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Guard Iraq’s Borders? What About Our Own Borders?

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

I caught a few military “experts” on FOX News and MSNBC yesterday, discussing a winning strategy against the insurgents in Iraq. Both seemed to feel that if the US secures the Iraqi borders the insurgency will fade. Here is a little question that the “journalists” might want to ask these genius experts…how and why can the US be expected to secure the borders of Iraq when the US can not secure it’s own domestic borders? The one thing that nobody seems to talk about is how our domestic needs, including border security, have been ignored or assaulted by this administration. Where are all the flag wavers on this one? Think about it!

Am I That Smart?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

How is it that I can sit and watch George W. Bush and spot every lie that squeezes through his smirking smile, yet not a single media pundit, journalist or even politician can point out these obvious lies? Am I so smart? Am I really smarter than every single member of our broadcast media or am I just more honest? Now that I think about it…the answer is probably yes to both! How scary is that? Think about it!

George W. Bush, One Lying Son of a Bitch

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Enough is enough. Political correctness is no longer an option when discussing George W. Bush or the members of his administration. They are very simply lying bastards who have done and continue to do irreversible harm to the world.

In tonight’s speech, Bush managed to use the word “terror” or “terrorist” 31 times during the first 25 minutes.. He referenced 9/11 6 times. He invoked the name of Osama bin Laden 3 times.

By once again connecting the PNAC plan to invade Iraq with the events of 9/11, George W. Bush clearly proved that he is one lying son of a bitch. Let me remind the idiots who support this murderous criminal that Iraq was not even on America’s list of terrorist nations prior to the invasion. Just ask Colon Powell and Condoleezza Rice, both of whom declared Iraq to be no threat to America or the region PRIOR to the invasion!!!

During the post speech discussions on CNN the 2 Senators speaking discussed the benchmarks of progress in Iraq. They spoke of an Iraq that posed no threat to their neighbors and did not harbor terrorists as a primary goal. THAT WAS WHAT IRAQ WAS BEFORE THE GOD DAMN INVASION! Are they crazy or are they lying? You know the answer!!! THEY ARE LYING! The Democrats, the Rebublicans and the media are all lying! That’s all they have done for years! They are criminals they they deserve to have their careers ended and they deserve to be jailed for life for crimes against humanity!

Here is a little stat for you: George W. Bush’s environmental policies will result in the death of more human beings than in all wars combined. By virtue of his environmental policies alone, George w. Bush is a far greater threat to your well being and to our planet than any anything else on the planet other than total nuclear war. At this very moment his administration is reconstituting the production of nuclear materials that have not been produced since the end of the cold war. One speck of this plutonium can give you cancer. This is what George W. Bush contributes to the security of the world. He and his administration are the greatest threat to life on earth and they are in the midst of destroying our nation as well, by dismantling our Constitution, our civil rights, our economy and our general quality of life. Any president worth his salt would want to make the American people feel safe. George W. Bush wants to keep you frightened, and you should be. Only you should not be afraid of the enemies he points to, you should be very afraid of his policies, his administration and his lies.

(Example of the Bush administration changing scientific data in a criminal manner. This is one of many examples of such manipulation of science. In other words it is an example of LIES! LIES that get ignored my the media and can have lethal ramifications! Snip: “They rewrote everything. It’s a crime,” said Erick Campbell, a former biologist with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who wrote the sections of the report that address the effects of the new rules on wildlife. “This is a whitewash — they took all of our science and reversed it 180 degrees.” Where is the media? What do the idiot Bush supporters have to say about this? How stupid will they feel if they ever researched the lying bastard who they support without question?)

George W. Bush never told America about the plans made by his Project for a New American Century administration. He never told this nation that Iraq was a stable nation, however undemocratic, that never threatened a single American life. He never told this nation that his invasion and that of his father killed more people than Saddam ever did, and that George W. Bush’s father and our current Defense Secretary were the ones who helped Saddam KILL HIS OWN PEOPLE in the first place!

He never told this nation that Dick Cheney’s company was doing illegal business with Saddam while he was CEO of Halliburton.

George W. Bush is simply the biggest liar to ever grace our TV sets with the exception of Dick Cheney who has yet to utter a single true statement of any importance.

Our media continue to ignore the relentless lies coming from this bastard. They too are lying bastards; but that is so obvious that it is not worth mentioning at this point.

How long are we going to take it?

