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The Media’s Questions About the War? What Questions?

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

The news media is suddenly declaring that the CIA case is forcing them to RE-examine the justification for the invasion of Iraq. Key word there being “RE”. When the hell did they examine the justification in the fist place? It was only the so-called Bush bashing anti-Americans who were questioning the rational for war. You know, the people like Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon. Actually they/we were not only questioning the rational for war, we were answering those questions. Another thing the criminally complicit media did not do.

Without the complicity of the American news industry the invasion of Iraq would not have been tolerated. The ludicrous notion that “if we knew then what we know now we would not have supported the war” does not hold water because we did know then what we knew now! We have learned nothing new, not a thing. They sold this war for profit. The news industry knows that war = high ratings and newspaper sales. They lied to us so they can make a buck on the greatest strategic disaster in American history.

The American news industry as a whole has Iraqi & American blood on their collective hands and all the spin in the world won’t wash it off now! Think about it!

Hey Bush Turncoats: Just Shut Up and Apologize!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

What’s changed? Why are all these Bush supporters speaking out against the administration now? What do we know now that we did not know before the stolen election? Where was all the media attention when the group of former diplomats and senior military leaders tried to alert the nation about the damage that the Bush administration had done?

I see all these people and media organizations suddenly speaking out. Well there have been a lot of us reporting the realities of the Bush administration for years now. Nothing is new.

Take notice of every issue being discussed with the exceptions of Bush’s handling of Katrina and his selection for Supreme Court Justice. Every issue they are talking about predates the invasion of Iraq. We reported about the forged evidence back before the invasion. Why is this news now?

What you are witnessing is a wave of people trying to save face. They are all chickens because they did not speak up earlier. The vocal anti-Bush protestors, who have been marching in the streets for years and subjecting themselves to the vile and uninformed ridicule of the blind followers of the Bush/PNAC lie machine, are the only people who should be proud of themselves. Everyone else should just shut up about Bush, apologize to the anti-Bush crowd and admit that the anti-Bush community has been correct all along! Think about it!

Networks Still Protect Bush, It’s in the Timing!

Friday, October 21st, 2005

When you watch CNN’s American Morning keep a stop watch with you. Time the interviews that take place. Notice how the interviews related to topics like shark attacks last up to 4 times longer than interviews related to anything that exposes the Bush administration’s faults. Notice that interviews related to anything that supports the Bush administration last up to 3 times as long as those that expose the Bush administration.

Also take note of the line of questioning. Take note at how the CNN hosts battle and grill the people who may be exposing the Bush administration’s faults, or they ask very few questions at all so as not to dig too deep for fear of exposing more.

Once you start noticing this trend you will spot it all over the place, not only on CNN. It’s not just on CNN, it’s everywhere! Think about it!

Cheney’s Bad? We Told You First!

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

While the media is just starting to open their eyes to the devil incarnate, Dick Cheney, remember that we told you all along that he was the ground zero of corruption in this administration. His fingerprints are all over 9/11 as well. Just remember that we were among the first to raise the red flag on Cheney while the news media ignored every indication of the brewing problems.
Remember this?:

Who’s the most trusted name in news? CNN? Maybe it should be! Think about it!

Pat Buchanan Says It Like It Is About the NY Times!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

Last night on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Mathews, Pat Buchanan made an excellent point regarding the Plame leak and the NY Times reporter Judith Miller. Mr. Buchanan said that the Bush administration accomplished something that even the Nixon administration, for which he worked, was not able to do. They turned the NY Times into their propaganda tool. Mr. Buchanan went on to say that the NY Times helped sell a war based on false evidence to the American people. This is coming from Pat Buchanan.

Enough can not be said about the betrayal of the American people by the American news media but. Mr. Buchanan’s comments however, should be added to the collective voice of outrage at the media. Think about it!

Republican Ignorance on Public Display at

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Republican Ignorance on Public Display at

I visit so that I can read the opinions of hardcore Republicans on the vital issues facing out nation. I listen to all with a hope that I can learn something. I am often stunned at the childish and rude commentary I find there. Virtually every thread breaks down into a rude name-calling, cheer-leading rant, often culminating in some homophobic insult.

