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9/11 6 Years Later and Cheney Still Walks Free

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Enough will be written about 9/11 today. Suffice to say I have written my fair share on the topic over the years. I will however express my utter dismay at how many people in our nation still do not know the facts surrounding that day. They do not know that the “new Pearl Harbor” was the dream come true, or more accurately according to the facts a dream made to come true for the men who run the Bush presidency.

Taking into account what we have learned over the years like the NORAD stand down, to the terror drills, to the evaporation of the planes at the Pentagon and PA., to the erasure of WTC 7 from our skyline and the history books while being rebuilt without being noticed by anyone, the survival of the official narrative is simply stunning.

The lies surrounding the official narrative of 9/11 live on for one reason; because the establishment press maintain the the rights and ability to approve reality. They are responsible for allowing Dick Cheney, perhaps the biggest criminal in American political history, to walk free and continue to use the American government and all its resources for his personal agenda.

I have done my homework. I left my career so that I can help educate the public about how media deception works. My conclusions are not based on politics, they are based on evidence. And during these years of full time research I have seen enough to conclude that the people responsible for 9/11 are the people who are now destroying our Constitution in the name of protecting us from another 9/11. In fact what they are doing is protecting themselves, from us. Let me say that if we had a legitimate news media in this nation no legal manipulation in the world would protect the Cheney cabal from the people of this nation. And if I had my way, no legal manipulation in the world would protect the establishment media from the wrath of the people. Think about it!

Reference: 9/11 Facts 

American Press: Football More Important than the US Constitution

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

On the day that the U.S. Attorney General resigned in the midst of scandal the American establishment media focused most of their attention on a vile heartless football player who liked to watch dogs rip each other to pieces. This is not what the framers had in mind when they chose one vocation to protect in the Constitution.

Any time you want to see the criminal information control mechanism known as the establishment media, dune in to Larry King on CNN and see what important topic is being covered. Then try and figure out how these people keep straight faces as they talk about trivial issues on a news channel while the most important issues in the world get zero exposure.

Have you declared the establishment media to be your enemy yet? I have. Think about it!

Let’s Be Real…They are NOT “News” Networks!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Did you get a chance to watch the Attorney General of the United States get shredded by the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday? Had this session taken place during the 70’s every TV network would have halted their regularly scheduled broadcast so that the American public could learn about the shocking criminal behavior of their government. The TV networks would have allowed the American public to watch their Attorney General get nailed for lying to Congress, to the American people and doing everything in his power to help the criminal administration of Dick Cheney and his front man George W. Bush, subvert the laws of our nation.

At one time a hearing like the one I watched yesterday would have jolted the American public into marching on the White House for the purpose of forcibly removing the criminals who have lied to them about virtually everything, while assaulting our liberties and eliminating our protection from corporations who are intent on harming us for profit.

Well maybe the major TV networks figured that with 500 or so cable networks they did not have to stop their broadcasts in order to bring this vital information to the American public…especially since we have so called news networks that are there to bring important information to the public 24 hours per day. Well…if you you believe that you would be wrong.

Yesterday was just another example of how the establishment news media in our nation is the greatest enemy to democracy and to the American people. So if you tuned into the evening “news” programs on these networks expecting to see urgent discussions of what has been an unmentioned Constitutional crisis you would have found hour long discussions on another unimportant Hollywood brat who can’t control her opulent lifestyle.

First of all it baffles me that Larry King has a program on a network that calls itself a news network. This man has set the world record for unimportance. Actually he may be the most uninformed individual on CNN when it comes to actual news. Larry Kin’s vital news topic of the day: Lindsey Lohan! Then you have MSNBC’s Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams is not just a program host on MSNBC, he is the head of MSNBC news! His program topic last night…that same sleezebag drunk driving celebrity who can’t keep her underwear free legs closed for the paparazzi (look it up…it’s true)…Lindsey Lohan. Then again I am not sure who the real sleezbag is in this case; Lohan or Abrams! Think about it!

