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Centcom - Not Counting All Troop Deaths?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006

It has been at least three days since 12 people died in a helicopter crash in Iraq. To date the casualties have not been listed on the Centcom casualty report list. I have to assume the deaths were not added to the running total of dead soldiers kept by Centcom.

This is not the first time I have noticed events where large numbers of troops killed have been omitted from the Centcom casualty report list. Sometimes the reports are added late and sometimes not at all. Sometimes the reports are added late and sometimes not at all. One has to wonder how accurate the count is if they do not update the public about troop casualties in a timely manner and sometimes they do not update the public at all. Think about it.

Link: Centcom Casualty Reports

Wake Up America, You Have a Naked News Media!

Monday, January 9th, 2006

In case you missed it, today served as a prime example of how the priorities of the corporate news media are skewed beyond description. Not that I care one single bit about Dick Cheney’s well being (just the opposite), but he is in fact serving the role of Vice President (via election fraud) of the United States, and reports about his health, and related trips to the hospital, should be a higher priority to journalists than the well being of a miner who was in a mining accident.

Today, reports of the miner’s health came before reports of the vice president’s health on cable news. This is so wrong I do not know where to begin to address it. All I can say is that this world has gone mad to the point of having an absolutely absurd system of broadcast journalism go completely unnoticed by the public at large.

It reminds me of an old M.A.S.H. episode where Hawkeye told his friend Trapper that the people in the M.A.S.H. unit were so oblivious to the world around them that he could walk around the camp totally naked and nobody would notice. Well, he walked around naked and nobody noticed, until one person in the cafeteria gazed at him, saw Hawkeye’s very obvious nakedness and dropped his food tray as he stood there stunned. Then everyone became aware of Hawkeye’s nakedness because the dropped tray served as a wake up call to everyone else. Well, I feel that I am that one person who dropped his tray. To me the media is that naked Hawkeye, obvious but unnoticed by the oblivious; America is that oblivious M.A.S.H. unit; and my newsletter and website is that tray dropping to the ground sounding an alert. I just hope my tray is loud enough to expose the naked media! Think about it!

So Many Lies & Just One Me!

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

So what do you think the TV news heads would be saying had a Democratic administration been in charge when life saving armor was held back from troops in action? So why do you think the media reports that the Bush administration claims that the new president of Bolivia is anti-American but they do not report the fact that he is cutting his salary in half in order to fund social programs? Why do you think that we have not heard reports that the US government, is once again going bankrupt and now has to raise the legal limit of it’s credit line?

Do you know what the hardest job in the world is today? Not the most physically demanding or the most intellectually challenging…but the job that no single human being can possible keep up with? It is my job…tracking the lies and deceptions of the US media. Some days I just don’t know where to start! So many lies, so little time…talk about job security…too bad there is no money in it! Think about it!

1 Injured Miner or 38,000 Dead Africans Per Month…Which Is Newsworthy in the US?

Saturday, January 7th, 2006

The criminal pretend news networks halted their broadcasts yesterday each time there was a press conference regarding the medical condition of the one surviving miner (you thought I was going to say Ariel Sharon…didn’t you?) of the accident we all know so much about. How do they keep from laughing as they announce this type of information as if it were a real national news event? Why are this man’s doctors holding press conferences in the first place? Who is affected by the news of his condition? They should be holding briefings with the man’s family and nobody else! (I spent 2 hours calling up the news networks so that I could yell my head off at them for their laughable coverage! I asked them if they would cover news about my mother’s hangnail which was more important to me than the health of an accident victim that I never met and has absolutely no impact on my life and never will! )

The US media made sure they informed you about every single aspect of this man’s health, which included in depth questions being asked by the mob of reporters spending their entire day waiting for this unimportant news. What the US media did not have time to do however, is report to you the details or even a summary about the 38,000 people who are dying each month as a result of the ongoing conflict in the Congo.

The reason for this is that ever since Henry Kissinger recommended that “population reduction” in Africa should be official US foreign policy because the US may one day grow to a point of needing the natural resources of Africa, the policy has been followed and the US media will not let you know this.

You see, the US media has been compromised by the powerful entities that actually control our government and dictate policy. This has been proven time and time again. But even if you refuse to believe this you can not deny the fact that the US media ignores all news that exposes atrocities that are committed, supported or quietly tolerated by US. Think about it!

What Do I Want to Know?

Friday, January 6th, 2006

MSNBC is bringing you more information about the lives, the families and the dreams of the miners who died in the recent mining accident that we all heard SO DAMN MUCH about. This is the kind of information that they tell us that “the nation demands answers to!” No offense to the nice people related to the miners, but I could not care less about their personal history or their family relations and I SURELY do not NEED to know ANYTHING about them!!! Sorry…just being honest.

They also tell us that Americans don’t demand answers to questions like “what exactly is the story behind the Downing Street memos”, “what exactly happened with the electronic voting machines on Election Day”, “what is PNAC and what did they mean by New Pearl Harbor” and “what were those air defense drills taking place on 9/11 and what did Cheney have to do with it?”.

