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We Are All the April Fools of the Federal Reserve

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Today is April Fools Day and there is no more appropriate day to take a closer look at society. Perhaps the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the people of the world is the establishment the central banking system. Many of you do not know this but the Federal Reserve is not part of our government. They are a privately owned bank that has the power to dictate monetary policy in our nation. Yes, it is a private for-profit institution that is actually allowed to lend more money than it has, print money, set interest rates, decide on how much you pay for your homes and cars and essentially controls inflation, deflation, depressions economic stability and instability.

These are the people that lead us to wars and economic slavery. The people behind this scam essentially own all of our assets. I have posted part 1 of the Money Masters documentary so that you can learn about this not so secret secret. I ask that you take some time and watch it and learn how we live each day of our lives as the April Fools of the Federal Reserve! Think about it!

National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

Friday, March 24th, 2006

National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

I do not want the Unites States to protect me from international terrorists. There, I said it. Keep your protection. Forgive me if my logic does not exactly fall in line with the nation’s illogic but I am tired of watching virtually every resource in our nation be diverted to protecting us from a threat that is not only mathematically improbable but may actually be self inflicted.

It is an absolute fact that the issues that pose the most dangerous, current and imminent threats to Americans are not only being ignored by the media but they are being exacerbated by the Bush administration. Let’s face it, even if you bought the nonsense story about 19 cave dwellers who had the natural born ability to navigate jet airliners 1/3 of the way across the nation, evade our entire air defense system and then hit their targets without the help of ground control navigational assistance you surely realize that your average citizen is in greater danger of dying because of a disease related to an environmental pollutant than another improbable or impossible event like 9/11. You must at least realize that melting polar ice caps will kill more people than a nuclear bomb or two delivered by men who are so stupid as not to realize that they can blow up a bomb before it passes through inspections at a port.

While the neocons who were in charge of our well being while the events of 9/11 were taking place, under their watchful eyes or under their direct control, continue their mission to convince you that the only threat to your life is the Islamic extremist, they are increasing every single real current deadly threat to our existence. From the elimination of laws designed to prevent lethal toxins from entering our food, water and air, to economic restructuring designed to prohibit our access to life saving health care, the Bush administration has been conducting history’s most effective policy of genocide.

I’ll tell you what, I would rather vaporize in an instant than die a slow painful death brought on by the radiation poisoning we have all been exposed to in the form of the clouds of radioactive particles floating around the planet as a result of the depleted uranium bombardment of Iraq by the global poisoners in the Bush administration. I also don’t want my family to lose everything in order to pay for my medical care to treat the medical conditions that have been brought on by the Bush administration and their genocidal policies.

They want to protect me from a terrorist? Personally, after all that I have seen I am pretty sure that the most dangerous terrorists are only dangerous thanks to their connections to the US military industrial complex. So instead of trying to beat the beast that is the US National Scare-You-Ity industry I would rather opt out of their protection/extortion program.

See, I am a gambling man and I see that the odds indicate that the death policies of the Bush administration are going to get us well before any Islamic terrorist will, even with the help of the CIA, the Carlyle Group or the Federal Reserve!

National Scare-You-Ity? Keep it. Until you stop increasing the multiple daily threats to my life posed by your polices stop pretending to keep me safe. Think about it!

George W. Bush - Helping the Advancement of Human Extinction

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

Thanks do the naïve irresponsibility of humans and the short sighted urgings from religious institutions, humans will advance their own path to extinction rather quickly. Every time I hear about one of my friends having a “third” child I can’t help but to ask myself how stupid, shortsighted and selfish these people are. If 3 people are created for every 2 people living (if every couple had 3 children), we would run out of food, space, energy, air, etc. Our oceans are already dying. Food supplies are already dwindling and our atmosphere can not handle any more greenhouse gas, something that is required for each human living in modern society. So without any help our own selfish stupidity will lead to our demise.

But we don’t have to worry about that. We will never reach the point where we have to struggle for the items necessary for our survival. Why, you ask? Because the Bush administration is already tending to our demise. They are seeing to it that enough people will die from other causes that we can continue our selfish approach to the game of life. Enter the latest Bush policy of mass destruction; nuclear proliferation. The Bush gang has already established policies that will result in massive scale death in the areas of national (lack of) security, the environment, (lack of) health care, the economy, war and general human safety misinformation. Now they have a stepped up effort to bring new nuclear weapons into existence.

