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US Death Toll in Iraq - Higher Than Reported

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

So you think that you know how many Americans died in Iraq? Think again! The son of a close friend of mine was a Special Forces Staff Sergeant who worked with Tommy Franks and had left the military to work for a “private” security firm. He was in the Army and he was involved in the invasion. He has been working as a private security person since he left the Army last year (making a nice living, to say the least).

Well he just let us know that while he was home on leave this month, two of his team mates were killed in Iraq. One was an American and one was a Canadian. Did you hear about this on the news? Did you see this listed on the Centcom website? Are their deaths part of any official death toll related to the US invasion of Iraq? The answer to all of these questions is NO!

So how many other Americans have died in Iraq without our knowing? I have a feeling the number would shake the Bush administration to its core. But then again…shaking this administration means nothing. Dictators are inured to public outrage! Think about it!

Student Puts US Corporate Media to Shame!

Friday, December 30th, 2005

If you have not noticed yet there is a young student who just acted more like a journalist than virtually every single American news industry poser! This kid understood what his English teacher said while discussing journalism and the need for a journalist to immerse him/herself in a story.

He understood the difference between immersing himself in a story and embedding himself in a story, if you know what I mean. He got up and flew himself to Iraq. He did not embed himself in the controlled environment provided to the fake journalists by the US military; he went to Iraq to see what it was like to live in Iraq!

As far as I am concerned he just added to the embarrassment of the US news establishment. He out braved and out performed everyone in the US who calls him/herself a journalist (except for the independents who also immerse themselves as apposed to embed themselves…but we rarely hear from them). He also showed that he understands more about journalism than they all do. I think that the teacher who taught this young man about journalism also deserves kudos. Together they serve an example of how rare journalism is in America. So sad. Think about it!

Link: U.S. teen leaves Iraq for home

Death Penalty Carried Out Before the Arrest is Even Made!

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

We think those guys might be criminals…so we bombed them to death!

Is this the kind of justice that takes place in a democracy? Can you imagine if this kind of justice was carried out on a broader base? How do we carry out a death penalty before an arrest is even made? The people of Iraq don’t have to imagine this because the US is bombing them to death with this kind of justice. Can you imagine if your home gets shot up with a barrage of 55 caliber machine gun fire because your drunken brother may have stolen a six pack from the local grocery?

How stupid are the people of this nation? How does the obvious escape them on so many levels? Oh…I forgot…the media has them mesmerized! Boy would l like to practice “justice” on the media! Maybe then they will explain to the people how absurd that particular brand of democratic justice is! Think about it

Breaking News…A Boeing 767…

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

We interrupt this commentary to bring you some breaking news…we are getting a report about an American Airlines Boeing 767 that has a passenger with a jammed seat belt. Initial reports indicate that the locking apparatus is stuck and the passenger can not get out of his seat. We will be brining you live coverage of the flight’s progress for the next 5 hours.

Right now I would like to bring on Lester Holt, who will bore you with details about the mechanics and history of avionic seat belts. After that we will be switching to several hours of split screen live coverage of the air space around the airport while we bring on as many experts on seat belts as we could find.

But first I ask you now to take a look at the plane on the screen…oh…it doesn’t appear to be the flight in question but we will continue to point out every plane in site just in case it may be the plane with the uncomfortable passenger.

Again, if you are just tuning in…we have breaking situation in which seat belt failure is being reported on an American Airlines Boeing 767. It is not know at this time if the passenger in question has to use the lavatory which could surely lead to possible health problems if he had to hold it in. Let me turn to Dr. Sanja Gupta and ask him if this is a potential life threatening situation. But first let’s look at the video of the empty air space above the airport.

The Boeing 767 300-ER has a 156’ 1” wingspan, not to be confused with the 767-400-ER which of course as everyone knows as a 170’ 4” wingspan.

We are being told now that snack service in the coach section of the flight has been interrupted. First class snack service is also being limited to beverages only. The home made cookies will not be available to first class passengers and the packages containing 5 peanuts will not be distributed in the coach section unless the situation changes.

I am being told now that the Department of Homeland Security will be holding a press conference about the situation. Apparently the Capital building was evacuated as a precautionary measure. We are also being told that American school teachers are being asked to alert their students about the situation.

We’ll continue to cover this unfolding situation after a word from our sponsor. Remember to stay tuned to MSCNFX News, your Source of Scare Journalism and Trivial Unimportant Information!

Now didn’t that sound silly? Well, today, it’s called TV journalism. How embarrassing is that? Think about it! – Jesse, Editor

Monday Night Football & American Greed

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

It’s over. Monday night football on ABC (free) broadcast television is now history. The American institution is moving to ESPN next year. This is another indication of how our America is not available to the poor. If you can not afford cable TV you can no longer enjoy the American institution known as Monday Night Football. You can not sit there teaching your children the social interaction known as the “high five”. You can not curse out your team for throwing 3 interceptions on national TV. You can not sneak a peak at the cheerleaders when your wife is not looking. It’s all over.

