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My Letter to Circuit City

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

I just wanted to pass this along to your management…

Regarding your decision to fire 3400 employees and rehire cheaper workers…that decision has cost you one customer.

I will never shop at your store again no matter how good the prices are. I will also encourage other so shop elsewhere. I have a website that receives hundreds of thousands of readers each month and I will be encouraging them to shop elsewhere too.

There is a difference between profit and greed and your company proves that.

Think about it.
Jesse Richard  - Editor,

Chavez’s Communism Vs. Bush’s Fascism

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

CNN is focusing on the actions of Hugo Chavez asking if he is paving the way towards communism. You communism; it’s one of those things that we are taught is bad yet we are never taught what it really is and why it is bad. You know…like liberalism.

Well CNN is framing the argument this way; they are saying that Chavez is like a modern day Robin Hood, taking land from the rich and providing land for the poor. Well let me ask Wolf Blitzer and company this…why didn’t you to a piece on the new eminent domain laws that permit rich people to take land away from poorer people and why didn’t you ask if that was paving the way towards fascism? Why didn’t you do an in depth report on capitalism and the wonderful things it has done for the people of the world. Oh, maybe it is because the overwhelming majority of people around the world have been victimized or expoited by capitalism while only about 5% of the population really truly benefits from it.

Capitalism is like the game of Monopoly; wealth consolidates until everyone looses except for the one who ends up with everything! If that’s the alternative to communism…count me in. Don’t get me wrong, I think capitalism is a good thing. Regulated capitalism is a good thing that is; unregulated capitalism is fascism and that’s what George W. Bush means by freedom, free trade and open markets. It means freedom from regulation for people with money to use that money to take your money away! Well Wolf & CNN; when is that report going to air? Think about it!

Reference: Free on-line documentaries on capitalism.

Dear Lou Dobbs, Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

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It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. “ Henry Ford

May I suggest that everyone who reads this message send a letter to Lou Dobbs, Mr. American Middle Class Champion, and ask him to explain exactly who owns the Federal Reserve and why we allow the Federal Reserve to continue to control our entire economy. Then ask him why he, and everyone else in the media, have refused to explain this to the American people.

As Lou says every day: It’s time for answers!
Write to Lou Dobbs here:

The real answer to this question is that the Federal Reserve is like a big Mafia loan shark. It owns our nation in the same way a loan shark owns his “clients”! There is absolutely no difference between the two.

No matter what the situation, whenever there is news related to the Federal Reserve a big, loud, coordinated, conspiratorial lie of omission is committed by every single news outlet in our nation. What is this lie? it is keeping up the false impression that the Federal Reserve is part of our government! The Fed is a private, for profit bank, that controls our government and economy. They control the money supply, inflation, depression, recessions, etc. They are not accountable to Congress, the executive branch or anyone in government.

The revolutionary war was started primarily to get away from a similar situation in England where the Bank of England held the same control over their nation. Revolutionaries realized this and they put an end to it. Unfortunately some traitors in the Senate reversed our true liberation and now we have a private bank controlling our personal financial status.

Let me ask you a simple question: what country in its right mind would create a system that would force it to lend itself money and have to repay the money WITH INTEREST? What country would charge itself interest? What nation would put itself out of business by making it bankrupt because of interest? The answer is none! America is not charging itself interest on its debt, the privately owned central bankers are doing this and they are hiding in plain sight! Congress (with the exception of Ron Paul), every US president and every single member of the corporate media are either part of the conspiracy or just plain stupid!

Two presidents tried to stop this outrage and they were both assassinated. Lincoln was set to bypass the central banks in order to finance the Civil War. The banks were going to charge him 24-36% interest on the loans. So Lincoln had Congress pass a law authorizing the printing of full legal tender. These “treasury notes”  would be used to finance the war. Lincoln wrote: “… (we) gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had - their own paper money to pay their own debts…” Now go and research the person who supposedly killed Lincoln and how he relates to bankers.

