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TVNL Radio Challenges the Freepers!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

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Today I am issuing a direct challenge to Bush supporters. I challenge them on the facts. I challenge them on the issues. I challenge them to prove that the have even the slightest bit of information about the people in the Bush administration, their philosophies, their histories and their conduct.

I will be reading the posts found on the website. I will be reading and critiquing the responses to the posts. I will offer the members of that website a chance to debate me on the issues as I expose their lack of knowledge and their lemming mentality. I will show you how these people thrive on mutual group political masturbation. I will show you how these people have given up on the notion of thinking for themselves.

Are you up for the challenge? I hope they are! Think about it!

9/11 Call to Action - Please Help Me

Monday, February 27th, 2006

No commentary today. Instead I ask you to help me to spread vital information to the public. I am asking you to get a copy of the DVD Loose Change 2. Get it from us, from Dylan Avery’s site (he made the film), copy it from a friend, download the torrent, just get it and watch it. Then get a spindle of the cheapest DVD blanks you can get your hands on (try and start copying the DVD. If you can afford to purchase new ones I will give you a bulk discount and I am sure Dylan would also. If you can not afford a copy contact me and I will send you a copy but I do encourage you to support the filmmaker (and if you can.

Then I want you to keep copies of the DVD with you. When you see a police officer, fire fighter or government official hand them a copy and say it is from a friend. Give them to your family members and to your local clergy. Play it at the next family get together; just turn the TV on and don’t even tell anyone what you are playing…let them come over and see for themselves. Take one to your local military recruiting station and give one out.

I ask you to let this DVD do the work for you. Once people start seeing this they will start asking questions. Please, don’t let this farce continue. The people in charge of our nation were involved in the attacks of that day. This is clear. I have no doubts of this based on the amount of evidence that has surfaced. This false reality that we live in must come to an end. I ask you to help me to wake up our sleeping nation! Think about it!

ALERT: Setting Up a Nuclear 9/11 - The UAE Port Scandal Brainwash!

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

The 9/11 truth movement is closing in on the Bush administration and they, along with the mainstream media are getting desperate to fend off the public pressure! The information and evidence of 9/11 being, at least in part, an inside job is too abundant, too obvious and too powerful for even the Bush administration and their conspirators in the media to fend off forever! With every viewing of Loose Change 2, with every Sunday evening meeting at the St. Marks Church in NYC, with every public appearance by Jimmy Walter and with every tidbit of 9/11information that broadcasts out of Mike Malloy’s studio, the noose tightens around the necks of the “new Pearl Harbor” administration! What we are watching now with the hoopla about the UAE port scandal is a desperate effort to reemphasize the 9/11 myth that has been told to us by the PNAC administration. This is an effort to counter the exploding 9/11 truth movement.

The 9/11 truth movement is growing fast. More and more people are finding out each day that the story told to us by the Bush administration can not possibly be true. Documentaries such as Loose Change 2, In Plane Site and 9/11 Eyewitness are finding their way into the DVD players of people who never before questioned the events. Scholars and academics are becoming vocal and active members of the realty based world and they are starting to attract the attention of the average middle American who may have trouble taking an Alex Jones seriously. The inside players are now desperately scrambling to reinforce their fortress of manufactured reality so as to ward off the ever growing collective voice of the reality based community. Well, I have news for the Bush administration and the media: you are going to lose this one! The evidence of your complicity is too compelling and too widely available to the public. Eventually the majority of Americans will see the evidence and virtually everyone who sees it realizes that our president and his administration were complicit in the events of that day.

As you watch Tim Russert on NBC hold up the fictional 9/11 Commission report for about 30 full seconds today, you will understand that the PR campaign to reinforce the myth of the official story is on. As each UAE/Al Qaeda connection issue is raised by members of Congress we see how our legislators are either part of the conspiracy or they are incompetent and uninformed. Do any members of Congress remember the comments from our own FBI director, who admitted that we did not know the identities of the hijackers because they may have used stolen identities? This happened when he was confronted with the information about the discovery of 4 of the accused 9/11 hijackers, alive and well! This is yet another smoking gun of 9/11. If we don’t know the identity of the hijackers, how did we know whom to blame and how do we know whom not to blame?

