordinated effort to belittle or ridicule them, chances are they are actually fighting for what is best for the voters. With that in mind, please watch how the media treat, or ignore the two candidates highlighted in this piece. If you see a willing participation of the establishment media to ignore or belittle either of these candidates you should do your best to ignore the media and listen closely to the candidates and really think for yourself about what they are saying. Forget about parties to which they belong, In fact, disregard their parties altogether and just listen to them. That’s all I ask.

My suggestion to these two fine men is to join forces. This is a desperate time for America and for the survival of our democracy. It is a time to end the myth of the two party system because both parties have become as corrupt as can be. The people of this nation no longer get to chose their representatives because the people who control the parties and the media determine for whom we are allowed to vote. Often, they don’t even let us see some of the candidates they have selected until we notice their names listed on a ballot on election day. Is that democracy?

So, I wonder what would happen if one of the few legitimate Republicans joined forces with one of the few legitimate Democrats and tried to defy the system. I wonder if the power of the people could overcome the power of the establishment media and the ruling class and elect a presidential team consisting of the first two legitimate representatives of the people in generations. I wonder what our nation would be like with leaders who would be willing to take on the enemies of the American people that have infected our system of government and like a cancer consumed our democracy.

I’ll tell you one thing, the day I hear the words “President and Vice President of the United States, Ron Paul & Mike Gravel (or the other way around), I’ll volunteer to serve my government in any way I can, even if it means taking a bullet for one or both of those men; and I would think that bullets may be flying, if you know what I mean! So what do think? Can a Real Republican and a Real Democrat take their parties back at the same time…together? Think about it!


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The US Government Has Already Been Overthrown!

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

An Open Letter to American Law Enforcement: True Patriots Are Working to Restore, Not Overthrow This Administration!

“The revolution has already taken place and the bad guys are now in charge!”

I am directing this observation primarily to the well-intentioned citizens who have chosen to dedicate themselves to law enforcement. I believe that most Americans who work to enforce the laws of the land and protect their fellow Americans from criminals and others who may harm us are sincere and concerned citizens of this country.

But something in the nation has changed, and sincerity and good intentions are no longer good enough. People with the power to enforce the law must fully understand how the law itself can be manipulated. Police, FBI, DHS officers and other law enforcement agents must become very vigilant about blindly accepting the laws that they are now and possibly will be asked to enforce.

In this ‘post 9/11′ America, patriotic peace groups, patriotic journalists, patriotic activists and patriotic truth seekers have become targets law enforcement . As has happened too often in the past, we are once again perceived as potential and even real threats to the safety of the government of the United States. Those of us who cherish democracy and organize on its behalf have been marked as enemies of the republic. I think it is high time that the truth be told about what is really going on.


Hear me out.

NOTE CAREFULLY: I am fully aware that it is against the law to foment revolt against the government of the Unites States. It is true that any discussions, plans, plots or activities related to the violent overthrow of the US government are illegal. I agree 100% with these laws and I am of the opinion those people who take part in activities that undermine the principles of our democratic republic of self rule should indeed be stopped and investigated by all appropriate law enforcement agencies.

That said, I think the point that so many seem to be missing is this: exactly who are the people with both the intent and opportunity to overthrow the American government? Hasn’t the American government already been overthrown? It seems to me that a calculated and stealthy revolution has been taking place right before our very eyes. Unfortunately for those remain unaware, this subtle overthrow, or coup if you will, was implemented slowly and carefully over a fairly long period of time.

There have been several stages to this overthrow, and in hindsight, each has been rather obvious. From the creation of the Federal Reserve System to the assassination of JFK and the stolen elections of the Bush administration, powerful groups and organizations have successfully hijacked our democracy and seized control of virtually every aspect of our lives. They control our food chain, our air and water, our finances, our ability to live out our lives as we choose, even if we pose no threat to others. These power brokers have succeeded without the slightest exposure, oversight or challenge because they also control the sources of information upon which Americans have traditionally relied.

