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American Troops: Iraq’s Illegal Aliens

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Imagine for a moment you were living on another planet. Imagine that on the other planet there were legitimate journalists with no connections of any kind to governments in our universe. Now imagine you were a journalist on that planet. Imagine hard that you are not an American and for the purpose of this commentary try to detach yourself from any patriotic, home-team, emotional obligations.

Now pretend that you, as a journalist, were covering the events on Earth when the invasion of Iraq occurred. What term would you use to describe the “Coalition” forces, or most specifically the American forces? Even better, what terms would you use to describe the factions who have been fighting the American forces in Iraq?

In America we are told that the Iraqi’s who fight Americans are terrorists. We are told that they are insurgents. We are told they are the enemy. We hear the American media describe the forces who are fighting against Americans in Iraq and against each other, in terms of their alleged conduct…that is to say, in terms of their conduct according to America. For all we know they could simply be freedom fighters; or at least some of them could be. But despite their use of different terms for the ‘enemy,’ we never hear our media describe American troops as anything but American troops. Why is that?

So if you were a journalist on that other planet, what terms would you use to described the participants in the violence taking place in Iraq these days? When you wrote about the Iraqis (at this late stage in the game), you may have to use several terms because at this point a number of brand new “causes” have been created by the invasion, and that has resulted in a wide variety a motivation for the violence. As a responsible journalist you would have to clarify this for your readers. At this point in Iraq, you would have to describe the Iraqi forces as “religious fanatics fighting a civil war”, “vengeance squads” (you see there is a long history in Iraq…one that American’s don’t know much about), “furious native residence who have had family members killed or brutalized by the Americans and have had their homes and lives destroyed by those same Americans”, and you may have to use the term “foreign agitators” who have seized upon the opportunity created by the Americans to weaken America and drain our resources. You would not really use the term “terrorist”. You see a terrorist is one that inflicts harm using sneaky methods, resulting in fear. Terrorists target innocent people in random locations. The attacks taking place in Iraq are taking place on a battlefield. The Americans turned Iraq into a battlefield the moment they dropped the first bomb on a civilian occupied city. The warring factions in Iraq are hitting hard targets, specifically chosen by them. And if one were to believe American logic and reasoning, any innocent people who fall victim to this violence are simply “collateral damage.”  And we all know that “collateral damage” is a perfectly acceptable byproduct of war. So if civilians who are killed by Americans are called “collateral damage,” the civilians who are killed by Iraqi fighters should be called “collateral damage” Well, at least some of the killed civilians fall under that category.

Now that we settled that, what term would you use to describe the Americans in Iraq? Surely you would describe them as something other than “Americans”. You would not be able to use the term “defense forces” because they were not being threatened when they invaded Iraq. As a matter of fact, at the time of the invasion Iraq caved in to the pressure of a threat of an invasion and was pretty much cooperating with the international community to prove that it posed no threat. A lot of arm twisting was necessary but lets face it, there was plenty of arm twisting capability available for use when needed. I’ll tell you, I have thought about this for years and I can not think of a better term for the American troops in Iraq than “invaders.”  “Occupational forces” don’t even cut it for me. You see they had to invade in order to occupy. As a matter of fact American’s in Iraq are actually currently “illegal aliens!” (Can you hear me Lou Dobbs?) As a matter of fact if Iraq had a Lou Dobbs of their own he would be reporting, every day, about the outsourcing taking place! After all you have all these foreign companies hired to “rebuild” their nation!

Think about it, Americans crossed the borders into Iraq, illegally, took up residence, created a situation where their nation, a foreign nation, America, will make money from Iraqi oil, taking money away from the Iraqi people, and the Iraqi citizens are paying the price. Americans have had a catastrophic impact on the Iraqi economy, health care system, educational system, infrastructure, and American invasion has resulted in the obliteration of Iraqi’s “homeland security.” All this as a result of the new onslaught of illegals into Iraq. Illegals not only from America but brought in by America or attracted there by the American presence there. Mexicans Illegals in America don’t hold a candle to American illegals in Iraq! It is like the difference between trowing a bullet and shooting a bullet; no comparison!