Chinese Poison Food: Bad ; American Poison Food: Well, Just Don’t Report It

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

While your enemies in the US establishment media scare you to death by over reporting about the dangers of some Chinese food products they continue to deny the American public about health hazards made in the good old USA! I don’t know if you remember when we reported this…but do a little googling about rocket fuel in milk! That would be American milk that you and your children drink that is produced by American cows in America that contains ROCKET fuel! Go ahead and look it up. Then ask yourselves why the bastards in the American establishment media are so focused on external threats and never warn you about internal threats. But that seems to be the theme these days anyway! Think about it!

Record High Political Reporting – Record Low Information Provided

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

While the establishment news bozos bedazzle the American public with what appears to be be obsessive coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign, little if any useful information about the candidates is being reported. Don’t take my word for it.; take your word for it. Ask yourself if all of this establishment media news coverage you know one thing more about any of the candidates that really indicates what kind of president he or she would make?

I’ll tell you what you don’t know…you don’t even know who is running! With all of this extra time, almost an entire extra year of campaigning, the so called journalists of this nation should have done their job and informed the electorate about their political choices. You know nothing about Mike Gravel or the extremely popular and respectable Ron Paul. All you are told about these candidates is who is leading in the polls. Two years away from the election you are told who is leading! Why? The only reason they tell you this every day is so that after the election you will have enough historical reference to make you believe that the pre-selected winner was actually popular enough to win. Then you won’t question the voting results!

You hear gossip and poll results. You never hear about the positions of these people, their history, the links to lobby groups, their past efforts to fight for the citizens or their past actions that have resulted in defying the desires of the citizens. You hear nothing that helps you know about the people who are trying to take over our government.

With two years of coverage every American should be able to name every single candidate, not just the few establishment cronies. You should also know something about the candidates other than how much money they raised, how much their hair cuts cost and whether or not they are electable. If we had journalists in this nation WE would decide who is electable! It is not their job to tell us who is electable and that is exactly what they are telling us.

In their own way, right out in the open, the establishment media are telling the American public who the preselected candidates are and they will tell us who the next preselected president will be. It is a conspiracy. It is obvious. It is out in the open. And it is undeniable. The media are part of the establishment and they manipulate you into believing that you are part of a democracy or that America has some sort of representative government and the damn truth is that both notions are nothing more that a false reality created and maintained by the establishment media! You don’t have to believe me…just pay attention and you’ll see it for yourself! Think about it!

There are No Political Solutions to Criminal Problems

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Why do Democrats still talk about impeaching George W. Bush and his Machiavellian Svengali Dick Cheney? Are Democrats so blind as not to realize that the system is broken? Do they really expect a criminally complicit Congress to go after some other criminals in White House? Has this “New Century” not served up sufficient evidence to prove that we are not participating in any democracy or representative government and that the entire system is a show? Have people not been paying attention to the most obvious conspiracy to deceive the American people about virtually every single important issue by the establishment media?

If the Scooter Libby technical pardon has not slapped your face with enough reality to wake you up, perhaps this will: nothing will become of this egregious abuse of power by George W. Bush, the Junior Soprano figure head to Dick Cheney’s Tony Soprano godfather! We may see some posturing, press conferences, useless Congressional resolutions and you may get some “action items” assigned to you by or other gatekeepers, but nothing will happen. What we have here are criminals protecting criminals. The system is broken. None of these people represent you and they are simply pretending to do just enough to keep you from taking up arms and killing them once and for all!

Smell the coffee…the Bush administration is in power thanks to an electoral coup; you know it, Congress knows it, the media knows it and everybody is pretending that this is politics as usual. The people who control our world yanked away every last bit of our democracy with installation of the Bush administration. Gore knew it, Kerry knew it, Edwards knew it, and the media knows it and nobody is going to say a damn thing because the people in charge own all of the above.