When it comes to expressing the real extent of the problems facing us, there is a great deal of fear among my community, the patriotic truth community. That seems to be particularly true when it comes to exposing the dictatorship that is taking form in this nation. Many people are afraid to discuss solutions to the new empire because, in a sense, the only real solution against a Fascist takeover is some sort of revolution. In order to fight dictatorship, people have to rise up in some way against the small but powerful ruling establishment. That would have to begin with a revolt against the American corporate media and end with a defeat of the international bankers who have taken ownership of our existence.


People are frightened of any talk about real change because such a discussion carries overtones of some illegal action. Not so. There must be discussions related to the overthrow of our current leadership that are not treasonous by any means Our efforts to fight must be peaceful, but they must be fully focused on restoring our government, not violently overthrowing it.

THAT IS WHERE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMES IN. Somehow, somewhere, we have to reach those who are acting in good faith, but in misguided loyalty, to use fear and intimidation to silence protest and activism in this country. We have to reach out to them, to bring them into the discussion, and to see to it that they understand their obligation to protect, not hinder, our Constitutional rights.

The peace and truth community must adopt the mantra of “RESTORING, not overthrowing our government using any means necessary.” We cannot live in fear of our own protectors in our pursuit of freedom and the restoration of democracy. American citizens who work as law enforcers for the current regime must understand that we are on their side, and more importantly they have taken an oath to be on ours.

To the law enforcement community I say this: I pose no threat to you. I have no plans to organize or encourage a violent revolution. I merely intend to point out to you and to the American people that the revolution has already taken place and the bad guys are now in charge!

Think about this when you are asked to infiltrate us, or spy on us, or place us on your watch lists. Think about this when you are asked to arrest us or manhandle us or view us as the enemy of the United States. Think of this when you examine the rights we have already lost in the growing dictatorship and the powers that this government wants to expand and control. Think of this when you are forced to take actions against your own conscience.

As loyal and patriotic Americans, we all need to correct this. We need to take back our country. The American government has to be restored to its rightful place. I ask everyone in law enforcement to consider this as they perform the duties created to protect their countrymen and women. They represent the very best values in this country, a nation under LAWS, not men. I ask all law enforcement officials to fulfill their duty with pride and purpose: protect us from those who are intent on doing us harm and those who are intent on truly overthrowing the American government.

For the sake of this nation its survival, please protect Americans against those pose a threat to our democracy and not against those who are working so hard to restore it. Think about it!

The New World Order is Our Own Government - Government in the USA is the definition of Organized Crime.(RICO = extortion of revenue from the public for criminal enterprise) - They are consolidating their hold and move so easily in their own club.

Supporting the Troops Because They Protect Us: Two Big Lies

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

I was watching the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV the other night, mostly because my body produces excess testosterone, and at one point during the program the fighters took magic markers and started writing things all over the walls of the house in which they lived. At one point someone wrote “We Support the Troops.” Then that person started mentioning how the fighters in the UFC support the troops who are out there fighting to “protect our freedom.” I laughed.

Well, just as this nice, well-meaning person commented on how he supports the troops, I, as I often do, spoke back to my TV set and said, “No, you don’t support the troops; you simply say and write on walls that you do  I thought to myself that this person should be more accurate and simply say, “I write on walls inside my home that I support the troops and that is all that I do in the way of supporting them!” I think people should just come out and tell the truth. They should have bumper stickers and signs on their homes and little ribbons that say, “I don’t do anything to support the troops except wear this ribbon, hang this sign or bumper system or say the words, ‘I support the troops!’  Let’s face it, that well-meaning UFC fighter is not doing a damn thing to support the troops.

Few people in this nation support the troops. One glance at staistics about our homeless veteran can tell you that. More than 200,000 veterans find themselves without a home at one point during any given year in this nation, and the Iraq invasion is going to help those numbers to grow.

