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Israel is a Theocracy, Not a Democracy – I Don’t Want My Nation Supporting Theocratic Bigotry!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

I have heard rhetoric about Israel all of my life and I have yet to see any reality that accurately reflects that rhetoric, except for one thing: Israel is, as they claim to be, a Jewish state.

Now correct me if I am wrong but how can a a nation that claims to be democracy place a religion or a culture above all the rest? How is that democratic? That, my friends, reflects the attitude of a theocracy, not a democracy. So why do we continue to call Israel a democratic nation and why are we supporting them?

You know I can not think of one benefit my nation has received in return for or as a result of our blind support for Israel. Call me antisemitic if you like, many of you will, simply because I am voicing legitimate concerns and raising valid questions, but after you label me…answer my questions. Why is my tax money going to Israel? What’s in it for me? What is the return on my investment? I know a lot of people on this planet don’t like my nation too much because we offer blind support to Israel regardless of the pain and suffering they inflict on a group of people and that is a pretty bad thing for me, in my opinion! And why is our democracy loving nation supporting a nation that places one religion or culture over all others? Isn’t that bigotry?

You know I as an American do not approve of the conduct of my nation where it comes to Israel. Correct me if I am wrong but my nation has been the sole member of the UN Security Council to veto over 30 otherwise unanimous resolutions denouncing the conduct of Israel. I am supposed to forget, ignore or be deprived of all the details behind and reasons for world opinion when it comes to Israel because according to my government, and the establishment media, Israel never does anything wrong and anyone who says otherwise is biased; and the supporting facts and details don’t matter. Well, I am not that stupid. I can see what takes place in the world. And I have news for you…even biased sources can have valid opinions from time to time. For example I am biased against radical religious people who treat women like possessions yet I am perfectly within reason if I make the very valid point that the Taliban violate women’s rights and should have never received the support of the Bush administration and a diplomatic visit with the Bush administration should never even have been allowed forget invited (as they were by the Bush administration in early 2001). Likewise I am also within reason when I say that nobody in the world can tell me that Israel treats non-Jews they same way they treat Jews, especially Arabs.

I did not like it when Colin Powell delivered a $43 million check to the Taliban prior to the events of 9/11; a little tidbit that the establishment media skipped over in their catatonic coverage of the conduct of the George W. Bush administration. The media has basically kept all the actions of this administration a secret and if you think that is an overstatement you have not been reading very long. So when Powell delivered that check I sent out an e-mail to all of my friends saying that any women who supported this administration deserves what they get because they just gave the most anti-woman government in history $43 million. That did not make me biased. Just the same when I comment on the actions of Israel when it comes to their treatment of the Palestinians, their violations of UN resolutions, their continual construction of settlements in the occupied territories, their destruction of food supplies like when they bulldoze 100 year old olive tree groves and water wells, their practice of collective punishment like when they use American supplied bulldozers to destroy the homes of innocent people, or their total disregard for all human life that is not Jewish (in that they will blow up an entire building full of innocent Arabs to kill one of their suspected targets), and their disdain for any kind of law or due precess as they simply kill anyone they label as a suspect, it does not make me biased. I ask questions about this stuff. That does not make me anti-anything. It makes me curious and it makes me angry. Again I say you can call me anything you want but please address my concentrates.

Now Israel continues to refer to itself as a Jewish state. Our media and our government officials refer to Israel as a Jewish state. Well, call me an anti-Semite but someone please just answer this question…why are we supporting a nation that has proudly declared itself to be a theocracy? Isn’t America trying to support democracies or more specifically secular democracies? Why do we refer to Israel as a democracy if they call refer to themselves as a theocracy and conduct themselves as cultural supremacists who can do anything to anyone, anywhere, in the name of self defense, even if there is no clear indication of a threat?