Note to the military: It is getting pretty damn hard to support you when I watch you cheer this vile criminal as he lies to you and asks you to die for his PNAC handlers. Iraq was not your enemy and they were not threatening our liberty, our freedom or our safety. You swore to protect our liberty, freedom and our Constitution. You did not swear to achieve the goals of the ruling elite. Wake up and start understanding that it is the anti-war movement who support you while your commander in chief lies to you. Start thinking for yourself. Would you rather have a yellow ribbon on your grave or would you rather have the support, admiration and appreciation of the anti-war community who spend their lives looking out for your best interest?

How many more uninformed lemmings will sign up to the military in order to fight a war that is based 100% on lies? How many more people are going to blindly march to their deaths and blindly murder innocent people at the behest of the ruling elite? Let me remind these military lemmings that no nations ever started a war. Only leaders start wars. Without you they are impotent and they can cause no harm to the world. George Bush and his entire administration are chickens; they never fought for this country. They never defended their fellow Americans. They did everything they could to avoid serving their nation yet they use and abuse the members of the military as if they were nothing more that numbers on a chart. It’s their war, it is not yours! Let them give their lives for this wonderful cause.

I am sorry if offended anyone and at the same time I say too bad. Enough is enough. Our military have to stop cheering the commander in chief because he is a lying son of a bitch!

More Distracting Shark News

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Editor’s Comments: This morning Miles O’Brien, the pretend journalist on CNN, asked a shark expert what he thought “the shark was thinking” while it was biting the girl who was killed in Florida. Am I wrong or can we simply declare that the talking heads on CNN are idiots? What kind of question is that? He also asked the expert what makes this attack different than other attacks. I’ll answer that…the overblown and idiotic media coverage.

Let’s put this in perspective…there were live national press conferences over this. Is this an issue Americans need to be concerned about? What are the odds of an American dying from a shark attack? There are many things that pose a far greater risk to Americans and perhaps Americans would be better served by the media if we were made aware of these other more probable risks. How many people drown in the ocean, drown in their pools, die from boating accidents or die because they fall down in the shower?

• 4000 people drown in the US each year. ( )
• 1000 people die in boating accidents each year. ( )
• 70 people die each year from falling in the shower. ( )
• Number of people who were killed by sharks in 2004 WORLDWIDE: 7 (!-How-Common-are-They?-Where-do-They-Occur?&id=37589 ) Do we really need to be concerned or informed about this on a national scale? NO!

The coverage of the shark attacks by the media is another example of how they distract us from the issues that really affect us and focus on issues that have no measurable impact on us. Journalism? I think not! Think about it!

Pretend Journalists Cover a Shark Attack

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Our pretend news networks are airing live a news conference about the recent shark attack in Florida. The reporters seem to be asking more questions during this news conference than they have asked of the Bush administration if 5 years. The reporters were grilling the shark experts. Where have these reporters been for the past 5 years? They have not been grilling the people who lied us into a war that killed tens of thousands of people! They grilled a shark expert because a shark killed someone. It’s not like Congress gave permission for the shark to kill the girl! It’s an occurrence of nature. We share this planet with animals and things like this happen. It’s not news. It’s not even important. It’s unfortunate but that’s all it is. Let it go. Stop pretending to be journalists!

The Fire Chief clearly stated during the conference that it was the first time in 100 years that something like this happened. Why are the media so concerned? It was a shark attack.

Do you know how many people die because they fall in the shower each day? Do you know how may people choke to death on their food? Do you know how many people die of allergic reactions to seafood or nuts each day? I’ll tell you that the answer to all of those questions will be a greater number by far than those who die as a result of a shark attack.

Do the media warn us about food allergies? Do the media warn us about MSG in our food which is an allergic trigger and has resulted in the deaths of many people who have mistakenly eaten some? Do the media question the people who still make money selling cigarettes that kill 5 million people each year? No. They want you to think a shark attack is newsworthy. Note to the media: Sharks attack all the time. Humans swim in their feeding areas. Do the math. It’s not news. It’s stupidity. We kill off the shark’s food supply then we swim in their water. What do you expect.

Can we have some real news please?

Who is the Greatest Threat to the World?

Monday, June 27th, 2005

The US is planning to produce Plutonium-238 which is hundreds of times more radioactive than plutonium-239, which is used in nuclear arms. The production will result in 50,000 barrels of highly radioactive waste. The reasons for this production are secret. So I ask you, who poses the greatest threat to life of earth? Terrorist can’t produce plutonium! Think about it!

