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Should We Remove Our Criminal Media Yet? Or Do You Want to Bend Over and Take More?

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

So here we are, living in America, world’s leading source of democracy (we actually live in a republic…but that is far too difficult for the average NASCAR fume inhaling American to understand…so I will speak in simple terms so that simple flag waving segment of society can understand me).

Of course we all know that democracy is the world’s best known form of representative government…right? Of course you know that the only way to maintain a representative government is to include the people in the decisions made by the representatives and to allow only the citizens to select those representatives…right? And of course you know that the main function of the press in a democracy is to preserve that democracy by keeping the public informed about the issues that affect that democracy…right?

So I suppose that if you have an election and hundreds of controversial computerized voting machines fail we might be a little concerned about the legitimacy of our democratic process of representation…right? So I suppose that the democracy preservers in the press would monitor such situations and report this vital news to the people of the nation…right?

So I suppose that if you have a situation where hundreds of insecure controversial voting machines that come from controversial companies with strong political ties, fail during an election and your democracy preservers in the press fail to report this to the public you can pretty much say that the press is failing to do their mail job…right?

So I ask you this…if the press fails to do their most important job…and they continue to hide information related to the vulnerability and compromising of our democracy…are they not criminally negligent?

Yes, I know…it is illegal to call for an overthrow of an institution in this nation. But it is not illegal to protect out nation from enemies domestic and I submit to you that the American corporate media are the sole common entity that permit enemies domestic to obliterate our democracy and our planet, out of sight of the unsuspecting public. Without a legitimate press we will never end the cycle of crime perpetrated by the people who control both our political process and our media. Taking this into account I reiterate the message of the entire project: The American corporate media is the #1 enemy of the American people.

What will it take before the American people turn on the members of the press in this nation? When will the American people take to the streets and place under citizen arrest the members of the press who actively shield criminals who are assaulting our Constitution and our democracy? Where are all the patriots? Where are all the Americans? Where the hell are all the journalists? Think about it!

OK You Right Wing Lemmings…Define “Liberal”

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

When I was at the Republican National Convention protest in NYC (I am a registered Independent, for those of you who are interested), I ran into a group of counter protesters. I approached their heavily guarded pen and as I stood next to one of the largest NY Police officers I have ever seen, and I asked the people behind the line one question. I asked them if they knew how many convicted felons had been appointed to high positions within our government by the man (George W. Bush) they support so strongly.

The group of Sean Hannity lemmings looked at me like I was crazy, so I said it again with a very powerful authoritative voice. The expression on the face of the huge cop next to me changed from concern to curiosity. He, like the crowd that formed behind me, wanted to hear the answer to my question. So I asked the crowd one more time “how many convicted felons and confessed criminals who already violated the public trust at the highest level of government have been appointed to high positions in our government, circumventing the process of Congressional approval by YOUR president?” (I was referring to the Iran Contra gang who were welcomed back into our government by George W. Bush).
I went on to explain to the bewildered crowd in my rather powerful voice, that “you people” don’t even know what or who you are supporting!

Then I heard the magic word…”liberal!” One of these rather pathetic intellectually challenged individuals used the defense tactic that their idols use so often on TV….when challenged on an issue for which they have no defense and often no understanding, they respond by calling names, many of which they do not know the meaning. And the so claimed offensive term they use most often is “liberal!”

Well, I called them out on this. Like a bolt of thunder I pointed at the person who called me a liberal and my thundering voice, which now jumped up several decibels, thundered: “YOU!…you just called me a name….you just called me a liberal…what does the word liberal mean; what aspects of liberalism do you find to be negative and what did I say that made you identify me as a liberal?”

The person who called me the name stood silent. His face even seemed to shrink as the crowd around me went silent. I took out a $10 bill and I offered it to anyone in the right wing pig pen who can define the word liberal. Silence followed. The cop was now smirking.

I went on to lecture the penned in lemmings and I told them that they don’t even know what they support or what they oppose. I told them that they repeat the phrases that their Sean Hannitys tell them to and they simply repeat things without knowing what they are saying.