First they completely eliminated the risk posed by the Internet of real information bypassing the filter of the establishment media and influencing the citizens into voting for their own candidates, by using every dirty trick from deceptive paper ballots to easily manipulated computer voting machines. Then they scared you into letting them go about with the plans for a “New American Century” by conducting the events of 9/11 under the cloak of the military exercises that “coincidently” took place on the morning of 9/11. Then they laughed in your face as George W. Bush played the Emperor with no clothes as he lied to the world when he said that Saddam had weapons and then lied even more when he said that he had to bomb Iraq because Saddam refused to let the inspectors in; all the while the inspectors were already inspecting!!! The media and politicians still use the justification that Saddam could have avoided war if he had let the inspectors in. THEY WERE IN! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! DOES THE NAME HANS BLIX RING A BELL? THE MEDIA JUST STAND THERE AND LET THE LIE CONTINUE AS THAT IS THEIR JOB! WHEN WILL AMERICA REALIZE THIS? WHEN WILL AMERICA GET UP AND STORM THE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA OUTLETS AND QUARTER THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE?

You are lied to every single day about almost every single issue. The funny thing is that the truth is not hidden. You just don’t believe things unless the people on TV tell you that it is OK. The people who control the media know this! The people who comprise our media and our government are killing with every breath they take and with every word they use to deceive you. Your food, water, air and planet are being murdered forever by these people and you still trust them to keep you safe! OPEN YOUR EYES! THEY ARE KILLING YOU AND MAKING YOU DO NOTHING BUT WORK TO MAKE THEM RICH!

As I write this a man who invented a water powered car THIRTY YEARS AGO is being intentionally ignored by our media. As I write this there is another man at who invented a device that allows a car to run on water and you are not allowed to have this and the media won’t pay attention to this. As I write this another man sits on an accidentally discovered technology that allows salt water to burn as fuel but you won’t be allowed to benefit from this ever! This kind of story won’t be allowed to get past the local station that reports it! And guess what…here is another guy who had a similar discoveryOur government is trying to suppress his planet changing invention! AND YOU DON”T KNOW ABOUT IT!!! WHY NOT? WHO IS KEEPING THIS FROM YOU? As I write this there are mountains of evidence disproving almost every aspect of the official explanation of 9/11 yet you won’t look at it! As I write this there is an illegal private corporation that is not part of our government called the Federal Reserve that has illegally been given the right to create money out of nothing and then charge you and your government interest for borrowing this valueless paper! It was only after this little private bank started charging our government interest that you had to start paying income tax (another illegal reality) just so that you can pay these private bankers and make them the wealthiest people alive! That’s why the revolution took place…to get away from taxation without representation! We started this nation to get away from the Bank of England and here we are back with the same ole same ole! And good old Lou Dobbs won’t tell this to you…but you can check it out for yourself! Then you can tell me why you should not crack a bat over Lou Dobbs’ head for leaving that little tidbit out of his daily fight for the rights of the American worker! IT’S A SHOW! IT’S ALL A SHOW! WAKE UP!

Do you get it yet? There are two worlds out there: reality, and the world that the establishment media create and maintain at the behest of the establishment! It’s not hard to see…you just have to be willing to look! Will today’s news about Libby finally be the kick in the face you people need in order to see what is going on?

Wednesday we will celebrate Independence Day (although most of the clueless Americans think they are celebrating the 4th of July…the holiday is Independence Day!!!) May I be so bold as to say that if we are to survive, a new Independence Day is something that this nation and the world needs disparately! And may I say we start by exposing the media for what they are, the greatest enemy of the American people. By exposing them we render their distractions and delusions useless and then the rest of the criminals will no longer have the cloaking device to protect them from the citizens! Eliminate the cloak of the media and the rest of the criminals shall fall for the people will finally see the truth! Think about it!

Why is Israeli Baseball Being Broadcast on PBS?

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

I have to admit that I don’t watch PBS often but as I was flipping through the channels today I stumbled across something very odd. I turned on my local PBS station and I was stunned to find that a baseball game was being broadcast. I was further stunned when I realized that the game being broadcast was the Israeli baseball league opening game.

