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George W. Bush: The Luckiest President Ever

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

George W. Bush: The Luckiest President Ever

(Have you seen the movie called “The Truman Show?”)

George W. Bush is easily the most protested American president in history. We have never had a nation more divided. We have never seen anger and outrage saturate society as it does today.

At the same time Mr. Bush’s approval ratings vary but seem to reflect support from approximately 30-40% of the nation. Yet, when George W. Bush ventures out to engage the people he always seems to find venues where his approval rating is 100%
Yesterday Bush gave a speech to a “free speech” crowd and there was not a single indication of even the slightest disapproval. People who were “permitted” to question Mr. Bush all seemed to have wrapped their questions in an envelope of supportive public relations messages where as they helped express Mr. Bush’s message as opposed to question his comments.

Amazing. I have never seen luck like this in my life. Nowhere.

Tens of millions of people have been trying to protest Mr. Bush to his face. They have been marching, writing, creating documentaries, traveling across the nation just to voice their opposition. For five years these angry concerned citizens have been trying unsuccessfully to gain access to George W. Bush. They have been unsuccessful because along with their routine violations of the US Constitution this Bush administration has decided that the 1st Amendment is not applicable in their world. They have banished opposing views to distant zones where they permit Constitutional rights to exist.

After years of unsuccessful efforts to voice their anger the outraged masses let a perfect opportunity to be heard slip by them; so we are told. The media is repeating over and over that the audience at Bush’s speech yesterday was not prescreened yet we are being asked to believe that not a single frustrated or dissatisfied American took this opportunity to question George W. Bush. Not Cindy Sheehan, not a single member, nobody from the DNC, no 9/11 truth movement representatives, no environmentalists, no opposition or dissatisfaction anywhere to be found. Amazing.

What luck! For 5 years the most protested man in American history has never been exposed to a single member of the American public who does not approve of his actions 100%. And we are now told that Mr. Bush, the most protested human in American history, had a non-screened audience and not a single voice of opposition rang out. Amazing luck; wouldn’t you say? Did you see the movie called “The Truman Show?” Think about it!

Bush & the US Broadcast News Media - With Us, Or Against Us?

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Just a few examples of why Americans trust George W. Bush:

George W. Bush and the US news media industry, are they with us, or against us? I think you know the answer. Think about it!

Thou Shall Hate, Scorn & Abuse - Gays Support Gay Hatred

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Am I the only person who has a hard time understanding how people can accept words that inspire hatred in the name of religion? Am I the only one who can not figure out how the targets of this hatred become part of the institutions that sponsor it?  You can talk all you want about civil rights. You can talk all you want about how Native Americans and African Americans have been mistreated in America. You can talk all you want about how the Jewish people have been persecuted throughout history. But in my opinion no single group has been subject to a longer, more sustained and more widely spread campaign of hatred, abuse and mistreatment than gay people.

Irrational hatred and abuse of gay people knows no boundaries. It is blind to race, nationality religion. If matters not if the subject is a member of your own family; son, daughter, sister of brother. It is socially acceptable in many places to act on this hatred. Houses of worship, governments and corporations sanction this hatred and unjust behavior and it is practiced at all levels of society, down to the youngest indoctrinated child.

The one thing that all of this hatred has in common…God. Yes, religion has spawned this vile plague of irrational and unwarranted hatred and abuse. It amazes me how people can conduct themselves in a manner that is unjust, cruel and in some cases murderous and justify their behavior with a holy book.

I’ll never understand why people need a book to teach them how to be a decent human being. But what is more difficult for me to understand is how anyone in the world accepts the teachings of hatred found in books that are supposed to help us to become good people.

But I suppose the most perplexing question in my mind is how and why gay people continue to bow to their abusers. They practice religions that teach people to hate them. They work for companies that openly discriminate against them. They sign up to risk their lives in the same military that has outlawed their genetic coding. And they align themselves with political parties that have worked to institute a legal framework of injustice directed at them. It is hard to keep speaking in support of a group that in many cases works against themselves.     Think about it!

Bush Support: Logic Not Welcomed

Friday, March 17th, 2006

I was listening to someone support the invasion of Iraq using the argument that we are at war with Islamic fascism and it is better to fight “them” over there than over here. OK, in a way I understand his notion about fighting fascism and I can even buy the argument of fighting them over there, whoever “they” are. But once again the non sequitur connection between Islamic fascism and the secular non-Islamic state of Iraq was used to back support for the lies of the Bush administration.

When you listen to the few people who can actually explain their reasons for supporting Bush & his PNAC polices you will hear a very powerful set of arguments that usually have nothing to do with the issue. Consider the 9/11 justification for invading Iraq. We invaded what was perhaps the only nation in the region that was a natural and actual enemy of the legendary boogie man we know as Osama Bin Laden yet we hear 9/11 used as justification of the invasion.

