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Hey Bill O’Reilly…Can You Ban My Name From Your Show Too?

Friday, March 10th, 2006

Has Bill O’Reilly gone mad? Is every person who works for the FOX network all crazy down to the people who work in their security division? Wild Bill is now warning people who call his radio program that if they mention Keith Olbermann’s name he will have his security people contact your local law enforcement and take action. What is more frightening that Wild Bill’s delusion of being some kind of law creating dictator is that the security people are actually going along with this! They are actually contacting people who mention Keith’s name on the program!

I think you know what we have to do now! Let’s see if saying some other things over an over on his program like mentioning the web site or letting him know that Jesse from that web site is challenging him by claiming that he can expose Wild Bill’s lies and deceptions any time, any where!

Bill O’Reilly’s e-mail address at FOX :
Bill O’Reilly’s e-mail address at The Factor:
Bill O’Reilly’s radio show call in phone number:
1-877-9-NOSPIN (1-877-966-7747 I translated the number because we ALL HATE THOSE PHONE NUMBERS THAT ARE LETTERS!!!!!!!)

Well? What are you waiting for? Let’s try to get my name banned too! Think about it

That’s congress, Without a Capital “C” From Me!

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

The anti-American criminal institution known as the U.S. Congress is making it very clear that they are in the business of ending the use of the Constitution. Along with their agenda of increasing the wealth and power of the ruling elite at the detriment of the planet and the “rest of the people,” their actions pretty much serve as proof that they are not interested in doing anything good for the people of this nation.

It is not like you have to search the secret files of the Capitol to discover this; just watch C-SPAN. They are openly and relentlessly creating legislation that is in effect overriding and sidelining the U. S. Constitution, not to mention human decency and moral compas.

It their latest effort to destroy the rule of law in our nation the Republican leadership of the U.S. Congress has openly decided to address the abuse of power and multiple violations of the law by George W. Bush and his administration by creating a solution that pretty much says that they can keep breaking the law and abusing their power as long as Congress can have a piece of the action. That’s right, the Republicans in Congress want to let Bushco continue their Stalin/Hitleresque domestic spying program as long as they can watch.

When the Patriot Act was originally passed it contained only one mention of the Constitution and believe it or not they did not even spell it with a capital “c”! Well, from now on when I write my newsletter I am going to give congress similar respect for they are as useless and obsolete to me as the Constitution is to them! Think about it!

Let’s All Break the Law! It’s OK; Bush Does It Too!

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

You don’t like a law? Just break it. Only make sure you are a Republican, that way if by some chance you get caught they can change the law for you.

It is not like George W. Bush is “above” the law. He just ignores the law because his cronies make sure that any law that happens to be “above” him at ay given time gets lowered.

This is the example George W. Bush, his administration and our Congress are setting for us so I suggest, no I request that we all go out and break every law that we can think of; just like George W. Bush. America, where you don’t have to follow any laws that you don’t like! How cool is that! Oh wait…that doesn’t apply to us, only to our leaders. How Machiavellian! Think about it!

TVNL Radio: Media Blackout on Fallujah Ends Now!

Monday, March 6th, 2006

LIVE, Tuesday March 7th - 12:00 Noon ET (GMT-5) - Listen live or download the archive on the Monks Media Radio Network! Call in live: 317-776-4130
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The media blackout of news related to the US military intervention in Fallujah Iraq is officially over! Filmmaker Mark Manning will be discussing his un-embedded experience in that war torn part of Iraq. We will be live on the Monks Media Radio Network, taking your calls, instant messages and e-mail.As the US media continues to present an altered false reality to the American people continues our quest to defeat media deception by exposing you to the reality based world and by encouraging you to think for yourself!

DVD and Preview - Click here!

Site mentioned by our guest: Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches

Democracy Now? My Comments to Amy Goodman about 9/11.

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Democracy Now? My Comments to Amy Goodman about 9/11.
I attended a Code Pink anti-war event in NYC on Sunday. I was meeting Dylan Avery, his Loose Change team and a gentlemen (Kevin) who along with his friend Marc are working on a 9/11 awareness campaign. Marc thought that the Code Pink venue would be a good place to test the water or perhaps hobnob with activists for the purpose of expanding public awareness about the real 9/11 evidence; you know the evidence that, oh, let’s say differs from the official story, to say the least.

