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Israel is Killing Incubator Babies and the World Says That it is OK!

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

When Israel punishes every Palestinian person for the actions of a small percentage of Palestinian people they are being racists of the worst kind. They treat all Palestinians as if they were one person or one cooperative organization. That is racism.

Practicing collective punishment on the Palestinian people is no different than if we in the U.S. placed all African Americans in prison because there are several high crime African American communities.

Actually Israel’s actions are worse because they involve murder. Israel destroys life sustaining infrastructure. Their recent attack on Gaza destroyed an electric plant resulting in the shutting down of the water station. Gaza is without electricity and without water. No electricity means hospitals can no longer help people. This, my friends, is called murder. It means any life sustaining medical equipment in the community can not run. This too, my friends, is called murder. It means people who need this life saving infrastructure die. It means babies in incubators die. Remember when the Bush I administration lied to the world about Iraqis killing Kuwaiti babies by removing them fro their incubators? The world was outraged even though the Bush administration was lying about this and the world went to war with Iraq! This was the deciding factor for the U.S. Senate. But When Israel kills babies in incubators the world says that it is OK!

Say what you want, call me what you like, but I object to the murder of innocent people. I know many people refuse to believe that there are any innocent Arabs on this planet but I defy you to show me a baby or small child that is evil. I object to baby killing.

So where are all our pro-life people who seem to object to killing unborn babies but see no problem with killing them once they are born? Where are all the Christian pro-lifers who seem to loose their voice when real live babies are threatened? Tell me…who is printing all the free passes for Israel? Think about it!

I, Too, Would Become a Suicide Bomber!

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

I am quite horrified with the world these days. I am disgusted with my fellow ignorant Americans who believe that persecuting homosexuals and blindly trusting their government are more important than protecting the planet and our wonderful Constitution. I am disgusted at the fact that these people base such important decisions on tiny little incomplete bits of information delivered to them personally by the most biased sources imaginable.

I am most horrified and outraged at the vile bigotry, hatred and horrors brought to the people of this world in the name of religion! In my opinion no act that brings about sadness, physical harm or punishment of others who have not hurt anyone, should ever be conducted in the name of religion, period!

I often ask myself why I should continue to live in a world full of people who are working to end life on Earth and people who are too preoccupied to care about those life enders. It is clear to me that I continue my quest to make this world a better place simply because I have a few people in my life that make my efforts worth the while.

Now I imagine myself in a situation where some of my few loved ones were killed. Killed perhaps by a U.S. Marine who “accidentally”  blows up my parents home because there were reports of a person living next door to them who looked like a terrorist or l should say he looked a person who our government, without any legitimate justification, classified as a terrorist.

I also imagine my loved ones being murdered by an Israeli soldier in Israel because they were peace activists working to prevent Israeli soldiers from using U.S. made bulldozers to destroy the himes of innocent people as they practice the international crime against humanity known as collective punishment. Or maybe they were simply trying to prevent the Israeli soldiers from practicing one of their other crimes against humanity like destroying the food supply of a civilian population by dozing olive trees or destroying water wells.

All I can tell you is this. If any of these imaginary things ever happened to me I can imagine that I might go on a rampage the likes the world has never seen from a single individual human being. I can not imagine anything that would be too outrageous for me to do after watching powerful weapon toting government operated street gangs destroy the good people in my life. I would be as angry at the people who ignored these atrocities as I would be at the people who conducted them.

I can imagine that is why Americans can never again in our lifetime feel safe. The U.S. invasion of Iraq has created a generation of rage the likes that I have described above. The George W. Bush administration has created a generation of rage that Americans will have to pay for. Then again Americans will have to pay for everything this administration has done from invading Iraq to reducing environmental protections - and boy oh boy they have no idea the price they will be paying! Think about it!

YOU ARE FREE…To Do What I Tell You To Do!

Friday, April 7th, 2006

Ah, democracy! Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it nice that the Palestinian people got to vote for their own leaders in a democratic process that is touted by Americans as the end-all, be-all wonder of a free society? Isn’t it nice how America, the UK and the rest of the world respect democracies where people choose their own leaders, as long as they choose the leaders that they want them to choose?

