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Democrats Win, America Loses?

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Before you jump to conclusions let me clarify the title of this editorial; in no way am I inferring that a Republican win would have been a good thing. As a matter of fact it is difficult to even find a Republican these days; it seems that they have been replaced by fascists while retaining the name of the party.

I am about to find out if my two biggest fears will come to fruition.
My first fear is that the Democrats of this nation conclude that our problems are now going to be solved simply because some politicians who call themselves Democrats took over. I fear they will become content and they will stop their activism and efforts to keep themselves informed (despite the relentless efforts of the criminal corporate media to misinform the public) about what really takes place in our government and in our world. They will do what the Republicans just did; they will allow their leaders to break every principle of their own party and they will support them because they have the correct party label on their name plate.

My second fear is that the Democrats were allowed to take control of Congress as a ploy by the people who really control elections in this nation, and I don’t mean you. This ploy would be to allow the Democrats to take over for a year or two. During this time the people who really control our government will do what they did in 2001 and we will see another 9/11. Be it a “LIHOP” (let it happen on purpose) or a “MIHOP” (make it happen on purpose) event, I believe something far more horrendous than 9/11 will take place while the Democrats are in control of Congress just so the people on the other side can say “I told you so! Democrats can not keep us safe!” This will pretty much put a nail in the coffin of anyone who is really a Democrat and it will surely lead to the complete demise of democracy & civil liberties. It can be the final step in creating a one world government with a tyrannical rule and most good Americans will not even understand this.

Now I want you to take a closer look at this Democratic Congressional victory. Take a look at the faces of the winning candidates. Do you recognize any of these faces from you local 9/11 truth conference? Do you see any of these faces during your commute to work on public transportation? Did you see any former Enron employees (not the criminals, but the employees who had their pensions stolen by George W. Bush’s friends) getting elected? Did you see any former U.S. auto workers who recently lost their jobs getting elected? Did you see any former computer programmers who lost a job to international outsourcing getting elected? Did you see any displaced individuals who had to relocate because of they were forced to sell their home due to the new eminent domain laws? The answer to these questions is “no!”

Sure, Democrats all over are going to think the problems in this nation have been solved because there is a new blue blip on the map. Nonsense. What took place last night was a change in management from one department of the establishment to the other. With very few exceptions real citizens who are truly interested in reform, democracy and exposing and eliminating the power brokers who maintain a strangle hold on our government have been once again kept out of government. “We the people” are still being ruled by “they, they establishment!”

Sure real regular citizens may have slipped into a few seats yesterday but I bet you if you asked them what or who PNAC is and what their connection to the events of 9/11 are they will draw a blank. Likewise I bet you that if you ask them if they know that 7 of the alleged 9/11 hijackers are still alive, or if they know that there were war games taking place on 9/11 or anything at all about building 7 they will look at you as if you were speaking another language.

Ask any one of these newly elected officials if the Federal Reserve is a legitimate part of our government or if it is an independent private for profit bank that gives secret private individuals complete control over our monetary system, and in essence our economy and they will look at you the same way a puppy would look at you during a conversation about physics.

Ask any member of this new crop of lawmakers if they are going to protect the Constitution and reverse the anti-Constitutional Patriot Act or are they going to continue to support the assault on the liberties of their constituents. The Patriot Act is here to stay; Republican or Democrat Congress aside.

Ask these new lawmakers if they are going to completely abolish private corporate oversight and implementation of U.S. elections or if they are going to continue to allow secret corporate control of our democratic process. The corporations will maintain control, period, end of story and end of democracy.

You see most of the people who were on our side during this election were not allowed equal exposure (thanks to Ronald Reagan), not financed by the establishment or in many cases not acknowledged in any way shape or form other than a listing on the ballot. The candidates who would have really made a difference in the way our government works, like Jim Bowman, Carol Brouillet.or Clint Curtis to name a few, stood no chance in this or any other election. These are the people who would have stood up every day repeating the vital issues, the real vital issues, until this nation was forced to take notice. They would have fought for truth and justice with the same relentless dedication that has driven the 9/11 truth movement to fight for real answers about what took place that day.