That alone should show how Americans support their troops. But there is an even more sinister abuse of troop support in this nation in the form of “private for profit para-military corporations.” That’s right, while Americans want their Congress to give George W. Bush money to “support the troops”, the money goes not to the troops, not to the families of the troops, not to the injured and wounded troops, not to the emotionally traumatized troops and not to the homeless troops.

The bulk of the money goes to private para-military companies, owned and operated by friends and business associates and partners of the government officials who use the troops and your freedom as hostages as they extort the nation in to paying them huge sums of money.

From Dick Cheney’s Halliburton to Blackwater USA to the companies that manufacture tanks, helicopters, Humvees, bullets, you name it, the profiteers grow richer with every new effort by American citizens to actually support the troops. And the troops, while they keep dying, continue to be lied to by everyone in their command structure. And when they are no longer able to kill for the establishment, they are tossed aside like yesterday’s trash. Nobody supports the troops.

We must stop supporting the people who promote that false advertising; people such as Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the majority of the US Congress.

Let’s stop this “support the troops” rhetoric. If you want to say you “appreciate the troops,” be my guest. That would be more accurate. I think we all pretty much appreciate the troops. But let’s face it, there are very few people in America who actually support the troops and many of those people are not the ones wearing ribbons.

Now, about the claim that those troops, all of whom I appreciate, are protecting our freedom… Let’s face it folks, since World War II hardly a troop was deployed, hardly single shot was fired, and hardly a life was lost while actually protecting our freedom or protecting us from a direct or potential threat. In my lifetime (I was born in 1964), not a single American died while actually protecting my freedom. On the contrary, many American troops died while they were engaged in combat that would in some way directly benefit the very people who have been working for generations to reduce my freedom.

There is no greater example of this than today’s so called war on terror. You may still remain blind to the very real probability that the 9/11 events were delivered to us by a rogue element within our government. But you cannot deny that the so-called “response” to those attacks only served to increase the risks to American lives, weaken our military, and was accompanied by an assault on the freedoms, liberties and rights of the American people the likes of which we have never seen.

It is the very presence of our military that has kept us safe. They serve as the world’s best deterrent, unmatched by any other. Their might, their power and the willingness of individuals to risk their lives are what keeps us safe from outside invaders. But threats come from within as well, and we are witnessing that today.

If the troops want to protect my freedom they should be protecting me from the people who threaten it. They should be protecting me from the people who are waging a war on the American people and our way of life by harming the U.S. Constitution. That would be the U.S. Constitution that the troops are sworn to protect. For the record, according to their oath, that promise come BEFORE their obligation to obey their Commander in Chief. They should be protecting me from the people who are trying to poison my air, contaminate my food supply, and create biological weapons that even by accident pose a threat to me and all life on earth. These days those threats are right here. They reside in Congress, in the White House and in secretive powerful organizations known as think tanks, secret societies, defense contractors and ?foundations.”

The troops are well meaning but they are brainwashed into thinking that they are doing noble things. This is because they have to believe in what they are doing if they are to do their job: kill people. These are not cold blooded people. They did not sign up to kill under false pretense. So you have to make them believe that they are protecting us when they drop their bombs and fire their weapons. Why do you think that there are information restrictions on active troops? Why do you think that access to many websites is blocked by military personnel. It’s so the troops accept the word of truth as delivered by their commanders without the facts getting in the way.

So to set the record straight, I appreciate the troops, and by the very nature of what I do, (informing the public about issues related to war & the military…for no financial compensation other than donations) I support the troops. But I want the troops to protect me. And unfortunately, by no fault of their own, and I repeat that, BY NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, they don’t, and in my lifetime they never have. My freedoms, my liberties, my security and my Constitutional rights are being threatened and harmed every day. So you can imagine how I would love to see the troops actually protect me for once. None the less, I still appreciate them. Think about it.

9/11 Truth Movement: Only Growing Stronger - And the Media are Frightened to Death!

