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Earth: A Beautiful Place if There Were No Humans

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Yesterday I was looking at a beautiful photograph of sea life that is on the cover of a book (related websites can be found here: and here: ). What I did not realize when I first saw the image was that the book was not a very happy book. While the book explores how beautiful ocean life is, it sheds light on the fact that no life forms on this planet are safe from the the treacherous impact human beings have had on this planet. The book shows how the beautiful ocean life is being harmed by humans.

Human beings, in our quest to satisfy our endless greed, have consumed and destroyed everything around us. We ( not all of us ) humans are so stupid that in our quest to indulge ourselves we have pretty much set humanity on the path to extinction. The simple minded humans, who think that some being up in the sky wants them to have more babies, can not perform the simple math that shows that exponential growth of our species can not be sustained! More babies = more harm to the planet = eventual extinction! The by products of humanity (consumption, destruction, toxic waste), are destroying all life forms, including those that sustain our own lives. You know…like the life forms that we eat, and the life forms that make the air that we breathe!

Several years ago I chose to become the housekeeper/slave to a 4 ounce parrot. I take very good care of my master. I clean up after her, feed her, provide her with my valuable belongings for her to shred with her razor sharp can opener bill, including US currency (actually they are not US currency, they are criminal Federal Reserve Notes). I take her to the park and to my parents house where my mother gives her bits of cookies when I am not looking. Her life is pretty darn good.

So yesterday, after I realized that the beautiful book contained a not so beautiful reminder of the impact human beings are having on this planet, I looked over at my four ounce pterodactyl and I got to thinking, and I realized something that is pretty darn disturbing. Human beings have had a negative impact on every single life form on this planet with two exceptions: house pets and man made super-viruses. That’s it. Pretty sad, huh. Something to be ashamed about, huh. And when you think about the fact that human beings need other life forms in order to live, it’s just pretty darn stupid, huh.

Humans are causing the extinction of hundreds of life forms every year and we are working hard to end humanity. Oddly enough when I realized that humans are setting up their own extinction I thought to myself, cool. I thought that maybe when the humans are gone the remaining life forms will thrive. It’s weird, but it made be feel a little better when I thought about that. It helped to balance the guilty feelings I have about being a member of the one species that threatens all others. Think about it.

Oh Government….Please Protect Me From Those Threatening Vitamins!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

While he Bush administration makes sure that we have the freedom to breath in more pollutants every day, and while they allow environmental polluters to comply with voluntary regulations the FDA is getting ready to protect Americans from all of those dangerous nutrients that we need to live! That’s right…vitamins are about to be outlawed!

Do a little research and you will find that there is a world wide effort, backed by big pharma, to keep nutrients out of the hands of citizens. This is outrageous!

The FDA, an institution that has made an art form out of approving drugs with more dangerous side effects than a drunk driver, is about to protect you from vitamin C! Ladies and gentlemen…these people must be stopped! I ask you to do a little research on this. The issue is bigger than one or two recent articles on may indicate!

It becomes more apparent every day that government has become the enemy of the people. It is going to be interesting to see how far we citizens let this go. Think about it!

The US Government Has Already Been Overthrown!

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

An Open Letter to American Law Enforcement: True Patriots Are Working to Restore, Not Overthrow This Administration!

“The revolution has already taken place and the bad guys are now in charge!”

I am directing this observation primarily to the well-intentioned citizens who have chosen to dedicate themselves to law enforcement. I believe that most Americans who work to enforce the laws of the land and protect their fellow Americans from criminals and others who may harm us are sincere and concerned citizens of this country.

But something in the nation has changed, and sincerity and good intentions are no longer good enough. People with the power to enforce the law must fully understand how the law itself can be manipulated. Police, FBI, DHS officers and other law enforcement agents must become very vigilant about blindly accepting the laws that they are now and possibly will be asked to enforce.