Positive arguments can be made about the American illegals in Iraq, just like the positive arguments being made about the illegal Mexicans in America. The Americans are helping the Iraqis; they are building schools, and they got rid of a tyrant, and they give the children candy…you know…watch Fox News…you’ll see what I mean. And the Mexicans we are told take jobs that Americans don’t want to do, and they provide inexpensive labor, etc. You know…watch the Democrats on C-SPAN. The only difference is…The negative aspects of Mexicans in America pale in comparison to the negative aspects of Americans in Iraq. Can anyone seriously compare crossing a border to wash dishes and get health care for their children to obliterating a nation and stealing their oil money? If I had the time I would do a detailed comparison of the impact of Mexican illegals on America as compared to the impact of American illegals on Iraq; but it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the difference.

So there you have it, the accurate terms for Americans in Iraq are “invaders” and “illegal aliens.”  But not just the average illegal alien, like to one’s in America. The America illegals in Iraq were placed there by (and actually are) the most powerful military on Earth! What would Lou Dobbs be saying if the Mexican military played a similar role here!

Here in dreamland, better known as America, people learn about what is going on in the world by listening to pundits and journalists (in America these are one and the same these days), instead of by actually watching the events that take place and making up their own minds. You see as Americans are given information they are simultaneously told how to feel. It’s like that scene in the movie Young Frankenstein where the monster (played by Peter Boyle) is sitting with the old man (played by Gene Hackman) , having wine, (well - trying to, anyway), and the old man offers the monster a cigar. Now the monster is scared of fire so he reacts loudly when the old man goes to light the monster’s cigar. The old man tells the monster “fire good” and the monster accepts this from the old man has he now allows the old man to light his cigar with the “good fire”  As the “fire good” attitude takes hold, the old man lights the monster’s finger on fire. For several moments that “fire good” attitude holds steady even as the monster’s finger cooks itself as it is now fully engulfed in flames. Finally the monster cant take it any more and bolts out of there! It is at this point he realizes that in this case fir was bad all along, even though he was told otherwise.

You see, the monster in the movie knew that fire was bad all along but for some reason he trusted the person telling him otherwise. He should have gone with his instincts. So should America when it comes to judging the actions of our government. Think about it!

27 Buildings on 104 Acres is NOT an Embassy; It’s an Occupation.

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Keeping track of the lies of the establishment media and the Bush administration is like trying to keep track of sand and dirt particles during a tornado. But once in a while a huge chuck hits you right in the face! Even still…the establishment media pretend it’s not there.

We hear George W. Bush lie regularly about almost everything he says. But on the issue of Iraq we have heard many times how the Unites States will be leaving Iraq when the Iraqi’s are able to stand on their own. OK…fine…but how does that explain the 104 acre so called embassy consisting of 27 buildings? Leaving a 104 acre city in Iraq does not exactly meet the description of “leaving!”

Here we have a long time coming, in your face clear and obvious piece of proof that George W. Bush lies when he talks about plans for Iraq, and the establishment media will not inform the public about this. Not one word of this is ever mentioned on TV. 104 ACRES!!! Holy cow…give me a break! Did we steal the land from the Iraqis for this or did OUR tax dollars pay for it? Either way it is another smoking gun exposing the many lies of George W. Bush!

104 acres does not make an embassy. It makes a city, a base, occupied territory, but most of all in this case 104 acres serves as proof of another lie of George W. Bush and another lie to the American people by the media. We are not leaving Iraq, no way, no how, even though George W. Bush says otherwise.

Seven years on I am trying to find one thing that George W. Bush has not lied about and I am trying to find one lie that the establishment media accurately described as intentional and willing deception by George W. Bush. Then again I am still trying to figure out where the tooth fairy lives. How silly of me to try and find the answers to these obvious issues! Think about it!

Sometimes There Are Stupid Questions

Monday, May 14th, 2007

For most of my life I have encouraged curiosity. I have always felt that there is nothing wrong with asking questions about things that you don’t know. I had a long career in technology and I have had to teach many people many things. I have also had to learn many things. I was fortunate enough to work with people who were gracious with their knowledge and they shared it with me. I did and still do the same. I take the time to explain, what is to me the most boring and obvious technological information, with anyone who needs my help (well almost anyone). I understand that it is OK not to know everything and the only way to learn is to admit to yourself that you don’t know something…and then find out the answers. Asking questions is one way of learning and I understand that there is nothing wrong with doing so. So I adhere to the notion that there are no stupid questions, (just stupid people!)