Friday, April 6th, 2007

The corporate media have launched a desperate attempt to eliminate all discussions about the official body of evidence related to the events of 9/11. Just watch how they are trying frantically to get Rosie O’Donnell fired from ABC’s The View. Also think back to when the media launched a broad based attack against the character of Charlie Sheen for daring to publicly question the official story of 9/11. Rosie, however, is a much greater problem for the criminals in the media. She is on a daily network TV program with a large audience that doesn’t even know that questions and disturbing facts about 9/11 exist.

Let’s understand one thing: the 9/11 truth movement is doing nothing but growing. People who have been exposed to the actual evidence and understand the ramifications of what it reveals are not waking up one morning and suddenly deciding that they believe the official story. The dynamic works like this: those who are not aware of the evidence believe the official story. Once they start poking around they realize that the official story about the attacks could not possibly be true, and they discover the plethora of evidence that was hidden and misrepresented by the Bush administration, the 9/11 Commission and the corporate media. 9/11 truthers are not suddenly coming across new information that causes them to suddenly believe the official story. It’s a one way flow. The evidence speaks for itself.

Could that last statement possibly explain why the media are trying so desperately to quash any discussion about 9/11 or destroy the credibility of anyone who dares to try to raise the topic? You can bet that it is! But there is another angle here as well. The media are no longer trying to protect the insiders of the Bush administration whose involvement in the events and cover up of the evidence is implicated by so much that has been uncovered. This time around they are protecting themselves. Let’s be real here. With every day a liar continues to lie it becomes more difficult to undo, explain, correct or justify that lie. This is the position in which the corporate media find themselves right now.

The events of 9/11 pose a unique problem for the criminal corporate media. For generations, the media have kept Americans in the dark about topics like war, taxation, the monetary system, America’s involvement in atrocities in the world, domestic assassinations, science, health, and our environment. Yet, 9/11 is a topic that hits home like no other. Understand that this is not theory, this is provable.

We have to understand that the media have “protected the people” from the truth about many events over the years. I demonstrate this very clearly in a presentation that I give to live audiences. You can get some insight into media deception by perusing, but my lecture leaves no doubt in people’s minds that the media lie to them via distortions, distractions delusions and omissions. But even more important, they discover that the media are controlled by a single source. I don’t just tell people this, I show them the proof so they see it if for themselves. It’s right there, all the time and once you know what to look for you see it.

If anyone cares to call me out on this, all they have to do is invite me to give my presentation and provide an unrestricted question and answer session. Those who hear me will see the world in a different light; I promise you. That aside, my point here is that exposing the deceptions surrounding an issue such as the Federal Reserve to the American public would probably not provoke a huge amount of anger and outrage. I say that despite the fact that this topic involves perhaps the biggest conspiracy in the history of this country, and one that affects us all.

On the contrary, I can just imagine the horror and rage if the general public were to learn that the events of 9/11 had been actually carried out by rogue elements operating within our government, with outside cooperation (can you say Larry Silverstein?).The tragedy of 9/11 was personal. It was a vivid, calculated, murderous assault on Americans. Hindsight allows us to realize that 9/11 was the Bush administration’s first “shock and awe” campaign. It is easy to understand that. We all felt the pain and horror of that day, and many of us have lived ever since with 9/11 hanging over our heads and in our hearts, and we have seen those events eclipse our Constitution and democracy. Because of this, we have been easily emotionally manipulated and motivated ever since the attacks by the criminal corporate media. That is probably one of the most difficult realities to confront in all of this. Just think about the reactions of the newly awakened 9/11 truthers when they start to absorb the voluminous evidence that the criminal corporate media has hidden from them for all these years!

