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News Media Observations: Deception Defined

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

Some important media deception points:

Porter Goss, our new CIA Director, said yesterday that he will not hold anyone responsible for failures related to the non-prevention of the events of 9/11/2001. What the media has not told you is that on that dreadful morning Goss was having breakfast in Washington DC with the man who was found out to have wired Mohamed Atta $100,000 during the weeks prior to the event. Of course Goss was the natural choice to head the CIA now that we know this. Now he is protecting the rest of the inside crew. Understand this; there are many people in the Bush administration who were either incompetent in preventing or complicit in conducting or permitting the events of that day. They either failed miserably (and catastrophically) to protect us or they intentionally harmed us. There is no in between. The media, the justice system and the majority of Americans have not examined that incompetence or complicity, in essence leaving America vulnerable to the same incompetence or complicity. My new definition for the word “stupid” is “anyone who still believes the official explanation for the events of 9/11.” It is becoming so obvious that there is more to the story than we have been told and that the trail leads to the highest levels of the Bush administration, that there is no legitimate excuse for not being suspicious.

On another note: Yesterday, one of the pathetic news networks (CNN or MSNBC), I forget which, had 2 guests discussing the very important issue of the new Supreme Court Justice nominee. One point I want to make is that you are never told anything at all about the “institutions” or “think tanks” that these “guests” come from. What is the Heritage Foundation or the American Enterprise Institute? Of course you never hear about the Project for a New American Century even though members of that group litter the administration and the TV news shows. The other thing I want to point out about this discussion…even though the guests were only on for about 2 minutes and even though one guest started to say something that sounded like he really wanted/needed to express, the host cut him off and told him that he “had to go!” What was so urgent? What did this network have time for when they could not devote more time to the vital issue of the selection of a Supreme Court Judge? They “had” to address some new female teenage golf pro (Michele Wie). Yes, golf was more important to this 24 hour per day “news” network than the selection of a Supreme Court justice! As a matter of fact CNN is doing a piece on her as I write this!

My web site is littered with my comments about how (non state sponsored) terrorism is not a big threat to us. I keep saying that the biggest threat to us is environmental terrorism in the forms of polluting and global warming, are a much greater threat to life on Earth. I have also pointed out how this fact makes George W. Bush, by virtue of his environmental policies, the greatest terrorist on earth. Well, another, and I repeat, another report came out proving my point. Where is the US media on this issue? Nowhere. For this reason they are complicit in the crimes against life on Earth being committed by our government.

One last note I scanned the 3 criminal news networks at the top of the 10 o’clock hour (ET) last night just to see what their priorities are. CNN was, to their credit, talking about one of the Bush administration spy scandals hitting the fan; I don’t remember which one, there are so many to keep track of! MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (former Republican Congressman who had a female intern die in his office with none of the media fanfare that Gary Condit, who did nothing wrong, had to go through, turned host of a “news” program) was discussing one of the murdered women stories that have no impact on any Americans other than the friends and families involved. FOX News was also addressing this nationally non-vital issue of a murdered woman. National “news” networks? Who are they kidding? Apparently many people! Think about it!

Halliburton Vs. New Orleans: Halliburton Wins!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

The devastated city of New Orleans took another hit yesterday when they announced the layoffs of 3000 city workers. The city is receiving little tax revenue so it can not afford to pay their employees. FEMA can provide funds to pay for overtime pay for workers who work on the recovery process but they are not allowed to pay the base salaries of those workers.

Congress, who has voted to fund the $400 billion destruction and reconstruction of Iraq, did not call an emergency session so that they can provide an emergency appropriation for the city workers of New Orleans.

The US military can not account for over $1 trillion yet Congress continues to increase defense funding and they continue to add special war time appropriations so that we can gorge the military industrial complex.

Halliburton was caught overcharging the US government for services in Iraq by as much as $1 billion yet they received a $72 million bonus. (Imagine getting caught stealing from your company and then getting a huge bonus!)

The CEO of Halliburton made $60 million in profits on his own company’s stock in just 4 months due to the fuel crisis that is endangering our entire economy, let alone the economy of New Orleans.

If we were to locate the $1 billion missing at the hands of Halliburton we can use it to pay those 3000 employees $33K each for 1 year. Had we taken just $5 billion of the money spent on destroying Iraq and killing all those people including journalists and our own troops, we could have paid for 5 years of emergency salaries for the 3000 city workers in New Orleans.

On the other hand, if we can snatch the missing $1 trillion out of the offshore bank accounts of Dick Cheney, US covert black OPS (which operate outside of the US law and do not answer to our elected officials), and Cheney’s friends in the Military industrial complex, we could pay for over 10,000 years of salary for those 3000 workers. Or it would pay for 10 years of salary for 300,000 of those workers. I just thought I would point that out. I realize that $33K per year may not be the ideal salary but it is an ideal alternative to $0.