You have to hand it to these guys. As a betting person I appreciate their notion of fair odds. They don’t want us to chance our extinction on our own effort, they want to shift the odds in our favor! We are no longer trying to kill ourselves on our own…the Bush administration is going to see to it that your government helps us to “accomplish this mission!” Think about it!

Screw You George W. Bush! And While We are on the Subject…

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Screw you George W. Bush for pretending to be an American while your Gestapo hauled off (arrested) an American citizen for wearing a tee-shirt and exercising her Constitutional rights. And Screw you George W. Bush for not mentioning any of the real threats to the lives of Americans such as your administration’s involvement in the events of 9/11, your environmental policies that are accelerating global warming, your health care policies that ensure fewer Americans have access to health care, and your economic policies that ensure Americans that they will have to work much harder for their entire lives in order to stay fed and housed.

Screw you Republicans in Congress who continue to drive policies that are founded on principles of greed, bigotry and deception.

Screw you Democrats in Congress for ignoring the evidence surrounding 9/11 and for not collectively walking out of the State of the Union address after Cindy Sheehan was arrested for wearing a shirt with words on it.

Screw you corporate news media for remaining in your 5 year long coma as you continue to hide the news events that depict the Nazification of America. Screw you for not exposing the no-free-speech America that has become the bubble of fantasy in which George W. Bush lives while the rest of us are herded into small free-speech zones where our Constitutional rights still exist. Screw you American news media for every breath you take and for every day that you remain alive.

Screw you police and law enforcement officers who enforce the fascist Nazi tactics of the Bush administration. Screw you for arresting people for wearing shirts, speaking their mind and standing up for the Constitution. Screw you for protecting the very people in the Bush administration who murdered your brothers and sisters on 9/11.

And last but not least screw you apathetic Americans (NOT TvNewsLIES readers…they come here because they are not apathetic!) who still think that our current state of the union reflects politics as usual and not something far more sinister. Screw you for standing by as my country is obliterated by the power brokers behind the scenes. And screw you for not taking a closer look at the events of 9/11.

I am sorry for the harsh tone of my message today but there comes a time when enough is enough and honesty can no longer be shrouded in eloquence. Think about it!

PS: You bloggers who comment on this by calling me names…I challenge you to an open debate on any issue. Make it a public forum. The more the merrier. TV Coverage would be great. Make sure you bring all your insults…because I will be demolishing you with facts while you stand there like children calling me names.

For the jerks who call me names (especially for the blistering cheesheads;-) :

A little video for you too:

So What Else Isn’t the NY Times Telling Us?

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

The Times held on the domestic spying story for over a year before they decided that it was “fit to print!” So what else does the New York Times know that they are not telling us? Do they know about rigged US elections? Do they know about inside complicity into 9/11? Do they know that Dick Cheney is a mad man who has seized control of US foreign policy and domestic power? Do they know that the US is more than just heading towards a police state but we are more than half way there already? Do they know that the US environmental policy is designed to reduce global population by killing billions of people? Do they know that the corporate elite are well on the way to owning everything and making the world a virtual slave state?

Tell me NY Times, when do you think you might want to tell us the truth? Think about it!

Remember this:

The Iraq Insurgency; A War Profiteer’s Dream Come True!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

The Iraq invasion is costing American tax payers $6 billion per month now. Where is this money going? I’ll tell you where…to the war profiteers of the military industrial complex.

The top priority of Donald Rumsfeld was to downsize our military and conduct a privatization campaign where privately owned, for profit companies, can increase the size of the industry that makes a business out of war. This private and expanding war industry has, as their representative, the Defense Secretary of the United States. This is the man who has input into the decisions on how to use our military and who stages and coordinates the actions. This means he decides how the resources are used…he decides who gets the money. Wouldn’t you say that this is a little bit of a conflict of interest?

Well let me tell you a little bit about the Iraq invasion and privatization. We don’t have enough troops there. We never had enough troops there. One reason that Donald Rumsfeld did not send enough troops there is so that the US tax payer would have to pay private militias, also known as security firms, to perform the tasks that our military would have and should have done. These private firms are making billions. They can afford to pay their private security guards $500 per day. This is why our valuable highly trained members of the military are not reinstating and they are signing on to these high paying tax leech companies, further weakening our military.

