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Prepare Yourself For the State of the Union Address

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

I am six feet five inches tall. I weigh 220 lbs and I do not have a single ounce of fat on my body. Often when I go out people ask me for my autograph as they think I am a famous model. My thick brown hair matches my glaring brown eyes perfectly. I am so handsome that it is physically painful. Women flock around me everywhere I go.

My home is a sprawling mansion over looking the Hudson River. I also have a 9 room condominium on Riverside Drive. I have a small staff of servants and a private chef.

My health has been perfect. Doctors have been contacting me about the possibility of using my DNA when cloning technology reaches advanced stages. They say they can use my DNA to create an organ farm of perfect organs suitable for transplants. My body is so perfect that I do not need to brush my teeth. Bacteria can not survive on me. I never even had gas at an inconvenient moment

Calvin Klein often consults with me prior to designing his new garments. I am considered to be a global trend setter.

Everything I own seems to work perfectly. My computers never break down. My cordless phones never need recharging even when I am in the middle of a 2 hour phone call. My Internet connection is perfect and I have never had a cable TV outage.

My car has never been ticketed. I never get stuck in traffic and divers around me are always courteous.

Regardless of what I eat I never get heartburn. I can drink a gallon of tequila without worry because I never get hangovers. My sinuses never have any congestion. Acne? What’s acne?

I have never cut my nails too short by mistake causing irritation and they never have any burrs that catch on to my blanket when I sleep. I do not perspire. When I eat raw garlic nobody notices.

I have never had a bad relationship. All the women I have dated have been of sound mind and have had wonderful attitudes. They never carried over hostilities from prior relationships and made me pay the price. They never tried to start a huge fight over a tiny issue.

My parrot never bites me and she speaks 5 languages. She only poops in the toilet, never on the floor, my clothes or on furniture. My sister is always considerate of my schedule when she asks me to drive her some place, my father never annoys me and my mother never forgets where she put my stuff.

OK…I think that will do it. I just wanted to prepare everyone for the departure from reality we are in for when we listen to George W. Bush give the State of the Union Address. I will return to reality tomorrow. I hope you make the appropriate adjustments to your attitudes. I hope this little departure helped! Think about it!

It’s the Economy News That is Stupid!

Monday, January 30th, 2006

Ford is saying goodbye to 35,000 employees. Dell Computers is adding 5000 people to its 10,000 strong staff…in India! Personal savings is at its lowest point since 1933. There were a record number of property foreclosures last year. Pension plans are folding up all over the nation. Soup kitchens could not keep up with demand. Funding for food and heating assistance has been cut. Energy prices are at a record high and Exxon just reported the largest profit in the history of business on the planet Earth…for the second straight quarter. Tomorrow George W. Bush is going to tell the nation how well the economy is doing. Is there no limit to the insanity? Think about it!

Bush Wants to Murder You and the Media Won’t Tell You!

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

Editor & Publisher commented that the American people are “preoccupied” with war and the economy and that they may be ignoring the most important issue of global warming. Are they out of their collective minds? Americans are preoccupied? Not a chance…we are being distracted! We don’t even know the issue is important because the “editors and publishers” of news in this nation have “preoccupied” us!

Does anyone who reads my newsletter not know by now that difference between the treat to the world posed by terrorism compared with the threat to the world posed by environmental policy and human activity is like the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting a bullet?

I have been saying this from day one…the real threats are being ignored. We are told on a daily basis that the only thing that we need to fear is the terrorist. We are supposed to ignore every other problem we have. Just this week the Bush administration again proved that they want to kill you by trying once again to keep environmental information from the public. They want to continue to kill you while they do everything in their power to keep you from finding out and the media assist them in their little cover up. The media are 100% complicit in this mass global genocide being committed by the Bush administration.

Well the only satisfaction I will get when the harm being done starts to sink in to the American public will be that nobody will be exempt from the terror of the environment, especially those who help to cause the problems and those who lie to the public by keeping this vital information out of public view! Think about it!

America, Home of the Stupid!

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

While Americans wait to see what George W. Bush has to say about the state of the union they overlook a very important point. As we wait to hear how Bush is planning to address the many problems facing the nation we completely overlook the very real prospect that most of these problems are the direct result of Bush’s actions. How stupid are we as a nation? How do we continue to turn to the trouble maker and hope that he will solve our problems?

Using this logic Americans would have no problems drinking a nice big frothy glass of spoiled milk with old rotten meat and chicken parts in it, as a remedy for their stomach ache! How collectively stupid are we as Americans? Just ask a well informed foreigner. They usually seem to know more about America than Americans do anyway. I wonder why that is…can you say “criminal corporate media?” Think about it!

US MEDIA: Vegans; A Threat to National Security.

Friday, January 27th, 2006

According to the Bush administration it is reasonable to assume that Quakers & Vegans may be threats to national security. The US media finds nothing absurd about this.

The only thing that I find to be more absurd that this is the fact that the people of this nation have not yet conducted a violent overthrow of our media establishment. Think about it!

Wolf Blitzer, A Journalist…NOT!