It is 5 years into this global nightmare called the Bush/PNAC era (or more accurately “error”), and I am still waiting to see what “companionate conservatism” looks like. I am also waiting for the publicly Christian George W. Bush to start acting like one. Think about it!

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Just a Media Rant

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Just some general babbling today:

On Bush’s choice for Supreme Court Justice…I suppose if there was a grand jury looking into the crimes of my administration and if my administration was the most corrupt in history, I would want my personal lawyer to be the judge in any potential court case.

On MSNBC…The other day this so called “news” network ran an vital in depth news story and interview with the latest person to get “fired” by Donald Trump on his television reality show. How’s that for vital news?

On CNN…Surprisingly CNN permitted an interview with a soldier returning from Iraq who got in trouble for posting information about the many civilian deaths caused by American military. Not surprisingly Soledad O’Brien was virtually silent during the interview, asked very few questions and showed absolutely no curiosity about what the soldier had to say. This was quite a departure from the tenacity she shows during interviews related to issues like Scott Peterson, Martha Stewart and the latest hit movie, whatever it may be.

On the White House press corps…David Gregory, NBC/MSNBC White House correspondent and member of the WH press corps, filled in for Matt Lauer on the Today Show. Is this a job for a journalist? This proves my point that TV news “journalists” are not in the journalism business, they are in show biz! They are entertainers. They aspire to be high paid TV personalities and the TV networks evaluate their TV journalists on the basis of this un-natural career path, not on the basis of their journalism credentials or ability. These TV journalists do not aspire to make their mark in history by reporting vital information to the public and the real journalists have no voice in today’s broadcast news industry. Think about it!

Why I No Longer Support The Military! They Have Betrayed Us!

Monday, October 3rd, 2005

I can no longer support the military and let me tell you why. By “military” I mean the higher echelon, the generals, - the commanders, - those who are using our enlisted troops as fodder. Our enlisted men and women are the pawns sent to bleed and die in the Bush wars, and have become the fall guys who take the blame for the horrors in this illegal and immoral war.

I have spent every day of my life for the past 3 years fighting for my nation and fighting for our troops. Yes, I have fought for my troops by fighting for truth, honesty, integrity and human compassion while trying to protect our Constitution and our democracy. This is more than the military has ordered the troops to do for me. As a result, they have not protected me. They have supported my enemy and they have violated their oath. The troops have betrayed me and they have betrayed the United States of America.

The Marine Corps Oath: “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.” With this phrase begins life as a Marine. And we treat it as the solemn promise that it is.

US ARMY OATH: “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

KEY POINT: “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” – Let me repeat this: ENEMIES DOMESTIC! The US Military have not protected us against ENEMIES DOMESTIC! They have betrayed us and they have betrayed each other!

I am saying what has to be said. I am saying what many Americans and perhaps some honorable Americans within our military feel but who are afraid to say. Too many of them have been cowed by the need to be politically correct and emulate the false patriots ruling our nation. But such blind followers, who know nothing about patriotism, our Constitution or democracy, have unwittingly been supporting something that no longer exists, because the people they support destroyed it: America.

Our military stood by as our nation experienced a coup, in the form of a stolen presidential election. They stood by as our voting systems have been hijacked by political operatives who have stolen secure elections from the American people. This, in itself, ended our democracy. Once the vote verification process was compromised, our democracy was in question. At this point our military should have been on alert for enemies within.

Since the coup, we have experience an assault on our Constitution the likes of which have never been seen before. This assault did not come from enemies foreign, they came from enemies domestic. Our military once again, did not protect us.

There is ample evidence that enemies domestic played a part in the attacks on our nation on September 11th 2001, yet there was never even an investigation questioning the possibility of enemies within. Even when a far lesser crime is committed such as a burglary, questions are raised about the possibility that the crime was an inside job. Yet with the most implausible and truly unbelievable collapse of our defense procedures on September 11th 2001, not a single question was raised about who, on the inside, could have arranged or participated in such an implausible and mathematically impossible widespread failure of virtually every standing defense procedure and system. There were no questions, even though our core leadership openly expressed how a “New Pearl Harbor” would benefit their agenda. In other words - people on the inside, with clear, obvious and undisputed motives, were never questioned and their involvement was never held suspect. Anyone who has had the slightest contact with criminal investigative procedures understands how ludicrous this is, yet our military leaders did not stand on alert for enemies domestic. Perhaps this is because the military leadership has been compromised by the enemy.

The executive branch of our government, our legislative branch and perhaps to some extent our judicial branch is now under the control of enemies domestic. The America that everyone takes pride in is no longer in existence. It was taken over by way of nonviolent coup and the coffin was nailed shut with the signing of the Patriot Act.