Christian Sex Toys - National News?

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

I realize that I have been focusing on CNN quite a bit in my newsletters but I could not let this one go by. Yesterday, the most trusted name in news brought us a vital news report; some might say this is ground breaking journalism. The report: Christian Sex Toys. Yes, CNN took the time to do an in depth report on devout Christians’ use of vibrators, lotions and other sex accessories. In the mean time CNN made no mention of the fact that George W. Bush just nominated Granta Nakayama, a partner in a law firm whose clients include W.R. Grace, BP, Dow Chemical and DuPont, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency’s far-flung enforcement division. CNN, the “most trusted name in news?” Think about it!

The Day America Died

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

It is very possible that the decision by the Supreme Court to allow our homes and business to be seized at any time for economic improvements, might be the one event that changes everything that we cherish about our nation. The word “freedom” can no longer be associated with a nation that does not permit people to maintain possession of their assets, especially when it comes to their domain. With little fanfare and with one court ruling this America as we know it came to an end. Although this was discussed in the media it deserves a great deal more attention. What has to be discussed and explained to the people of this nation is the virtually unlimited potential for abuse left open by the ruling.

This decision was the legal justification for class warfare and it permitted money to be the only weapon. In other words only the rich can win. Where are the pundits with their mantras now? Go ahead and say it: “Class Warfare!” And it was not launched by the left. Think about it!

CNN’s “Serious” Headlines

Friday, June 24th, 2005

Comments: This morning on CNN the news headline break was introduced by the host saying “here is (I forgot her name) with some serious news”. The news reader read her standard 3 headline stories. One of the stories was about the missing girl in Aruba and another was about Tom Cruise and his new love. This is serious news? They laughed about the Tom Cruise story. As I speak they are having a serious Q&A session about Oprah Winfrey’s power. These people have no rights to call themselves journalists and calling CNN and the like, “news networks” is false labeling. Think about it!

“Missing Person!” - Newsworthy? Not at all.

Friday, June 24th, 2005

Our corporate news media work very hard to distract you from the real news. Several days ago all 3 or our pretend-to-be news networks covered live, the complete and uninterrupted news conference held by the parents of the missing Boy Scout in Utah. Later that day a second live news conference was aired. Reporters were asking such journalistically ground breaking questions as, “How did you feel when you found out your son was alive?” Wow, amazing journalism, don’t you think? Did anyone in this nation outside of the involved family need this information? Did they need it live? Would the nation be better served by our news networks if even a little time was dedicated to reporting news that affects us?

In contrast not a single minute of the most important hearing held on the Iraq war, the Downing Street Memo hearing, was aired. If this meeting was ever mentioned it was not noticeable. Anyone who watched 40 hours of news this week on these networks learned every single detail about the missing boy and about the missing woman in Aruba, but they would not know that the Downing Street Memo hearings were held and they would not have learned the stunning revelations about the Bush administration and the lies that took this nation to war. Nor would they have learned how the Bush administration has forced the G8 nations to take part in their global environmental terror policies that will undoubtedly lead to more deaths than any brown terrorists can be blamed for.

While I recognize that every single missing person incident is indeed an important issue, mostly for the missing person and his or her family and friends, in most cases it is not newsworthy and it is rarely newsworthy on a national scale.

When our media reports a missing person, or any story for that matter, do some math. Ask yourself how many people in this nation are affected by this story. Then consider that there are over 250 million people in this nation. Then ask you why a news story that affects fewer people than can be represented by a pinhole on a map of the US, is dominating news coverage in lieu of news that affects the entire nation such as environmental news or evidence that your president intentionally lied in order to take the nation to war.

Here are a few numbers for you:

Reference: National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART)

According to NISMART-2 research, which studied the year 1999, an estimated 797,500 children were reported missing; 58,200 children were abducted by nonfamily members; 115 children were the victims of the most serious, long-term nonfamily abductions called “stereotypical kidnappings”; and 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions.

At any given time there are over 90,000 active missing person cases in this nation. Ask yourself why our news networks think that certain missing persons deserve national attention. Better yet, contact them and ask them.

Don’t be fooled. This nation does not have a national news network. We have a national distraction network. It is time to turn off our televisions. Do you want news? If the answer is yes, start looking elsewhere because you won’t find any on your television sets.

Think about it.

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