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Why Support the Troops? They Don’t Even Realize That I Support Them!

Friday, March 31st, 2006

I am still trying to figure out how the term “support the troops” got perverted into supporting a war and an administration that has abused and shortchanged the troops like no other administration in history. I am wondering how supporting an action that placed the troops in positions where they were left with few choices other than to commit atrocities and war crimes, is a good thing.

The US Military command is now prohibiting soldiers from providing their own body armor, even if they are not supplied with armor by the military. Can you think of any way to interoperate this little move as one that is in support of the troops?

Maybe none of the Bush administration members have yet to own a company that overcharges the government for body armor so they are trying to prevent the troops from buying any until they have their product ready for sale?

I will be forty two years old next month and in all my years I have never been able to figure out why many of the people that I support, speak out for and fight for fail to even realize that I am on their side? Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth sticking up for people who don’t appreciate my efforts. Think about it!

Do Members of the Media Live on other Planets or are They Aliens?

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Do the people who bring us the news each day, or I should say do not bring us the news each day, feel that they are not vulnerable to the actions or inactions of our government and our corporations? When news comes out that the Pentagon blocked a move that would make our drinking water safer does do the members of the media say to themselves “I don’t dink water so I will not be affected?”

Do the members of the media think that they will survive a 20 foot increase in tides? Do they have gills through which they breathe?
Say all you want about political ideology but we are talking about human survival here. You would think that regardless of the bias in reporting related to political events these people would realize that they have a personal vested interest in living. Maybe they know something that we don’t know. Maybe they don’t need water do drink, air to breathe or land to live on. Or maybe they are stupid and don’t realize that they should be reporting about the environmental terrorism being conducted by our government and corporations. Or maybe they are simply trying to kill us all.  Think about it!

CNN’s 9/11 Balancing Act

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

CNN’s Showbiz Tonight cancelled the appearance of Ed Asner last night because they could not find any guests to provide an opposing point of view related to his position on the subject of 9/11 truth. They wanted to present a balanced discussion of this topic.

Well, not all things are balanced. This is like requiring a balanced view of a weather report where you have someone talking about sunshine when the entire area is inundated by rain!

There has been 5 years of propaganda. It’s our turn. The balancers have had enough airtime! Think about it!

Government is Now Our Enemy

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

It is clear that every action taken by the Bush administration since it seized control of our government via electoral coup, has been an act of war against the American people.

Yes, this illegitimate un-American Bush administration has been at war with us and nobody seems to realize this. They are murdering our nation, our Constitution, our prosperity, our sensibility, our humanity and our very living bodies while simultaneously rob us blind. They are also murdering the very planet on which we live.

The saddest element of this end time saga is that the many good American people who work for our government institutions have agreed to help the Bush administration fight its war against the people of America.

Not surprisingly the FBI has been monitoring peace groups because it considers them to be a threat to national security. Let’s be clear here, there is no precedence for this and there is clear precedence indicating that peace groups in America are overwhelmingly more often the victims of violence and threats than the perpetrators of such.

The threat posed by peace groups is not to our national security; the threat is to the criminals who have hijacked our government. The weapon used by our peace groups is information. The peace groups are the most likely groups to expose the truth about what is going on in our nation. This can not be permitted to happen because at least a portion of the oblivious masses who have been fooled by the media will turn on the Bush administration (and the media) if they knew what the peace activists knew.

Understand this; the divide in this nation is informational. While there is an ideology divide in this nation the greater dividing factor is information. Those who support the Bush administration simply do not know much about them.  Go ahead, ask them who PNAC is. Ask them how many Iran Contra felons have been appointed by Bush.

The fact is, no matter how hard they try, even the strongest Bush supporters would turn on him the moment that they saw the 9/11 evidence that I have seen. This is why I must be stopped. This is why peace groups must be stopped.

Too bad the peace groups don’t realize this. Too bad they waste their time in a dreamland of polite activism. If they put their slogans down and used information as a weapon perhaps they would win this war that was launched by the illegal occupiers of the White House and the invisible parallel government that pulls the strings from behind the scenes. Then maybe the peace groups would not only pose a threat to the administration but the threat would come to fruition in that the Bush administration would be dismantled and find themselves in the prisons in which they belong.   Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

PS Andy Card resigned today. I wonder if Plame related incitements are on the way and this was a clean way to distance himself from Bush.