What this nation needed, what the Democratic party needed was activists, not politicians. The Democratic party is, as is the Republican party, a part of the establishment that needs to be reformed. If a few real citizens were elected while wearing the Democratic party tag that would have been a good thing; but it sure looks like this nation simply got an oil change last night. We went from synthetic oil to crude oil. What we needed was not an oil change, we needed a transfusion. We needed life blood and we got an oil change.

I hope I am wrong in every way but is sure is hard to see where I am wrong. Time will tell however and I would like nothing more in life than to one day say “holy cow, I was off the mark!” Unfortunately my observations seem to be right on the mark. I only hope we don’t need to spill any real blood in the process of giving our democracy the transfusion it desperately needs to survive. Think about it!


Voting in the absence of Choice - Too many Americans harbor the illusion that we live in a democracy simply because we have the right to vote. But let us be clear about something: voting matters only where real choices are allowed. It is universally understood that special interest money runs the American political system and thus defines what the choices will be. So we are left to choose between candidates who are financed by special interest money, which any fool can see, is no choice at all.

Election Could Have Been Thrown, Says Fraud Expert - Voting rights activist Bev Harris fears the mid-term elections may have been thrown in order to quell suspicions about vote fraud in anticipation of a major 2008 coup.

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss - Will Democrats repeal and impeach or salute and follow? Mobbed-up establishment sycophant Nancy Pelosi is nobody’s savior, as sacrificial lamb Rumsfeld steps down

The War in Iraq IS the ECONOMY, Stupid!

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Is everybody in this nation an idiot? What will it take to detoxify us from the mindset created by the criminal U.S. news media? They keep telling us things that sound reasonable until we spend about eight seconds thinking about what they tell us. That is why I tell my readers to “think about it”  every single day!

We are now being told that the voters of this nation (who will not have their votes counted because we are living under a coup brought to you via electronic voting, etc), consider the war in Iraq (which should more accurately be called the invasion of Iraq), a more important issue than the economy in their evaluation of candidates this vote stealing season. (Yes, I said vote stealing; we have not had a legitimate election this century!…Think about THAT!)

Well, the reality is that the Iraq war is perhaps the biggest economical issue that our nation faces and every single American other than the Bush/Cheney cabal of war and energy profiteers are suffering the financial effects of the invasion of Iraq! For every dollar that is spent on destroying Israel’s enemy for them a dollar is taken from a program that would benefit Americans. From health care, to food for the poor, to fire fighting, to school teachers, to roads, to pollution, to researching new sustainable clean energy sources to anything and everything that would make our lives better the financial costs of invading Iraq have had dramatically negative effects.

Then there are the costs associated with rebuilding our depleted military. That’s great for the war profiteers who started this thing; you know: the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice/PNAC cabal. What about the costs of taking care of the Iraq war vets and helping those who suffer permanent injuries or mental trauma. Oops, I am sorry, you can forget that one! America does not take care of their vets. Especially Americans who start wars. As a matter of fact they CUT funding for taking care of vets, so please forgive me for mentioning that one!

While you support the record profits of Exxon Mobile and Chase Bank (as they increase fees for everything except saying the word “Chase”; and that fee may not be far off thanks to the criminal syndicate known as the U.S. Congress), your tax dollars are being used on everything, except you! The Iraq invasion was the most costly crime committed so far by the invaders (the PNAC/Bush cabal), who took over this nation via electoral coup and with eight seconds of thinking anyone would realize this! So to my enemies in the media I say this: TvNewsLIES readers know that IRAQ IS THE ECONOMY; STUPID! Think about it!

“Under the Radar” = “Intentional Blatant Media Deception!”

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Have you ever heard or read the media discuss the actions of an administration as taking place “under the radar?” This term is used to describe events that take place with little public attention. This term is normally used to describe important events that should attract the attention of the public but are not widely “discussed” and about which most of the public is  unaware.