I rarely find any posts on that site that would help anyone understand or become aware of something new or profound. However, I often come across new ways to dehumanize homosexuals.. In virtually every thread there is an inevitable array of unique and creative gay bashing..

Today, I discovered a thread on that showcased the ignorance, gullibility and sheer stupidity of today’s Republicans. I really believe that the posts on this thread are classic examples of how the members of this forum are totally manipulated by liars in the media, such as one of their often-quoted heroes, Sean Hannity.

The thread describes how William Kristol, whom the freepers refer to as the editor of the Weekly Standard, reported the present bad mood in the White House. Several key posts expose the ignorance of a group of people who take a passionate position about something they know nothing about, and show how they blindly support people about whom they know even less.

Topic: Kristol: ‘Mood is Bleak’ at White House (uh-huh)

The thread:

  • Defining comment 1: “How does Kristol know? Sources? Why would anyone in the White House leak to him? He doesn’t have their best interests at heart.”
  • Defining comment 2: “So are we to assume Kristol is getting his information from junior aides? I can’t imagine anyone who really knows anything actually talking to Kristol about this.”
  • Defining comment 3: “Kristol’s mood is bleak because he’s a homo.”

It is amazing how these posts so clearly expose the complete ignorance of Republicans when it comes to their own idols! Let’s look at it more closely:

Do these posters have a clue that William Kristol is the Chairman of PNAC, The Project for a New American Century? This is the organization that boasts among its members Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, and 6 other key players on the Bush team in 2001. Do the freepers know how close Kristol is to the major players in the White House, and the access he has to these men? Does it even dawn on them that no one would have to ‘leak’ to Kristol at all. He is an insider who knows what’s going on in the Bush WH. Do the freepers give Kristol any credit for being one of the most influential neocons in the nation, and one of the major architects of the Bush foreign policy? No way, The freepers haven’t the slightest clue.

And speaking of Republican homophobia, do the freepers know anything about RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman?

If anyone is wondering why I did not post a response to this comment, my answer is simple: I have no time to teach the unteachable. The people in this thread collectively were missing a fundamental piece of information that every Republican should have, and very, very few ever do. Any supporter of the Bush administration who is unfamiliar with Bill Kristol, PNAC and the roles of these neocons in formulating foreign policy and in waging Bush’s wars, is beyond redemption. There is not enough time in one lifetime to undo damage caused by the complicit corporate media.

Not a single person posting to this thread exhibited an iota of accuracy about or knowledge of Kristol . Not a single person posted any information that even closely identified Bill Kristol and his relationship to the White House. They had no clue as to the influence Kristol had on the current Bush policies. As a matter of fact Kristol had much more input than Bush himself, yet these so called Republicans are oblivious to the creators of the principles and policies that they so loudly hail.

These people have been regular viewers of FOX News throughout all the years of the Bush/PNAC administration. Despite all the appearances Kristol has made on FOX and other cable ‘news’ programs, none of these people has ever learned who Kristol really is. Kristol is never introduced as having any connection to the forbidden reference: PNAC. And so, these poorly informed people had no idea who he was, nor did they ever take the time to find out.

I wonder how they would react if they found out about the tell-tale “new Pearl Harbor” comment made by Kristol’s group years before 9/11? I wonder how these people would feel if they had a clue as to the true goals and visions of the people they support. These people are mindless, uninformed, unsophisticated mental midgets. They are strong in numbers, week in intellect, show no signs of the ability or willingness to think for themselves, and they are full of irrational hate based on inaccurate or unsubstantiated information.

While I am not interested in cheering for Democrats, I can say without a doubt that my 3 years covering media deception have clearly proven to me that Democrats who oppose the Bush administration know exactly why they hold their views. On the other hand my experience with Bush supporters taught me that they share three common traits; blind faith, a lack of information and no curiosity whatsoever! In a nutshell, Bush haters seem to know a great deal more about the Bush administration than do Bush supporters. This speaks volumes!