Our military is now in the hands of enemies domestic and they are doing nothing to fight this enemy. As a matter of fact they are not even willing to examine the question of whether or not enemies domestic exist. That in itself is clear evidence that our military is not protecting us and has betrayed us by refusing to act as a sentinel and guard us from enemies domestic. They are ignoring their sworn duty and they are betraying us by this inaction.

I am NOT advocating an overthrow of our government. This was already done by the Bush/PNAC administration. I am, however, absolutely incensed by the unnaceptable and outrageous role the military has assumed - that of spokesmen and supporters for the crimes of the Bush administration.

I am advocating that the military leadership of this country acknowledge the criminal acts of this administration. Military Law does NOT require following orders that violate moral conscience, International Law or the Geneva Conventions. Military Law does NOT require that the military act as disseminators of propaganda and lies. Military Law does not require that the military assist the government in destroying the nation they are sworn to serve.

Our military leaders are ignoring the oaths they took to defend this nation. They willingly act as shills to cosmetize, promote and support the failures of this President. Our military leaders have ignored the lies and deceptions that have created a false enemy for them to fight, while they embrace the enemy within beyond the call of duty. It is the responsibility of the military to protect the people, not the popularity of the President. It is their responsibility to be skeptical and suspicious of the orders given by a quasi-elected Commander-in-Chief when that person continues to lead them and the nation into the jaws of death.

It is my personal and deeply held opinion that the military leaders of this nation are co-conspirators in the multiple hoaxes of this administration. That complicity has come about by their action as well as their inaction, and by their blind dismissal of their own code of honor.

Every word that I have written has been a bullet fired in my war to defend our democracy. I have fought for my nation with every sentence I have typed. I don’t need a gun to protect my nation. So before you criticize me understand that there is more to protecting our nation that killing foreign enemies; real or perceived. Enemies can be within. Like Christians protect their bible, Jews protect their Torah, Muslims protect their Koran, patriots, like me, protect the US Constitution, which is the bible or holy book of a patriot. Anyone who threatens my bible is my enemy

While those other bibles demand you suspend your critical thinking, believe the unbelievable and accept all that is told to you as truth, the Constitution demands the opposite. It demands that we do not trust our leaders; instead we hold them accountable to us! When you trust your leaders you are being anti-American!. The current civilian and military leadership of the United States has assaulted the US Constitution and they have declared war on America. We must hold them accountable and so must our military. It is time for our military to protect us from the real enemies of our nation; the enemies domestic.
Think about it!

NOTE: You may link to this but you may want to copy it. I would not be surprised if this site is taken down and I am arrested as a enemy combatant so copy it now. Help save America!
If there is no blog entry tomorrow…be afraid, be very afraid!

Expert TV Pundits? Just Ask the Source!!!

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

When you watch “experts” on a given topic appear as guests on many news programs, take notice as to whether or not they are outside observers or involved parties. Take for example our little war on terror…for 4 years we have heard all the reasons why these mysterious people hate us, Most of the time we hear the George W. Bush version about how these people hate our freedom. Well I have trouble accepting this information from a man who could not even point to Europe on a map.

During all these years the American people never once heard why these people hate us from the people who actually hate us. We have only heard American British & Israeli talking heads tell us that the actual people who hate us are not telling us the real reasons for doing so and that they know better than the actual people who hate us! When a journalist does bring the haters’ voice directly to the public, letting the public hear the reasons from the source, the American media (and government) label that journalist or news organization as anti-American propaganda. They American media does not want you to hear what the actual subjects of the topic have to say. Can misinformation be any more obvious than this?

Think twice when you listen to so called experts. When “experts” are speaking for other people ask yourself why you are not being shown the actual people who are being discussed. Why the middle man? I think you know that answer to that! Think about it!

CNBC’s Ron Insana Propaganda Exposed on Live Radio

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

Anyone listening to Ron Insana’s radio program today heard Ron, with his 2 guests, US Generals Francona and Downing, field callers questions about the situation in Iraq.

I called in and asked 3 quick questions. To paraphrase the questions:

1. On Supporting the Troops: I noted that the Generals expressed the need for more money to be allocated by Congress to the occupation, and I asked how can we give them more money when much of it goes missing. I asked about Halliburton and the missing billions that play no part in their receiving more no-bid contracts.
2. I asked why, when the military has misrepresented the truth about news like the staged toppling of Saddam’s statue and the Tillman death, should we trust these people (the Generals)? I asked why independent journalists who are in Iraq are not the people we are asking these questions.
3. I asked why we have not discussed the Project for a New American Century and the real reasons we went to war.