What do you think “the radar” is? The “radar” is the “press!” When you hear about events taking place “below the radar” you are really hearing about events that are taking place with the “complicit cooperation” of the media. This burying of news is intentional and institutional. These events do not go unnoticed by the media; they simply go unreported to the public by the media.

Bill signings, political appointments, nefarious conflicts of interests within government and overt criminal behavior do not go unnoticed by the media. Most of this information is in the public record. Somewhere behind the scenes and beyond the newsrooms of our nation, decisions are made about what news should be brought to the attention of the public and what news should remain “under the radar!”

This institutionalized complicity by the media was publicly acknowledged by David Rockefeller more than a decade ago:

“We’re grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government..” - David Rockefeller , 1991 in Baden-Baden, Germany

When you ask yourself how George W. Bush can appoint convicted felons and the old Iran Contra gang to important positions within our government, or how a pesticide executive can be appointed to the E.P.A., or how biological warfare programs where super-viruses that can “accidentally” wipe out humanity get restarted, or how the American public still do not know about the Project for a New American Century, or how nobody seems to know about the multiple military exercises simulating hijackings were taking place in the north east portion of the United States on September 11th, 2001, or how a majority don’t know thing one about Iraq (from before the first gulf war to this very day), or that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor is it a reserve, the answer is very simple: the criminally complicit American media, otherwise known as the radar, buried the information. Think about it!

War on Terror or War on Democracy?

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

I have said this many times and the proof keeps coming…the war on terror is really preparation to battle a revolution in this country. All this stepped up surveillance is really an effort by the people in power to prevent the citizens of this nation from rising up in an organized manor for the purpose of overthrowing the ruling elite!

We have seen a great deal of unconstitutional legal positioning that is designed to make eavesdropping and detainment on the American people easy and legal. We have seen new unconstitutional cooperation and operations between the police and military. We are now hearing that high level military commanders want to test crowd control weapons on Americans…NOW! Why do you think they are so scared of us?

The Internet is exposing the ruling elite. The scam of U.S. democracy (capitalism) is becoming understood by the common folks. Details about the central banking system/Federal Reserve fraud are starting to spread. People are starting to understand that 9/11 was an inside job. People are learning about how the U.S. media is completely controlled and betrays the public. And now we see that the rigging of elections in this nation is commonplace.

The people of this nation realize that we have no place to turn. Our government is a sham and the judicial system has been compromised. The people will soon be left with no choice but to take to the streets. And the people in charge will not go quietly and by looks of things they are in heavy preparation to prevent the people from taking back their nation!  Think about it!

Your New York Yankees, Not Mine – American Values, a Human Disgrace

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

We live in a nation that claims to have values. Well I see American values and you can keep them for yourself. I want nothing to do with American values.

American values demand that we pay school teachers and EMS workers as if they were menial laborers while they pay a baseball player, who plays a god damn game for a living, a quarter of a billion dollars!

Nothing personifies American values more than the New York Yankees in their quest to build a new stadium. The New York Yankees are building a new stadium because their classic historic stadium is not opulent enough for these overpaid children who never developed any skills past those learned when by many five years old children. I have nothing against professional athletes, or entertainers for that matter, but let’s face it, they provide nothing to further or support our existence. They are a drug for the masses and they get to play a game for living while the rest of us work our asses off in order to eat and live indoors.

Now the Yankees are getting ready to destroy a neighborhood park, where good hard working non-wealthy people take their morning runs and bring their children to play, so that they can have their new ball park. But that’s not the best part…the new stadium will have fewer seats than the old one. But…it will have more luxury boxes normally reserved by rich corporations who will no doubt use some of their tickets to bribe politicians in some technically legal way! Obviously the stadium will have fewer affordable seats (if you can consider the price of the cheap seats affordable), so Joe school teacher and Mary EMS worker will no longer be able to take their child to see Alex Rodriguez play and get paid $155,000 for each game the Yankees play! Forget about the local grocery store worker who can not even see the Yankees on TV because cable TV charges their viewers too much money even though they receive a fortune from their advertisers! (Why the hell do we pay for TV and still have to watch ads? Aren’t the ads supposed to pay for the cost of TV, just like broadcast?)

