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Mike Malloy’s Hammer Nails It Every Night!

Friday, September 30th, 2005

I was getting my daily dose of reality last night by listening to Mike Malloy on Air America Radio, and lo and behold I heard him mention my name! Mr. Malloy has mentioned in the past and he has read some of our articles on the air before, but last night he read my blog, which was about David Gergen’s ludicrous comment about how the Republicans have been scandal free for the past few years.

At the conclusion of Mr. Malloy’s reading he kindly noted that “Jesse nailed it”, referring to the accuracy of my comments. I consider that high praise especially when you take into consideration that this praise is coming from Mr. Malloy, who “nails it” every single night! For those of you who do not know Mr. Malloy, perhaps it is time that you do. He is an oasis of truth in the vast broadcast desert. He says what needs to be said with the passion that it deserves.

While this note may sound like a “thank you, please mention me on the radio again” note to Mr. Malloy (, I can only say it is not. I am thanking him for what he does every night, not just last night. This is an overdue acknowledgement of a person who brings complete honesty and valuable, uncensored information to a relatively mainstream (Air America Radio) broadcast forum. I lso thank Air America Radio for bringing Mr. Malloy into our homes! This is something that appreciates. Think about it!

Tom Delay, a Unique Scandal? 5 Years of Unmentioned Scandal!

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

While commenting on the Delay indictment on MSNBC, David Gergen (former presidential advisor) commended the Republican leadership on how scandal free the Republicans have been over the past 5 years. Scandal free? Is he living in the same world that I am in? They have been investigation free, accountability free, penalty free, but the Bush White House was founded on scandal!

Does Mr. Gergen remember how Bush took office? Can you say election fraud? Can you say election fraud 3 times? Can you say CIA operative cover blown? Can you say 9/11? Can you say war based on lies? Can you say Project for a New American Century? Can you say torture and human rights violations? Can you say Patriot Act? Can you count the Iran Contra felons who found their way back into government (Bush appointees)? Can you say forged evidence (Niger uranium)? Can you say John Bolton? Can you say religious right wing fundamentalist lunatics making policy? Can you say ear piece at the debates? Can you say AWOL Bush who can’t even remember his last 2 years of military service and can’t name his commander at the time? Can you say Karl Rove? Can you say missing billions in Iraq funding? Can you say Halliburton and no bid contracts? Can you Can you say Dick Cheney?

Holy cow…this is the dirtiest bunch in our history! Is Gergen on drugs? Is he on a steady IV heroin feed? Has he had a lobotomy?

Gergen’s made a point that he did not intend to…he proved that the American public is comfortably unaware of these scandals thanks to our criminal news media! The only way Gergen could get away with a comment like that about a bunch of thugs and criminals like these is with the help of the media to keep the lies alive! Think about it!

Congress? Forget Them! They Don’t Work For You!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Every day I get bombarded with e-mail from different organizations urging me to write to or call my Congress person about one issue or another. I have had enough of this nonsense and you should feel the sameway. Congress does not work for you. You no longer elect them and when they are in office they end up working for the powerbrokers behind the scenes.

How many letters were written to Congress urging them not to give George W. Bush war powers related to invading Iraq? Over 95% of the letters and calls to Congress opposed the move, yet Congress ignored their constituents. They ignore us on virtually every issue. They listen only to the power brokers and money masters. That is a fact. When was the last time a bill that you supported was passed? If you can remember one, take a close look at it and see what pork was included in it that you oppose. Don’t fool yourself, Congress, with several obvious exceptions, is our enemy.

The few members of Congress who still represent their constitute don’t need your calls and letters telling them what to do; they already know. The others could care less. They report to a few people; none of which are you. Be they lobbyists, donors, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones, The Illuminati, the Israeli lobby, take your pick, whom ever they do report to and represent, rest assured that it is not you.

Stop wasting your time with letters and calls. Don’t waste your energy working for the institutions that waste their time coordinating such useless nonsense. Instead you should be educating the masses about what really takes place in America today. Perhaps if enough people know how badly our leaders have betrayed us we would replace them all, for real, by whatever means necessary! Think about it!

