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Terr0r & Responsible Journalism

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

True or not, it is irresponsible journalism (and politics) to identify today’s explosions in London as terrorist attacks before the facts are known. Although indications are that they were indeed coordinated events and they are very likely acts of terror, a journalist must not draw conclusions. They may however make observations.

The fake journalist news reader on CNN, Soledad O’Brien, is suggesting that the US should raise the terror alert as a result of the incidents in London. My comment to Ms. O’Brien: Go back to hosting shows such as the Discovery Channel’s old show “The Know Zone”. That was much more in line with your skills. Think about it!

Please Recommend Me!!!

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

Please take 2 minutes our of your time to watch a video and take a survey! If you appreciate the my efforts and you feel that I can contribute to the project described in the video please take the survey and recommend that they consider me for a position. I’ll keep this short…please go to the site now and watch the video. Then take the survey! THANK YOU! Maybe we will have a real news network after all! Think about it!

Coult I Be Wrong About TV News?

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

What do you think has a greater impact on a majority of Americans…the legal procedures and interrogation methods used in Aruba, or a regulation that permits coal burning electric plant to extend the time that it may pump mercury into the environment? Which of these two issues warrant the attention of a journalist, whose job it is to bring vital news and information to the nation? Maybe that is my problem…the word vital. Maybe I am wrong about the TV news industry and the news networks do indeed report news; it’s just the “vital” news that they do not report! Maybe I am wrong and they are not trying to paint a false impression of reality. Naaa…I’m right. They are selling a false reality to the public and they just don’t report the news, vital or otherwise. Think about it!

It’s “Independence Day” Stupid!

Monday, July 4th, 2005

While the intellectually challenged faces on our news networks are wishing you a happy “Fourth of July” I will take this opportunity to remind, or inform those uninformed and unintelligent talking heads that we are celebrating “Independence Day”, not simply the date of July 4th!

While this seems like a trivial point it really is not. The word “independence” means something. We should think hard and long about what it stands for and why we celebrate it. We should think about the things from which we became independent. Then we should think long and hard about our current situation. Perhaps we don’t hear that word is because they do not want us to think about what it really means. Maybe they are worried that the citizens might once again decide that it is time for independence from an overbearing government? Think about it!

CNN’s Hard News - Serving 0.0001% of America

Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

CNN’s Hard News - Serving 0.0001% of America

CNN feels that it is their responsibility to serve 0.0001% of the population before they serve you. If CNN is the most trusted name in news than what does that say for the rest of the pack?

Today (Sunday, July 3rd) on CNN’s 5PM ET report, the 1st 9 plus minutes of their broadcast was dedicated to 2 missing person stories. There were live interviews with on the scene reporters located at both locations.

Estimating (actually underestimating) that there are 7 minutes of commercials during the CNN news hour cycle, this would mean that approximately 17% of the broadcast was dedicated to these missing person stories.

Missing person cases affect ONLY the missing persons themselves, the abductors and the families and friends. Others may be concerned, but realistically nobody else is really affected by these incidents. So I am going to estimate that 250 people (and that is a generous estimation) in the United States are affected by these two stories. This means it affects 0.0001% of the American population.

Let me repeat that: 17% of CNN’s broadcast was important news to 0.0001% of the US population!!!

Keep in mind that at any given time in the US there are 90,000 active missing person cases. When you watch this nonsense coverage ask yourself why you are being informed about one or two of the 90.000 cases; then open your eyes and realize that you are not watching news, you are watching a tabloid distraction story and the real news is going unreported.

19 minutes into the broadcast CNN decided to discuss the Valerie Plame leak case. This report deals with treason and it involves members of the White House as high up as the president and vice president. Even though it was revealed 2 days ago that Karl Rove appears to be one of the leakers (or one of the people who committed treason by outing an undercover CIA operative), his name was never mentioned during the report. CNN spent 5 minutes on this story without ever mentioning anything related to the leakers, they only spoke of the reporters involved. This story was a 5 minutes distraction from the real issue which is the dirty lowdown ruthless and criminal tactics of the Bush administration and how they will go as far as to commit treason in order to scare anyone who dares to oppose them. That is what this story is really about. That was not discussed.

The Plame leak story impacts every single American. When treason is committed by members of your government it affects you and your entire nation. CNN feels that it is their responsibility to serve 0.0001% of the population before they serve you. If CNN is the most trusted name in news than what does that say for the rest of the pack?

At 27 minutes into the report another minute was devoted to the missing person cases, so adjust the percentages accordingly. I am not going to force myself to watch the next 1/2 hour of the broadcast.

Anyone who thinks that CNN, or any of their comrades at the other news networks and shows are really reporting news, tape any single hour of any news program on any network. Then sit down with me and I’ll watch with you and I’ll show you that for the most part you have taped an hour of lies, distractions and deceptions. (Let’s not leave out ads disguised as news like movie reviews).

If you want news…turn off your TV and look elsewhere. You want to live in a dream world where the most important thing you need to know is that some family way on the other side of our nation is suffering from a personal loss…CNN & FOX News are for you!

Think about it!
Jesse - Editor,


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    Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

    Editor’s Comments: When information was leaked to the press that Valerie Plame was a covert CIA operative, they had no problem in reporting this top secret information to the public. When it was confirmed that Karl Rove was the criminal who leaked the information…the press fell silent. Not a word. Not a discussion. Not a mention on the crawler at the bottom of your screen? Is there room for any doubt to the claims that the American media has protected the Bush administration through crime after crime after crime? From the elections, to 9/11 to the Plame leak, to dozens of reports doctored or hidden from the public, the press has ignored, spun or underplayed the crimes and violations of public trust committed by the Bush administration. The media are indeed the enemy of the people. Think about it!

    Lies & Secrets - Secrets & Lies

    Saturday, July 2nd, 2005

    How do the media get away with protecting the lies of the Bush administration? How many reports have come out exposing the fact that the Bush administration has either hid, blocked or out right changed information or reports in order to push their agenda? They have changed scientific reports and economic studies time and time again, each time in an effort to prevent information that would prove that the administration was lying about something. Most of the lies hid direct health risks or economic risks that would have a huge negative impact on Americans and sometimes the world.

    The media never inform the public about this even though it is a regular occurrence. The public has to catch on eventually being that these little reports seem to happen on a weekly basis. When will red state America get tired of being lied to? Think about it!

    Let the Religious War Begin!

    Friday, July 1st, 2005

    If you are not happy about what this nation has become during these past 5 years, just wait to see what it becomes after a Bush appointee is sitting on the Supreme Court. Let the religious wars begin! We can be just like one of the Middle Eastern nations where holy wars claim the lives of people every day! I can’t wait! Can you? Think about it!

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