After Lincoln was assassinated Congress revoked the Greenback Law and enacted the National Banking Act. The national banks were to be privately owned and the national bank notes they issued were to be interest-bearing. The Act also provided that the Greenbacks should be retired from circulation as soon as they came back to the Treasury in payment of taxes.

John F. Kennedy was the next brave man to take on the Federal Reserve. On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy signed a Presidential Executive Order 11110. This order virtually stripped the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Government at interest. Kennedy declared the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. This order gave the Treasury Department the authority to issue silver certificates against any silver in the treasury. This executive order still stands today. No president since has had the courage to invoke it for it would mean their demise. The US government is a front for the real controllers: the central bankers.

Debt keeps the central banks in control of the world. Nations that eliminate their debt end up on the hit list. When you see nations “liberated” by the US or its allies what normally follows is a central bank extending loans to these liberated nations. The World Bank always comes to the rescue. What a joke - this is like having a loan shark come to the rescue of someone who needs food money for his kids!

War is the single biggest money making business for the central bankers. Nations go into tremendous debt to finance war. Interestingly enough, but in no way surprising to those of us who know better, the architects of both Vietnam and the Iraq invasion both went on to become the head of the World Bank; Robert McNamara and Paul Wolfowitz. It is the central banks that push the world towards military conflict.

Look at your paper money: the bills say “Federal Reserve Note”!  This is not an American currency backed by an asset. It is fiat currency backed by nothing.

The Federal Reserve is a private bank that owns the sole right to dictate monetary policy for our nation. This is the biggest scam and conspiracy on our planet and we must make this part of our daily discussion. Ask questions, and DEMAND answers!

Please start by writing to Lou Dobbs!

Think about it!




Money As Debt

UPDATE: Some people have commented that the president of the United States appoints the head of the Federal Reserve and that is proof that the Fed is indeed part of the government. Well people, the president does present his selection to Congress for approval…but that selection comes from a list of candidates given to him by the Federal Reserve!!! It’s a show, people!

Kids…this is not a joke. It is also not a secret. It is public record…not a theory. The Fed is a private for profit bank that does not answer to Congress or the President and it is unconstitutional. It is another responsibility given to Congress by our Constitution that has been ignored or illegally assigned elsewhere by Congress; just as the power to declare war has been signed over to George W. Bush. Look it up…take a minute…this is a huge issue and one that should not be dismissed so quickly because you just became aware of it by reading a blog. Go do some homework. I did…now help me take back our nation! I am fighting for YOU! The least you can do is check your facts before you dismiss what I have written.

Evil Oil Nations, or Evil Oil Companies?

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

I was watching a CNN piece on corn burning heating stoves (for your home.) A person being interviewed about owning one said something very interesting. Aside from the environmental and economic benefits of burning corn instead of oil the man said that he would rather have his money support American farmers than nations that do not like us very much.

I assume that this man is referring to the fact that many oil producing nations are not exactly American allies, like Iran. Well, I have a question for this man and for all of you…are those evil nations any worse to Americans than American oil companies? What have oil companies done for us lately?

I see American oil companies choking the life out of our planet, funding junk science research for the purpose lying to us so that they can continue to kill the globe for profit, emptying our wallets and making damn sure no other cleaner cheaper energy technologies emerge. Oh, I forgot…they also require us to go to war so that their supplies do not fall into the hands of world leaders who may dare to use the profits for things like public health care, education and housing. You know those evil nations like Venezuela and Iraq (when Saddam was in charge!) Think about it!

Don’t Let Iraq Distract You

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

While every bit of our attention is being devoted to discussions about Iraq don’t take your eyes off of what else is taking place. The Bush administration is speedily moving to eliminate the sovereignty of the United States of America! Our individual financial rights and protections are being eliminated and more power is being granted to the financial institutions that control our society, including the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Decisions are being made about our food chain, the balance of nature and the very future of life on Earth. So while Iraq is a vital issue, don’t let it distract you from other vital issues.  Think about it!

How Long Do We Continue the Farce of George W. Inspector Clouseau Bush?

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Is there even a single person reading this who feels intellectually inferior to George W. Bush?