The media helps the Bush administration focus on this UAE non-scandal. Port security is useless. One does not have to bypass security in order to conduct a nuclear attack on the U.S. One does not have to dock a ship and bypass security to unload a nuclear weapon in order to use it. One just needs to set off a nuclear device a mile or so away from the port…IT IS A NUCLEAR WEAPON YOU BONEHEADS….port security will not prevent this!!!

In the meantime the Bush administration is quietly performing subcritical nuclear tests. Yes, they are conducting nuclear tests. Guess what I think…I think they are testing small controllable devices so that when they conduct their false flag nuclear terror operation on the US they can do so in the same way they conducted the events of 9/11; with minimal death and maximum shock value! Think about it: 4 planes… where the combined number of people on the flights filled only one plane…hitting the towers 20 minutes before the majority of the 50,000 people who worked in them were due to arrive! This is textbook false flag operations and we are now watching, with this UAE non-scandal, an effort to condition the American public to accept the next 9/11 cover story.

It is the Bush administration who is conducting subcritical nuclear tests. Congress and the media are doing most of the dirty work as they reinforce the myth of 9/11. Don’t let it fool you. This is smoke and mirrors. We know who makes the nukes, we know who sponsors, funds and exports terror and we know who has been behind most of the terror groups around the world. At least America still has one industry that is thriving in a global economy!

I will be discussing this on my radio program on the Monks Media Radio Network on Monday, February 26h at noon ET. Call in with your thoughts. (The show is archived, if you miss the original) In the meantime do the math. The port security scandal is a non-issue. There is no way to prevent a nuke on the US without inspecting every single ship way offshore, securing every single nuclear device already existing in the US and without removing from power, by whatever means necessary, every single person who is part of the military & intelligence industrial complex including every member of the Bush administration and virtually every member of Congress. Unless we the people take our nation back we will continue to fall victims to the maniacs who seized control of our planet (while they were not shooting their friends in the face that is!) Think about it! (PS I stopped by our local Marine recruiting station yesterday and I dropped off a copy of Loose Change 2. Why don’t you do the same thing! )– Jesse, Editor,

Stay informed about 9/11:

Bush Was Correct, The Mission WAS Accomplished! A Confession to the Lies That Led to War

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

George W. Bush was correct when he declared “mission accomplished” shortly after the invasion of Iraq. Unfortunately Bush lied to America about what the mission was and now the media are in full swing history revision mode as they continue “their” relentless “mission” of deception the people.

What we are witnessing these days on a minute by minute basis is an admission to the lies that took us to war, but nobody has the courage to say this.

The “mission,” as we were told by George W. Bush, the PNAC warmongering 9/11 conducting administration and their covert accomplices known as the US news media, was to FIND AND DESTORY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN ORDER TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM A GRAVE THREAT! Well, that mission was indeed accomplished in a sense. Actually that mission resulted in a realization that the mission was a mistake and deserved a loud and humble apology to the world by George W. Bush and his media lapdogs. It was the equivalent of an arrest, conviction and death sentence of a criminal suspect who is found to be innocent after the fact. Of course this would only be addressed if the mistake was an honest one, and not one that was designed to permit the killing of an innocent victim.

Now, we are being told our mission in Iraq can potentially fail. What mission is that? We did not agree to start a war for the purpose of spreading democracy. That was not the mission. That was not what our troops were told when they were dropping bombs on Iraqis, torturing people, killing families at checkpoints, or simply conducting their mission of massive collateral damage. Our troops did not die because they went to fight in the Iraqi revolutionary war! They were not exposing themselves to uranium radiation because they wanted to bring about a change in the political system in Iraq. We were told that we started this war in order to prevent a mushroom cloud from forming on US soil. That’s it. That was the mission. Period, end of story.