Yes, the Yankees are doing exactly what the Bush administration and the Republican fascists are doing. They are making America a place where only the extremely wealthy can enjoy life. They are even taking baseball away from the common man. Greed is now the only aspect of American values that counts. Say what you want about liberals, but this, my friends is the mission of the right wing and guess what…mission accomplished! Think about it!

Under Bush We Have Lost:

Monday, July 10th, 2006

The World Trade Center, one Space Shuttle, New Orleans, Oldsmobile, the birthplace of civilization: Iraq, countless lives as a result of war, electrical power to the entire northeast section of the United states for a full day, a legitimate electoral process (and with that our democracy), 50 years of environmental protection legislation, a great deal of our polar ice caps, countless animal species, science, our ability to afford housing/education & health care, student loan programs, heating assistance programs, hunger assistance programs, the division in the CIA that was searching for Bin Laden, Paul Wellstone, our right to eminent domain and to feel safe in our homes, our right to eat foods that were not genetically altered, our jobs, $billions of unaccounted for dollars given to military contractors, workers rights protections, whistle blowers protections, our right to hold corporations accountable for their crimes against us, our right to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for killing or harming us, countless officers who resigned from the military, countless intelligence professionals who have bolted from the current insanity, respect for America in the eyes of the world.

We have gained: A presidential administration that acquired power by electoral coup and has broken more laws than one can imagine, a global nuclear arms race, a rise in global racism, unprecedented levels of global warming, powerful hurricanes, government sanctioned hatred (anti-gay), a lifestyle and economy designed to keep us in constant fear, a wider gap between the rich and the poor, four million more Americans living below the poverty line, six consecutive pay raises for Congress and an American population that knows more about the trials of Scott Peterson than they do of the trials of Dick Cheney.

Thanks to the American news media the nation does not realize what we have gained or lost. Can you imagine what this list would look like if I took even 5 minutes to actually do some research? Think about it!

Homeless Veterans: Reagan Would Be Proud

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

I remember when that wonderful super patriot Ronald Reagan, in an attempt to cut federal spending, cut federal funding to several programs that resulted in the loss of jobs for people who worked in the mental health industry. It also resulted in the “release” or “eviction” of many mental patients who had nowhere to live. This resulted the creation of the deranged homeless society that is still quite visible on the streets of every major city in our nation. How is that for compassion?

The wonderful Republican hero Reagan had done this before. As governor of California Reagan also assaulted the mental health care establishment resulting in the closing of many facilities.

We know that Republicans could care less about the mentally ill, but you would think that these flag-waving war-mongering false patriots would give a damn about the veterans of the wars that they love to send others to go and fight. Well, think again. Republicans, who seem to love war more than sex, money, happiness, food, air and NASCAR, (as long as others do the fighting), have done nothing to stem the epidemic of homeless veterans in our nation. Democrats (in government) have not done much either, but in many cases they have tried. Democrats who are not in government seem to understand this but they are oblivious to the reality that for the most part the so called Democrats in our government stop being Democrats the moment that they are elected.

Let me say something to my yellow flag waving friends: the words “homeless” and “veteran” should never need to be used in the same sentence. Ever! Actually the words “homeless” and “person” should never need to be used in the same sentence at this point in human development. But greed and the sociopathic lack of compassion in an America that values the dollar above human decency has permitted the homeless veteran epidemic to exist and flourish.

I have been called a liberal by many people who do not know what “liberal” means and think that it is a bad word. Well I am not a liberal for the most part, but if you call me a liberal because I think that our nation should provide the minimum living requirements for men and women who fought to protect us, instead of reducing taxes on the greedy sons of bitches who sent these people to war so that they could make their millions in the first place, - then by golly I am indeed a proud liberal.