So You Still Think the Press is Free

Monday, March 27th, 2006

So it took several weeks, not a year this time, for the NY Times to print information related to George W. Bush breaking the law. Yes, The NY Times, even though they ignored the first documents indicating such, finally reported about the second smoking gun memo indicating that the Bush administration intended on going to war with Iraq regardless if there was a legitimate reason for going to war. They even planed to provoke Iraq into a war.

Now get this: the entire American corporate media ignored the first smoking gun memo indicating that George W. Bush lied to Congress, to the American people, to the world and to the US Military and started a war based on lies. A second piece of evidence surfaces and the New York Times ignores it for several weeks and then finally reports it. The result of this is an echo chamber of silence by the rest of the media.

The memo in question is possibly the strongest piece of physical evidence ever produced indicating a high crime by an American President other than the mountains of evidence of 9/11 complicity by the Bush administration. However the 9/11 evidence has not yet been approved for acceptance by the corporate media; so lets just pretend that this memo indicates the strongest evidence of a high crime committed by a President to date. And what is happening? The rest of the media is waiting for their marching orders. They are all remaining silent until they receive instructions to proceed with their reporting. Even if the delay is only a day, the coordinated story has to be approved so that there are no contradictions when the corporate media unit brainwash the public with the exact version of the story that they want us to believe.

The coordinated actions by the many arms of the corporate media monster should be quite obvious to you by now. The corporate media is not controlled by anyone; they are the tool of the controllers. Until we realize this we will continue to fall prey to the controllers. The evidence is there and you can see it every single day. With every coordinated, timed and choreographed information dissemination event the single point of media control becomes more visible to those who choose to open their eyes. Think about it!

CNN Learns to Count

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Today CNN reported that ½ million people were at a protest where they were objecting to the new immigration laws that have been proposed. They provided overhead shots showing the size of the crowd.

No offense to the politically active people who attended this protest, but I have been to at least 4 protests that made that protest look an opening act.  Yet, when those protests took place, corporate media outlets such as CNN did not have the ability to estimate the size of our crowds, nor could they arrange for an overhead shot or any shot that would have depicted the size of our crowd. I have been to protests where the crowds were so big that we ran out of room in the streets. I was at a protest where three avenues in New York City were crammed with people for a 30 block stretch. The crowd was so big that the NYC subway system was shut down! This is a subway system that moves three million people per day.

When the people of the world protest the most protested man in human history, George W. Bush, CNN and their criminal partners in the corporate media do not seem to be able to count and they can not seem to locate a camera to observe the crowd. As a matter of fact most of the time they don’t even bother to report the protest at all.

How is it that their protest coverage is thorough when it comes to immigration policy but it is virtually nonexistent when the people protest George W. Bush? CNN, the most trusted name in news? Maybe, but not the most trustworthy! Think about it!

CNN: Here’s More Nothing

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

This morning CNN reported another one of those vital news stories that their national audience needed to learn about.  You know the audience I am speaking of; the audience that voted CNN the most trusted name in news.

The story went something like this: A small film crew got permission from a local postmaster to use the local post office after hours in which to film a movie. The police were not informed to they arrived on the scene thinking a crime was going on. When they arrived everything was straightened out and no arrests were made.

Once again CNN took the time to prepare a report on an event that did not happen. On a day that brings the world an official report warning the world that by the end of the century New York, London, Florida and many major coastal habitats will be under water CNN thought it was more important to inform you that nothing took place in some local post office.

Another example of how being the most trusted name in news does is no indication of their trustworthiness.

National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

Friday, March 24th, 2006

National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

I do not want the Unites States to protect me from international terrorists. There, I said it. Keep your protection. Forgive me if my logic does not exactly fall in line with the nation’s illogic but I am tired of watching virtually every resource in our nation be diverted to protecting us from a threat that is not only mathematically improbable but may actually be self inflicted.