Have you ever seen the movie Cape Fear? In the film, Max Cady is a criminal who is released after a long prison term. While Cady was in prison he teaches himself law, using the prison library. While in prison Max discovers that his lawyer had been in possession of evidence that might have affected the outcome of the trial. However, the lawyer had not disclosed any of it to either Cady or the jury. He did not allow the jury to see evidence that might have led them to conclude that Cady did not commit the crime of which he was accused. For those of you who saw the movie, you know how angry Cady was when he got out of jail. And you also know that Cady’s vengeance is taken out on his lawyer, not on the jury that actually put him in jail.

Let me suggest that in the theoretical Case of 9/11, you, the American people, are very much like the members of the jury, just as and the criminal corporate media parallel the lawyer in the film. In a sense, as you will see a bit later, you also become one of the condemned defendants in the case of 9/11. In attempting to influence the jury as they try to determine what happened on 9/11, the criminal corporate media, like Cady’s lawyer, withheld evidence from you, the jury. Based on the cherry-picked evidence selected and presented to you, you were intentionally misled to draw prescribed conclusions related to the case. As a result, you easily found the defendant guilty. As a matter of fact the media in this case made sure that you pre-convicted the prescribed accused before they even presented any evidence to you.

But what you did not know when you reached your verdict was that you had not been allowed to see a massive amount of available evidence. The intent of the lawyer was to ensure a conviction, not to expose the truth. For example, in this predetermined trial, among so much more, you were never told about:

* A large organized group of highly placed people with known motives to commit the crime in question had far better opportunity to do so.

* Aspects of the crime that the accused could not possibly have carried out, such ordering NORAD not to follow procedures, preventing the US Secret Service from doing its job by immediately moving the president to a safe location once they knew the nation was under attack.

* Eyewitness testimony directly relating to the events of that day.

* Evidence of foreknowledge by people other than the accused.

* Scientific evidence that contradicts the official story by stating that pools of molten metal (much hotter than burning jet fuel ) burned below the collapsed building for weeks, by questioning how the buildings could have collapsed at faster than free fall speed, and by challenging the scientific accuracy of evaporating planes and impossible maneuvers by jet airliners.

And here is the more tragic irony. At the same time that you convicted a defendant on largely unsupported and highly unbelievable evidence, you actually sentenced YOURSELF as well. In this farce of a trial, you condemned yourself to an eternal post 9/11 nightmare world you could never have otherwise imagined!

You sentenced yourself to accepting the elimination of your own Constitutional rights. You sentenced yourself to supporting the use of your tax dollars for egregious and illegal assaults on other nations. You sentenced yourself to allowing the reduction of funding for vital domestic programs. In a nutshell, you sentenced yourself to supporting a foreign and domestic policy that has weakened almost every imaginable aspect of our nation.

All this has happened because evidence was withheld from you, making it impossible for you to seek the truth with any credible tools at your disposal. But, fortunately, that does not have to be the end of the story.

I submit to you that the Internet has served the American people in the same way that prison library served Max Cady. As we read and access legitimate public records on the Internet, we see more and more of the evidence that the lawyer (the criminal corporate media) withheld from us. And with each piece of evidence we find, we understandably become more and more angry with the lawyer.  in fact, the corrupt corporate media - who was supposed to work on our behalf!

As a result, the criminal corporate media have a lot to fear. They have to fear the response of the American people who may one day discover that they not only withheld evidence from the public, but duped the people of this country into supporting the actual criminals who committed atrocities against them on 9/11.

I learned this lesson before 9/11. I started while I still believed the official explanation of 9.11 but still had the US corporate media tagged as America’s #1 Enemy! I use 9/11 often in my writing because it is an issue that hits home with the American people. It is something they can understand. It is something that they experienced. The media have acted against the interest of the American people for generations, allowing a small group of powerful people to pretty much have their way with us and the planet in general..

Maybe 9/11 can serve as an eye opener and jolt the people into recognizing the US corporate media as the enemy. We don’t need media reform in this nation, we need media replacement. We need a real news industry, one that understands why its vocation is the only one protected by thy US Constitution. We don’t need a media with incestuous connections to the CIA or nefarious secret organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group). We don’t need journalists who report American Idol scandals; we need journalists to keep an eye on our government and show us every last piece of evidence they uncover about their misdeeds.