The list is endless and deserves a chapter or so to cover in depth but suffice to say I have not heard many logical arguments used by people expressing their support for Bush/PNAC. Then again most people who support Bush/PNAC don’t seem to have any reasons for supporting what they do. At least they can not share that information when asked. It is too bad that the few who do share their views don’t make any sense and they don’t even realize it.

We live in a nation of people who will tell you that their favorite number is seven and when you ask them why they will look you square in the eye and tell you that it is because they like even numbers. They don’t even blink.  How scary has this nation become?

Edwards in 2008 - My Prediction

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

I originally made this observation before the 2004 but I will say it again because I am starting to see signs that I am correct. John Edwards will be the Democratic candidate for president in 2008 and he may actually become president. I say this because he has “charmed” the very powerful members of the secretive organization known as the Bilderberg group.

The most recent sign that have reinforced my assertion can be found on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.  Chris is an inside player. He is a Republican insider and he is very cozy with the power brokers behind the scenes. You know…the people who really run our world. Chris is starting to “pose questions” about Edwards’ running for president. This is not just random questioning in my opinion. This, to me, is an indication that the decisions about who may run for president and who gets “elected” president are made by unelected power brokers and have nothing to do with the democratic process.

Keep an eye on this one. If Edwards comes out of nowhere and becomes a front runner you will realize that there may be more to what I am saying that you want to believe! Of course things can change between now and the 2008 elections but there seems to be some ground work being done to establish Edwards as a candidate and this ground work does not appear to be stemming from Edwards himself. What could it all mean? Hmm. Think about it!

A New Epidemic Threat to Human Life

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Cause of Death: Collateral Damage

There is a growing epidemic spreading across the globe that is responsible for rising death rates among healthy law abiding citizens of the world. This epidemic is most problematic in Iraq and Afghanistan. This recent outbreak started on late 2001 and shows no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact it is now showing signs of spreading to other areas of the Middle East.

Known Cure:

Doctors around the world are baffled and they do not understand why so many people are dying as a result of this epidemic. There seems to be nothing anyone can do to stop it even though it is 100% preventable. That’s right, this epidemic can be stopped. It can be ended in 1 second. We can spend the rest of eternity without every losing another life to this epidemic. Doctors and historians alike share frustrations with several select governments who hold the answer to this problem but refuse to act on it.
Prior to the recent epidemic the problem was much smaller yet there were obvious hotspots around the globe. The most problematic hotspot prior to the recent outbreak was in the occupied lands belonging to the Palestinians.

The Threat:

You may be asking yourself exactly what epidemic I am referring to. I call your attention to a cause of death that is fairly new to the American vernacular. I am referring to the epidemic of people dying as a result of them being considered “collateral damage!” This cause of death is the result of the indiscriminate use of military might. In other words innocent people are dying because they are doing nothing more than being alive.

Some Call it Murder:

While the US media continue to spin reality into nice tasty bite size morsels it does not change the reality on the ground. The US media are continuing to shill for an illegitimate administration, They shill for an administration that used election fraud achieve and maintain power. They shill for an administration that seems by virtue of the mountains of uncovered evidence to be involved in the attacks of 9/11. They shill for an administration that has unleashed on the world a relentless string of policies and actions (environmental, economic, civil rights & war), that will result in massive global strife and death.

So when the US, the UK or Israel obliterates families who happen to be near their “targets” I call it what it is: murder. The media can call it collateral damage but that is no surprise. They have not depicted a single issue with complete accuracy in my lifetime!

When a soldier kills a cab driver who did not slow down at a check point it is called murder. Can you imagine what the military would do to cabbies in New York City? I a not saying that the soldier is a criminal; I am saying that he was put in a situation where his very mission must, by design, include crimes such as murder. He or she holds no responsibility for the crimes commited while on duty. Their leaders on the other hand, are responsible.

The leaders of the US & UK military in Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as their civilian leaders up to and including George W. Bush and Tony Blair, are murders by policy. Simple. No discussion. They selected to initiate military hostilities where there were none. The sparked the violence that is occurring in Iraq and they are guilty of every single death that has taken place as a result of their decision. They are murderers.

The Cure:

Accusing someone of something and declaring that they are “target” does not justify anything, especially murder. What is worse however, is the indiscriminate mass murder of those who happen to be in the vicinity of the targets. Murder is murder and the US/UK brand of murder is spreading like wildfire. Can you think of a cure? I can! Think about it!

Open Letter to George W. Bush

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Mr. Bush, (I do not address you as Mr. President because American presidents are elected; they do not become president via election fraud!)

It is painfully obvious, and embarrassing, that your lack of intellect has led the world towards peril on many levels. While it would take a lifetime to educate you about general issues I thought you may have time to learn at least one thing before your term in office is up.