On the other hand…when a so called journalist, or reporter, or TV news reader, blathers on and forces him or herself to come up with questions while they are conducting an on air interview, just for the sake of filling time, my opinion about stupid questions is rendered invalid. When I watch the bozos on TV fill time by forcing themselves to ask questions for the sake of pretending to be journalists I repeatedly find myself uttering, out loud, the phrase “what the f*#K does that have to do with anything?” Some, or I should say most of the questions asked by these on-air talking heads do nothing more than expose the limited intellectual capacities of today’s TV news zombies.

I know most of the on-screen teleprompter readers are vain to some extent. Nobody would want to put their face on TV everyday unless they had some sort of self appreciation. But you would think that a little pride would prevent these vain individuals from wanting to look stupid. One would think that, but one would be wrong. But then again, most Americans have been conditioned to the point of not being able to spot the obvious, even if the obvious comes in the form of a blithering idiot pretending to be a journalist!

The on-air TV clowns are to journalism what the first round rejects are to the American Idol competition. Unfortunately it would take an American Idol/Journalism Edition before the masses of oblivious Americans noticed this! Think about it!

Just a Quick Thank You to My Readers

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

I spend a great deal of time investigating and reporting about many depressing issues. Sometimes I get emotionally overwhelmed. At times I find it very difficult to continue my quest. There are surly times when I feel like my temper will get the best of me. It is usually during one of those emotional breakpoints when I fire off one of my angrier news letters or commentaries; the ones that usually result in significant un-subscriptions!

Then again there are moments, like this, when I become overwhelmed by the support that I receive from my readers. On an average day I will receive about 2000 e-mail messages. You can add another 1000 but I try not to count spam! Of those messages many of them contain kind complimentary messages (that really keep me going) or humbling requests to reprint my articles. I receive messages correcting my spelling or grammar…no surprise to me. I receive messages asking me for advice. I receive messages asking me to become involved with other organizations or individuals trying to make our world a better place. I also receive many messages telling me where to buy Viagra or that I have won some international lottery or that someone wants me to help them to move $millions into a bank account or that…oh, you mean that is spam too?

Of course I get slammed now and then; but thankfully not too often.

Oddly enough the humbling moment I am experiencing right now is not a result of any special compliment that I received. It is the result of perusing through my “submissions” e-mail box; the account set up for people to send us news and information for publication on our news page. For some reason I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people who have taken it upon themselves to help me by keeping me informed. These people have helped to make my job easier and they have helped to make become a pretty darn good place to visit if you want to stay informed about what is going on in the world. I still do a lot of manual research but I don’t think I would be able to maintain the consistent broad spectrum coverage without the many contributors. It is very humbling to know that people, many people, take the time to pass on vital information to a website that I started with the expectation that some day we may get 100 visitors per day. Now we get 100 e-mail or more per hour, to say nothing of the visitor volume! Very humbling indeed.

The list of contributors seems to grow as I am finding new “sent from” names all the time. But there are are a few dozen power contributors, you know who you are, who at this point could be considered official TvNewsLIES contributors! I just wanted to take today and thank you all, especially the regulars, for being a big part of what I am trying to do. You might be a falling  tree in the woods but I’m letting you know it is surely making some sound! Think about it!

Would Somebody Finally Tell Me Why Cuba Is My Enemy? Ditto on Chavez!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

While I was watching some Halliburton related Senate hearing I heard a Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, mention that Cuba was included in the Trading with the Enemies Act. This caused me to once again ask the obvious question that has never once in my lifetime been answered, not by a US politician and surely not by the US establishment media: why is Cuba my enemy? Sure, I have heard the dreaded “C” word, ‘communist“, but like the word itself nobody in the media has ever told me why communism is bad, why a country that chooses communism as an economic system is a threat to me or any American for that matter, or why the people of that nation should be made to suffer because they are not capitalists.

I hear the word “communist” used as an insult constantly, but I never heard anyone who uses that word explain why a communist should be considered an enemy of the United States forget an enemy of mine! I have never been threatened by a communist. The capitalist system on the other hand has scared the hell out of me. The IRS has harassed me about returns that they claim I did not send. I feared for my life for the three or so years that I went without health insurance. My credit card company started charging me $10 for paying my bill over the phone. I see veterans who risked their lives for our nation living on the streets in this country. I see people all over who can’t read, can’t do math, are absolutely clueless about what goes on in the world, and I am watching the cost of an education skyrocket to a point where only a very small percentage of the population in this nation will be able to afford an education; a rather pathetic development for a proud nation with any hope of a future. Yet for some reason I am told all the time that Cuba is my enemy! Why Cuba?