I often wonder what would happen if enough establishment institutions were to become really informed about 9/11. I have to believe that many Americans would probably accept the idea that 9/11 was an inside job and somehow justify it in their mind and heart. But I also wonder what would happen if a great many other people were like me and would not be OK with it. I often wonder how these people would react and who would be the target of their rage. But wondering aside, I know how I am reacting right now, and whom I want to punish. I am sure I am not alone when it comes to being angry with those who lie to protect the real criminals…and that’s why the media are becoming more and more terrified of any discussion about 9/11. Exposing the evidence can serve to wake up the millions of falsely imprisoned victims of their deception. And that can be fatal for the criminal corporate media.

The 9/11 truth movement can only grow. It’s not about theories. It’s not about accusations. It’s not about speculation. It’s about the official public body of evidence and how much of it has been kept from us, misrepresented and in some cases totally fabricated. You don’t have to convince people of a theory; all you have to do is show them the evidence. And the longer the criminal corporate media continue to withhold evidence, the harder it will be to explain to the growing body of very angry Max Cadys out there, why they have done so. Think about it.

Chavez’s Communism Vs. Bush’s Fascism

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

CNN is focusing on the actions of Hugo Chavez asking if he is paving the way towards communism. You communism; it’s one of those things that we are taught is bad yet we are never taught what it really is and why it is bad. You know…like liberalism.

Well CNN is framing the argument this way; they are saying that Chavez is like a modern day Robin Hood, taking land from the rich and providing land for the poor. Well let me ask Wolf Blitzer and company this…why didn’t you to a piece on the new eminent domain laws that permit rich people to take land away from poorer people and why didn’t you ask if that was paving the way towards fascism? Why didn’t you do an in depth report on capitalism and the wonderful things it has done for the people of the world. Oh, maybe it is because the overwhelming majority of people around the world have been victimized or expoited by capitalism while only about 5% of the population really truly benefits from it.

Capitalism is like the game of Monopoly; wealth consolidates until everyone looses except for the one who ends up with everything! If that’s the alternative to communism…count me in. Don’t get me wrong, I think capitalism is a good thing. Regulated capitalism is a good thing that is; unregulated capitalism is fascism and that’s what George W. Bush means by freedom, free trade and open markets. It means freedom from regulation for people with money to use that money to take your money away! Well Wolf & CNN; when is that report going to air? Think about it!

Reference: Free on-line documentaries on capitalism.

The Right Wing: Brutal Murdering Tyrants

Monday, March 26th, 2007

I have a question for my friends who consider themselves “family values Conservatives and Republicans”: why is it that throughout American history in every situation where America “supports” foreign regimes or supports (or takes an active role in) regime change the beneficiaries of our support turn out to be brutal murderers and our support usually helps them murder or torture so called leftists? Henry Kissinger, one of America’s most nefarious figures, is currently wanted around the world for war crimes related to his support for, enabling of or masterminding atrocities across the globe. Now he is wanted in connection of Operation Condor, where the US backed what was in reality a brutal genocide of leftists in South America.

For those who don’t know what leftists are or what left wing/liberal politics is…it is basically the political position that stands for things like social justice, civil rights, secular government and the right of the people to benefit from their nation’s resources. Our media has been on a long mission to demonize liberals yet they forget to explain what liberalism or left wing politics is all about. They also forget to inform the public that throughout history decent law abiding leftists around the world have fallen victim to American supported brutality and genocide for no other reason than the fact that they stood to defend their freedom, assets and natural resources from financial elitist capitalists, mainly from the US and the UK.

