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You Tell Me…How do we Take the Nation Back From Criminals?

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

I am often asked why there have not been a lot of whistle blowers coming forward regarding the events of 9/11/2001. After pointing out the fact that there are many whistle blowers I have to inform people that people who blow the whistle on government wrongdoing must often expose government secrets. This is a crime and they can go to prison for this.

Now the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that the Constitutional freedoms related to speech do not extend to government employees. Well guess what! The U.S. Supreme Court just strengthened the ability of high ranking government officials to cover up their own crimes!

We have a government in which people can commit crimes and they can declare as top secret all evidence related to those crimes. Ladies and gentleman, we have an official, fully operational governmental system designed to facilitate the abuse of power via high crimes.

You tell me…is there really a legal way of repairing our broken government? Think about it!

  • Justices Set Limits on Public Employees’ Speech Rights - LINK - The Supreme Court declared today, in a ruling affecting millions of government employees, that the Constitution does not always protect their free-speech rights for what they say on the job.

Surreal Government Hypocrisy

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Our current Congress, the body that passed not one but two “Patriot Acts”, and has stood by as our government has partaken in a full out anti human/civil/Constitutional assault on the people of our nation and of the world, is now crying because their rights are being violated!

Unlike the millions or even billions of the INNOCENT people whose rights are being trampled with the full cooperation of Congress, the issue that our criminal Congress is complaining about involves what appears to be a clear case of criminal corruption!

Our nation is out of its collective mind. Simply put, the issue of protecting the rights of criminals in our Government has replaced the efforts of protecting the Constitutional rights of our citizens.

Again…simply put…this nation needs nothing less of a total purging of our leadership. Our current government should be replaced by a legitimate body of legally elected officials with zero ties to big industry, the military industrial complex and especially banking of any kind! Addressing this dilemma as if it were business as usual will do nothing more than permit the destruction of America to continue. Think about it!

For the Troops on Memorial Day: A Real President

Monday, May 29th, 2006

One of the harshest comments made by George W. Bush during his time as “president via election coup” has to be his proud declaration of being a “wartime president!” I can not adequately describe the sick feeling I got in my stomach as I watched the Oval Office occupant smile as he talked about making all of his decisions from the point of a war time president. Needless to say I was thoroughly disgusted with George W. Bush as a human being as I am with all the people in my nation who look positively on a leader whose only method of addressing problems or issues is by the use of deadly force.

The actions of this administration have actually caused me to give pause when it comes to the most patriotic notion of supporting the troops. This administration has morphed our service men and women into murdering machines who will fight for a cause that does not exist. I watch as U.S. military school graduates vigorously cheer a vice president who proudly declares that his administration has no intention of adhering to the U.S. Constitution and will continue their policy of spying on Americans. This administration has hijacked our military and is turning them into a weapon to defeat the U.S. Constitution. I can only support a military that is there to protect our Constitutional rights; I can not support one whose mandate is to violate it or whose members support those who do.

Under this administration the U.S. military has been used, abused, lied to, put into situations where their human dignity and decency could and has been compromised and where the new up and coming crop of military leaders do not recognize the clauses in their oath that requires them to protect the U.S. Constitution. This administration has made the U.S. Military a symbol of shame, a tool of tyranny and an enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

What our military, our nation and the world needs is a “peace time president!” Any moron criminal can create war, especially when others are there to do the fighting. A real leader should be able to bring about peace and should be able to address issues with reason, confidence and with the security provided by our military. If the cause is just no lies need to be told. If the cause is just no shots fired would be questioned. The military must no longer be under the control of people with unjust causes and inadequate leadership qualities.

For the sake of our troops, our nation and the world America needs a peace time president. Think about it!

Now I Know How Nazi Germany Developed

Friday, May 26th, 2006

It’s kind of like watching a bad movie where all the super villains assemble to form the super team of bad guys. Watching five years of Bush appointees pass through or circumvent the Congressional approval process can not be much different than watching Hitler assemble his regime.

It seems like every person who has ever failed our nation, violated the Constitution, lied to the public, violated human rights, cheated the taxpayer or spent time in prison for committing crimes while in government has either been appointed, promoted or has received lucrative contracts by George W. Bush.

We live in a nation where the good guy does not only finish last, but gets destroyed. This is a nation controlled by the bad and the ugly. The worst of the worst continue to hold every key important position in our nation. Every key official is eyeball deep in controversy. There is not one single Bush appointee that I can think of who does not have direct conflicts of interest with the intended purpose of his or her position within our government. This is an administration of foxes guarding the preverbial hen houses!

How much more will we take? How much more has to happen before the situation becomes irreversible? We will never recover from the damage being done to the nation, the world and the planet itself as a result of the current leadership in Washington; but maybe the destruction can at least be halted. Think about it!

CNN’s Miles O’Brien Should be the Next Global Warming Related Fatality!

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

CNN’s Miles O’Brien did a piece on the new movie about global warming “Inconvenient Truth”; or so I was told. I watched Mr. O’Brien interview a spokesman from because they are involved in a promotional related to the film.