Don’t take my word for it…go visit them. The website is a public display of ignorance amassed to the point of being dangerous. They are a disgrace to America and they represent the failed state of our news media on whom they apparently rely for the information on which to base their views.

To learn about the REAL William Kristol, read this! LINK
I’d love some freepers to guest or call my radio program!

CNN Continues to Lie to Us About Global Warming!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

What’s the matter CNN, you can’t find 2 people on the planet to push your propaganda? CNN continued their campaign to misinform America about the urgent and dire global warming situation. They continue to prop up the same guest from NASA so that they can make the point that it is too early to actually prove that global warming is having an impact on the record breaking storms we are experiencing. This is like saying that we really have to wait until the autopsy to prove that a corpse is dead.

Here is a little tip for CNN…try getting a second opinion. There are about 10,000 scientists willing so set the record straight for you; try expanding your guest pool. There are also a few people in the southern part of this nation who may be willing to shed some light on the topic.

CNN, along with every single corporate news organization in this country, have addressed environmental news with the same logic, verve and integrity that tobacco companies used to defend their death causing products for decades. CNN, the most trusted name in news? How sad is that? Think about it!

Bloggers Vs. Corporate News. Bloggers Win!

Monday, October 17th, 2005

Are you paying attention to the bloggers these days? They seem to be the only people out there investigating anything these days. The corporate news organizations are happy to deliver information that is handed to them by the authorities while the bloggers seem to actually research and investigate events.

The bloggers are still picking apart that criminal propaganda fake meeting between Bush and the troops. They have identified a second shill among the crowd. Are the corporate news criminals simply too stupid to find this out or are they criminally unwilling to do their job as journalists? It’s time to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the fact that bloggers are now the trusted journalists who are trying to preserve our democracy while the corporate news cronies are the enemy of that democracy!

TVNL Radio - 10-16-2005

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

Today is the first progam of our re-launch. Thanks to Monks Media Radio Network we are back on the air.

LIVE 12 Noon ET - Call-in: 317-776-4130 AOL IM; tvnewslies

Today’s program will start with an outline of what the program and the TvNewsLIES website is all about. During the second hour we will be visited by Brad Friedman of Brad will be discussing election fraud that has taken place right here in the good old USA! Still think you live in a democracy? Think again! Always expect a few surprises from Brad!

Comment on the news of the day: This morning on CNN there was an American soldier in Iraq being interviewed about his experiences in Iraq. He discussed how his unit was attacked daily and several of his fellow soldiers were eventually killed. He also said that there have been no attacks on his unit in 4 months. He said that the locals finally got the hint after the Americans started to bomb their date tree groves. Well…this is a war crime! This is a crime against humanity and it violates the Geneva Conventions. Destroying the food supply of a civilian population is a war crime! It also violates the rules against collective punishment; another convention violation. This is a common practice of the Israelis in the occupied territories and it is now the practice of Americans in occupied Iraq. Do you understand why some Arabs want to kill us?

Some read along material for today’s program:

Bush’s Staged Meeting With the Troops - More Important Than You Think!

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

As the Sunday morning “news” programs proceeded I noticed something very obviously missing. I was glad to see that they were talking about the Plame investigation but I was not surprised to see that every one of these tabloid politic pulp-semi-fiction programs ignored the staged media embarrassment where Bush had a scripted and rehearsed “impromptu” meeting with the troops.
The staged event was of great importance because it is a prime example of how the Bush administration, with the help of the media, had engaged in full blown in your face unadulterated tax payer funded corporate news media supported troop abusing lying to America propaganda.

This was a “caught in the act” example of the Bush administration’s practice of creating a false reality by creating fake news. It was also an example of how the news media is part of the deception by delivering this propaganda without question. That event was of far greater importance than anyone has indicated to date. It is another smoking gun exposing the devious nature of the Bush/PNAC administration and the American news media. Think about it!

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