Why is it that you never hear about liberals or leftists brutalizing innocents? Why are brutalizing and genocide always methods used against leftists? What does that tell you about the values of the left versus the values of the right? Christians, who so often align themselves with the right might want to start asking themselves this question and they may also want to once and for all look up the definition of liberalism for they just may find that they themselves are liberal, for the most part. You see liberalism has nothing to do with abortion or homosexuality; although Ann Coulter (who coincidently looks like a transvestite male) and Sean Hannity (who could not be an active homosexual if he wanted to because no self respecting homosexual would give him the time of day), might have you believe otherwise. I have a feeling that if every American was forced to read the definition of the word “liberal” we would have a lot of confused people out there. And I have a feeling a lot of those confused people would feel angry, betrayed and stupid for not doing their homework sooner.

I have experimented with this before. Read about my confrontation with Bush supporters at the huge protest at the RNC convention in NY: . I have done this sort of thing dozens of times…and I am right about this (no pun intended). Try it for yourself some time.

Unfortunately the stupid idealist liberals keep trying to achieve justice by using fair and legal means against an opponent who does not play by any rules, has no conscience and thinks not twice about brutally eliminating anything that stands between them and complete domination of all around them. Justice will never catch up to the brutes unless you fight their fire with fire. You can not defeat unjust politicians using in the voting booth when those politicians don’t play fair with the electoral system. You can not conduct investigations using corrupt investigative bodies like the US Congress or the US Judiciary and you can not educate the people when the media is under the control of the enemy. There comes a time that you have to fight dirty. There comes a time that you have to use the same tactics as the enemy. There comes a time where you have to stop fooling yourself into thinking the righteous will emerge victorious. The truth is that you will get kicked in the nuts before the bell rings and there is no ref around to disqualify your opponent; you’re all alone in the ring with Mike Tyson, and his gloves are off, his teeth are sharp and he’s in his prime. He owns the judges, the referees, the photographers and ringside doctor; and you are still trying to play by the rules. Who is the ass?

History will look back at our generation as the generation that should have started some kind of revolution. History will show that all the signs were there yet the weak naive leftists stupidly kept playing by the rules even though they could see that the system was rigged. And history will teach many of those on the right that in most ways they were more liberal than they ever knew and that they were unwittingly supporting their own enemy; yet they never stopped to find out what liberalism was and they never bothered to look close enough at their leaders to see that the the terms “Republican”, “Conservative”, “Democracy” and “freedom” were code speak for “Machiavellian”, “Fascists”, “capitalism” and “tyrannical rule”!

Sure these faux leaders want freedom, freedom from rules and regulations that would prevent them from owning and controlling everything on the planet. They don’t even really try to keep this secret, it is just that people don’t want to open their eyes and accept what is happening. The sooner people realize what is going on the better chance history has of recording and passing along our story. But unless the good people of our nation actually do something more than march down a street carrying signs and wearing tee-shirts and hats, history won’t be telling our story because the people who control history, control everything and visa versa! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

Would a White House Official Lie? Gee, I Wonder?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

While we have heard many a pundit describe the Bush administration insiders as Machiavelli types, we never hear the pundits describe what that means. I did a great deal of research on the people of the administration, their core neoconservative principles, their mentors and their histories. I also explained Machiavelli principles. Let me highlight one of those principles and then point you to my fully researched article; just for your reference:

Point: “A ruler can cheat and lie and do all sorts of things but should at all time maintain the outside appearance of adherence to human rights and caring for people.”

Please feel free to learn about the people who are currently occupy the White House:
Required Reading for Bush Supporters

Any Questions? Think about it!

American Values: Count Me Out!

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

The country that I call home has decided that a mother of two who is suffering from scoliosis, a brain tumor, chronic nausea and other ailments, can face federal criminal drug charges if the takes her doctor’s advice, and eats or smokes marijuana every couple of hours to ease her pain and bolster her appetite. Are there really many Americans, other than say Dick Cheney who is a sociopath, who feel that this woman or anyone who can have their suffering eased by marijuana should not be allowed to do so?

