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Remember the Downing Street Memo?

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

What ever happened to the Downing Street Memo? Are we to believe that the media is only able to report on one scandal at a time? Perhaps someone in this nation can start a news network so that we can stay informed on what is going on! (It’s called sarcasm!) Think about it!

Potential Nuclear War, Newsworthy? Not in America!

Friday, July 15th, 2005

Did you happen to notice that the world is closer to nuclear war than at any times since the Cuban missile crisis? Did you happen to read or hear about the comments made by the Chinese about using the nuclear option on the US? Don’t you think this merits news coverage? Don’t you think that the policies of the US that have driven China to take this position should be examined? Should be worried about an administration that has made the US an enemy to so many?

Don’t you think that the TV news networks can find time during their 24/7 broadcast day to let the people of this nation know what the lunatics who run the country are doing to our once great nation and to the world? Think about it!

National Security Threat - Hardly a Threat

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

If terrorists killed 3 million Americans with a nuclear device, terrorism would still pale other threats to the lives of Americans. 5 million people die each year as a result of smoking alone. Are we taking the threat posed by the terrorists who are trying to sell you cigarettes seriously? No. As a matter of fact many members of Congress support the murderers in the tobacco industry.
Of course cigarettes are just one of many threats to our lives posed to us by our corporations. Environmental toxins and greenhouse gasses are of course the biggest threat. I remind you that terrorism might be the greatest threat to nation security, but national security is not even close to being the greatest threat to Americans. Perhaps the media should stop scaring us into thinking that it is.


Wednesday, July 13th, 2005


Here is a tip for you terrorists who want to kill Americans. There is no need to sacrifice your lives. Simply support the Bush administration’s environmental policies and their other actions that are making health care inaccessible to Americans. That way you can kill us on a much larger scale and as a bonus you will get the support of our news media, especially FOX News, who seem to take joy in policies that lead to death.

So stop bombing people and form a right wing lobby group; they have much more success in destroying human life. You can support a number of policies and regulations/deregulations that can harm us in a variety of ways and you can enjoy the support of the GOP Congress at same time! Lobby groups also know how ruin our quality of life on a grand scale so you can make us suffer too! It’s that easy

I don’t mean to offend all of you terrorists, but Bush, PNAC and the Republicans in Congress are much better at harming Americans than you will ever be. Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

US Media Blacks Out Black Terror News

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

Can you have a better example of the false sense of reality that the corporate news industry creates for us than the contrast between their coverage of the London bombings and their non coverage of the 30 people, mostly women, who were burned to death by a gang in the Democratic Republic of Congo? These people were “were forced into their huts and their homes were then set ablaze!” Where is the media? Where is the acknowledgement of realty? Where is the information that puts our reality into perspective? Think about it!

9/11, The London Bombings & Common Sense Questions

Monday, July 11th, 2005

On the day of the London bombings there were apparently drills taking place in London to practice for just such an event. On the morning of September 11th 2001 there were multiple drills taking place to practice how to deal with multiple hijackings in the north eastern US, how to deal with a biological attack in NY and how to deal with a plane hitting the Pentagon. Tony Blair does not want an official inquiry into the bombings. George W. Bush did not want and fought against any inquiry into the events of 9/11.

If your brain has any semblance of human characteristics you would be extremely suspicious at this point. Once again I ask you to simply examine the people who gain from events like this, including people in industries that will make money on the war on terror, and then take a close look at the people who are supposed to prevent events like this from happening. Include the people who are in a position to provoke events like this in your examination. Then simply ask yourself any and all logical questions that pique your common sense curiosity. Finally, ask yourself why the media does not have that natural common sense curiosity. If you don’t have all the answers at least realize how important the questions are and that at the very least they should be asked. Think about it!

Novak & Miller - Why They Are Criminals

Sunday, July 10th, 2005

If you want to know why Bob Novak and Judith Miller are real criminals, and why, as journalists they violated the trust of the people, it is because they knew that there were people in the White House who committed treason and they let us vote for this administration without being informed of that information? Novack is a regular on CNN. They are supposed to be the most trusted name in news. How do you trust an organization that does not let you know who the criminals in our own government are?

It was their responsibilty as journalists to inform the public that acts of treason were committed from within an admistration of a president for whom Americans were about to vote.

If the Plame case was about a child molester and not about treason would the public feel more outrage? Would reporters and Bush supporters think that Novak and Miller should spill the beans on the identity of their source had the source been a child molester? If they published articles on how child molesters lure children and in the process they interviewed a person who molested children, would they be considered heroes for keeping the identity of their source secret? How much you want to bet that they would have been fired and that the red state Republicans would be up in arms! The bottom line is that these journalists have protected the identity of people who have committed treason. That’s a lot worst than lying about oral sex; let’s treat it accordingly. Think about it!

What’s the Real Threat?

Saturday, July 9th, 2005

With the Cold War being over it may very well be that the greatest threat to our national security is indeed terrorism. What is not discussed, especially by our media, is that the national security threats are not even close to being the greatest threats to the well being of Americans.