In this ‘post 9/11′ America, patriotic peace groups, patriotic journalists, patriotic activists and patriotic truth seekers have become targets law enforcement . As has happened too often in the past, we are once again perceived as potential and even real threats to the safety of the government of the United States. Those of us who cherish democracy and organize on its behalf have been marked as enemies of the republic. I think it is high time that the truth be told about what is really going on.


Hear me out.

NOTE CAREFULLY: I am fully aware that it is against the law to foment revolt against the government of the Unites States. It is true that any discussions, plans, plots or activities related to the violent overthrow of the US government are illegal. I agree 100% with these laws and I am of the opinion those people who take part in activities that undermine the principles of our democratic republic of self rule should indeed be stopped and investigated by all appropriate law enforcement agencies.

That said, I think the point that so many seem to be missing is this: exactly who are the people with both the intent and opportunity to overthrow the American government? Hasn’t the American government already been overthrown? It seems to me that a calculated and stealthy revolution has been taking place right before our very eyes. Unfortunately for those remain unaware, this subtle overthrow, or coup if you will, was implemented slowly and carefully over a fairly long period of time.

There have been several stages to this overthrow, and in hindsight, each has been rather obvious. From the creation of the Federal Reserve System to the assassination of JFK and the stolen elections of the Bush administration, powerful groups and organizations have successfully hijacked our democracy and seized control of virtually every aspect of our lives. They control our food chain, our air and water, our finances, our ability to live out our lives as we choose, even if we pose no threat to others. These power brokers have succeeded without the slightest exposure, oversight or challenge because they also control the sources of information upon which Americans have traditionally relied.

When it comes to expressing the real extent of the problems facing us, there is a great deal of fear among my community, the patriotic truth community. That seems to be particularly true when it comes to exposing the dictatorship that is taking form in this nation. Many people are afraid to discuss solutions to the new empire because, in a sense, the only real solution against a Fascist takeover is some sort of revolution. In order to fight dictatorship, people have to rise up in some way against the small but powerful ruling establishment. That would have to begin with a revolt against the American corporate media and end with a defeat of the international bankers who have taken ownership of our existence.


People are frightened of any talk about real change because such a discussion carries overtones of some illegal action. Not so. There must be discussions related to the overthrow of our current leadership that are not treasonous by any means Our efforts to fight must be peaceful, but they must be fully focused on restoring our government, not violently overthrowing it.

THAT IS WHERE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMES IN. Somehow, somewhere, we have to reach those who are acting in good faith, but in misguided loyalty, to use fear and intimidation to silence protest and activism in this country. We have to reach out to them, to bring them into the discussion, and to see to it that they understand their obligation to protect, not hinder, our Constitutional rights.

The peace and truth community must adopt the mantra of “RESTORING, not overthrowing our government using any means necessary.” We cannot live in fear of our own protectors in our pursuit of freedom and the restoration of democracy. American citizens who work as law enforcers for the current regime must understand that we are on their side, and more importantly they have taken an oath to be on ours.

To the law enforcement community I say this: I pose no threat to you. I have no plans to organize or encourage a violent revolution. I merely intend to point out to you and to the American people that the revolution has already taken place and the bad guys are now in charge!

Think about this when you are asked to infiltrate us, or spy on us, or place us on your watch lists. Think about this when you are asked to arrest us or manhandle us or view us as the enemy of the United States. Think of this when you examine the rights we have already lost in the growing dictatorship and the powers that this government wants to expand and control. Think of this when you are forced to take actions against your own conscience.

As loyal and patriotic Americans, we all need to correct this. We need to take back our country. The American government has to be restored to its rightful place. I ask everyone in law enforcement to consider this as they perform the duties created to protect their countrymen and women. They represent the very best values in this country, a nation under LAWS, not men. I ask all law enforcement officials to fulfill their duty with pride and purpose: protect us from those who are intent on doing us harm and those who are intent on truly overthrowing the American government.

For the sake of this nation its survival, please protect Americans against those pose a threat to our democracy and not against those who are working so hard to restore it. Think about it!

The New World Order is Our Own Government - Government in the USA is the definition of Organized Crime.(RICO = extortion of revenue from the public for criminal enterprise) - They are consolidating their hold and move so easily in their own club.