If you are trying to make sense of this, the answer is two fold. The first part of this cruel idiocy is that the US judicial system and law enforcement system are the corporate profit (and private banker/Federal Reserve) enforcement squad. They are like Mafia “collectors.” You see if a plant can be used to help you then you won’t be forced to buy criminally expensive pharmaceuticals. This means you will cut into the profits of big corporations and we all know that corporate profits are the only thing that matters. As a matter of fact if you drink a tea, and it helps you feel better or eliminates a problem, and you tell people about this, and then you sell the tea, you can be brought up on charges by the FDA.

The other truth to the situation is that the US government can never legalize pot because they are in the illegal drug trade and legalizing pot would cut into their profits. This was exposed over twenty years ago and it was really brought to light during the Iran Contra scandal. The US has to fund black ops. Black ops are illegal. The people who conduct black ops do so without Constitutional authority and therefore do not get funded through legal measures. There is no black op budget line in our national budget. Where do you think this money comes from? Does Congress approve funding for overthrowing democratically elected leaders around the world? Someone does and the money has to come from somewhere. Do some research about this and you will be surprised by what you find. Actually many of you will not be surprised.

In the mean time all I can say is that I hope the people who decided that this poor woman can not use marijuana to help ease her suffering go on a hunting/drinking trip with Dick Cheney. After all if anyone deserves to get shot in the face with a shotgun at close range it is a person who would deny a suffering person relief!   Think about it!


Dying woman loses marijuana appeal
The CIA and Drugs

Call Your Congressperson; Or Stay Home and Pick Your Nose. Same Difference!

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

If you want a Congress person to listen to you…join AIPAC or one of the other share holders of the fully owned co-op known as Congress. - Asking your Congressman to represent you is like reporting police brutality to the cop that is beating you with a nightstick!

When you are attempting to do something that is useless or impossible does it really matter what method you use? If you are trying to throw a rock and have it land on the moon, what is the difference if you pick up a rock and hurl it towards the sky with all your might, or you just stay home and eat a Twinkie? Do you really think that hurling that rock is going to have a different outcome? Do you think eating the Twinkie gives you less of a chance of having your rock land on the moon than throwing it? Let me teach you some math my friends…zero chances means zero chances, no matter what the scenario.

Every single day I get e-mail from organizations that tell me to “call your Congressperson,” or “say no to” one thing or another. What’s the point of doing this? Here is what I tell people…if you chose a method of change that has absolutely no chance of succeeding, save your energy. Do something else. I usually tell people to stay home and try to teach their dog how to play chess. But not everyone has a dog. So for people with out dogs, try picking your nose. Set up some good lighting, get a magnifying mirror, grab your nose hair trimmer and get to picking and grooming! Maybe then you will actually look foolish. After all when you are doing something foolish, like trying to get your Congressperson to represent you, you should look foolish. So I say…pick your nose. You’ll get the same result but you will look the part!

This advice goes double for the people who hop on busses from all over the country to “voice their opinion” to their leaders. (I was one of those bus hopper, but I know better now!) I have news for you people, we live in the most technologically advanced era of communication in history. We have phones, faxes, mail, email, blogs, youtube, megaphones, cell phones, text messaging, blimps, skywriting airplanes, sandwich boards, chalk and sidewalks, graffiti, etc. If you have to get on a bus with tens of thousands of fellow citizens just to tell your representative to represent you…the purpose of the trip should be to forcefully remove these people from office and replace them with someone who will uphold their Constitutional obligation to represent you!

If you want a Congress person to listen to you…join AIPAC or one of the other share holders of the fully owned co-op known as Congress. If you want to take your country back from these people make some real plans to do so. Don’t keep asking those criminals to listen to you. Asking your Congressman to represent you is like reporting police brutality to the cop that is beating you with a nightstick! Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results. Stop using the same useless approach to achieve change. Take back your government, or stay home and pick your nose! Think about it!

- They didn’t listen to these people.

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