I can surely understand arguments against communist systems. I don’t necessarily think a communist system is good, nor do I think unregulated capitalism is good. The game of Monopoly represents unregulated capitalism and we all know that in Monopoly everyone looses except for the last survivor. That’s capitalism. Actually that is what George W. Bush means when he uses the code-speak term “freedom”. Bush is pushing for economic freedom, as in free of regulations. Free markets where the rich and the haves always win. He is not talking about freedom for you and me to live happy lives. Bush is talking about an “ownership society” but he does not mention who exactly will be owning society when he is done providing the “economic freedom” for the rich to finish life’s big game of Monopoly! In the meantime I am still trying to figure out how Cuba threatens me.

The other day I heard one of the establishment cronies, Democratic Senator Joe Biden, do his part in the mindfucking of our nation by throwing Venezuela into a comment about America’s enemies. Of course he did not provide a reason as to why Venezuela is our enemy. Joe was doing his part in sending out a subliminal message to anyone listening: “Venezuela bad, Venezuela bad!” Venezuela is the new Cuba in that we Americans are being told that they are our enemy every single day by the establishment and their foot soldiers in the media yet nobody will tell us why Venezuela is bad. They may tell us an out of context story about how Chavez insults George W. Bush but they never tell us what leads up to those events. They won’t tell us about how Chavez is taking his nation back from the global ruling elite, otherwise known as the international bankers. Nobody tells us that Chavez is a target because he took is nation out of debt. This is like pissing off the Godfather because you paid off the loan shark. You see Chavez no longer owes the Godfather anything anymore and that really pisses off the Godfather. The Godfather, in the case of Venezuela is the ruling elite and that is a fact. If the US backs a coup or an assassination in Venezuela you can bet the first thing that will happen is a loan will be made by the World Bank or the IMF so that they can “build” and “establish democracy” (otherwise known as economic free trade….you know…freedom;-).

Chavez is quietly becoming the world’s last hope in battling the ruling elite or the New World Order. You see he is empowering his people. As a matter of fact he is helping the South American continent to stand up to the exploitation of America and the international bankers who are in the process of setting up a one world government. Chavez has paid off Venezuela’s debts and has told the international bankers to get the hell out of his nation. He saved his people from the inextinguishable debt that causes a nation to relinquish it’s sovereignty to a private group of financiers. You know, the same way the Federal Reserve pretty much controls the US and how people like Bush are put in power in order to maintain or increase that debt so that the American taxpayer will forever fork over a huge chunk of their wealth just to pay the interest! That’s why wars are started; because wars are the most expensive endeavor a nation can undertake and that means more debt and more money owed to the bankers. Bush & Cheney are insiders. They are in like kids I grew up with who used to drive around with a bb gun popping out car windows because their father owned an auto glass store in the neighborhood! Only they don’t break windows, they start wars! They forced America into an endless war; the ultimate jackpot for the bankers!

The formula: take one “New Pearl Harbor” (and if one does not happen on it’s own create your own!) This will create fear. Part one is essential for without it the rest of the plan is dead. So above all, no matter what happens, you must ensure that the initial “catastrophic and catalyzing event” takes place. Next get the scared people to pay up by telling them that you need the money to protect them. Scared people will give anything to be safe; money, freedom, anything; this has been proven over and over throughout history. Then start a war that creates more enemies, that you will have to protect those same frightened people from! Then ask for more money and ask people to relinquish more rights so that you can protect them! What a brilliant business plan!

Now you have to pay for your protection FOREVER! That’s right, your taxes go towards paying a private bank (the Federal Reserve) interest on all of the loans taken out for the costs of protecting you, by an intentionally financially irresponsible (or complicit) Congress and/or president even though the US has the sole Constitutional authority to print money (and the Federal Reserve DOES NOT) and the US can lend itself money at absolutely no interest…if it so pleased! Friends, this is what started the American Revolution! Taxation without representation! America was started to get away from the Bank of England, another private bank that held the UK hostage, as does the Federal Reserve with America!

So getting back to my initial point…I’ll tell you who is my enemy, anyone that tries to tell me that Venezuela or Cuba is my enemy and does not follow that comment up with a clear and complete explanation as to why that is the case. Joe Biden is more of an enemy to me that Chavez and that is a fact!