From the moment George W. Bush seized office after the electoral coup of 2000, his puppet masters, you know, the ones who spent the prior two years teaching him the difference between a country and a continent, did everything in their power to make him look like a real president. They even went as far as to reverse the 1986 the Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act that added a new level of commander-in-chief to our military ranking system. These regional commanders-in-chief were created to bring a local supreme commander directly to a military conflict. The most well-known commander in chief was the head of CENTCOM during the first invasion of Iraq, Norman Schwarzkopf. In order to make the once AWOL from military duty George W. Bush look more presidential Donald Rumsfeld decided to reserve that special important sounding title for the little boy who was “in charge” of every single decision on Earth, George W. Bush, the sage leader of the free world! The same sage leader who could not find China on a map (of China!)

Reference: On October 24, 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced that the title of “Commander-in-Chief” would thereafter be reserved for the President, consistent with the terms of Article II of the United States Constitution. Armed forces CINCs in specified regions would thereafter be known as “combatant commanders,” heading the Unified Combatant Commands.

Could you imagine someone taking Schwarzkopf’s title from him for no other reason that to make George W. Ignoramus Bush stand out from the other big kids in the playground! Could you imagine Clinton getting away with this? Well you ditto heads…what would you say if Clinton had done that? While your at it ask yourself what you would have said if Clinton was “in charge”, and on vacation, again, when the alleged 9/11 warnings were pouring in? Maybe then you would actually do your duty as an American citizen and start looking at the 9/11 related evidence and you would all of a sudden understand that 9/11 could indeed possibly be an inside job and it is not blaspheme to explore the evidence!

So who actually came up with this initiative? Rumsfeld? Wasn’t he busy with real work? What was the point? There is only one reason to do something like this; insecurity. How childish. Then again we are talking about a child. An intellectual child. George W. Bush; the American president who can’t complete a sentence. The embarrassment of a human being who if not for his fortunate blood line may have problems meeting the qualifications to secure a job handing out free passes to strip joints on a New York City street corner.

We are living in the most surreal period in human history. Having George W. Bush continue in his illegally assumed role as a US president has got to be the closest thing to having the Peter Sellers character, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (from the Pink Panther movies) actually come to life and get promoted to Chief Inspector! Did you ever see the Pink Panther movies? Do you remember how the intelligent people around Clouseau behaved? Could you sense their bewilderment at how such a buffoon could become a police officer, let alone rise to the rank of Chief Inspector, as did the Sellers character eventually? Don’t you feel like those people? Is there even a single person reading this who feels that they are intellectually inferior to George W. Bush? Is there anyone who can read who is intellectually inferior to George W. Bush?

Well my friends, this is not a funny movie. Our planet, democracy, freedom, health, welfare and way of life hinge on decisions being made by this real life Clouseau! How long are we going to play along? How much irreversible harm can we take before we say enough is enough? This stopped being funny the moment it started. Now it is becoming progressively deadly!

We are told by the people who sell this surrealistic existence to us as the real deal, the US criminal corporate media, that George W. Bush is actually the person who is making decisions about things like war. We are told that this jackass is the actual person who has reserved the right for our government to read our personal mail and declare us to be an enemy of the United States, based on his sole judgment! Our freedom hinges on that imbecile’s judgment! How are we sitting still for all of this? I have to hand it to the media because if they were any less diligent in hiding reality from the American people we would have had a revolution and tossed out every single human being that is participating in this farce! And we would have hanged every member of the media, a la Saddam, because they deserve it for allowing this to go on!

Holy cow, what world am I living in? Am I really awake? Am I on a bad acid trip? Am I in the middle of the longest nightmare in human history? Who is going to believe this crazy dream I am having! Somebody please wake me up! For Pete’s sake, somebody please wake me up! Think about it!

Don’t Confuse “Brutal” With “Evil!” Saddam Was Not Evil. The U.S. Is.

