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More Blatant Lies From CNN!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

CNN continued their long tradition of lying to the public today! During their one minute or so that they dedicate to news items other than the one or two stories they cover during any given hour, they reported about some tension in Iraq related to some British soldiers who were “rescued” by British troops. “Rescued!” They told the public that the soldiers were “rescued!!!!” This is a bold face out and out lie! The soldiers in question were arrested, shot an Iraqi police officer, were dressed up as Arabs, heavily armed, and the British troops broke them out of jail allowing 150 inmates to escape in the process!!! Can CNN possibly mislead the public any more than they have on this one news item?

CNN, the most trusted name in news? How sad a statement about the news industry is that? Think about it!

Nazis, Neocons, Same Difference!

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

The passing of world renowned Holocaust survivor & Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, makes me wonder if our next generation will have the need to produce neocon survivors & hunters? Will people be hunting the criminals within our current government who perpetrated wars of aggression, human rights violations, the dismantling of our Constitution and electoral system and very probably played a major part in the events of 9/11?

If you don’t think that America today is very similar to Nazi Germany just question your friends and neighbors. Here is how you tell if they have the same mindset as the people who supported the Nazi regime. Ask them if they support, condone or cheer actions taken by their leaders that they would not approve of had they been conducted by other nations; Arab nations for example. If they answer yes, even on one minor count, they are paralleling the supporters of Hitler in that they support things that they know are wrong just because their guy is in control. This is not called patriotism it is called nationalism, and it is they same sentiment felt by the supporters of Hitler’s Nazi regime.

While the Nazi’s had a slightly different agenda, and I do mean “slightly” different, they were not as dangerous as the Bush/PNAC administration in that they did not have the means (nuclear weapons) to destroy the planet. Americans should have learned from history, they did not. This makes the people who support this administration worse than the people who supported the Nazis because Americans are letting bad history repeat itself. People who support the massive deaths and torture at the hands of the Bush/PNAC group are clearly as bad if not worse than the people who supported the Nazis because they aught to know better. Will anyone ever hold these people accountable? Will the term neocon-hunter some day become part of the American vernacular? I sure hope so! Think about it!

Bankrupting America

Monday, September 19th, 2005

What happens to a nation that goes broke? If our government keeps spending money without having a plan on how to pay for everything, what happens? I have this feeling that the people who are running the show right now have no intention of paying off the national debt. I have a feeling that these people, who are using American military might as if we don’t have to answer to any other nation for anything, have no intention of ever paying anything to any nation that we owe. I think their plan is to break the finances of this nation and make sure that the individuals who own the private lending institutions (The Federal Reserve & the international bankers), outright own the US. It sure seems like that is what they are trying to do. Is there another explanation for their fiscal irresponsibility? Think about it!

Does the Bush Administration Want to End Life on Earth?

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

The Bush administration has hampered efforts by the UN to address nuclear nonproliferation; they have stepped up research into new nuclear weapons; they are trying to loosen guidelines for the use of nuclear weapons; they are looking into new landmine technology; they have eliminated the programs that monitored nuclear waste sites in the US; and they reduced funding meant to account for all he nuclear arms that had once been controlled by the USSR. Now consider all of the Bush administrations actions related to environmental laws. Can someone tell me how they are making us safer? It sure seems to me that this administration is hell bent on destroying the world. It seems obvious to me. Can you think of another explanation for all of these actions or non-actions? Think about it!

Safe to Return to New Orleans? Don’t You Believe It!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

One of the many crimes committed by the Bush administration was the manipulation of post 9/11EPA information. The Bush administration had the EPA lie to the people of America by saying that the air was safe so that Wall Street would be able to open. This was proven to be one of the most outrageous lies ever told in history. Well they have announced that parts of New Orleans are safe from toxins and people can return to their homes and businesses. I would urge caution here. I don’t know how anyone, at this point, would trust this government with anything, let alone with their personal safety! Think about it!

Sean Hannity’s America

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

The newly elected government in Norway has promised to use more of their oil riches to pay for jobs, education and care for the elderly. I wonder what Sean Hannity and his mindless followers think of this? They probably use words like pinko, commie and the dreaded liberal! I wonder if they know that Saddam used his oil money to pay for infrastructure (before the sanctions), universal health care and free education through college for everyone (including women!) I wonder how the citizens of Sean Hannity’s America convince themselves that the American system of personal greed, most brilliantly exemplified by George W. Bush and his policies, is a more honorable and companionate system? How do they continue to fool themselves into believing that America is the “greatest nation in the world?” I’ll tell you how they do this…they simply ignore what goes on in the rest of the world and for the most part what goes on in America. What they don’t know…can’t hurt them! Or can it? Think about it!