So I ask you once again…why the hell am I supposed to consider Cuba and Venezuela my enemies when, as you can see from reading my rant, there are plenty of American enemies for me to really fear. And let me tell you this, America has no enemy greater than the establishment media for it is their cloak of secrecy that permit those other enemies domestic to assault our democracy, our freedom and our word! Think about it!

Then, get your information from TvNewsLIES, not the corporate entertainment networks.

CNN is Making me Dizzy Today

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

There used to be a pitcher on the New York Mets named Doug Sisk. When Sisk first joined the Mets he threw an incredible sinker pitch that people simply could not hit. Batters could hardly hit his pitches past the infield. He gave up among the fewest home runs per inning pitched in the league. But there was one problem with his pitch, it moved a lot and therefore he had trouble keeping it in the strike zone. So batters learned not to swing and Sisk started to have problems loading the basses by walking batters. The Met fans started to boo Sisk relentlessly. The booing became such a problem that the manager would try not to use Sisk while the team was playing at home so that the home crowd would not be able to boo him. At one point the joke was that the hardest job in the world was being Doug Sisk and pitching at Shea. I even heard someone say something about putting Sisk’s uniform on and taking the mound being a test of bravery! (Actually I was a big Doug Sisk fan and I took a lot of heat for it!)

That being said I have to say that today there is a job that is much more difficult than pitching at Shea Stadium in a Doug Sisk uniform…and that job is occupied by many people! What’s the job you ask…it is being a television news reader on CNN! What’s so hard about that you ask? I’ll tell you. I think the most difficult task in the world for a human being is to come out on TV every single day and keep a straight face as you report the pathetically un-newsworthy issues, in depth, one after another as you try and pretend that you are a journalist partaking in journalism!

Of course CNN is not the only organization to hire such skilled employees. MSNBC has the most skilled reporters and wins the top spot simply by sheer volume when it comes to treating issues like Anna Nicole Smith as if it was vital news worthy of lengthy panel discussions. And FOX News, well let’s just say they have an even more difficult job because on top of all the pretending they have to appear as if they are not biased! Ha ha ha, that’s funny; and they keep straight faces! Amazing!

Today the CNN crew did a great job because they had some really tough transitions to work through. You see I watched one top of the hour headline segments and one segment on the upcoming stories for the next hour and during both of these segments the AM CNN team did a marvelous job keeping from laughing. This was not easy because the first segment contained two headlines; one being the Iraq War and the other being Brittney Spears return to the stage, and the second segment contained two issues where one was the Iraq war and the other was about paying for you wedding when you get jilted at the alter. In between these two tough transitions they held a serious discussion on a new report that shows that left handed women have shorter life spans than right handed women. There was no real news during this session but the three on air clowns chatted and speculated about this bombshell issue for w a while. So you can add improvisation to their skill set! Comedy Central has nothing on these people!

I would be shirking my responsibilities as a media analyst if I neglected to give CBS News some credit for their straight faced tradition of reporting three headlines during a commercial break every Sunday night during 60 Minutes. You see every single week during 60 minutes a newscaster comes on and reports three headlines and every single week one of the headlines is about the movie box office returns for that weekend. The box office returns for some reason are reported during every single Sunday night airing of 60 Minutes and every single Monday, to the general public, on most “news” programs. I can only imagine that the only thought in the head of the person reporting such news is “does anybody notice how stupid it is that we report this random industry statistic every week?” But then again I do not think many thoughts actually go through the heads of these people.

So I think that the men and women of the TV news industry are either performing one of the most difficult tasks on the planet or their brain function is so low that they don’t even see the humor in what they are doing. Hmmm…now that I mention that…uh…I guess you can forget about all the praise I just cast on these people. So…um…never mind. Think about it!

Leaving Iraq is Not Admitting Defeat - It Is Admitting We Were Wrong; And That’s is the Real Truth!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I am American. I love my country. I live every moment of my life reaching out to my fellow citizens in order to teach them how to bypass the cloak of false reality wrapped around this nation by the establishment media. And I can say this: I am a patriot when I say: not only can America not win in Iraq, but we have already lost and we should have lost, because we were wrong! Period, end of story.


Trying to blame Democrats for wanting to end the travesty known as the invasion of Iraq is like trying to blame a judge for releasing from prison a person who was innocent of a crime! Again I ask a question that I ask almost every day; are all Americans insane? Is it not now crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that our invasion of Iraq was a criminal act against a falsely accused adversary?