O’Brien was not interested in the least about the film. His questions related to why, a company owned by the same person who owns the Bush administration PR firm known as FOX News, is promoting a film that involves Al Gore. One of Miles’ first questions to the rep questioned if Myspace is making money off of this. The rep said absolutely not and that they were involved in this issue because there is perhaps no more important issue facing the world.

Let me repeat that…the spokesman told CNN’s Miles O’Brien that they were addressing global warming because there is no issue of greater importance facing the people of the world. Miles’ response to this…he went on to question the spokesman about the concerns of parents when it came to predators on the Internet!

Miles continued the interview, never asking a single question about the film or the issue of global warming. He changed the topic to Internet security. The graphics people eventually changed the topic title on the screen from “Inconvenient Truth” to “Internet Safety”!
This is how Miles’ O’Brien, a so called journalist, addressed what is possibly the most important issue facing all living beings on this planet.

Please allow me to be the first person to openly wish that Miles O’Brien and all of his dearest family members be the first to perish in the next global warming related storm.

I am sorry for the unusually hostile tone of this message but there comes a time when the American public must awake to the severity of the problem when it comes to the media’s active role in the betrayal and endangerment of the people of the world. They partake in massive deception campaigns for the purpose of shaping public opinion and they create public support or public ignorance about the most vital issues that we face. Most of the time they do this against the best interest of the people and in the best interest of the corporate ruling class.

Here is a copy of my note to CNN this AM:

“Miles was marvelous! I am amazed how he hijacked the issue of global warming and turned it into an issue about without even asking one single question about the most important issue our planet faces. I am also impressed at how your graphics person caught up with him by changing the topic midstream!

I can’t wait for the CNN news report telling us how Miles O’Brien dies in the next hurricane! That would make my day!
You people are the enemy of all living human beings and when enough of them realize this…watch out!”

I sent this message only because the law prohibits me from committing murder. At least I was able to share my thoughts.

Please forgive me for my open hostilities today but I am in a state of rage right now!

I have to tell you, I have seen a non-stop flow of media deception over the past few years but I can not recall wanting to lash out in a violent rage against a TV criminal like I do right now against Miles O’Brien. All I can say is that he better not float by me when the tides set in because at that point all bets will be off and I may not respect the law as I do now! Think about it!

OSAMA: A 757 Hit the Pentagon!

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Just in time to stem the tide of ballooning public suspicion of the official story of 9/11 sparked by the newly released Pentagon tapes, the newly camera shy Osama bin Laden takes full responsibility for 9/11!

Yes, an unconfirmed tape of bin Laden surfaced yesterday, AFTER the Moussaoui trial, to tell everyone that he was directly responsible for the events! That was very nice of bin Laden being that he would probably benefit greatly by having the public suspect the Bush administration of being responsible for the events.

Too bad bin Laden no longer makes video tapes. He must be very shy all of a sudden.

By the way…bin Laden also said that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, building 7 fell to the ground in 6 seconds because Atta’s body was hurled like a missile into the building after impact with the tower, Rove had nothing to do with the Plame leak, the $billions we are paying to Halliburton is very effective in defeating his people and that the new electronic voting machines strike fear in all Al Qaeda members. Oh I forgot…he also said that the only way to keep America safe from his people is to outlaw same sex marriage!

Swallow that you stupid Americans! You know…if Karl Rove dressed up like bin Laden and made a public appearance there would be a large number of Americans who would fall for it!

I wonder if Bush pays bin Laden standard public relations fees…and I wonder who is playing the role of bin Laden these days. Think about it!


  • New Zogby Poll Frightens Masters Of Terror Into Releasing ‘Bin Laden Tape’ - The outcome of the poll was that 45% supported calls for a new inquiry on behalf of Congress or an international tribunal and that 42% believed the 9/11 Commission was a cover-up. -Exactly 24 hours later, an audio tape alleged to contain the voice of dead CIA intelligence asset Osama bin Laden renforced the myth that he had personally directed 19 incompetent Arabs to carry out the attack. - This is an inept attempt to bolster the ‘Bin Laden did it’ fraud one day after the Zogby poll was released The emergence of bin Laden tapes repeatedly coincide with watershed moments either politically or from the 9/11 truth movement. See our archive for previous examples of this ridiculous theatre.

My Note to CNN This Morning

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

As I sat and watched a 7 year old kid stumble as he tried to answer questions from two TV news personalities, live on TV, I fired off this note to CNN’s American Morning:

“Another brilliant piece of journalism by your O’Brien team. Wow, interviewing a 7 year old. What brilliant journalism! Great questions too!

Now we know how he felt after his swim! Absolutely riveting.Journalism at its best. Why bother reporting trivial issues like stolen presidential elections, local elections where 300 new touch screen voting machines fail, Dick Cheney’s energy policy meetings, the Project for a New American Century and their New Pearl Harbor called 9/11, or the billions of $ being made by Bush’s friends and family as a result of virtually all of his policies from No Child Left Behind to his border securiy initiative. Keep that silly information from the public.

Imagine if the public knew how you kept the real news from them? What do you think they would do?”

I doubt that they will read it on the air. What do you think? Think about it!