The Media Grants Themselves the Free Pass That They Had Issued to Bush

Monday, September 12th, 2005

I find it interesting but not surprising that the American media has started to lay blame on the Bush administration for doing many things that have weakened our nation, yet they have not acknowledged their own violations of public trust for not reporting these things as they occurred. We will hear a lot about how budget cuts, cronyism, fixation on war and terror and general disregard for the common American have lead to many problems in Bushland. The media however, will not remind us of something I have been telling you every day for 3 years…that the media was hell bent on keeping this information from the public for 5 years. The actions that have led to the obliteration of America as we knew and loved it, from the shredding of the Constitution to the economic rape of the poor and middle class, were reported on a daily basis by the liberal rags, Bush haters and conspiracy theorists. The funny thing is the credibility of these un-American traitors is about as high as can be and the rest of the world is starting to realize that.

Credit however will not be granted to the “I told you so” crowd; not even by our close friends who told us that we are paranoid for all these years. And most importantly, the American media will transfer to themselves the free pass that they issued to the Bush administration some 6 years ago. As was/is the case with the Bush administration, thanks to the media, questions about accountability or responsibility for the disasters that took place under the watch, or non-watch of the media, will not be raised. Think about it!

We Need to Remove Our Leaders For They Will Destroy The World

Sunday, September 11th, 2005

As we look back at the horrors of 9/11/2001 our government is expanding their mission scope for the potential use of nuclear weapons. It is time that the people of the world start thinking about removing from power all men who initiate acts of war on other nations or on their own people.

It is especially disturbing to know that the most destructive weapons in the world are being controlled by men who have never witnessed first hand the horrors of war. As any does any job, appropriate requirements should be defined for the leadership positions within our government and if the US ends up with a president who has never seen war up close that president should never be permitted to declare war unless it is in direct response to a legitimate, clear and present danger to our nation.

The men in charge of the United States must be removed from office for they will lead this world to its end. Think about it

Bush & Democracy, Oil & Water

Saturday, September 10th, 2005

So an American can get handcuffed and detained for speaking. This is the America Bush supporters have helped to create. How do they fool themselves into thinking this most anti-democracy regime is good for America or good for anything? I wonder how supportive they would feel had a Democrat banished them to special free speech zones; little roped off areas of the nation where people are allowed to be free? Democracy in America? Can somebody please ask these Bush supporters to show me the democracy; or at least tell me what they think democracy is?

By the way, did you notice that there is a direct correlation between actual news getting reported, which has been the case with the hurricane, and Bush’s approval ratings dropping? Think about it!

9/11 - The Denial Must Stop

Friday, September 9th, 2005

The 4th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, will take place this Sunday. For over a year I was a true believer in the official story as put forth by our government and corporate media, explaining the events, or at least some aspects of the events of that day. It was only after I started in response to the outright lies told by the media regarding the invasion of Iraq, that I started noticing a similar, if not more drastic pattern of deception by our media regarding the events of 9/11.

To this day there are many people, even many long time supporters of and my close personal friends who refuse to believe that there is a possibility of government complicity or cover up. Well let me tell you this, there is no doubt in my mind, after 4 years of research, that the official story is a fairy tale and that at the very least members of our government permitted the events to unfold as they did.

I defy anyone to continue to believe the official fairy tale after watching the DVD “Confronting the Evidence” or the recent hearings on the 9/11 Commission report held by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Before you think this is a sales pitch to elicit donations…I do not offer these DVDs on my site. As a matter of fact I will be giving out free copies of Confronting the Evidence at ground zero this Sunday AM. As far as the McKinney hearings go, I will search ways to make this available to my readers for free. I will tell you that after watching the hearings there is no way in life a reasonable person will not understand that the official story is nothing more than a cover story, and a pretty bad one at that.

It is already way past the time that we remove from office the people who were involved in the acts of 9/11. But with each day of denial every person who remains complacent and unwilling to at least examine the evidence becomes more guilty in helping to protect the perpetrators of the events that changed the world. Think about it!

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