The moment it became crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that Iraq did not have WMD, the people of America should have collectively declared an apology to the Iraqi people. The moment it became crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that Iraq had nothing to do with the events of 9/11, the people of America should have collectively declared an apology to the Iraqi people. And the moment it became crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that the Bush/PNAC administration knew all along that Iraq posed absolutely no threat or potential threat to the people of the United States, the people of America should have declared a collective citizens arrest of the members of the Bush administration who were hell bent on taking this nation to war with Iraq, even if they had to create a false flag operation as sadistic and brutal as the events of 9/11 in order to do so!

The discussions taking place about trying to win something in Iraq are as immoral and obscene as cheering on a bully who is beating a defenseless, weak, unarmed school kid. While it is no surprise to me that right wing neo-fascist bigots have no problem murdering people who don’t look like them and believe in the same fairy tale god as they do, it is the hypocritical lefties that disgust me the most because they know better and they simply refuse to do and say the right thing because they may lose their jobs.

You know, sometimes you have say what is right. I lost a lot of friends years ago because I tried to inform them about the disconnect between the official story of 9/11 and the official body of evidence as recorded by those same officials who created the myth known as the official 9/11 story. I did not fold, I did not run, I simply repeated the known facts and dealt with the ramifications. Now those former friends are calling me and telling me that I was right all along. In the meantime, my convictions remained steadfast. I saw elections stolen, and I said it. I saw very disturbing aspects of the events of 9/11, and I said it. I saw lie after lie blurted out about Iraq, and I shot back educating those around me about the lies. And time has proven me right about everything.

But I watch with disgust as the political adversaries of the Bush administration , mostly those in the Democratic party, twiddle their thumbs and remain silent because they fear the ramifications that may result from having to accuse a so called American President of the highest crimes ever committed by an American against Americans. (To me, George W. Bush is not the President. He is in office via electoral coup and is therefore an enemy of the state; an invader who came in and took over the presidency by force.) Instead of standing up and screaming at the top of their, lungs the opposition plays politics. They follow orders given by people above and beyond the system. They ignore the electorate and they pretend that there is not ample evidence to question virtually every action of the Bush administrations.

I am sick. I am tired. And I am disgusted. We will not win in Iraq because we should not win in Iraq, and that is the truth. My fellow Americans, face it, we were wrong. We attacked an innocent victim. Say all you want about how you feel Saddam should have been eliminated, but the bottom line is most people don’t know anything about how Saddam got into office, what was really behind the first Gulf War and how American “intervention” in Middle Eastern affairs has helped to create the problems that exist there. And the other bottom line is that America was wrong and should not have attacked a nation that posed no threat to us. We have unleashed violence in Iraq that was not there while Saddam was in charge. Saddam was better and stronger than the United States when it came to controlling the radical elements in his nation. He was no saint but we can all see how a saint would not survive one minute in Iraq.

America owes Iraq an apology. America owes an apology to the members of the U.S. military, who once again were misled and misused, as they have been time and time again over the past 50 years. America owes the world Dick Cheney and George Bush, hand delivered to a court of world citizens for judgment and penalty. And Americans owes it to themselves to rise up and overthrow the true enemy of American democracy, the US establishment media. For if America had a real press that recognized its Constitutional mandate to keep citizens informed about what their leaders are doing and not to distract them from the crimes of our leaders with trivial celebrity and tabloid stories, we would never have allowed this to happen.

I am American. I love my country. I live every moment of my life reaching out to my fellow citizens in order to teach them how to bypass the cloak of false reality wrapped around this nation by the establishment media. And I can say this: I am a patriot when I say that American can not only not win in Iraq, but we have already lost and we should have lost, because we were wrong! Period, end of story. Think about it.

Overstating the Obvious

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I have pointed this out many times but it is worth repeating, especially since our mailing list has many new member. When you are watching or reading news ask yourself why you need to know what you are being told. Even when the clowns in the establishment media report news that is of some concern to the public they distract you by reporting aspects of the story that can in no way be confused with information that the public needs to know.

For example when there is a tragedy that affects society like the Virgina Tech shootings, or when there is a news story that involves someone that is of some interest to the public like the Blue Angel pilot that died this week, there is no need to report the personal details of those involved or of the friends and family of those involved.