Not don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against an Israeli sporting event being broadcast in America but I want to know why our public broadcasting network is airing this game. I can not for the life of me remember one sporting event being broadcast on PBS…and I have been watching TV for almost all of my 43 years. Why now…and why an Israeli sports event?

I checked the PBS listings on the web and I could not find another sporting event on their schedule. Not baseball, football, soccer, hockey, tennis, billiards…nothing. I have to admit I am disturbed about this. For the few years I have been reporting on media deception I have steered clear of identifying the culprits behind the scenes. While many people have taken up the cause of exposing the so called Jewish control of the media I have simply pointed out the deception that takes place. I don’t spend a lot of time talking about who is driving the manipulation of public perception via media control; I simply point out the obvious deception that takes place. But I’ll tell you, when I saw an Israeli baseball game being broadcast on our public broadcast network I could not help but to think about the political appointees within the public broadcast system and about the people who fund the system.

Over the past seven years I have witnessed a cabal of people called neo-conservatives, take over our government. I have watched them deliver a “new Pearl Harbor” to us for their own political purposes. (Yes, after 5 years of research I am convinced that 9/11 was indeed an inside job delivered to us by the people who openly declared they could use such an event to their advantage!) I have watched them drive this country into a war that benefits Israel. I watched them start a global war if you will, that is clearly not in the interest of our nation. I have watched men who have close ties and open commitments to Israel and have clearly dedicated their lives to focus on the interests of Israel virtually take over every important policy making positions in our government. From Elliot Abrams to John Bolton these “Israel First” policy makers have found themselves either controlling or influencing virtually every part of our government including the public broadcasting system. I watch as virtually every member of Congress, and even our local politicians have to swear their blind support towards Israel or risk losing their jobs. Today this influence became painfully obvious to me. In my mind what I witnessed was a tax payer funded public relations attempt to heal the horrible public image Israel has gained thanks to the information shared on the Internet.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe while I was looking the other way PBS has become a sports network. Can anyone out there help me out? Can anyone tell me about some other sporting events that you have seen on public TV? I am not talking about public access TV, I am talking about government and public funded TV. Let me know…maybe my concern is for nothing here.

Today was the first time I asked myself if it actually time for me to to pay a little attention to the perpetrators of media deception and control and not just to the deception itself. Think about it.


The Neo-Cons and 9/11
The AP Agrees to Censor News for Israel

UPDATED: 03-July-2007 - I have noticed something interesting. I see people reading this article from Israel. I see that they are linking directly to this page via e-mail messages.  Yes, I can tell that by reading my logs. I am not sure why this is happening, but I’ll tell you something…it worries me.  While I have seen people on my website from the Congress and just about every department of the US government…seeing people read this specific message from Israel worries me. Don’t be surprised if I vanish or if some crime is pinned on me. Just venting…

The Most Embarrassing Night in American Television News History: On a Monumental News Day CNN’s Larry King Interviews Paris Hilton

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Let us for a moment forget about the fact that the US establishment news media are, by virtue of their complete complicity in hiding from the public virtually all vital information about our nation and the world, the greatest enemy of our democracy and the American people. Let’s just pretend they are just not very competent when it comes to journalism.

Now even if we believe that the members of the US establishment news media are stupid enough to think that information related to the conduct and daily life of a person who has absolutely no impact on anyone outside of her family and social circle, like Paris Hilton, is of interest to the American people, can anyone really justify the fact that with all of the news that has come out on this given day, June 27th 2007, CNN’s Larry King could not find a more important topic to cover for an entire hour on live TV…on a network that claims to be a NEWS network?

Now an hour of this embarrassing nonsense was not enough for CNN. The closet homosexual (according to my sources) Anderson Cooper followed up the one hour embarrassment with a panel discussion on the Paris Hilton coverage where he replayed portions of the interview (like the vital issue about Paris’ favorite bible passage…which she has none…because she probably never heard of the bible), and discussed the interview in depth.

