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The Ever Widening Reality Gap!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

Today is just one of those news days were I watch TV news and ask myself what world those people are living in! Take a look at some of the stories we have reported over the past two days and then turn on your TV and wait for the stories to appear. Bring a lot of food and water because you will be waiting a long time, perhaps forever!

We live in 2 worlds today; the world that is on TV brought to us by the phony news organizations, and the real word. The gap between the two seems to be getting quite large these days!

International Aid or Payoffs?

Monday, August 1st, 2005

When the US decides to cut or withhold “aid” to a nation or an organization because that nation or organization does something that is not in line with American interests then the term “aid” is being misused. Aid is just what it sounds like, help or assistance. Holding back aid over a political disagreement is unethical and immoral.

If a nation holds back funds because another nation or body does not comply with America’s demands those funds should be referred to as “payments” or a “bribes”. Very simply put “aid”, which is “help” or “assistance” should not be held hostage to politics. Either call it what it is or tell the truth about the unethical politics behind it.

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