Cindy Sheehan was one of the speakers. The entire event, however well meaning, was another useless waste of collective time, money and energy. It was another example of good people with good intentions, an inability to see the real problem and a weak agenda. Their entire effort, if successful, will result in a huge stack of paper with a lot of signatures on it that will be ignored by every target of influence for whom they are intended. It’s like firing a gun without the bullets. What’s the point?

The last speaker was Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. She spoke eloquently about the importance of an independent media. She continually commented about being part of the reality based media. Ms. Goodman received thunderous applause from the crowd of people who think that Democracy Now is indeed part of the reality based community. I almost got up and yelled at her to set the record straight but I held my comments until I was able to meet her, again, face to face. As soon as the last speaker finished I headed for Ms. Goodman and I let her know how I felt about her concept of reality. I told her that I was a sentinel for the reality based community and I asked her to use her powerful platform to address the real issue as it relates to the political landscape of this nation which was the huge disconnect between the existing evidence and the official story of 9/11! She commented on how Democracy Now does address the 9/11 issue. I told her that all this Iraq stuff, and most of the stuff that she covers is fluff and means nothing if the 9/11 issue is not addressed the way it should be. I told her that they are addressing all of this as a political issue when in fact it is the issue is criminality, not politics. I let her know that I was not fooled by her claims of being part of the reality based world and I hope you are not fooled either.

A side note about Ms. Goodman: Some time back I met Ms. Goodman at a fund raiser for the well known independent journalist Greg Palast. I prepared packages for both Amy & Greg. I gave them samples of my writing, contact information and a cover letter offering them my cooperation for free. In other words I offered to work for them for free! I also gave them each a Loaded Deck; my informational playing cards created as a retort to the Bush administrations childish and embarrassing Iraqi deck of cards. (The Loaded Deck was the first of its kind with a copyright date only 2 days after the Iraqi cards were announced!). I offered to let Greg use my cards to raise money for his legal fees. The result of my gesture was interesting. I received no calls. My calls to follow up calls (to both Democracy now and Mr. Palast) were ignored and Greg Palast came out with his own deck of cards that were basically a rip off of mine down to the George W. Bush joker card. I called Palast, the artist who created the art for the cards and his office, to discuss the issue of the cards. No call back. No thank you for the idea. Nothing. Just plagiarism from an independent journalist.

It is one thing to be lied to and abused by the criminals who hijacked our democracy but to me it is worse when the people who are trusted good guys savor the spotlight more than they do their claimed mission. Think about it!

Bush Administration: Secretive? They Are Not Secrets; They Are Cover-Ups!

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

It is not “secrecy”, it is massive “cover up!” The media and any person paying attention will tell you that the Bush administration is by far the most secretive in history. Well let me clear up that misnomer. Every administration is secretive. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is an administration that has put into place a system of cover-up by policy. This policy is designed to keep from the public view the virtual total criminal operation that is the Bush administration.

There is no need to go into detail here, pick a topic and we can discuss criminal abuses by the Bush administration on the people of this nation starting with the decimation of the US Constitution to right out cold blooded mass murder. Secrecy? Perhaps they are more secretive than most. But more disturbing than that are their efforts to cover-up, misrepresent, suppress and hide from public view the agenda that in a sense is right out in the open. With the help from the criminal media the Bush administration is covering up the very crimes that some may call polices. The cover-up may hide their actions but it won’t hide the results. But by the time enough people notice it will surely be too late. Think about it!

Where is Our Mr. Smith?

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

I just watched, for the first time, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Every member of Congress needs to see this film. Every American needs to see this film. Instead of wasting your time today with commentary I ask you to use this time to rent a copy of this film and show it to everyone in your home. I ask you to buy a copy of this DVD (we are trying to make it available to our donors), and send it to your Representative and Senator. Remind them of what being American is all about. Think about it!

Is the UAE Blackmailing Bush Over 9/11?

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

I have to admit that I originally thought that all of this hoopla over the UAE port scandal was a stunt designed to reinforce the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. Judging by a number of indicators, the truth about 9/11 is exploding. The mounting evidence that blows the official conspiracy theory out of the water is starting to trickle into the mainstream. I am getting the feeling that the media (co conspirators) and the culprits are feeling the heat and becoming desperate. As a result, I thought the UAE non-scandal was an effort to reconnect the events of 9/11 to the so-called , many of whom are still walking around, according to numerous media reports ( other than American media, of course!).