The media have been treating national security threats as if they were the only thing that can harm us and they have been evaluating the severity of the threats accordingly. In reality our lives are in far greater danger by threats such as crimes (murders) committed by people using guns, drunk drivers, environmental crime (some of which is being encouraged by the Bush administration), cancer and heart disease. If you were to total up the deaths in this nation and place each into a category according to their cause, national security risks are not even in the top 20 and they may not even be in the top 50.

Why then are we only worried about protecting ourselves from a pimple when there is a mountain to fear? Think about it!

War on Terror - The Killer Bee Policy

Friday, July 8th, 2005

If a dangerous hive of killer bees were discovered and it is determined that the bees were going to cause a great deal of harm to the area, the logical thing to do would be to remove the hive and perhaps kill all the bees in the process. At the very least we would want to remove their stingers. Then we would want to keep an eye out for smaller hives and rogue bees that may develop into threats.

If I were to imagine how the Bush/PNAC administration would handle this type of situation based on their handling of the “War on Terror” here is what I think their approach would be:

The first thing George W. Bush and his PNAC handlers would do is throw a nice big rock at the hive. They would do this even though the nest was relatively quiet before the rock was thrown. Of course we know that bees have stung people in the past, but let’s face it, the bee hive as it was could have been dealt with in a variety of ways, the least effective being with a rock.

So thanks to the rock the bees would become very angry and go on a deadly stinging rampage resulting in massive harm and public fear. There would be a great deal of pain and a great deal of fear. The US media would become then become the 24 hour Killer Bee Network.

Of course the Bush/PNAC folks would not tell you that they were the ones responsible for throwing the rock in the first place. As a matter of fact they might not even let you know that a rock had been thrown. However they would, with the help of the media, vilify bees as the greatest scourge in the history of mankind.

The next move would be the predictable launch of the new Global War on Bees! A National Beekeeper would be appointed. He would no doubt have ties to the honey industry and he would coincidentally be in a position to make a fortune if the supply of honey were to diminish. But this would be nothing to concern yourself with. Why should that concern you; after all he would make a very qualified beekeeper.

If we were to take a look at the members of the Bush/PNAC administration we might see some very interesting things. We are very likely to find an alarming number of Bush/PNAC administration members who have a long history in the beekeeping and or bee exterminating business. We might also find that the friends, family members and associates of the Bush/PNAC clan also have many business interests in companies related to bee handling. Many of them might be in the antihistamine business (many people are allergic to bee stings). Some might sell bandages or first aid creams. Some might own screen door/window companies. Some might own pesticide factories. Some might even deal in honey, but any way you look at it you can surely bet a great many of them will benefit in many ways from an all out bee emergency. Of course you might also trace a great many members of Congress to these businesses as well. You can identify them when they sign the Emergency Bee Protection bill where $200 billion is diverted away from social programs to fight the new bee problem.

You can bet your sweet honey that the people who have launched the War on Bees have very little interest in seeing it end. The longer it goes on, the more they benefit.

Yep, you can bet the first thing to happen when the bee problem is discovered would be the hurling of that rock. You know, you have to get public support for a War on Bees and what better way to do that than to unleash the bees on the public? How else are you gonna learn them thar Liberals?

Some pro-bee Liberals would no doubt have taken the weaker approach to handling the problem. Those honey sucking pansy’s would probably have opted to spray the nest with cold CO2 so as to paralyze them. Then they would have wanted to remove the nest before the bees could go on a rampage. Of course there would be many other smaller nests around, but this approach would surely lessen the problem and would do so with the least harm to the public and it would cost very little. As a matter of fact they could perform this operation without ever letting the people worry about the problem. What wusses! Imagine fighting a war with no blood? How anti-American can they be?

On a serious note, whatever your political affiliation, you really have to realize that throwing a rock at a bees nest is not the way to protect the public from bees. If you think that it is the way to deal with a bee problem…sign up to be part of the bee control squad. Otherwise start listening to people who have better, more effective and safer ways to deal with potentially deadly problems.

Note: Now that you read my little scenario, and you understand the parallels to the “War on Terror”, keep in mind that those planes on 9/11 might very well have been the rocks.

Dr. Bush’s Botched Surgery - Treating a Tumor with a Pitchfork
9/11 – US Complicity: Implausible, or Very Probable?

London Explosions, Tragic Yet Trivial

Friday, July 8th, 2005

Take the horror and tragedy assigned by our media to the explosions in London yesterday, and multiply it by about 4 and you have your average day in Iraq. The only difference is that the events in Iraq are happening for no other reason than the US and the UK created a situation in which they could and would take place.

However tragic yesterday’s events were, they were trivial as compared to what goes on in the non-white nations of this world.

Also, while every network tried to frighten us again with their overblown coverage of the events they ignored the real threat that will kill us and is killing us right now and was newsworthy yesterday, and that is George W. Bush’s anti-environmental policies and how he will not even cooperate with the nations of the G8 to slow down global warming. Which do you think can and will kill more people, train bombs or global warming? Hint: Train bombs won’t kill off our food supply! Think about it!

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