Attention Tony Snow

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Hey Tony Snow, just a few comments for you today…

The Bush administration has taken credit for increased funding on cancer research. This my friend is a lie and you off all people should know this. A lie that is propagated by George W. Bush and his official liars known as his press secretaries. Liars like you.

While it is true that funding for cancer research increased during the early part of the Bush reign they were a result of policies that were in place during the Clinton era. Your boss, George W. Bush proposed a $40 million CUT in cancer research funding for his 2007 budget alone. Add that to the extra carcinogens in our environment that have found a friend in the Bush administration and have been allowed to flourish under the protection of obliterated environmental regulations, thanks to the Bush administration, and you have a wonderful situation in which cancer can grow!

18,000 Americans die every year for the simple reason that they do not have health insurance. Hey Tony, do you know that that means? It means that the health policies under your boss’s administration are six times more dangerous to the American people every year than 9/11 was once! This is not to say past administrations were wonderful but a few of them at least tried to look as if they actually cared about the American people!

I’m sorry Tony, but while I wish you no harm and I think cancer is a terrible thing, I am having a hard time mustering up sympathy for the spokesperson of an administration that has worked so hard to make cancer death more available to the little people…you know…American citizens!   Think about it!


Bush & the Environment
Bush & Cancer Funding

If We’re Wrong Then They’re Right – If They’re Wrong Then We’re All Dead!

Monday, February 26th, 2007

In his original claim that Iraq was a potential threat to the United States, George W. Bush used a “worst case scenario” logic to convince the world that America had to take the most extreme measures available in order to eliminate this imminent danger. He failed to mention that this threat showed no signs of actually existing, had no evidence to support its existence and had taken no lives at all!

Bush’s logic was experessed as: “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”

In contrast, when it comes to Bush’s lconcerns about the “potential” threat posed by global warming, he uses a “best case” scenario.

Bush’s logic i this case is one that claims (in my words): “We need many many more smoking guns in the form of funnel clouds and other such evidence before we address thispossible threat!”

Is he that stupid, or is this guy just a fanatical Fascist who bows to one god: money? Either way how can any one in the world other than those who profite from death continue to support this man?

*Bad: The level of hypocrisy (and blatant illogic) that spews out of the mouth of George W. Bush and his like!
*Worse: The level of complicit ignorance of Bush’s hypocrisy shared by the criminal corporate media. It’s not as if these people are stupid and don’t see the level of hypocrisy; they are clearly taking part in deception.
*Worst: The level of ignorance to all this hypocrisy by Bush supporters and the general Republican base! Can these people really be as stupid as someone would need to be in order to not see what is really happening?

Why don’t these people realize that we are talking about ALL our lives and the lives of our children. Would they rather continue to support death for profit first and admit later that they may have been wrong; or would they rather be safe themselves than sorry after it is too late?

Those who would rather admit to being wrong after damage to our world is irreversible are no less a threats to humanity than those in power, and should be treated as such!
There is no justification or explanation as to why all concerned Americans should not do everything in their power to bring the abomination known as the Bush administration to an end! The future of mankind is at stake here. We have no excuse for letting the words “illogical leadership and ignorant populace” appear as the “cause of death” on the death certificate of the planet! Think about it!

How Much More Bush Can We Take?

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Today alone our newsletter reports that the Bush administration’s unilateral and bullying tactics have encouraged Russia to opt out of a Reagan era arms treaty and have prompted Russia, China and India to align themselves to counter US domination of the world. We also read about a Bush official who purchased a million dollar home with a lobbyist for a company before allowing that company to delay a pollution clean up.  And to top it off we hear that the Bush administration has told the Bloomberg administration that they will not be prosecuting gun dealers who were caught selling arms to known gun trafficking; gun traffickers who sell guns to criminals and possibly to terrorists and insurgents!