It is an absolute fact that the issues that pose the most dangerous, current and imminent threats to Americans are not only being ignored by the media but they are being exacerbated by the Bush administration. Let’s face it, even if you bought the nonsense story about 19 cave dwellers who had the natural born ability to navigate jet airliners 1/3 of the way across the nation, evade our entire air defense system and then hit their targets without the help of ground control navigational assistance you surely realize that your average citizen is in greater danger of dying because of a disease related to an environmental pollutant than another improbable or impossible event like 9/11. You must at least realize that melting polar ice caps will kill more people than a nuclear bomb or two delivered by men who are so stupid as not to realize that they can blow up a bomb before it passes through inspections at a port.

While the neocons who were in charge of our well being while the events of 9/11 were taking place, under their watchful eyes or under their direct control, continue their mission to convince you that the only threat to your life is the Islamic extremist, they are increasing every single real current deadly threat to our existence. From the elimination of laws designed to prevent lethal toxins from entering our food, water and air, to economic restructuring designed to prohibit our access to life saving health care, the Bush administration has been conducting history’s most effective policy of genocide.

I’ll tell you what, I would rather vaporize in an instant than die a slow painful death brought on by the radiation poisoning we have all been exposed to in the form of the clouds of radioactive particles floating around the planet as a result of the depleted uranium bombardment of Iraq by the global poisoners in the Bush administration. I also don’t want my family to lose everything in order to pay for my medical care to treat the medical conditions that have been brought on by the Bush administration and their genocidal policies.

They want to protect me from a terrorist? Personally, after all that I have seen I am pretty sure that the most dangerous terrorists are only dangerous thanks to their connections to the US military industrial complex. So instead of trying to beat the beast that is the US National Scare-You-Ity industry I would rather opt out of their protection/extortion program.

See, I am a gambling man and I see that the odds indicate that the death policies of the Bush administration are going to get us well before any Islamic terrorist will, even with the help of the CIA, the Carlyle Group or the Federal Reserve!

National Scare-You-Ity? Keep it. Until you stop increasing the multiple daily threats to my life posed by your polices stop pretending to keep me safe. Think about it!

America: Same Label, Different Product - Remember New Coke?

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Remember when the good people at Coke decided to mess with perfection and change the formula to Coca-Cola? Do you remember the result of this idiotic decision? New Coke! But there was one problem with this New Coke, it was not Coca-Cola. It was something less appealing, less enjoyable, less desirable. In essence it was a bogus excuse for the real thing. It was no longer the product that people enjoyed for generations.

Well the people did not stand for this. They knew that the label still said Coke but what they were now getting was not the real thing. The label still said Coke but ingredients were different. The people knew that this new product was not their Coke. They revolted. The public’s pressure worked and eventually the original Coke that we all loved (Pepsi people aside), returned to it’s home on our supermarket shelves and at our local soda jerk shop.

Well America has ingredients too. There is only one ingredient that makes America American. That ingredient is the US Constitution. If you omit this ingredient we are left with the New Coke equivalent of The United States of America. Same label, different nation.

While a nation of well meaning yet uninformed patriots think putting star spangled diapers on their infants is an act of patriotism, the very America that they stand for has been replaced. The chefs in Congress have gone ahead and approved the ingredient changes that have been ordered by the board (Bush and company). Without the shareholder’s approval (the citizens), the chefs altered the ingredients and effectively changed the product. America is now New America. Like New Coke, New America is an inferior product. America is now a product without the ingredient that had made it so appealing and so worthy of our patriotism.

Like the Coke lovers who revolted after the people at Coke messed with their beloved Coca-Cola, Americans should not stand for the unapproved switch to New America. We should not rest until the original ingredients are restored to our nation. And we should not fool ourselves into thinking that the same symbols and labels, such as our flag, apply to this new product.

We may think that America is still America because the label has not changed; but the main ingredient has all but been removed. It is time to either restore the main ingredient, or change the label.  Think about it!

I Ask You Mr. Bush, What Exactly Did Saddam Refuse?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Bush did it again and the press let him get away with it. Bush, once again, claimed that he sent us to war in Iraq because Saddam refused to comply. Yet in the three years following the invasion of Iraq nobody, most notably George W. Bush, has ever explained what Saddam refused to comply with?

He could not disclose WMD that were not there. The inspectors were crawling all over Iraq. They had access to everything, anywhere with no advanced notification.

So on behalf of the people who have died as a result of this “response” to Saddam’s refusal to comply, I ask this question: What did Saddam refuse? Think about it!

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