Clueless Bush Supporters

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Why is it that I seem to know more about George W. Bush, his father, his administration, Iraq & al Qaeda, than every single Bush supporter that I meet? Perhaps that is the key. Perhaps that proves my point about the media having blood on their hands because had they informed the people of the real truths the people would never support this administration. Think about it!

Sunday in the Park for George

Monday, September 26th, 2005

This was sent to me by my co-editor:

A Handful Came to Honor Military Families & Support the Troops

They came to cheer for Bush’s war. They came to counter the anti war rally. They came to heap praise on their president for his leadership and wisdom. What a sorry group they were.

Their organizers had planned for thousands. The glitzy bandstand looked out on a sea of chairs prepared for a large turnout of real Americans to show their support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the end, a meager few hundred souls showed up. They came to prop up their trusted leader and his blind commitment to staying the course. They failed quite miserably.

It wasn’t only the poor turn-out that made this event so pathetic. First, it was the exploitation of the dead. Family member after family member of a dead soldier thanked George Bush profusely for waging the war that took the life of their loved one. And second, it was the concerted effort to portray the anti war protesters as fools and traitors and left wing radicals. That, too, fell totally flat.

They really tried, give them credit for that. It was a one-two punch. Hit the audience with a heart-wrenching story of valor and death, and then blame the protesters for not supporting the troops. Have a grieving parent or spouse share the real pain of losing someone in the war, and follow it up by someone telling Cindy Sheehan she should move to Iran. And so it went for hours on end, interspersed with sparse applause and isolated war whoops. On and on and on.

And then, of course there were the highlights, the moments to remember – the ones that put the icing on this bitter, poisonous cake. Best of all was the introduction of “a great American” to help their cause – J. Gordon Liddy! Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel! It could be that many in the audience had no clue that the man they were cheering and applauding had spent more than four years in prison for planning the Watergate burglary. What a historic moment that was, witnessing the birth of Convicted Felons for War! Then again, thinking of Bush’s appointees, how utterly fitting.

Second best was Ronald Conley, a past commander of the American Legion. To the wild applause of his audience, he outlined a plan to deal with protesters – whom he blamed for losing the Vietnam War! Since protesters have the potential to destroy our way of life, Conley explained, the Legion had passed a landmark resolution last August. Among other things it stated that. “the right to protest must be carefully weighed and be responsible so as not [sic] to avoid enemy propaganda.” Mangled as this phrase was, the intent was clear: fascism lives!

Aside from the families, the afternoon was a venue for a handful of right wing talk show hosts, politicos and gung ho military men. Their common rhetoric, to no one’s surprise, featured three emotionally charged trigger words: terror, terrorist, and 9/11, while the continuous barrage against Cindy Sheehan and the anti war movement was relentless. It could be that the real anger on display was motivated by the embarrassingly small turnout for a dying cause. My money is on that possibility.

My money also is on Karl Rove eating a great deal of crow right now. His public dismissal of the anti war movement was a really dumb move. But he’ll atone by making certain that George Bush is spared any news of the massive rally against his wars and his presidency that took place on Saturday. You can be just as sure that Rove will keep his fragile puppet from learning about the dismally small number of Bush supporters that showed up on Sunday.

Osama Who? Media Begins the “Protect bin Laden Campaign!”

Monday, September 26th, 2005

Last night 60 Minutes (CBS) took part in a campaign to make the public think that catching Osama bin Laden is not important. You may see this message in many forms over the next few months. This, to me, indicates that Osama is indeed being protected by the US. We never intended on getting him. The media is now getting the public opinion in line. This speaks volumes.

Keep in mind that if he is reported killed or caught, we will never be given direct access to him (or his body) for the purpose of verifying his identity. Based on what we have seen for 5 years we must raise our level of skepticism towards this most untrustworthy administration. Think about it!

Link to 60 Minutes Piece:

Bush/bin Laden Ties:
The 9/11 Cover Up:

Quotes from the 60 Minutes piece:
“Is it all that important to find him?” asks Safdar. “Even if he’s taken out tomorrow, his ideology is not going to come to an end. So, I don’t think that he’s that important that we should be overly concerned about his being dead or alive.”