I sit patiently as I wait for the day that the American public finally comes to the realization that supporting Republicans is not supporting the troops it is supporting the people who become rich because of the sacrifices made by the troops. It is the liberal, the compassionate liberal, the bleeding heart liberal, who supports our troops and it is high time that we establish this in the consciousness of American society. Think about it!


  • House Conservatives Cut $500M Off Vet Bill - House conservatives, rejecting protests from fellow Republicans who said they were depriving troops of needed support, stripped $500 million in military projects from a veterans spending bill Friday. Democrats in turn said GOP-backed tax cuts and a tight budget passed two days ago were behind a fiscal crisis leading to the cuts.

Should We Remove Our Criminal Media Yet? Or Do You Want to Bend Over and Take More?

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

So here we are, living in America, world’s leading source of democracy (we actually live in a republic…but that is far too difficult for the average NASCAR fume inhaling American to understand…so I will speak in simple terms so that simple flag waving segment of society can understand me).

Of course we all know that democracy is the world’s best known form of representative government…right? Of course you know that the only way to maintain a representative government is to include the people in the decisions made by the representatives and to allow only the citizens to select those representatives…right? And of course you know that the main function of the press in a democracy is to preserve that democracy by keeping the public informed about the issues that affect that democracy…right?

So I suppose that if you have an election and hundreds of controversial computerized voting machines fail we might be a little concerned about the legitimacy of our democratic process of representation…right? So I suppose that the democracy preservers in the press would monitor such situations and report this vital news to the people of the nation…right?

So I suppose that if you have a situation where hundreds of insecure controversial voting machines that come from controversial companies with strong political ties, fail during an election and your democracy preservers in the press fail to report this to the public you can pretty much say that the press is failing to do their mail job…right?

So I ask you this…if the press fails to do their most important job…and they continue to hide information related to the vulnerability and compromising of our democracy…are they not criminally negligent?

Yes, I know…it is illegal to call for an overthrow of an institution in this nation. But it is not illegal to protect out nation from enemies domestic and I submit to you that the American corporate media are the sole common entity that permit enemies domestic to obliterate our democracy and our planet, out of sight of the unsuspecting public. Without a legitimate press we will never end the cycle of crime perpetrated by the people who control both our political process and our media. Taking this into account I reiterate the message of the entire project: The American corporate media is the #1 enemy of the American people.

What will it take before the American people turn on the members of the press in this nation? When will the American people take to the streets and place under citizen arrest the members of the press who actively shield criminals who are assaulting our Constitution and our democracy? Where are all the patriots? Where are all the Americans? Where the hell are all the journalists? Think about it!

So You Think Capitalism is a Good Thing?

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

There is perhaps no simpler way to understand how capitalism works than to play the game of Monopoly. This is a game where money is used to expand ownership of land and recourses. Providing for the people or in this case the players is not the goal of the game and is not mentioned in the rules.

The goal of the game is to own everything and force the other players to fork all of their assets over to you. In other words the only winners in Monopoly or in capitalism are the richest players. Not only do all others lose, but we can’t even play the game. Think about it

Take Your Eye Off the Ball

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

This is just a little advice for people who try to figure out what is really going on in the world. Don’t look too close. Instead, stand back. Take your eye off the ball and try to see where the ball came from, who is bouncing it and where it seems to be headed.

When you start looking at what governments, corporations, institutions and enemies of the state have in common the answer almost always leads to their financiers. When you take a close look you will even find that the people who financed the emergence of communism in Russia and Adolph Hitler’s Nazi war machine (heavily financed by the Bush/Harriman banking apparatus)  were American capitalists. Go ahead, start researching this. From the Council on Foreign Relations (funded in a large part by the Morgan banking family) to the Us Government itself the financiers all seem to be the same people; the international bankers.

So I ask you to take your eye off the ball and start looking at the bouncers, so to speak. Maybe if enough people are aware of the people behind the scenes we can finally call an end to the instability that they seem to provoke.  Think about it!

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