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

When you watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interview someone ask yourself if he is interviewing the person or debating the person. Ask yourself if Blitzer is conducting himself as a journalist and asking important questions while letting the interviewee speak or is he arguing or supporting a point during the dialogue. Ask yourself if Blitzer “runs out of time” only when certain types information is being exposed. Then ask yourself if you are surprised to find out that Wolfe Blitzer never took a single class in journalism.

Isn’t it interesting that CNN, the “most trusted name in news”, chose as their “iron man” a person who has absolutely no education as a journalist? Are you surprised? I’m not. Think about it!

  • More on Wolf Blitzer here: Link

Bush & Abramoff? Small Potatoes!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

G.W. & Jack Abramoff. G.W. & Ken Lay. G. W. seems to enjoy associating with criminals and dirtbags of all types. As a matter of fact he respects, admires and rewards criminals all the time.


John Negroponte, as ambassador to Honduras from 1981-85, covered up human rights abuses by the CIA-trained Battalion 316. He is Bush’s choice for U.S. ambassador to the U.N. and, as Extra! went to press, was expected to clear Senate confirmation hearings.

Elliott Abrams, an assistant secretary of state under Reagan, pleaded guilty in 1991 to two counts of withholding evidence from Congress (i.e., lying) over his role in the Iran-Contra affair. Bush I pardoned him; Bush II has appointed him to the National SecurityCouncil as director of its office for democracy, human rights and international operations. The post requires no Senate approval.

Otto Reich’s nomination as assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, the top post for Latin America, was predicted to draw the most congressional fire. Reich was head of the now-defunct Office for Public Diplomacy (OPD), which the House Committee on Foreign Affairs censured for “prohibited, covert propaganda activities” (Washington Post, 10/11/87).

MORE Bush Criminal People:

In case you hadn’t heard about Colin Powell’s participation in the cover-up of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, which clinched his status as an up-and-coming good ol’ boy with a bullet…

Other characters from Iran-Contra given jobs by Bush:

Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. Questions linger over the former Defense Department official’s 1986 contacts with Israel on the Iran arms sales.

Budget Director Mitch Daniels. As Reagan’s political director in 1986 and 1987, Daniels helped oversee a White House damage-control effort.

When will people realize that the entire Bush administration is comprised of criminals, associates of criminals and people who have covered up for criminals? The Bush administration is actually an experienced expert criminal enterprise. Who are we kidding when we become concerned about G.W.’s dealings with Jack Abramoff? That is small potatoes my friend. We have a smorgasbord of big enchiladas that are being ignored; so why focus on a side dish? By the way, can you say September 11th? Think about it!

America is Dead

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Remember what Ralph Nader was saying about Al Gore during the 2000 election season? Do you remember how he said that there was virtually no difference between the parties? Well, in a sense he was correct; but in a larger sense he was as wrong as wrong can be and when Alito becomes the tie-breaker on the Supreme Court you will understand what I mean.

America, as we knew it or as we believed we knew, is dead. It’s over and Alito will surely place all the required nails in the coffin. Freedom, liberty, opportunity and justice are dead in America. Executive & cooperate power have replaced “we the people” as the real citizens of America. It is now the job of the American government, judiciary and military, to defend the interests of the Executive branch, the corporations and the privileged insiders. America has become the enemy of the average person and it has become the private enterprise of the rich and powerful. That is not a democracy; that is a class system.

George W. Bush promised to create an ownership society. Well he did. You just never asked him what he meant by that and now he and his ilk have delivered that ownership society and thy do indeed own society; and that means they own you!

You think I am crazy? I hope I am. Think about it!

Kill the Children but Save the Zygotes!

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

So you think abortion kills “children” and it is something worth fighting against? It is a cause that is so important to some people that they get involved in the political process. They take to the streets in protest. They devote a great deal of time and energy to protecting what they consider to be live children.

OK…well here is some news for these people…pollution kills children, smoking kills children, RADIOACTIVE URANIUM SPLATTERED ACROSS IRAQ KILLS CHILDREN IN A HORRIBLE WAY! Lack of food, housing and health care kills children. Human assisted global warming related storms kill children. There is also a great deal of evidence that vaccines harm children to the point of ruining their lives (causing autism). War kills children. Need I go on?

My question to these people is this…why are you people so selective? Why do you only want to protect “children” from harm when it comes to abortion yet you support people who enable, take part in, promote or ignore the murder and harm of living breathing children all over the world? Are you stupid, ignorant, crazy or simply illogical? It is time for you to set your priorities straight and devote your energy to preventing the outright murder of completely formed living human beings. When that is settled you can start looking out for zygotes. Think about it!

So War is Peace? Then I Can Fly!

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

So let me ask you people a question…if a nation is a “threat to peace”, how exactly is starting a war with that nation helping the situation? Please submit your answers using compete and logical explanations. Include an explanation as to why ending peace by starting a war is actually peace?

If you explain this to me and I actually accept your explanation I will jump off a building because if you can tell me how war is peace then I can surely fly even though every piece of logic, science & known reality indicates otherwise

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