Another question you may ask yourself as the establishment media forces information down your throat is “does the subject of the report have any impact on the electorate, the world or you personally.” If you ask yourself this every time you are being informed about the relatives of some crime victim and about exactly “how they felt” (the most non-newsworthy aspect of any news report, no matter how legitimate the actual story is), you may just realize that you are being made to feel that people who have absolutely no impact on your life, the country or the world outside of their personal community, are and should be of vital interest to the nation. This, my friends, is called one of two things: intentional distraction or pathetically incompetent journalism. Either way the bottom line is that it is not news!

May I point out that the mandate of the press is to provide information to the public for the purpose of maintaining an informed electorate. That is why the press is the only job that is protected by the Constitution. The press does not exist to report sports scores, movie reviews or box office returns (which is reported every Monday by every news program for some reason), celebrity gossip or who is ringing the opening bell at the NYSE. The press is there to keep an eye on our government and report everything they can discover to the electorate. So with all due respect to the family of the recently lost Blue Angel pilot, his personal background does not belong on a national news report. Dick Cheney’s personal background and the personal background of all the Bush officials including their ties to PNAC, lobbies and defense contractors on the other hand, should have been reported. I guess the press felt that personal information is not newsworthy! Think about it.

Mood Music? Is That Journalism or Manipulation?

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

The recent obsessive coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting by the establishment media serves up many examples of what is not journalism. Although I can point out about 50 problems with the coverage of this event the one aspect that stands out as an obvious and egregious violation of journalistic ethics is the establishment media’s use of mood music for this coverage. While music is constantly used to instill fear or tension into the so called news coverage on our TV sets, the sad heart wrenching intro and background music that is being played during the coverage is a clear and obvious example of how the criminals who claim to be journalists are in fact shaping your opinion and manipulating your emotion; and they are using every tool and method available to do this including music.

A journalist is supposed to have the same effect on you as a paper delivery person has. They are supposed to deliver news to you and you and that is it. You are not supposed to find out how they feel about the news and they sure as hell are not supposed to try to tell you how they feel about the news. Their job, as defined by their claimed profession, is to report recent events without bias or opinion. That’s it. They have to simply read reports to you about what is taking place. They can show you pictures and films but they are not supposed to manipulate the information, craft a fancy package to deliver it or create an atmosphere that is intended to influence how you feel about what you are hearing.

So let me ask all of the senior anchors on the so called news networks and news programs; which journalism class taught you about how to select the appropriate music for a report? Or did you learn that in your propaganda class? Think about it.

So When are Bush’s & Cheney’s Trials and What Will Their Penalties for Genocide Be?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

If I “thought” that a man who lived overseas posed a threat to my family, and I took a plane over to his nation, and I killed him, and as a result his family was left homeless and threatened by violence sparked by the killing of that man…and it turns out that I made a “mistake” in thinking he was a threat…would I be arrested? Would I be extradited? Would I be put on trial for murder? Would I have to pay restitutions? Would you think that at the very least I would have my passport and gun taken away from me so I would not do it again? Well the answers to all those questions are yes!

Then why isn’t George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, most of the US Congress and just about every member of the US establishment media under arrest and awaiting trial? At the very least they should be relieved of their duties, or I should say responsibilities.

Let’s for a minute pretend that the invasion of Iraq was a good natured mistake (I know…just work with me here). Well this tragic “mistake” (I can’t believe I am saying that…when everyone knows that this was planned way before the self inflicted, Iraq war starting permission slip known as 9/11 took place, also known as PNAC’s new Pearl Harbor), has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including American military personnel. It has also resulted in the creation of 4 million Iraqi refugees! What should the penalty for such actions be? What charges should be brought? Several hundred thousand counts of voluntary manslaughter? Make that man woman and child slaughter! Well? Where are the cops? Where is the justice system? Where is the justice?

Do you know what the term is for a world leader who uses military actions to create a refugee situation? The term is “evil despot”, or “tyrant”, or “war criminal” or “terrorist” or “maniac”, or “genocidal maniac”, or “mass murderer!” Do you know what term the criminal US establishment media uses to describe such a person? They use the term “Commander in Chief!” They use the term “U.S. Administration. They use the term “Congress.”

Well, as long as the establishment media remains in place the majority of the American people will never learn the correct terminology. But for the readers of this newsletter…when you hear the term “Commander in Chief” from now on…maybe you’ll make the connection. Think about it.

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