This is one day’s news! One day! How much of this criminality can we take? Elections are obviously not the answer because real citizens who would want to stop these criminals can not get elected. They can not even get coverage during a campaign! We really have to think about a more serious approach to stopping these criminals! Think about it!

Evil Oil Nations, or Evil Oil Companies?

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

I was watching a CNN piece on corn burning heating stoves (for your home.) A person being interviewed about owning one said something very interesting. Aside from the environmental and economic benefits of burning corn instead of oil the man said that he would rather have his money support American farmers than nations that do not like us very much.

I assume that this man is referring to the fact that many oil producing nations are not exactly American allies, like Iran. Well, I have a question for this man and for all of you…are those evil nations any worse to Americans than American oil companies? What have oil companies done for us lately?

I see American oil companies choking the life out of our planet, funding junk science research for the purpose lying to us so that they can continue to kill the globe for profit, emptying our wallets and making damn sure no other cleaner cheaper energy technologies emerge. Oh, I forgot…they also require us to go to war so that their supplies do not fall into the hands of world leaders who may dare to use the profits for things like public health care, education and housing. You know those evil nations like Venezuela and Iraq (when Saddam was in charge!) Think about it!

Why the Bush Administration MUST be Stopped

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Politics can be repaired. Truths can come out. Crimes can be solved and justice service. Even wars can end (although the damage can not be reversed.) But the damage being done to the environment can very possibly be a death sentence for all of us and the Bush administration is doing everything in its power to make sure the environmental damage caused by humans continues.

Eliminating life on Earth pretty much trumps all other issues. We can always refocus on politics as usual, but not if we are dead. The Bush administration’s role in the continuing damage to our environment is undeniable, indefensible, immoral and possibly the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. The potential ramifications of man made environmental damage can only be surpassed by all out nuclear war yet we treat it actions like a misdemeanor. Using political power in a way that ensures the continuation of environmental damage must be views as an attempt to murder every living being on Earth and therefore the people who are taking part in this immoral activity should be considered a threat to the national security of every nation on Earth.

May I remind the members of the criminal corporate media: you don’t have gills. You will all die with the rest of us as the waters rise. You may want to put your criminal agenda of misinforming the public aside and save your own lives by alerting people to the real issues that affect us all…including you! This is not about Al Gore, it is about our lives!

The people who are fighting to continue the environmental damage being done, and the members of the media who downplay this, hide it or misinform you on this are threats to our lives. We should treat them as attempted murderers. We should defend ourselves from these assailants with the same urgency and methods we would against a person holding a gun to our heads! They are trying to kill us and anything we do to protect ourselves is justified. Anything!

When will the people of this world stand up and defend themselves, by any means necessary, and remove what is the most dangerous administration in the history of our world and the cabal of corporate profiteers who have placed money above everything, including our lives? Think about it!

Reference: Bush & the Environment

Current Environmental News

Attention Impeachment Supporters: 9/11, 9/11, 9/11!

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

It would make so much more sense if the millions of people who have been screaming about impeaching George W. Bush finally examined the most impeachable offenses of his administration: the events of September 11th, 2001. Whether you choose to ignore the evidence by believing the official explanation of the events, or you have actually looked at the evidence and realize that the more realistic conclusion is that the Bush administration delivered those events to us, impeachment, imprisonment and possible execution are in order!

The people who have taken the time to actually contrast the official story to the official supportive evidence provided by the Bush administration already know that the official story is simply a cover-up protecting the real culprits, including the small cabal of Neocons and power brokers, who would eventually benefit financially and ideologically from the events of 9/11. But you don’t really need anything more than the official story to support impeaching Bush & company for sheer and dangerous incompetence, and for bieng a clear and obvious national security risk at that time! If you choose to ignore the evidence and simply believe the official story, the Bush administration should have been removed for its abject and total negligence. They failed miserably! They screwed up worse than any other administration in history and we let them keep their job! If your business was burglarized, would you keep the same security guards? Not a chance. Then why did we keep this administration after 9/11? They obviously were not up to the task of protecting us! That is, if you believe the official story.