Please see the dictionary definition for the term “civil war”, which I took the time to look up for you.

civil war
1. A war between factions or regions of the same country.
2. A state of hostility or conflict between elements within an organization:

Now I know you have a habit of “dismissing” facts, evidence, expert opinion (other that that which agrees with your non-expert opinion), history, logic or any actual instances of reality. Perhaps however, you may want to take a look at the definition which I provided for you and you may want to have your PNAC administration alter their ideological agenda so that they can address the situation in Iraq appropriately. Maybe just this one time they can invite reality into their dream land of ideology.

I ask you to consider this on behalf of the families of the military personnel who are serving, have served and will serve in Iraq; many of whom are dead, will die, and will suffer long term psychological trauma and physical atrocities (a result of the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq…depleted uranium). Perhaps you can ease the pain and suffering your bait and switch invasion of Iraq is causing.

By “bait and switch” I refer to the deceptive tactic you used to sell America a war. You claimed that invading Iraq was necessary to protect us from WMD’s and a growing Iraqi threat, but the product you delivered was labeled Operation Iraqi Freedom. Democratizing Iraq’s was not a cause for which the American people were willing to go to war. Nice little switch, Mr. Bush…our intellectually challenged red states never even noticed!

I implore you to absorb this one piece of information into your otherwise dormant brain. There is a civil war going on in Iraq at this very minute. Try to understand that.

You may very well complete your term (possibly without ending up in prison), without having vetoed even a single bill passed by Congress; but do you really want to be the first person to occupy the Oval Office for two terms without learning even a single thing? Come on, you can do it…it is only one little definition. Ask Condi to read it to you if you have trouble pronouncing the words! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

Americans Comprise the Majority of Extremists in Iraq

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Extremists are all over Iraq. But guess what…they are in US military uniforms. Let me clarify something here. Along with the misuse and abuse of the term “terrorist” we, the media, and the Bush administration are misusing the word extremist by not using it in a fair and balanced way. Let me explain.

When a government “chooses” to achieve its goals by using the most extreme solution, war, that government can be considered an extremist regime. When war itself “is” the goal of a government that government can pretty much only be described as extremist.

Sure, there are Iraqi and foreign extremists in Iraq right now and they are acting or reacting in extreme measures. But let’s not fool ourselves; they are reacting in extreme measures “to” extreme measures by the extremist military of an extremist regime. That extremist regime is that of the George W. Bush & his PNAC handlers. There is plenty of extremism in Iraq but let’s be fair here…American troops represent the largest and most violent of the extremist groups in Iraq.   Think about it!

Go Ahead and Kill. Just Blame it on God!

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

You want to issue a fatwa against someone or kill someone who “insults” your religion, no problem. You want to murder a doctor who performs procedures that are not in line with your religion; go right ahead. You want to conduct acts of terror or start a war using the most advanced military power in history; please…proceed. You are uncomfortable with other people who are sexually attracted to members of the same sex and you want to harm them in the cruelest possible way, just go ahead and do it! Whenever you feel like committing abhorrent immoral acts don’t worry about anything; just commit those acts; but make sure you have a holy book of some sort as justification.

You see, these holy books, be they bibles, torahs, or qurans, can act as your little personal security blanket so that you do not have to face up to the loathsome, horrendous or heinous acts that you commit. Yes, if you really look hard enough in your little holy books I am sure you will be able to find some sentence that you can pervert by way of personal “interpretation”, into some kind of justification for your vile behavior.

Using justification that carries the same weight as David Berkowitz’s (“Son of Sam” murderer) excuse (some dog named Sam was sending messages to him), for his murder spree, people who commit such acts claim that they are justified because of messages that they see, hear or interpret from their god or holy book. People who follow these little religious messages have managed to create a planet of hatred and violence.

Nothing in history has ever been more perverted by the human beings than organized religion. It has become the excuse for injustice and inhumane behavior. Yes, I know what you are saying; religion has had a positive impact on many people. So has electricity; but that too is dangerous and can take a life as easily as it can power an air conditioner on a hot summer day.

Religious justification has now reached the point where it poses a very real threat to life on Earth. The people in charge of the greatest means of killing on the planet have little books that they feel contain certain messages that are in fact permission to act on their insane impulses. If we permit this to continue it we will all pay the price with our lives.

It is high time that people had enough confidence in their own common sense to practice the religion of “do the right thing!” You don’t need a book to tell you how to be a good person and none of us need a book that “permits” us to be bad people! Think about it!

Another Bushco Crime? That’s Not News!

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

A former (recent) senior aide to George W. Bush was arrested on multiple theft charges. How do you think the corporate news and talk radio world would handle this issue had it happened to an aide to a Democratic president? I would think that Drugman Limbaugh, Wild Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hitlerty, I mean Hannity would be having a ball right now.

It seems as if no crime is too big or too small for the Bush gang. There are so many to talk about that when a new one is revealed to the public it is hardly news these days. That must be why the media ignores all the crimes these days. Yeah, that must be the reason.  Think about it!

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