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

I am getting tired of hearing this phrase: “granted, Saddam was evil.” This phrase is used mostly by people who fold to the argument that “taking Saddam out” was a good thing but the way it was done was not. Well let me clear something up right now…there is a big difference between being evil and using brutal inhumane tactics against one’s enemies. Saddam was a brutal leader and he had no limits as to how he dealt with those who tried to harm him or his people. Yes, Saddam protected his people. The problem is that many of the people living in Iraq were not his people and the feeling was mutual.

The people whom Saddam brutalized were those whom he felt threatened him. This is EXACTLY what the Bush administration is doing. The only difference is that the Bush administration came up with a title for those who they want to brutalize: enemy combatants. Saddam did not randomly pick people off the street in order to hurt them for fun; he was keeping dissidents in line. That is exactly what the Bush administration has done.

Evil is when the richest most powerful nation in the world allows or supports atrocities around the world because trying to help is “not in their interest” (code speak for “there is no money in it!”)

Evil is when the richest most powerful people in the world endanger the health and future of humans, animal life and plant life because not doing so may interfere with profit margins.

Evil is not treating ill people with every single available resource because they can not afford to pay you enough.

Evil is creating and using all means to end life in war while making it illegal to mercifully end life for those who suffer terribly from terminal illness (how does one justify the deaths of innocent people in “collateral damage” and oppose euthanasia?).

Evil is when a journalist looks you in the face and knowingly omits information from a news report so that you don’t know what the truth is.

Evil is earning multi million dollar bonuses while you are laying off employees.

Evil is claiming to “support the troops” while supporting the very people who allow veterans to become homeless and destitute.

Evil is lying to people by telling them that you are supporting and protecting “democracy” when in fact you are clearly destroying democracy to protect unregulated “capitalism”, where just like in the game of Monopoly everyone loses except the sole owner of everything.

Evil is greed, corporations are greed personified and the United States stands for nothing but corporate greed; so do the math…the United States is an evil nation led by evil people with evil greed running through their veins.

Evil is the U.S. news media, most U.S. politicians and just about every CEO on earth who on this third day of 2007 has already made more money than many of his employees will make for the rest of the year.

Evil is men with money and power who value nothing else but money and power and will to anything to anyone to satisfy their addiction to money and power.

Beware the Fake Media Watchdog

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

This is an open letter from the editor of to Rory O’Connor in response to his interview with the CBS News Chief Sean McManus. The interview can be read here:


I hope you remember me. I am the editor of We met at one of Danny Schecter’s C-SPAN interviews and then again at his office in NY. We had discussed possible collaborations at the time.

I just read your interview with the CBS news chief and I have one thing to say…I am stunned. I am absolutely stunned that you had face time with this person and those are the questions you chose to ask.

America has never been led down a more dangerous path by our news media. The levels of deception and information omission by our corporate news media have never been greater while the level of distraction, (i.e. Laci Peterson and missing hikers) has never been more prevalent and you use this valuable opportunity to confront one of the criminals in chief to ask questions as if you were a high school kid doing his first interview with your principal. After 2 paragraphs I was expecting you to ask him about his favorite color.

Opportunities Passed (I would have said missed but by all appearances you did not miss anything…you knew exactly what you were doing…and not doing):

You could have asked him why six years into a PNAC driven global war on terror, war on civil rights and war on the US Constitution no mention of PNAC has been made on CBS, not even on 60 Minutes.

You could have asked him why CBS News broadcasts have not informed the public about the fact that 7 of the so called 9/11 hijackers are still alive or about the hundreds of other contradictions between the official story of 9/11 and the official body of evidence.

You could have asked him if he thought PNAC’s published desire for a “new Pearl Harbor” represents a reasonable and valid concern about who had motives while also having the means and opportunity to conduct the attacks of 9/11 and if he thought it was too far fetched to think that it is just coincidence that the US would have our first new Pearl Harbor in sixty years when men who wrote about the the benefits of having one just happen to be in positions to prevent, permit or conduct the events of 9/11, our new Pearl Harbor!

You could have asked him why CBS has not highlighted the ten thousand six hundred scientists, scientific researchers and Nobel laureates who signed a petition condemning the the Bush administration for political interference; thus endangering our health and life on Earth.