But I just heard something interesting from one of my sources (actually the story is second hand). There seems to be speculation that the UAE may be blackmailing George W. Bush into supporting their port deal. It has been suggested that the UAE would surely know whether or not the “claims” made about them by the US regarding the events of 9/11 were true or not. Perhaps they remained silent because there was something in it for them. Perhaps the port deal is part of the deal.

The ties between the UAE and Bin Laden are well established. We were told that the Clinton administration hesitated to “take out” Bin Laden because there was a chance that they would harm members of the UAE ruling family who were visiting with Bin Laden at the time. Why would they be visiting him? Hmmm… Then connect all the dots between the Bush and Bin Laden families, and between the CIA and Bin Laden, and between the Bush family and the UAE, and what you are left with is a picture that is starting to become clear through the fog. It is highly possible, and even probable that the UAE is somehow connected to the events of 9/11 by either direct involvement or by their silence. It could be that their role to refrain from disclaiming any portions of the official story. After all, if they were really as involved as we have been told, don’t you think they would have been a more logical target for our war on terror than Iraq? In fact, the UAE is guilty of most of the crimes of which the US accused Iraq: human rights violations, political oppression, direct ties to Al Qaeda, direct ties to the Taliban, funding of the 9/11 hijackers (according to legend), and involvement in illegal nuclear proliferation. Then again, the US is guilty of those things too!

Blackmail or business deal, it’s all the same. Worth thinking about however.

At any rate, I thought I would pass along this interesting observation. It may or may not have merit, but it is certainly something to think about.

We Want George W. Bush to Kill Us Before Those Nasty Terrorists Can Harm Us!

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Do you feel safer with Bush in office? Let me ask you a question…if terrorists poisoned the air that you breathe would you want your knight in shining armor, George W. Bush, and his cavalry of mass destruction, the US military, to protect you? Well who is going to protect you when that terrorist is George W. Bush?

Once again as part of his ongoing policies of global genocide we see another attack on the well being of Americans. The Bush administration wants to allow ethanol plants to send more 150% more hazardous air pollutants into your air! That’s right, our protector is poisoning us! But guess what…that is not the first time! As a matter of fact the assault on the public by the Bush administration by way of their environmental & health care policies has made us all much less secure! But the American people feel that dying slow death from environmental poisoning is a dandy idea and one worth supporting! God Bless George W. Bush, who wants to kill us before those nasty terrorists have the chance to harm us! National security, the red state way! Think about it!

  • The George W. Bush Environmental Policy of Death
  • How Stupid Are Bush Supporters? TVNL Radio

    Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

    TVNL Radio - Thursday Sessions on the Revere Radio Network:
    March 2nd. 9PM ET: How Stupid Are Bush Supporters? TVNL Radio
    CONTACT THE SHOW LIVE. Click below:

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    So how stupid do you have to be in order to support the Bush administration? How many lies will the good people with good intentions and “faith” in their leaders fall for? How much abuse will they take before they realize that the man in the White House is perhaps the most dishonest person to ever hold office in America?

    Within 24 hours proof of two major Bush administration lies emerge. Not evidence, proof. There is a difference! Evidence does not always prove allegations. Proof is definitive.

    First off we have the little known news about the Bush administration reducing the penalties and enforcement of mine safety violations by the corporations that run mining operations. This comes about after the false claims by the administration about their efforts to step up mine safety in our nation.

    Now we see video proof that Bush and his lying circus not only knew that there was a possibility of the levies in New Orleans failing but they knew that it was expected to happen.

    Guess what…there are still people in this nation who trust this bastard! You really have to wonder if inbreeding is taking a toll on this nation. Advice to Bush supporters: a bowl of lead contaminated paint chips should not be part of your complete breakfast and NASCAR fumes are not exactly helping your brain cells to thrive. Time for a change.

    If I ever start a business where I have to sell crappy goods at a high profit to unsuspecting people I am going to pretend to be a Christian Republican and target my marketing to the red states! Talk about easy money! Think about it!

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