Isn’t it nice when big powerful nations punish the people of other nations because they did not choose, of their own free will, the exact leaders that the US, Israel or the UK told them to choose?

I really like making my own choices in life; but the closer I look the more I realize that the selection is fixed. From computer operating systems (thank you Microsoft…now I get to choose from a variety of bug ridden operating systems with a variety of security flaws), to the Skull and Bones presidential candidates who must be approved by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission before they are allowed to win a primary, to the nice selection of organic genetically modified corn at my local farmers’ market, it is quite clear that we are not exactly free to choose many thing on our own at all. We can’t choose what power sources should be used to run cars or power out homes; we can’t choose to use a credit card that won’t eventually be purchased by Chase, and we can’t even choose what company we will over pay for cable TV service; they tell us who our provider is!

Interestingly enough “freedom of choice” is a concept that is the focus of people, like me, who believe that having an abortion should be the sole decision of pregnant women. But I wonder, with all this talk about freedom of choice when it comes to reproductive rights, has anyone really thought about exactly how free we actually are to make any choices for ourselves at all? Think about it!

TVNL Radio Challenges the Freepers!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

LIVE, Tuesday February 28th - 12:00 Noon ET (GMT-5) - Listen live or download the archive on the Monks Media Radio Network! Call in live: 317-776-4130
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Today I am issuing a direct challenge to Bush supporters. I challenge them on the facts. I challenge them on the issues. I challenge them to prove that the have even the slightest bit of information about the people in the Bush administration, their philosophies, their histories and their conduct.

I will be reading the posts found on the website. I will be reading and critiquing the responses to the posts. I will offer the members of that website a chance to debate me on the issues as I expose their lack of knowledge and their lemming mentality. I will show you how these people thrive on mutual group political masturbation. I will show you how these people have given up on the notion of thinking for themselves.

Are you up for the challenge? I hope they are! Think about it!

Deny Anything, Like Evolution or 9/11 Bushco Complicity; But You Can’t Deny the Holocaust!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

So if you deny the Holocaust you go to jail but if you deny billions of years of evolution it becomes required teaching in American schools. First off I want to make it clear that I am in no way shape or form denying the Holocaust! I am however pointing out the mind blowing hypocrisy here.

Someone tell me why we can deny any other historical event, including history itself. We can declare historical events without having any proof that they happened or existed (like the entire bible and the existence of God). But if you dare question the events that took place during World War II you go to jail! Something is very disturbing about this. Why is one form of outrageous claim permitted and the other punishable by imprisonment?

At least we have the means to prove that the Holocaust took place. If someone does not believe it then show him/her the proof. If they still don’t believe it then we should treat that person the same way that we treat people who see proof of stolen elections, government complicity in 9/11, evolution, secret societies, Satanist cabals, etc., yet they don’t believe that proof. Why are Holocaust deniers the only people who have to believe the proof that is presented to them? Who set this special standard and why? Who are the people who decide which segments of the historical record must be accepted by the public? If the answers are so clear why would someone who denies the Holocaust be such a threat to society that they have be imprisoned? Who would be so concerned about these deniers? I don’t get it. What am I missing here?

If someone does not believe that you have a penny in your pocket, show him the penny. Problem solved. Don’t arrest him for claiming that you don’t have a penny. If it is OK for people to declare as truth that some penny fairy placed the penny in my pocket it should be OK for someone to claim that I don’t have the penny. It is easier for me to educate the person who thinks I do not have the penny than it is for me to demand proof that a fairy gave me my penny. Can you say “hypocrisy?” Even better can you say “insanity?” Think about it!

I will be discussing this live on my radio program - noon ET (GMT-5), 21-Feb-2006 …call in:

The Mysterious P Word: PNAC

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Missing from all the Libby talk is the P word; PNAC or Project for a New American Century. This organization is so powerful and so influential that it has managed to frighten every single member of the media into pretending that it does not exist. It has become the Area 51 of politics where the media and all officials of out government do not acknowledge its existence.