When I mentioned the Project for a New American Century, Insana hung up on me. He stumbled badly in a rushed and inaccurate explanation about the Project for a New American Century being a doccument from 1996, and immediately went to commercial, even though there had been commercials prior to the caller just before me. It was obvious that Insana was not prepared for my question and that there was confusion in the room among the guests as to how to handle it. So, instead of handling my questions, they pretended it had never been asked. When Insana came back from commercial he took the next call, never addressing any of my points.

I was the only caller whose questions were not discussed. There were other callers who had their questions interrupted by commercials, but their questions were addressed after the show returned to the air.

My questions were ignored and Insana and his guests pretended that they were never asked.

So tell me…where is the truth when an American can not get an answer to a question about his government? Where is the truth when military representatives are the only source of information about an illegal military operation that is failing? Where is the truth when a talk show host pretends to bring information to the public and then refuses to answer questions that might inform the public of the truth?

You can bet that a Pentagon or White House censor was standing nearby when they took my call. I would bet the ranch that a censor gave the order to go to commercial.

Again, I reiterate my challenge to the media: Put me on the air with any mainstream media talk show host or pundit and I guarantee that the people of this nation will realize how badly our media lie to them with every breath they take!

It’s time to expose the liars and I’m the one who can to do it! I just need you to help me get noticed by the people in charge! Spread the word…maybe we can make a difference! Think about it!

Bushco Gets Away With Another Crime

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

The American News Media: Lying Criminal Bastards!

The Government Accountability Office said the administration had disseminated “covert propaganda” in the United States, in violation of a statutory ban. This is something TvNewsLIES and our readers knew without needing to hear it from the GAO. Think about this for a minute; the Bush administration, with the full unquestioning cooperation of the US corporate broadcast news industry, created fake news reports and aired them on news programs as if they were real news. Not a single “journalist” spoke out about this (at least none that we know of).

The GAO concluded that the American government did something that was ILLEGAL! They added that there was NO PENALTY TO THIS CRIME! This is a sad statement about honesty in American society and about how we fool ourselves into believing that we are a great nation. What other illegal act can any American take part with impunity? What other crime has no penalty? Answer: NONE!

This is another prime example of how the Bush administration has committed a crime with total impunity and without one word one from the corporate news media! Bush supporters continue to support a criminal regime with their eyes and ears closed while the media helps to fill their world with a false reality.

This is something every single journalist in the world should be outraged about and the American people now have 100% proof of the deception that is taking place at the hands of our leaders and our media. How much more proof do people need before they accept the fact that our leaders and our media are liars? Are the American people so oblivious as to not feel the pain of the bricks of lies hitting them in the head on a daily basis?

Journalists are supposed to protect us. Today they lie to us. American journalists do not stand on principles and it is quite obvious that they do not have any. They have no understanding of what journalism is or what the role of the journalist is. They are there to protect democracy. They are there to hold the government accountable to the people and to hold the people accountable to each other. They are there to set the record straight. They, the media, now have to be held accountable for their gross dereliction of duty. In reality, today’s news people are simply out to earn a paycheck. Some are out to spread their personal views. They are not journalists in any sense of the word. No matter how many lives you save, if you murder people you are a murderer. No matter how many real bytes of journalism exist in our media, if deception is taking place, they are deceivers.

The US corporate news media are now the equivalent of a bank security officer who takes payoffs to look the other way and shut off the alarm system of a bank so that criminals can pull off the biggest bank robbery of all time. The only difference is that in the case of the American journalist there is blood involved. There is life involved. There is global environmental survival involved. The media have not only taken the payoff but they are now part of the hold-up team. Every member of the American corporate news media is a criminal, down to the last copy boy in the newsroom.

No longer is there honor in working for the American news media. Journalism in America has become a shameful profession. They are the child molesters of truth. They are the lowest of the low and they are responsible for the ignorance of the American people to the events taking place at the hands of our leaders.

There is no limit to the outrage the world should feel towards the American journalist. To spit in the face of American journalism would be appropriate but insufficient. I can not think of an inappropriate response to the betrayers of truth in our media. Perhaps an American citizens’ version of the Patriot Act would permit tribunals for the members of the corporate media and allow us to set up our own version of Abu Ghraib for them. Even if we used the “eye for an eye” standard of justice, this would not begin to pay the media back for the harm that they have done to my country and to the world that we all share. Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

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  • NOTE: I apologize for the angry tone of this message, but somebody has to tell it like it is! Once in a while I feel the need to speak the truths that others are afraid to say. The anger I feel towards the media can not be measured. If I did not have this method of fighting our enemies in the media (through, you might have seen news reports about me by now…thank goodness I have an outlet! If you pay attention and you take a close look…I am sure you will share my rage. Thank you for understanding and for giving me a forum to make this world a better place.

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