The surreal faux world we see on TV each day becomes more detached from reality by the minute. The mission ended at the very moment a potential threat to the US was eliminated. In that sense there was no real mission because there was no real threat so the mission itself became invalid.

So when we hear about the mission or goal of the administration being in danger, we are actually hearing an admission to the fact that they did indeed lie to America, to Congress and to the troops about the mission itself. This is a crime. It should be treated as a crime. We are hearing the confession every day now; when are the law enforcement officials in our government going to act on this confession and finally arrest the criminals in the Bush administration, in the media and in the military leadership (perhaps the most vile of the criminals for they lied their troops to death) of our nation. Think about it!

Mass Murder, Corporate Style

Friday, February 24th, 2006

: If someone knows that there is poison in the water and takes part in an overt effort to keep this information from the public, while at the same time working on a plan to increase the amount of poison in that water…it is called attempted murder. When a legislative body puts into law protections from this type of murder it is called complicity; it is equivalent to providing a working getaway car to a criminal.

Corporate greed is, in my opinion, the number one motive behind most of the murders taking place on this plant and by far the US produces the most motivation. America the beautiful, I think not. Think about it!

America is in HUGE Trouble!

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

The Bush/UAE (United Arab Emirates) connection is deeper than you may think. So is the Bush/Saudi connection, but not in the way you may think. For generations the ruling class of the Arab world, including their outside supporters/empowerers/controllers like the US, the UK and Israel, have suppressed and manipulated their populations. They have forced their populations into desperate situations causing them to turn to radical solutions to their problems. Then as a result of their radicalization the rulers hade justification for ruling with an iron fist.

Well, the same thing is taking place in the US under the Bush regime. Things are getting so bad and our democracy, press, judiciary and civilian law enforcement are in such grave danger that people will need to use radical means in order to stop the madness. As a result of this radical emergency response the Bush regime will have justification for imposing iron fist rules on us. Hello police state.

This is not the ranting of a paranoid nut job. This is the analytical observation of a person who has been paying close attention to what is taking place in our nation. Hey friends…it is time to pay attention; we are in HUGE trouble and the only thing I want to say less than “I told you so” is “it’s too late!” Think about it!

Does Your Religion Preach Cruelty?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Just when you think Americans are as crazy as they can be we top ourselves. And once again religion plays or a key role in the insanity. We live in a nation that asks medical professionals to carry out state sponsored killings yet we punish medical professionals who assist people who want to end their own lives in order to ease their suffering from life ending diseases. We live in a nation that permits religious freaks to use illegal hallucinogenic teas during their wacky rituals but prevents suffering AIDS & cancer patients from using pot to ease their suffering.

Are religions people cruel? You would not think so but they can be. When you look at how some of them live their lives and who they vote for it is not so clear that these people are not cruel. Some of them hunt (enjoy killing living animals), wear fur (animals killed for vanity, not food), and vote for legislators that implement policies of cruelty. Many of them advocate violence, war, hatred and cruel mean assaults on the dignity of homosexuals. Is this what religion teaches us? I would hope not.

If there is anything in your Bible or holy book that teaches you to deny pain relief to people who are suffering, regardless of the form and as long as nobody gets hurt in the process, you should re-evaluate the teachings of your religion. If your religion teaches you to help the suffering then you should do everything in your power to eliminate every obstacle between the people who suffer and the potential relief from that suffering, especially if those obstacles are cruel and immoral politicians! Think about it!

Deny Anything, Like Evolution or 9/11 Bushco Complicity; But You Can’t Deny the Holocaust!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

So if you deny the Holocaust you go to jail but if you deny billions of years of evolution it becomes required teaching in American schools. First off I want to make it clear that I am in no way shape or form denying the Holocaust! I am however pointing out the mind blowing hypocrisy here.

Someone tell me why we can deny any other historical event, including history itself. We can declare historical events without having any proof that they happened or existed (like the entire bible and the existence of God). But if you dare question the events that took place during World War II you go to jail! Something is very disturbing about this. Why is one form of outrageous claim permitted and the other punishable by imprisonment?