The companies making money from the prolonged insurgency are owned by friends of Rumsfeld, Cheney and the members of the Bush administration. You can trace many of the war bucks to members of Congress as well. A prolonged insurgency is a dream come true for these war profiteers. Is it any wonder that the entire operation was handled so poorly and that no effort was make to keep the peace once we went it? Is it any wonder why there was never even a plan to keep the peace? Actually there was a plan…it was to prevent peace.

Put all these pieces together and logic tells you that this disaster of an occupation is working out perfectly for the people who sent us there in the first place. Too bad most of America has replaced logic and critical thinking with faith; they can’t see the obvious even when someone takes the time to point it out to them.

There are many reasons that the Project for a New American Century and their hand puppet George W. Bush took this nation to war. Some reasons were religious or related to Israel, some reasons were ideological (good vs. evil), some reasons related to the acquisition of oil and some reasons relate directly to personal financial greed. One thing is for sure…we did not invade Iraq in order to protect America or its freedoms (which are being attacked, not by Iraq, but by the Bush/PNAC administration), and we are surely not there for any of the reasons that our media have forced you to believe, and that is becoming more obvious as each day passes.

Halliburton Vs. New Orleans: Halliburton Wins!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

The devastated city of New Orleans took another hit yesterday when they announced the layoffs of 3000 city workers. The city is receiving little tax revenue so it can not afford to pay their employees. FEMA can provide funds to pay for overtime pay for workers who work on the recovery process but they are not allowed to pay the base salaries of those workers.

Congress, who has voted to fund the $400 billion destruction and reconstruction of Iraq, did not call an emergency session so that they can provide an emergency appropriation for the city workers of New Orleans.

The US military can not account for over $1 trillion yet Congress continues to increase defense funding and they continue to add special war time appropriations so that we can gorge the military industrial complex.

Halliburton was caught overcharging the US government for services in Iraq by as much as $1 billion yet they received a $72 million bonus. (Imagine getting caught stealing from your company and then getting a huge bonus!)

The CEO of Halliburton made $60 million in profits on his own company’s stock in just 4 months due to the fuel crisis that is endangering our entire economy, let alone the economy of New Orleans.

If we were to locate the $1 billion missing at the hands of Halliburton we can use it to pay those 3000 employees $33K each for 1 year. Had we taken just $5 billion of the money spent on destroying Iraq and killing all those people including journalists and our own troops, we could have paid for 5 years of emergency salaries for the 3000 city workers in New Orleans.

On the other hand, if we can snatch the missing $1 trillion out of the offshore bank accounts of Dick Cheney, US covert black OPS (which operate outside of the US law and do not answer to our elected officials), and Cheney’s friends in the Military industrial complex, we could pay for over 10,000 years of salary for those 3000 workers. Or it would pay for 10 years of salary for 300,000 of those workers. I just thought I would point that out. I realize that $33K per year may not be the ideal salary but it is an ideal alternative to $0.

It is 5 years into this global nightmare called the Bush/PNAC era (or more accurately “error”), and I am still waiting to see what “companionate conservatism” looks like. I am also waiting for the publicly Christian George W. Bush to start acting like one. Think about it!

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Bankrupting America

Monday, September 19th, 2005

What happens to a nation that goes broke? If our government keeps spending money without having a plan on how to pay for everything, what happens? I have this feeling that the people who are running the show right now have no intention of paying off the national debt. I have a feeling that these people, who are using American military might as if we don’t have to answer to any other nation for anything, have no intention of ever paying anything to any nation that we owe. I think their plan is to break the finances of this nation and make sure that the individuals who own the private lending institutions (The Federal Reserve & the international bankers), outright own the US. It sure seems like that is what they are trying to do. Is there another explanation for their fiscal irresponsibility? Think about it!

Fuel Foolery!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

GMC is advertising its Yukon full size SUV by saying that it has the best fuel efficiency in its class. The Yukon is rated at 16 MPG in the city. That is the best in its class. How many people who own this monster really need a 285 horsepower truck? It’s way past the time to size down our driving habits. Think about it!

Misleading Numbers

Friday, August 5th, 2005

The latest economic report indicates that hourly earning are up 6 cents per hour. When CEOs around the nation receive $million plus raises how do you think that factors in to the overall wage numbers? It seems to me that the totals may be rising but the distribution is what we should be examining. Each year we hear about how the wealth gap is getting bigger. Perhaps our economic reports should include that information in their overall evaluation of the economy. Better yet, they should provide a completely separate report for people who earn less than $100,000. That would be a better measure of the real situation. Think about it!

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