You could have asked him why the entire news media and political apparatus of our nation are incestuously intertwined with secretive organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations.

You could have asked him why there has never been a single news report informing the public that the Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the government and is a private, for profit corporation that appears to completely control our monetary policy, recessions, inflations and economic collapses while it answers to no US government body including Congress or the executive branch.

Instead you chose to ask questions like: “Is it true you are the living reincarnation of Roone Arledge?”, “You’ll make more money this year?” and “Are you looking at new potential revenue sources?”

Need I say more?

Rory, I could go on and on but you get the point. I met you several times and I thought you were one of us: members of the reality based world who care about our nation and global community. Your close ties with one of the people I respected most, Danny Schecter, served as stamp of approval for you in my book.

By virtue of your close ties with Danny, after reading your interview I also question Danny’s legitimacy as a media watchdog. I also don’t know with whom I should be more angry, the head of CBS News who, because of his position as a leader of a corporate news entity, is an enemy of all American citizens, or with you; a person who had the chance to confront the enemy and instead played along with him and helped to legitimize him.

A very stunned and disappointed - make that angry,
Jesse Richard - Editor,

Right Wing Americans are Getting What They Deserve

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

If there has ever been a case where people have lost the right to complain it is now. The blind faith and catatonic loyalty given to George W. Bush by what has to be the most uninformed political base in human history serves as justification for those of us in the “we told you so” crowd to tell them to shut up and take it like a man. As the average American drowns in the wake of the Bush tsunami I don’t want to hear so much as a peep from the millions who ridiculed the “intellectuals” who tried to warn them about this intellectually inert puppet and his fascist handlers.

As American soldiers and innocent Iraqis die by the hundreds each day, as the true costs of the Bush tax cuts and Medicare overhaul come destroy one family after another, as each child dies from asthma due to relaxed environmental laws, when an accident at a germ warfare facility wipes out a city, when our coastal cities end up under water because we ignored and exacerbated global warming, as new cancers and horrors arise because our food supply has been genetically modified without our permission and when we have to go to war with other nations because the global food chain broke and our seas no longer provide oxygen to breath and there is not enough food and air to support life on earth because our god damn president does not believe in science, every Fox News watching, Limbaugh listening, Hannitized, flag wearing, gay hating right wing Constitution bashing false patriot Bush supporter better shut up and take it because they made it happen! Bush supporters have nobody to blame but themselves and guess what, the rest of us should blame them too.

All I can say is that this is what you get for believing even for a moment what the US corporate media wants you to believe. The rest of us Bush haters are Bush haters for one reason and one reason only; we pay attention! So to my new former Bush supporting friends who seem to be suddenly surrounding me and telling me that I have been right all along: you can tell me I was right but after that shut the hell up because it is too late for forgiveness. From now on, just shut up and listen. Think about it!

Systemic Systematic Greed

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Why are there annual cost of living increases? Why do people who profit from business or salary need to increase their profits every single year? Why are annual rent increases the norm? When is enough enough?

The reality of our world is that greed has become an accepted and dare I say expected personality trait in today’s world. Well I think this shows how human beings, mostly rich capitalist human beings have fooled themselves into thinking that they actually have values that are worthy of anything other than shame. We live in a nation that accepts rent increases and consumer price increases for no other reason than to satisfy the greedy people who can never seem to feel wealthy enough yet we refuse to extend the same cost of living increase consideration to the many people who earn the minimum wage.

We raise the cost of just about everything every single year and by not raising the minimum wage we are making the poorest people of this nation poorer; intentionally. There is not a single economist who will tell you that this model is fair to all. This model is designed to make the very rich much richer and redistribute wealth from the bottom to the top. It is a trickle up model.

Until the words “homeless” can not be used in the same sentence with words like “person” or “veteran” I don’t want to hear what the economists who have been controlling our economy have to say; especially those economists who have taken over our nation at the private for profit criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve.  If you really want to measure your character as a caring compassionate person who is sharing a world with others simply think about what it would take before you feel that you have “enough.”    Think about it!

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