Israel is in violation of dozens of UN Security Council resolutions and had it not been for the sole vetoes cast by the US over thirty more resolutions would have been passed unanimously over the past 20 years. Iraq did not even come close to violating that many resolutions and look what we did to them, yet we actually support Israel. In addition Israel practices collective punishment. They punish an entire society for the actions of some or even many of its members. You tell me…if your pregnant mother died waiting at a checkpoint…as dozens if not hundreds of pregnant Palestinian women have, what would you do to the people who caused her death? I don’t know what I would do…but know that I don’t want to support people who do things like that and guess what…Israel does exactly that! So if anyone on Earth can tell me why I should want my tax money supporting this, I’ll listen. But until then…stop calling names and start answering questions. Think about it.

The Infamous “al Qaeda Linked” Terrorists = 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Monday, May 28th, 2007

If the Bush administration and the establishment media had their way, every American would think of the famous rock star of the 60’s, Chubby Checker (of “the Twist” fame), any time anyone mentioned Kevin Bacon’s name. That’s right, the Bush administration and the US media would describe Kevin Bacon as “linked to Chubby Checker” because Chubby Checker was in the movie “Purple People Eater” with Dustin Diamond who was in the TV show “Saved by the Bell: The New Class”, with Michal Worth, who was in the movie “Acapulco H.E.A.T.”, with John Veron, who was in the movie “Animal House” with none other than Kevin Bacon. The link can not be denied. The link is clear and as Dick Cheney would say. “pretty much confirmed!”

Now many of you know that the “Kevin Bacon equation of association”, or as I like to call it A=KB-6, (Association = Kevin Bacon 6 times removed), comes from the grassroots phenomenon known as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It is a trivia game where someone names an actor and the players have to find a link to Keven Bacon based on the type of association that I used in the prior paragraph. It’s a fun game, and for the most part any knowledgeable movie buff can pretty much find a link between Kevin Bacon and just about any major actor of our generation.

So goes the logic that brings us the infamous “al Qaeda” linked terrorist. You see in the eyes of the Bush administration and according to the clearly complicit establishment media, the word “link” is used in its most literal interpretation. All one has to do in order to tag someone with a link to al Qaeda is to apply the A=KB-6 equation. When you use that equation it does not take much to qualify for being linked to al Qaeda these days, unless you are a member of the Bush family. You know, the same Bush family that has direct, official and “pretty much confirmed” links to the bin Laden family. You know…the bin Laden family that has “pretty much confirmed” links to the member of the bin Laden family known as Osama bin Laden. But that link doesn’t really count! Not to the establishment media, anyway.

The big difference between using the A=KB-6 equation to tag someone as an al Qaeda terrorist, and playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is that when you play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon you have to elaborate and define the link, in complete detail, before you are given credit for your accusation. But the Bush administration and the criminal establishment media simply make a declaration that the link exists and they are done. They do not have to define the link in any way, and the public, so brainwashed by the establishment media, does not even think to question the claim. We are not sure how many hops have to be made until you see an actual connection. Then again, we are not exactly sure what the definitive heart of “al Qaeda” is, so we are not sure what link we have to reach in order to establish the actual connection.

One of the many problems with this scenario is that an idiot like Elizabeth Hasselbeck of the TV show “The View” repeats that link on TV to justify her approval for the Bush administration’s obliteration of Iraq as she argues with Rosie O’Donnell over the killing of innocent civilians by US troops. Then the millions of people who watch “The View” repeat Hasselbeck’s unsubstantiated claims of al Qaeda linked entities in Iraq, even though the links are never actually defined for these people and these people never bother to question the claims for themselves. But we all know that we should simply believe people on TV who show support for whatever our government is doing…otherwise they are not patriots! Right? Actually, that is a separate issue…but technically, by virtue of the A=KB-6 equation, it is connected to this discussion;-)

