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Why Was Bush at the King Funeral?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

For me watching the Coretta Scott King funeral yesterday was a surreal experience. As one speaker after another spoke of social injustice, government abuse of power and civil rights, all the while the symbol of all of these issues sat behind the podium grinning like brain damaged monkey.

What was George W. Bush doing at this funeral? Why was he invited? Why didn’t the people who arranged it act in the spirit of the deceased instead of becoming activist hypocrites?

While I am appreciative of the pressures of society I can not continue to play along at this late stage in the dangerous game we are playing. This is not business as usual. We are in an emergency situation and our enemy’s head is George W. Bush. Having him take part in a memorial service of a civil rights leader was in my opinion, disgraceful and wholly hypocritical. Think about it!

Do You Feel Safer Now?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Due to budget considerations you have been advised to stop buying toilet paper and use discarded packaging materials from your food products instead. You have also been advised to stop purchasing food for your children with the exception of Raman noodles. In these noodles will be high levels of mercury. Your water will no longer be treated so be careful when you drink from the tap. Medicine prices have increased sharply and vitamins will be regulated and eventually unavailable to the public so try not to get sick. Your local waste treatment plants and factories will no longer have to spend money on pollution controlling technology so you may experience periods of heavy breathing. You can only heat one room in your home and you can only heat it for 6 hours per day. If you or your children become ill you will have to sweat it out. Overspending on education will no longer continue so attending college may not be the right financial decision for you.

Not to worry, we are putting brand new locks on your doors and a guard in front of your home. We will protect you so that no Al Qaeda members can harm your sick, dirty, undernourished, frozen, unemployed, polluted and uneducated body.

Do you feel safer now? Do you feel secure in your day to day life now?

Your budget and priorities have now been set by the Bush administration.

CNN - Most Trusted Name In News…By Idiots!

Monday, February 6th, 2006

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on the invasion of our privacy by the Executive branch of our country. The issue is in essence violations of the US Constitution by the president of the United states, repeatedly, for years.

This important hearing is airing live on C-SPAN. Live on CNN…an in depth report of Puff Daddy/P Ditty/Sean John. CNN…the most trusted name in news…only if you are an idiot!

A 9/11 Superbowl…a Ratings Stunt?

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

There are some rumors based on some very interesting information suggesting that we may be in for a state sponsored false flag operation at tonights superbowl.

I got to thinking that perhaps some people may tune in just to see if anything does happen.

Being that the teams involved on today’s game are not from huge markets the rating whores may want to stur up some interest in the game. Maybe by putting forth some very interesting information that would make people think that we are in for another 9/11, would make people who have no interest in the game tune in.

Being that we now live in a nation where anyone would to anything to anyone (for profit) and trust is a word that is being phased out of the language for simply not applying to anything anymore, any manipulation of the people using fear is possible, Just a thought.

CNN - 55,000 to 1 Against Reporting Real News

Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Today CNN devoted four minutes of their news hour to bring us a detailed story about a man whose wallet was returned to him after 40 years. We learned that he had 8 cent stamps in his wallet.

The story was reported at 15 minutes past the hour. We would think that a national news organization would have enough important news to fill up 15 minutes (actually about 12 minutes when you subtract commercials).4 minutes is 6.66% of an hour and it is about 8-10% of an hour when you subtract commercials.

On the other hand a news item where 55,000 Africans (at least) had to flee their homes because of the violence in that region was not mentioned on this “news” program.

This is only one sample of my quest to find actual news on TV. On any given day at any given time I can show you how the United States does not have a national news broadcast program. Not one! Anyone want to challenge me on this? You’ll lose! Think about it!

9/11 - It is Still Not Over - We Are Still Dying - The Culprits Walk Free

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Finally a judge blasted former EPA chief Christie Todd Whitman for declaring the post 9/11 air in NY safe. He blasted her? What the hell good will that do? He should charge her with attempted murder, or actual murder because people have already started to die from the respiratory problems related to exposure to the air after the controlled demolition of the WTC!!!

I speak from experience here. I am a life long asthmatic. My asthma, from 1964 through 2001, remained virtually unchanged. I used approximately 1 inhaler ever year or two. Now I use approximately one per month! I also have to use stronger medications now because the inhaler does not always work for me. I live about 5 miles (if that far) from where the towers stood. It rained ash on me that day. My home was covered in pulverized WTC particles. I will no doubt die before my time thanks to prolonged mass murder that took place on that day.