Professional sports in America serves as an example of everything that is wrong with our value system. We value a quarterback more than we value the teacher who will educate our children. We get angry when NYC transit workers strike because they want to have a pension plan that will ensure that they won’t have to eat out of garbage cans when they are older but the word “greed” is never mentioned when professional athletes strike. Next time Major League baseball players go on strike keep in mind the MINIMUM salary for a baseball player (player…they play a game for a living), is $316,000 per year. After the latest baseball strike we rushed back to the stadiums so that we could pay $6 for hot dogs while we sit in a $65 seat where we watched the NY Mets sink in to last place. How much does an EMT worker earn? They save lives. Think about that.

Greed is now the unspoken moniker of American sports (and America in general) where the average citizen can hardly scrape together enough cash to take their kid to sit in the last row of a baseball game. Don’t even think about trying to buy tickets to a football game! But now we can not even watch many of our sports events for free on TV anymore.

On another note we are asked to pay for cable TV yet we still get bombarded with advertising. How did that ever happen? I pay for my TV. I am not paying to watch ads. If I am going to watch ads let the advertisers pay me. This is how broadcast TV works; the advertisers pay for our viewing so that we watch their ads. Why is it different for cable? How did we lest this happen?

I suppose this is what you get when you live in a nation that can pay an uneducated drug taking street thug (pick one) millions of dollars to play a game (pick one) while we refuse raise the minimum wages paid to the very people who make up their audience. Welcome to an America for the rich. Think about it!

TV News - Power & Comedy. How Sad.

Monday, December 26th, 2005

FOX News now calls themselves “the most powerful name in news”. In an ad for Keith Olbermann’s show MSNBC is comparing the show with Comedy Central’s the Daily Show. Is this what TV journalism has come to in this nation? FOX News boldly tells you how powerful they are and MSNBC admits that a comedy show has set the standard by which we should judge good news programs!

Fox’s declaration confirms all of my claims of how the people behind broadcast news have the power to manipulate public opinion. Information is power. The providers of that information should not use it to empower themselves. The power is for the people, not for the controllers of that information. Fox News once again spits their criminal control of public opinion right in the fact of their viewers and their viewers are to stupid to realize it! Think about it!

Thoughts on a Religious Holiday

Sunday, December 25th, 2005

On this Christian holiday I would like my Christian friends to think about the following things: War (killing of other human beings to solve our problems), the environment (and the destruction of “Gods green Earth”), looking out for our fellow man (and cutting their funding for food, housing and heat), mercy (not forcing someone to live through intense suffering), love (even the kind where you love people with similar genitals as you), honesty (even on TV), and the simple notion of live and let live.

Now I want you to think of the people who act as representatives of Christianity in our world. I want you to think of those who claim to speak on behalf on Christianity.

Now that you have identified those representatives I want you to find the Christianity in them.

If you got stuck on that last task…you’re not alone.

Maybe if religious people took their religion back from the people who have hijacked it for their own personal use (and abuse) this world would finally benefit from religion (Christianity being only one example). Think about it!

TV News Covers Bar Fights but Not Impeachment

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

The news networks found the time to report on John Conyers today. The only problem is that they seemed to completely overlook his papers exploring the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and they chose to cover the bar fight that his wife got into. So let me ask you this…when news networks ignore the potential and warranted calls for the impeachment of a sitting president and report instead about a “girl fight” are we still supposed to trust them?

So…when will your outrage against the media reach the level that it deserves? When do we tear down completely the current news establishments and start all over? When will we impeach, by any means possible, the corporate media? When will we treat the members of these institutions like the criminals that they are?

If this nation ever wakes from its slumber every broadcast news criminal will be scared to be seen in public for fear of retribution. And in my opinion…until that happens we don’t stand a chance of defeating the enemies who have hijacked our nation. Think about it!

Ignorance is Bliss in Americanland

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Santa Clause will be ringing the closing bell at the NYSE today. I think that is the perfect example of how Americans love to live in a fantasy land. The less reality the better.

The notion of ignorance being bliss is alive and well in the United States. Is it any wonder why CNN is the most trusted name in news? Do you see a connection there? Think about it!

“I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Illegal Wiretap Order!”

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

“I did not have sexual relations with that illegal wiretap order!” Maybe if that was one of the thousands of lies uttered by George W. Bush over the last 5 years it would get news coverage. Maybe if sex was involved with the numerous lies of George W. Bush the news coverage would be adequate. I suppose you can change the “illegal wiretap” portion of that statement to any one of a thousand things like “fixed intelligence about Iraq”, “widespread voting irregularities that all went in my favor”, “unanswered questions about 9/11”, etc. The list is endless.

So have you been able to count the lies that have come out of George W. Bush’s mouth? I lost count years ago, but I can tell you how many of his lies were pointed out by the US media: ZERO! Interestingly enough this week we have clear and undeniable poof that Bush once again lied and he lied to cover up the fact that he broke the law. We are not talking about marital infidelity here; we are talking about violating the US Constitution.

We have seen video evidence of George W. Bush acknowledging that all wiretaps require court orders and that all the wiretaps that his administration complies with the law. Wouldn’t it be nice if America had a single broadcast news organization who felt that this was important as the Monica Lewinski scandal? Think about it!


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