There is an episode of the cartoon South Park where the kids who star in the show are taken on a hunting trip with a couple of gung-ho gun freak hunters. You know, kind of like Dick Cheney, only these guys don’t murder, they hunt. (Cheney murders animals…he goes on so called hunting trips, but what really happens is that is he goes to farms and the owners of the farms release caged animals in the form of birds that can not even fly, a few dozen yards from Cheney, so that he can satisfy is psychopathic thirst for death by murdering a hundred or so of them.) Anyway, the gung-ho South Park hunters pretty much shoot any animal they want to, without hunting permits, even if the animal is out of season and poses no threat to the hunters. But the hunters taught the kids how to get around the law when it comes to killing things illegally and when it is not warranted by self defense; just prior to opening fire the hunter has to yell out “LOOK OUT, IT’S HEADED RIGHT TOWARDS US!” You see, this way the illegal kills made by the hunters appears to be justified by self defense. Technically the hunters can say that the animal appeared to pose a threat to them, even if the animal was a baby rabbit or something like that. Pretty smart, huh?

The Bush administration and the US media use the South Park hunting justification argument in their never ending war on humanity. I call it the “applying the terror tag”. And there is no better terror tag to apply to your target than one that reads “al Qaeda!” Yes, the mysterious mystical “al Qaeda” organization, whatever that may be, scares the b’jeezus out of the average uninformed American. So all you have to do in order to justify a kill these days is use the Kevin Bacon equation of association. Find a link between your target and “al Qaeda”, no matter how many degrees of separation exist, place your tag, have the media announce the link and start shooting! It is a clear formula, easily followed and proven effective on the catatonic viewers of the establishment media.

So, you see, today’s claimed “al Qaeda linked” targets of the Bush administration are just as linked to al Qaeda as Kevin Bacon is linked to boxing promoter Don King! (Look it up…it’s there;-) I made sure to “pretty much confirm” my claim! But what exactly do these links actually mean? Do they mean anything at all? Think about it!


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MSNBC Cans Imus, But Ann Coulter Keeps on Ticking

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

How do you feel today? Did you get your daily dose of hatred and bigotry? If not you can always do a web search for some good old vile Ann Coulter quotes!

You see the media, civil rights leaders and the general public don’t have any problems with racism, just as long as it is not directed at African Americans or Jews. Everyone else is pretty much free game. You don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it, do a web search for Ann Coulter Quotes. She’s not alone in her spewing of hatred but she sure has a lengthy dossier when it comes to compiling some of the most vile and hateful commentary ever uttered on radio, TV and in published print media. Yet this little vile vixen is a welcomed guest on virtually every major network. Why?

My thoughts on Imus and his stupid remarks is just that…he made stupid remarks. What was he thinking. They were jokes that were not funny. They were insults that really did not apply. So what was the point of his comments? You may want to ask his buddy Sid Rosenberg, who has a long track record of such remarks. Only when Sid says these things he says them from the heart!

By the way, if the African American community wants to stop hearing white people use derogatory words about them, perhaps they might want to stop creating them! All white people have to do in order to learn how to demean black people, especially black women is listen to hip hop or hang out with NBA stars! And just in case you are thinking this…I am not going to apologize for saying it because it is true. To me the word “ho” was used by Santa Clause or it was a gardening tool; that was until the hip hop community adapted it for their use. It seems like every few months a new vile term is introduced to the English language for use by the “gangsta” generation. It makes me sick. I hate the word “nigga” as much as I hate the word “nigger!” Having the black community create and embrace a term that is so close to the the word “nigger” is outrageous! It is the verbal equivalent of Jews if they started wearing clothes that had an emblem on them that almost resembled a swastika! If you are going to embrace pseudo racists terminology for your own use then don’t complain when others join in. People who welcome into their culture derogatory terminology that is specifically directed at their own race should not complain when others join the party!

SO anyway, if you want to go on a racist rant just make sure you target Arabs, Islamic people, Christians, homosexuals, or pretty much any foreigner other than Israelis. At least you won’t lose your job in broadcasting. Think about it!

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