Americans think that Democrats in Congress are actually doing their job by investigating the multitudes of crimes committed by this administration. We are finally hearing discussions about how we were lied into war, how a CIA operative was outted, how science has been manipulated endangering the entire world and how corruption has run rampant in Congress and the war Bush has waged in Iraq. So what? The Democrats in Congress continues to ignore the two biggest issues of our day: stolen elections and 9/11!

No matter how you look at it, the events of 9/11 should be a top priority. The events of that day should have resulted in an investigation of the Bush administration from top to bottom. And please, don’t think for a moment that the Kean Commission was either apolitical or in any way equipped to conduct an in-depth investigation of any sort. Their concern was the intelligence failures the nation was brainwashed to believe had taken place.

If you believe the official fairy tale, incompetence alone should have warranted a complete removal of an administration that could not heed warnings, could not follow existing procedures that would have allowed us to respond in a timely manner, could not capture the accused culprit or one that would schedule multiple war game exercises on the same day so as to create a cover for anyone looking to hit us on that day. We should have demanded the removal of a National Security Advisor (Condoleeza Rice) who was too inept to think of the possibility of planes being used as weapons and then was stupid enough to admit this in public. Imagine having a National Security Advisor who had never heard of Kamikaze pilots or the many drills and security measures practiced by our own nation designed to defend us of that exact scenario. Still, Rice gets out there and says that nobody could have imagined the use of planes as weapons!!! If you believed what she said then you must clearly understand how incompetent she was as a National SECURITY advisor and how incompetent a selection George W. Bush made for this vital position.

If you believe that the explanation that warnings were issued by other nations regarding the attacks were real warnings about terrorists and not warnings that insiders were about to do this, then Bush should have been fired for remaining on his extended vacation during this critical time! (Understandd that it is far more realistic that these warnings were insiders blowing the whistle on rogues operating from inside as well. If the terrorists were expert enough to pull this off, they would not have allowed themselves to be discoverd and there would have been no red flags raised by more than a dozen foreign nations.)
The most laughable argument ever made by anyone on this planet about anything in history is the argument that they are glad W.Bush was in office when the events of 9/11 took place! They say “would you rather Gore be in charge after the attacks?” The answer to that is that there would not have been attacks had someone else been in office. Gore’s supporters never wrote about needing a new Pearl Harbor and he would not have transferred the responsibility of protecting us from wayward aircraft from military men to political civilians like Donald Rumsfeld; one of the New Pearl Harbor supporters. He would not have allowed a maniac like Dick Cheney to take control of our military “exercises” to the point of rescheduling them so that they all take place on or around a single day, like 9/11/01.

It is very simple, and really either black or white: If you believe the official story then you have to admit to the incompetence and negligence of the Bush administration and you must support impeachment. And if you examine the official body of evidence, you must support criminal proceedings. Either way this administration should have been removed on September 12th 2001. But, as my grandmother used to say: better late then never. It is not too late - we must insist that a real investigation into the events of 9/11 takes place. And the investigation should be held outside of the political spectrum for we can not trust criminals to investigate themselves! Don’t let this issue die until justice is served! Think about it!

Reference: 9/11 Facts

So Where Are All Those Inventions and Cures?

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Every year since I can remember there have been news stories about the discovery or invention of revolutionary new ways to cure specific diseases or amazing new vehicles or engines that ran on clean inexpensive fuels, or improved fuel efficiency exponentially. So what has happened to all of these modern marvels? Why can we see a news report about a new way to halt cancer cell growth or about a car engine that runs on water and then we never hear about it again?

Are we to believe that none of these revolutionary inventions work on a large scale? Are we to believe that a car that gets 250 miles per gallon can not be reproduced, by any manufacturer, in any nation in the world?

Who decides what level of technology we are allowed to have or purchase? There is some force in society that does not let these wonderful advances to see the light of day. It is not the inventors or discoverers, it is not the consumer. It is the small corporate cabal that maintains virtual complete control over your life. Until we recognize this and stop this we will never truly be free.   Think about it!

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