Jesse on the Record: U.S. President John Edwards & the Late Hugo Chavez

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

I want this on the record: Unless something suddenly changes John Edwards will be the next U.S. President and I’ll tell you why. John Edwards has “charmed” the Bilderberg Group. This is the group of government, military, financial and industrial leaders who meet in secret each year to discuss “things.” These are the people who, as far as I see, run this plant for the most part. These people represent the leadership of all of the organizations that comprise our secret government including the Council on Foreign relations & the Trilateral Commission. Like Tony Blair and other people who came out of nowhere to lead their nation, Edwards was taken in by this powerful yet secretive group. I originally made this prediction just prior to the 2004 election where I said that Kerry would loose due to election fraud and that Edwards would be the next selection of this cabal. I also think that Al Gore will be the real people’s choice, as was Howard Dean, and like Dean the powerful people behind the scene will do something to destroy his candidacy if he does indeed run. Keep in mind that Gore, like Clinton, is or was a Council on Foreign Relations member. How else do you think Clinton came out of nowhere to be president?

On another note Hugo Chaves is now becoming a threat to the capitalist globalism cabal that is setting the global agenda. He is getting real attention from the people of the world and he represents something that can not be tolerated by the fascist regimes that masquerade as democracies. He represents a government model where the people of the nation benefit from the assets and resources of the nation. Capitalism, or fascism, currently being falsely described as globalism, places corporations and the profits of the very rich above the citizens and creates an environment where these greedy entities derive all the benefits and profits from a nations recourses and assets at the peril of the people. I have a feeling Chavez will be assassinated and as usual the U.S. will be behind it. The impact of this will be worse for the people of the world than the assassination of John F. Kennedy in that Chavez represents hope for an entire continent that has been the victim of the central banks and western oppression.

The US is currently pouring $millions into groups that oppose Chavez, in essence funding a rebellion or coup. This would be nothing new for America has a long history of destroying democracies in this manner.

Call me crazy but I think I am pointing out the obvious. I just wanted to get on the record so that if these things happen you may start taking crazy paranoid tin foil hat wearing people like me seriously! Think about it!

Homeless Veterans: Reagan Would Be Proud

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

I remember when that wonderful super patriot Ronald Reagan, in an attempt to cut federal spending, cut federal funding to several programs that resulted in the loss of jobs for people who worked in the mental health industry. It also resulted in the “release” or “eviction” of many mental patients who had nowhere to live. This resulted the creation of the deranged homeless society that is still quite visible on the streets of every major city in our nation. How is that for compassion?

The wonderful Republican hero Reagan had done this before. As governor of California Reagan also assaulted the mental health care establishment resulting in the closing of many facilities.

We know that Republicans could care less about the mentally ill, but you would think that these flag-waving war-mongering false patriots would give a damn about the veterans of the wars that they love to send others to go and fight. Well, think again. Republicans, who seem to love war more than sex, money, happiness, food, air and NASCAR, (as long as others do the fighting), have done nothing to stem the epidemic of homeless veterans in our nation. Democrats (in government) have not done much either, but in many cases they have tried. Democrats who are not in government seem to understand this but they are oblivious to the reality that for the most part the so called Democrats in our government stop being Democrats the moment that they are elected.

Let me say something to my yellow flag waving friends: the words “homeless” and “veteran” should never need to be used in the same sentence. Ever! Actually the words “homeless” and “person” should never need to be used in the same sentence at this point in human development. But greed and the sociopathic lack of compassion in an America that values the dollar above human decency has permitted the homeless veteran epidemic to exist and flourish.

I have been called a liberal by many people who do not know what “liberal” means and think that it is a bad word. Well I am not a liberal for the most part, but if you call me a liberal because I think that our nation should provide the minimum living requirements for men and women who fought to protect us, instead of reducing taxes on the greedy sons of bitches who sent these people to war so that they could make their millions in the first place, - then by golly I am indeed a proud liberal.

I sit patiently as I wait for the day that the American public finally comes to the realization that supporting Republicans is not supporting the troops it is supporting the people who become rich because of the sacrifices made by the troops. It is the liberal, the compassionate liberal, the bleeding heart liberal, who supports our troops and it is high time that we establish this in the consciousness of American society. Think about it!


  • House Conservatives Cut $500M Off Vet Bill - House conservatives, rejecting protests from fellow Republicans who said they were depriving troops of needed support, stripped $500 million in military projects from a veterans spending bill Friday. Democrats in turn said GOP-backed tax cuts and a tight budget passed two days ago were behind a fiscal crisis leading to the cuts.

American Government is Broken

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Senator Arlen Specter said that he is totally opposed to an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage. Senator Specter voted for the amendment anyway. This is just one of a billion examples of how Congress answers to people other than their constituents. This just happens to be a fairly obvious example.

When a Senator votes for something that he openly admits he opposes there are two possible explanations for this: 1. There is a conspiracy taking place where there is a secret reason for this Senator voting against his own will. 2. This Senator is insane. Either way this Senator is not doing his job and is not acting in the interest of his people or his own better judgment.

America is broken. It needs an overhaul. It needs a new engine, not just some replacement parts.  Think about it

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