It is not important that bin Laden be captured, he says, because, “What’s going to happen? Sentiments, they are going to get further aggravated, but their ideology will continue. It’s not going to stop here.”

But Pakistani President Musharraf does not disagree: “These troops are not certainly on a trail of one man and that’s all they are doing,” he says. “They are fighting terrorism, wherever it is. If Osama happens to be there incidentally, he will be killed or captured.”

Support for Bush and Media Lies! It’s Obvious!!!

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Here is how I know that the elections were rigged, the support for the Bush administration has never been large and that the media portrays a false reality to the people of this nation. I have attended several huge demonstrations against the Bush administration in DC & NY. The first one I had attended in DC had several hundred thousand people there. The one in NY must have had a million people or so because there were 3 avenues filled with people for 50 block each. Yesterday’s rally in DC had several hundred thousand people. I know this because I have attended NFL football games where 60 or so thousand people have attended and the crowds at those events did not come close to the crowds I have witnessed. Yet each event was represented by our corporate media so inaccurately that you can taste the deception. Each time the major news organizations have understated the crowd numbers by as much as 90% and if they show pictures of the events they use pictures taken early during the crowd build up, not during the peak hours where you can not find a place to stand because of the huge numbers of attendees.

So I ask you, if the media time and time again lie about the opposition to this administration and understate the global and domestic opposition to them why would I trust them when they tell me that there is domestic support for anything this administration does? Why should I believe their polls? Why should I believe anything they say after I have witnessed their continued blatant lies about the level of opposition to this administration that I have witnessed with my own eyes! The answer is I should not trust them and neither should you. The media is the enemy of the American people and our Democracy. Think about it!

Hurricane Rita Contributes to National (News) Blackout!

Friday, September 23rd, 2005

Before it even reached land Hurricane Rita has contributed to blackouts across our nation. I am speaking of news blackouts. Ever since Katrina hit our 24 hour news networks have not been able to set aside more than perhaps 40 seconds per hour to other news in this nation. With the exception of the Roberts hearings we have not heard any news from our “news” networks.

We have not heard about another recess appointment of an shady Iran Contra criminal by George W. Bush (the grand hero to people who committed crimes while working for our government!) We have not heard about the many deaths in Iraq, both American and Iraqi. We have not heard a word about the very suspicious situation in which heavily armed Brit soldiers dressed as Arabs were arrested in Iraq and then broken out of jail by British tanks! We have not heard about the Diebold insider who blew the whistle about top government officials knowing about the backdoor in their software that can let an election be stolen! We have not heard a word about George W. Bush (alcoholic with control over nuclear weapons) started drinking again. And we have not even heard that Chavez (Venezuela) has donated a million (1,000,000) barrels of oil to the hurricane relief effort.

We now have the 24 hour catastrophic weather channel, and they only cover American weather at that! I’ve said it for years but allowing these networks to call themselves “news” networks is catamount to false labeling! Think about it!

Lapdog White House Press Corps(e) Plays Dead Again!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Sent to me by my co-editor:

WH Briefing, 91/2//05: Another Day, Another Charade!

It was business as usual: another staged press briefing featuring favored lapdogs in the WH Press Corps panting to ask their vetted questions. The embarrassing giveaway this time was someone named Bianca. As reporters’ hands were raised as if to get the attention of the President, he called on Bianca to pose her planted query. But Bianca wasn’t there; she hadn’t shown up for her performance. Dang.

A bit later into the farce, a female reporter rose to ask a question. “Are you Bianca?” asked the President. No luck again, - Bianca and her obviously crucial question were still missing. Sadly, we’ll never know what Bush/PNAC policy the elusive Bianca had been preened to promote today. Dang, again.

President Bush held the briefing at the Pentagon to keep the nation up to date on his great successes in the global war on terrorism, otherwise known as the unending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Generals George Casey and John Abizaid played intro to the main attraction, and long absent Veep Cheney, aneurism and all, stood solemnly in the background. Hmm, there must be an anti-war protest coming soon.

And wouldn’t you know, it was time to pull the 9/11 - terror - terrorist connections out of mothballs again. The President’s redundant speech was filled with the same old lies that withdrawing American forces from Iraq would make the world more dangerous and would allow terrorists “to claim an historic victory over the United States.”  Making the same old references to past terrorist attacks around the world, he concluded that “The only way the terrorists can win is if we lose our nerve and abandon the mission.” Yawn.

