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Do TV News Networks Have Internet Access?

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Do the TV news networks have Internet access? Have they read what is being written even by mainstream corporate media? To the people on MSNBC TV read their own website? Will they join reality and dare to mention anything that makes the Bush administration look bad, or I should say look as bad as they are?

To my surprise mainstream Internet news sites are actually reporting on how the Iraq war and Bush’s budget cuts have resulted in Katrina taking a far greater toll than it had to. As I mentioned several days ago Bush’s budget actually cut funding for much needed upgrades of the levis and pumping stations in New Orleans. The money was redirected to destroy Iraq at the financial behest of the war profiteers and oil industry as well as PNAC. The national guard, who have always been here to help out with rescue operations and with security (looting and crime control) during natural disasters are watching their friends and neighbors suffer through this disaster from Iraq.

Hurricane Katrina is exactly why many men and women join the national guard. Building levis to protect us from floods is exactly why we pay taxes. This is so obvious that the mainstream media had to come clean, at least on the Internet, where most people who are already well informed can see them. Now how about informing the uninformed people who rely on TV for their un-information? Think about it!

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