On a day that saw subpoenas related to criminal investigations issued to the White House and the most pathetic criminal do nothing Congress whose hard work has propelled the American government into and through its most anti-Constitutional, corrupt, illegal, incompetent and dangerous period in history, approved a pay raise for themselve, Larry King interviewed a spoiled brat bimbo! Larry King stands as a symbol of what has become of American establishment journalism; a joke on the American people and a conspiracy to keep them uninformed about the real world. 

On any given day all one has to do in order to see what your criminal American establishment media types are actively working to hide from you, visit the news page ( ); but today…holy cow, today was a news doozy! And yet the American people are force fed Paris Hilton! You see reality actually does get reported by our establishment media…but the people who decide how much ( if any ) attention is paid to each news item and how, when and where (broadcast, headline or tiny little article in some local paper) each news item is distributed for mass publication, make sure Americans are not made aware of unapproved reality! These people also decide how much discussion will take place on any given news item. That is why non-vital (non-vital on a national level) news items like a local murder or missing child or Paris Hilton systematically end up on every single news broadcast and other world changing news items like the discovery of technology to run cars and all engines on WATER, never get past a little report on some local news program. You see if reporters were told not to report stories the conspiracy would be obvious and well known. So the brilliant criminals simply control the proliferation of information and they bury most of the real news this way. You don’t have to take my word for this, you just have to pay attention and observe that this is taking place. It happens every single day. Just compare any of our daily news reports to what you get from CNN, NBC or any of the establishment criminals and you’ll understand.

The state of the media is no longer a joke, it is a serious threat to our well being. Irreversible harm is being done to our lives, personal wealth, food chain, air, water and our democracy. The criminals who are doing this harm are being protected by the media. At the same time solutions to serious problems and global crises like new clean free energy sources and health related discoveries are hidden from the public by the establishment media. If the so called patriots of this nation understood the ramifications of the conduct of the US establishment media they would be like me in understanding that the establishment media is indeed the greatest enemy of the American people for the enable all other enemies to harm us with impunity.

In a sad statement about the collective American intellect made possible by the dumbing down of America by the establishment media, there exists a television program called “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” It is not surprising that this program is on a FOX network. Well, to me it is obvious that Americans in general are far less intelligent than 5th graders should be for if they were as intelligent they would understand what is going on and they would take to the streets in order to defeat our most dangerous and harmful enemies, the members of the establishment media…by any means necessary! Think about it.

Hey, Have You Heard the News? Betcha Haven’t!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

I have been watching TV news for five straight days trying to find a single real news report. I’m telling you I can not for the life of me find any real news! Nothing! I watched CNN from the top of the hour at 9AM today and 27 minutes into the broadcast I still did not see anything that can accurately be described as legitimate national news. Even the coverage of stories that may be considered news had angles that made them non-news. For example a report on wild fires was actually a personal drama about a single family experiencing tragedy.

And don’t look for any news tonight; at least don’t look for news on CNN because Larry King will be devoting his entire hour to Paris Hilton. I have to hand it to Larry King He has done what no other human has; he managed to maintain a 50 year career without a single important accomplishment! He is to journalism what Joe Franklin was to late night talk shows! Long lived and unimportant.

I wish I could sit down with every American family and watch one hour of any news channel or program. I guarantee you that hour would change the lives of most Americans. They would for the first time see the criminality of the establishment news industry. It would become obvious to them. Maybe I can figure out a way to do that. Until then the tragic joke on the American people continues and Americans will continue to think Paris Hilton belongs on news broadcasts. Think about it.

Israel is a Theocracy, Not a Democracy – I Don’t Want My Nation Supporting Theocratic Bigotry!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

I have heard rhetoric about Israel all of my life and I have yet to see any reality that accurately reflects that rhetoric, except for one thing: Israel is, as they claim to be, a Jewish state.

Now correct me if I am wrong but how can a a nation that claims to be democracy place a religion or a culture above all the rest? How is that democratic? That, my friends, reflects the attitude of a theocracy, not a democracy. So why do we continue to call Israel a democratic nation and why are we supporting them?