At least we have the means to prove that the Holocaust took place. If someone does not believe it then show him/her the proof. If they still don’t believe it then we should treat that person the same way that we treat people who see proof of stolen elections, government complicity in 9/11, evolution, secret societies, Satanist cabals, etc., yet they don’t believe that proof. Why are Holocaust deniers the only people who have to believe the proof that is presented to them? Who set this special standard and why? Who are the people who decide which segments of the historical record must be accepted by the public? If the answers are so clear why would someone who denies the Holocaust be such a threat to society that they have be imprisoned? Who would be so concerned about these deniers? I don’t get it. What am I missing here?

If someone does not believe that you have a penny in your pocket, show him the penny. Problem solved. Don’t arrest him for claiming that you don’t have a penny. If it is OK for people to declare as truth that some penny fairy placed the penny in my pocket it should be OK for someone to claim that I don’t have the penny. It is easier for me to educate the person who thinks I do not have the penny than it is for me to demand proof that a fairy gave me my penny. Can you say “hypocrisy?” Even better can you say “insanity?” Think about it!

I will be discussing this live on my radio program - noon ET (GMT-5), 21-Feb-2006 …call in:

George W. Bush - Helping the Advancement of Human Extinction

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

Thanks do the naïve irresponsibility of humans and the short sighted urgings from religious institutions, humans will advance their own path to extinction rather quickly. Every time I hear about one of my friends having a “third” child I can’t help but to ask myself how stupid, shortsighted and selfish these people are. If 3 people are created for every 2 people living (if every couple had 3 children), we would run out of food, space, energy, air, etc. Our oceans are already dying. Food supplies are already dwindling and our atmosphere can not handle any more greenhouse gas, something that is required for each human living in modern society. So without any help our own selfish stupidity will lead to our demise.

But we don’t have to worry about that. We will never reach the point where we have to struggle for the items necessary for our survival. Why, you ask? Because the Bush administration is already tending to our demise. They are seeing to it that enough people will die from other causes that we can continue our selfish approach to the game of life. Enter the latest Bush policy of mass destruction; nuclear proliferation. The Bush gang has already established policies that will result in massive scale death in the areas of national (lack of) security, the environment, (lack of) health care, the economy, war and general human safety misinformation. Now they have a stepped up effort to bring new nuclear weapons into existence.

You have to hand it to these guys. As a betting person I appreciate their notion of fair odds. They don’t want us to chance our extinction on our own effort, they want to shift the odds in our favor! We are no longer trying to kill ourselves on our own…the Bush administration is going to see to it that your government helps us to “accomplish this mission!” Think about it!

Question for the Media; Are You With the Good Guys, or Against Them?

Saturday, February 18th, 2006

There are 100 Senators. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. There are about 6 members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There are several thousand people who comprise the top echelons of our executive branch.

There are almost 300,000,000 Americans. When the overwhelming majority of Americans learn what really takes place in our government and perhaps realize their involvement in the massive deception of the American people, the events of 9/11 and the many actions that are resulting the an accelerated end to life on Earth…what do you think they will do?

When 300,000,000 people are pushed to the point where they had enough what do you think that ruling inner circle will be able to do in order to prevent justice from being served? Where do you think the members of the media will be able to hide once their complicity is discovered by the whole of the population?

A little food for thought for the members of the media. As information spreads to the masses about events such as 9/11, the attack on our Constitution, fake terror, and the murdering of our planet via environmental terrorism the American people are going to realize that you have been deceiving them all along. They will realize that you have protected the enemies of democracy, peace, freedom and liberty. You have protected the enemy and endangered Americans. When enough people realize this, and they will, you may regret not siding with the good guys.

300,000,000 Americans can not remain in an information vacuum forever. Think about what “could” happen if they enter the reality based world and realize who the real bad guys are? So I ask you, members of the media, are you with the good guys, or against them? Think about it!

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