By the way…CNN is reported on the story of a 3 legged cat today. Yes, CNN, the most trusted name in “news?”

Don’t you like it when other people tell you that you want to know some things and that you don’t want to know other things? Think about it!

TV News & Subliminal Seduction

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Our TV news networks have reached a new level of disgrace when it comes to the integrity of journalism…they now use mood music when they report a story! Yes, mood music to report the news. Talk about manipulating public opinion! Sometimes they use music that matches the emotion of the last news report as they flash images and video when they break for a commercial. Sometimes it is a musical interlude with a slideshow or video collage as they take your emotions on a journey through the distracting issue of the day.

What next; interpretive jazz dancers behind the broadcaster? Perhaps they can simply flash a sign telling you how to feel.

If the news media want to continue to manipulate pubic opinion by forcing you to feel how they want you to, let them take a lesson from Saturday Night Live. Remember Kevin Nealon’s character called Subliminal Man, where he uttered e subliminal messages out loud as he spoke? It was simple and straight forward and I think the news programs should simply use Nealon’s character as a model for the on air newscasters.

So next time you watch the news (lying criminal bastards) remember that there are honest organizations ( that work hard to bring you the truth (PNAC was involved in 9/11). Remember to support these great organizations (make a donation) and their hard working people like me (extremely handsome man). Think about it!

Intelligence Stupidity

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

We were told that intelligence failures led to the events of 9/11. We were told that intelligence failures led to the bad information about Iraqi WMD. So now we are supposed to trust our intelligence community with the judgment and ethics to conduct secret wiretaps on responsibly!

If everything we have been told about our intelligence community is true they should have their power reduced, not increased. Then again…we all know that the intelligence failures were just the scapegoat reasons for the Bush administration to get away with everything they have done since 9/11. But how can they have it both ways? How do we let them tell us how bad our intelligence community is and then unleash them on us? How do we let this happen? Where does the insanity stop?

Mining for News About Election Fraud

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

Do you know enough about the mining company that the trapped miners worked at? Do you know enough about how many violations that company had this year as compared to last year? Do you know what the procedures are for rescuing trapped miners? Do you know how the family members of the trapped miners feel (duh?) This is the information that our media has spent 2 days reporting to you.

Do you know enough about the companies that make the new electronic voting machines designed to count the votes that supposedly elect presidents and politicians? Do you know enough about the violations and code bugs that have been discovered in these machines? Do you know what procedures have to be followed in order to reverse the outcome of election? Do you know how the family members of the owners of the companies feel about the Bush administration?

Sure, the nation is pulling for the trapped miners, but the rest of the details of this story is nothing but filler. On the other hand the same type of reporting should be taking place regarding the most important aspect of our democracy; the legitimacy of the voting process. The voting problems, conflicts of interest, vulnerabilities and outright crimes related to stolen elections, have been completely ignored by our media. The media are supposed to be the guardians of democracy. Instead they have become the protectors of those who have destroyed it. Think about it!

Hey Red States…You Voted for This Weather!

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Entire towns burning down while others vanish in floods. New York ushered in a 54 degree new year.

There has been wall to wall coverage of the weather on our criminal news networks yet the terms “global warming” or “greenhouse gas” or “Kyoto Protocol”, seem to be banned from the airways.

The decision by the Bush administration to treat environment as their secret weapon to destroy the world has yet to be pointed out to Americans by our complicit media. So I say this to everyone who lost a home this week as a result of the extreme weather…especially those in the red states…what is your president doing to help ease global warming? Anything at all? Or is he doing everything in his power to make things worse for people like you? Now I ask you…do you still feel safer with Bush in office? Think about it!

Happy New Year? Not For Everyone!

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Happy party people packed into Times Square last night to usher in the new year.

They watched the famous ball drop from a place that symbolizes everything that is bad in our nation.

They watched a ball made out of 504 Waterford crystals from a Times Square that had been cleared of its homeless people; who live there and eat out of garbage cans that line the streets. These people were not invited to the celebration.

They watched from the heart and symbol of the greedy and morally corrupt multi national corporations; surrounded by energy wasting billboards selling products made using unfair labor practices, tax loopholes and manufacturing methods that destroy our planet.

They watched from a place named after the New York Times, the symbol of the criminal institution called the US corporate news media.

They watched, they cheered, the reveled. Well, not everyone. The homeless people who live there were not invited to the party that took place where they live.

It’s time to get serious about life. We have to stop pretending everything is happy and wonderful. Unless we stop pretending all is well we will not be able to make things well again.

Sure there are things in all of our lives to be happy about. But I am finding it harder celebrate my fortunes while so many others have nothing to celebrate and are suffering in part because I support things (without realizing it) that perpetuate man’s disregard for all that is good. I greatly appreciate my good fortunes, but I no longer celebrate them.

So I ask you…Happy New Year? And I answer for you…Not for everyone. Think about it!

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