You know I can not think of one benefit my nation has received in return for or as a result of our blind support for Israel. Call me antisemitic if you like, many of you will, simply because I am voicing legitimate concerns and raising valid questions, but after you label me…answer my questions. Why is my tax money going to Israel? What’s in it for me? What is the return on my investment? I know a lot of people on this planet don’t like my nation too much because we offer blind support to Israel regardless of the pain and suffering they inflict on a group of people and that is a pretty bad thing for me, in my opinion! And why is our democracy loving nation supporting a nation that places one religion or culture over all others? Isn’t that bigotry?

You know I as an American do not approve of the conduct of my nation where it comes to Israel. Correct me if I am wrong but my nation has been the sole member of the UN Security Council to veto over 30 otherwise unanimous resolutions denouncing the conduct of Israel. I am supposed to forget, ignore or be deprived of all the details behind and reasons for world opinion when it comes to Israel because according to my government, and the establishment media, Israel never does anything wrong and anyone who says otherwise is biased; and the supporting facts and details don’t matter. Well, I am not that stupid. I can see what takes place in the world. And I have news for you…even biased sources can have valid opinions from time to time. For example I am biased against radical religious people who treat women like possessions yet I am perfectly within reason if I make the very valid point that the Taliban violate women’s rights and should have never received the support of the Bush administration and a diplomatic visit with the Bush administration should never even have been allowed forget invited (as they were by the Bush administration in early 2001). Likewise I am also within reason when I say that nobody in the world can tell me that Israel treats non-Jews they same way they treat Jews, especially Arabs.

I did not like it when Colin Powell delivered a $43 million check to the Taliban prior to the events of 9/11; a little tidbit that the establishment media skipped over in their catatonic coverage of the conduct of the George W. Bush administration. The media has basically kept all the actions of this administration a secret and if you think that is an overstatement you have not been reading very long. So when Powell delivered that check I sent out an e-mail to all of my friends saying that any women who supported this administration deserves what they get because they just gave the most anti-woman government in history $43 million. That did not make me biased. Just the same when I comment on the actions of Israel when it comes to their treatment of the Palestinians, their violations of UN resolutions, their continual construction of settlements in the occupied territories, their destruction of food supplies like when they bulldoze 100 year old olive tree groves and water wells, their practice of collective punishment like when they use American supplied bulldozers to destroy the homes of innocent people, or their total disregard for all human life that is not Jewish (in that they will blow up an entire building full of innocent Arabs to kill one of their suspected targets), and their disdain for any kind of law or due precess as they simply kill anyone they label as a suspect, it does not make me biased. I ask questions about this stuff. That does not make me anti-anything. It makes me curious and it makes me angry. Again I say you can call me anything you want but please address my concentrates.

Now Israel continues to refer to itself as a Jewish state. Our media and our government officials refer to Israel as a Jewish state. Well, call me an anti-Semite but someone please just answer this question…why are we supporting a nation that has proudly declared itself to be a theocracy? Isn’t America trying to support democracies or more specifically secular democracies? Why do we refer to Israel as a democracy if they call refer to themselves as a theocracy and conduct themselves as cultural supremacists who can do anything to anyone, anywhere, in the name of self defense, even if there is no clear indication of a threat?

Israel is in violation of dozens of UN Security Council resolutions and had it not been for the sole vetoes cast by the US over thirty more resolutions would have been passed unanimously over the past 20 years. Iraq did not even come close to violating that many resolutions and look what we did to them, yet we actually support Israel. In addition Israel practices collective punishment. They punish an entire society for the actions of some or even many of its members. You tell me…if your pregnant mother died waiting at a checkpoint…as dozens if not hundreds of pregnant Palestinian women have, what would you do to the people who caused her death? I don’t know what I would do…but know that I don’t want to support people who do things like that and guess what…Israel does exactly that! So if anyone on Earth can tell me why I should want my tax money supporting this, I’ll listen. But until then…stop calling names and start answering questions. Think about it.

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