In the wake of the event the EPA, with urging from the White House, asked rescue workers NOT to wear their protective masks so that they would not send a frightening message to the people of New York. The air was declared safe by the EPA. This was done for two reasons. One…they did not want to be financially responsible for performing a toxic clean up for all the affected areas so they told home owners that everything was nice and safe and that they should simply wear long pants for protection and clean up their own homes. And two…they wanted to make people feel safe so that the Wall Street markets could open up again. Can you say greed and profit?

The rescue workers on the scene were used as PR for the people who needed that new Pearl Harbor. Their photos would serve to tap into American rage so that the people would support their radical reaction to 9/11 that was actually an action, not reaction, that was planned years before the event. Just to a web search for PNAC! Photos and images of fire fighters would not look as macho if the handsome and rugged hard working fire fighter was wearing a white mask over his face. Their lives were risked for photo ops. They were props used by the George W. Bush administration and they are now dying as a result. These simple good people have also fallen victim to the propaganda of which they themselves were a prop. It was too difficult for them to believe the truth. The They actually support the administration and they fell for the official conspiracy theory regardless of how much contradictory evidence emerges. The rescue & recovery workers will be dying off en mass and many of them will be dead because the George W. Bush administration, with the full cooperation of the EPA, prevented them from taking measures to protect themselves. This is called murder and the murderers are George W. Bush, his administration and the EPA.

The state sponsored attack on NY on September 11th 2001 was a financial jackpot for the people behind the event. This was about money and power. It was a “new Pearl Harbor” for the military industrial complex and it was a jackpot for a variety of people who will become rich as a result of the fear factor that has been created and sustained by the Bush administration.

I ask you all to continue to urge everyone you know to take a closer look at the events of that day for the real culprits still remain in control of our society, our government, our health and our very existence! Think about it!

9/11 Facts

Welcome to America, Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

America? the Greatest nation in the world? Liberty and justice for all?

How sad is that that I received a phone call from a wonderful supporter of the truth who offered me a place to hide in case the government came after me for exposing information about 9/11? While it was a beautiful thing that someone thought enough of what I am doing to make such an offer, the fact that an offer like that had to be made is a truly sad statement.

Are people supposed to feel frightened because they ask questions and because they point out inaccuracies in the answers they receive? Well in today’s America the honest citizen has become the enemy of the state. What does that say about our wonderful nation? Think about it!

Screw You George W. Bush! And While We are on the Subject…

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Screw you George W. Bush for pretending to be an American while your Gestapo hauled off (arrested) an American citizen for wearing a tee-shirt and exercising her Constitutional rights. And Screw you George W. Bush for not mentioning any of the real threats to the lives of Americans such as your administration’s involvement in the events of 9/11, your environmental policies that are accelerating global warming, your health care policies that ensure fewer Americans have access to health care, and your economic policies that ensure Americans that they will have to work much harder for their entire lives in order to stay fed and housed.

Screw you Republicans in Congress who continue to drive policies that are founded on principles of greed, bigotry and deception.

Screw you Democrats in Congress for ignoring the evidence surrounding 9/11 and for not collectively walking out of the State of the Union address after Cindy Sheehan was arrested for wearing a shirt with words on it.

Screw you corporate news media for remaining in your 5 year long coma as you continue to hide the news events that depict the Nazification of America. Screw you for not exposing the no-free-speech America that has become the bubble of fantasy in which George W. Bush lives while the rest of us are herded into small free-speech zones where our Constitutional rights still exist. Screw you American news media for every breath you take and for every day that you remain alive.

Screw you police and law enforcement officers who enforce the fascist Nazi tactics of the Bush administration. Screw you for arresting people for wearing shirts, speaking their mind and standing up for the Constitution. Screw you for protecting the very people in the Bush administration who murdered your brothers and sisters on 9/11.

And last but not least screw you apathetic Americans (NOT TvNewsLIES readers…they come here because they are not apathetic!) who still think that our current state of the union reflects politics as usual and not something far more sinister. Screw you for standing by as my country is obliterated by the power brokers behind the scenes. And screw you for not taking a closer look at the events of 9/11.

I am sorry for the harsh tone of my message today but there comes a time when enough is enough and honesty can no longer be shrouded in eloquence. Think about it!

PS: You bloggers who comment on this by calling me names…I challenge you to an open debate on any issue. Make it a public forum. The more the merrier. TV Coverage would be great. Make sure you bring all your insults…because I will be demolishing you with facts while you stand there like children calling me names.

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