Why is everyone so scared to mention this organization? The members of this organization run our foreign policy and control George W. Bush virtually the same way that Ed Harris’ character controlled Jim Carey’s character in the movie ”The Truman Show!” They control and manipulate Bush’s reality to ensure that he makes the decisions and forms the opinions that they want him to make. Their members dominate the senior positions in the White House and their chairman mocks the public by presenting himself as a journalist without ever letting people know is involvement with the Bush/PNAC administration.

It appears that it is now more taboo to mention PNAC than it is to criticize Israel (or report on their atrocities.) Why is this organization, which has hijacked out nation, kept out view by our media? A more important question to ask however is why they are never discussed. Maybe 9/11 has something to do with that!

Israel’s Protector - The US Media

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

All through the decades the US news media turned a blind eye to the land grabs and property seizures committed by the Israelis against the Palestinians. For the first time in ever the Israelis decided to do the right thing and remove their illegal (criminal) settlers from Gaza and the US news media dropped everything to make sure every living human being saw this. The US media praised Israel for their actions. Personally I do not believe that someone deserves public accolades for simply halting their atrocities. Should we thank muggers each time they pass us without robbing us? Let’s face it, Israel deserves credit, but let’s not get distracted from the real picture here.

About 1 day after Israel does something that they should have done decades ago (which may have prevented an inordinate amount of bloodshed), they are committing more crimes against humanity in the West Bank. They are increasing their presence in the West Bank. Where is the media coverage? Maybe they can take 10 seconds away from their search for Doc Gooden to cover the real news in the Mid East and maybe once in a while they can explain the historical perspective in regards to the Israel-Palestine situation. Think about it!

A Study in Hypocrisy

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

: I would like you all to imagine what TV news coverage would be like had there been a situation where Arab settlers were being evicted from land that they illegally occupied in Israel. I would also like you to try to imagine rhetoric coming from the media had Americans been asked to finance their relocation. I am making no assertions here but I want you all to think hard and deep what the coverage would be like, what the rhetoric would be like and what your attitude would be had the situation been reversed. Personally I think it would make a great study in hypocrisy.

Why Israel?

Friday, June 10th, 2005

I can think of no greater mystery in all of American politics that the reasons behind the blind support the US gives to Israel.

There is an old joke about why Israel will never become the 51st state of the United States…it is because that would mean that they only have 2 Senators!

Time and time again I have watched politicians publicly declare their support for Israel. Politicians who will never ever make a decision that affects Israel still feel the need to pledge their allegiance publicly. Local assembly people, mayors, dog catchers…every American politician must declare their support for Israel or else they risk losing their office.

Why? In my entire 41 plus years on this planet I have never heard one damn reason why we have to pledge blind and unconditional support to Israel. Not once. Not from a politician and not from a pundit. The reasons for our support are as deep a secret to the public as are the agendas of secret societies, the global power broker group know as the Bilderberg Group and the goals of our Project for a New American Century (PNAC) government.

Somebody tell me what Israel has done for the US during my 41 years? During my 41 years I have watched Israeli persecution of the people who lived on Palestinian soil prior to the creation of the Jewish state. I have watched dozens of UN Security council violations ignored while others were voided by sole American vetoes. I have watched billions of American tax dollars head over to Israel while I had to walk by homeless New Yorkers on a daily basis. Yet in all my life I have never witnessed a single event that made me feel that our friendship with Israel benefited my own nation.

This is a truly one way relationship yet I am not sure which way it actually goes. I am not sure if the US is controlled by Israel or if Israel is an arm of the US. One of these two scenarios has to apply for nothing else makes sense. Then again maybe, as with many governmental issues there are things we do not know.

There is a great deal of speculation out there, and there has been a great deal of research done on this topic. We can end the speculation if a single American politician would come forward and deliver, along with his or her pledge of allegiance to Israel, a clear and valid reason to support a nation that under present circumstances clearly does not deserve our support.

Somebody…please explain this to me!
Jesse - Editor,

Context: Anti-Semitism office planned at State Department - LINK - President Bush plans to sign a bill passed by both houses of Congress that would establish a State Department office to monitor anti-Semitism around the world, despite the department´s strong objection, administration officials said yesterday.

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JESSE’S COMMENT: Why would someone have to defend himself for saying such a fair statement?

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JESSE’S COMMENT: You never hear in the American media about the Israelis and Jews who object to the actions of the Israeli government.

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