Oh yes, our noble, always truthful President reminded us that we’re in Iraq because we can’t allow Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden to dominate the Middle East. What say? Is that as opposed to PNAC dominating the region? Gasp of disbelief¦

If you missed it, read the text for yourself and wonder why there’s no one in the WH with the skill to come up with a better rationale for killing more and more people every day. Someone should have been able to cover up the failures of the Bush policies with some new mantras. Someone should have put in a clever talking point to counter Cindy Sheehan’s concern about some supposed glory in all this. But, no,¦it was same old, same old, same old.

And so it also went with the long dead Press Corps(e): the same old, same old questions about the war and the hurricanes. Everything that emerged from the mouth of any reporter fed the President a cue to reassure that nation that he was in full charge of our safety. It was all a joke and a farce¦.but it passed as a press briefing. Barf.

What wouldn’t I have given to hear just three meaningful challenges from some of these bought-and-paid-for mutants? Just three of so many that should have been asked:

1. Mr. President: Why do you take every opportunity to connect your war against Iraq with terrorism and with the attacks of 9/11, when you know perfectly well that Saddam Hussein had absolutely no connection to either Al Qaeda or the attacks of September 11th?

2. Mr. President: If you honestly intend, as you always claim, to leave Iraq when the mission is completed (whatever that is), how is it that you are building fourteen permanent military bases in Iraq at this very moment?

3. Mr. President: You ran on a platform of keeping the country safe. How is that you appointed Michael Brown, and five other totally incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified cronies to head and run FEMA?

Dream on. It will never happen.  We will never hear a question posed to George W. Bush that is meant to hold him accountable to the people of the US. On the day that Helen Thomas was banished from her seat of honor at press briefings, the rest of the Corps{e} sold their souls to corporate America.

Every full moon they growl menacingly at Scott McClellan, but even he knows that the WH Press Corps{e), despite any pretense to the contrary, is really toothless and clawless - and ultimately spineless. Dang.

The Bush Administration’s Global Genocide – The US Media’s Complicit Silence

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Even when the entire American corporate broadcast news industry spends virtually all their time reporting on only one subject they can’t or won’t even give you all the pertinent information. As they have with Iraq, the elections, 9/11 and virtually every other important story the American news media refuse to report information that might damage the dangerous and vile people who are currently running our nation.

The fact, and I say “fact” is that hurricanes Katrina and Rita have become as powerful as they have because they picked up energy as they passed along the warm waters in the gulf. The warm water temperatures help to increase the severity of storms. That is a fact. What the liars and deceivers called the American corporate news media refuse to tell you is that human beings contribute to the conditions that warm the waters. They also refuse to mention how the Bush administration ignore and actually lie about science so that their cronies can continue to practice greed to the detriment of life on Earth. They refuse to tell the public about the moves by the Bush administration that has resulted in the increase in damage done to the environment by the greedy ruling elite. This damage as, among other things, resulted in the increase in global water temperatures (even in the Gulf!)

The media refuse to inform the public about the fact that the Bush administration has not only neglected to slow down the problems related to the destruction of the planet as it relates to the environment, rather they have worked non-stop to speed up the destruction of our planet. The media refuse to inform the public that the Bush administration, by virtue of their environmental policy, are murdering every living creature on the Planet earth and they have proven to be more dangerous than any terrorist or enemy of the state. The media neglect to tell the public that Bush and his administration are murdering them.

Very simply put, the Bush administration is committing complete and unbiased genocide of the people, plants and animals of the planet Earth with their environmental policies and non-policies. They are the greatest threat to our existence that has ever been known and the members of the media don’t seem to understand that they will die along with the rest of us. Perhaps they have gills and can breathe underwater?

When the media criminals bring themselves to mention global warming they pretty much treat it as if it were some left wing theory and they completely ignore the global scientific community and the multitude of alarms being raised around the world regarding this subject. This is one of the many reasons that prove that the American corporate news media and every single person who works for them are the greatest enemy of the American people. Think about it!

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