Needless to say I walked away with my $10 bill and a round of applause from the massive crowd.

Several weeks ago I had a “discussion with an idiot who thought we needed to invade Iran so that we can “change their culture, like we did in Japan and Germany after WWII!” Yes, that is what this Wall Streeter in a suit told me. He also told me that by changing their culture he meant that we gave those nations capitalism. This right wing jackass did not know the difference between a culture and economic systems and he did not have a very impressive grasp of world history either.

When this putz whipped out the standard “liberal” talking points or I should say insulting points I asked him the same questions that I asked the RNC crowd. He went on to describe a liberal very generally as someone who thinks people who commit crimes should not be punished and should be treated nice and given understanding. I told this moron, in front of his friend, that I had some advice for him. I told him that he should do a little homework before he opens his mouth in public and that when he discusses issues with people who are well informed he risked embarrassing himself. I also told him that I could not remember having a discussion with anyone who was so wrong about so many things…but that I thought he was a nice guy anyway. OK…I lied a little…I did not think he was nice…I thought he was a jerk…but why ruin the guy’s evening.

I am going to say this once: information has no bias and no political leaning. When I state a fact about a president that does not reflect well on that president it in no way indicates my political preferences.

So my friends…I am tired of it…anyone who uses a label to describe me because I simply put forth information that they do not want to hear will have to explain themselves to me. The conversation will not continue unless the person talking to me accounts for his or her comments or assertions.

The intelligent people of this nation allow idiots to dictate the dialogue. It is high time we raise the intellectual anti to the debate game. If you can’t ante up you’d better shut up. I advise people to start playing by this little common sense rule. Think about it!

CNN’s Daren Kagan Just Left Me Speechless!

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

“We are starved for news about Hollywood’s Rich and Famous!” - Daren Kagen - CNN - 10:50 AM - May 12. 2006

This comment preceded some Hollywood gossip ‘news.’

I am speechless. Think about it!

While You are at it Ask Congress to Sprout Wings and Fly!

Friday, May 12th, 2006

The efforts of the activism community have become embarrassing. Every day I receive e-mail asking me to tell Congress to vote for something that any informed decent Human being would vote for, yet every time Congress votes they vote against the wishes of their constituents. And even though Congress maintains their 100% record of ignoring their constituents the pathetic little law abiding citizen activists keeps begging. They keep marching and they keep signing petitions and they keep calling the trained ignorers working in our halls of Congress.

The latest embarrassing effort to make this nation a better place comes from a good organization called Code Pink. They are suggesting that we all write to Laura Bush and ask her to tell her husband not to start a war with Iran. I can not put into words how embarrassingly pathetic this is.

The nation has gotten away from us. It is clearly in the hands of people who have no interest in your opinion. To them America is their nation. They make the rules and we follow them. That’s it. We can yell all we want. They are not listening.

Words can no longer be considered a viable means of activism. Telling these people anything is a waste of time. We should be informing each other. We should be educating the people who do not know what is happening to our nation. We should be enlightening the people of America about the fact that their nation has been stolen. Perhaps when enough people realize what is going on in this nation they will stop supporting their enemies who now treat the nation as their own little playground.     Think about it!

Security or Secrecy? How Stupid Are We? Apparently Very!

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

It has become clear that all one has to do in order to conceal criminal activity at the highest level in government is to say that the issue can not be investigated because of national security concerns. What has become even clearer is that the term “national security” has become code-speak for “cover up!”

The American people are just about the stupidest collective body ever to walk the face of the Earth. We accept crimes committed against us with open arms and cheering approval. We cheer as our government contaminates our food supply (genetically modified food), creates weapons that can end life on earth, explodes nuclear devices poisoning our world (and us) forever, resurrects and strengthens viruses that have killed 50 million people (Spanish Flu), bypasses our Constitutional laws by conducting black ops all over the world illegally overthrowing democratically elected leaders and supporting the worst human rights violators the world has ever seen. We just cheer away because we think anything that is wrapped in an American flag is just wonderful.

Here is how stupid we are…we were told that one person, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone to kill one person, President John F. Kennedy. Then we watched as Mr. Oswald was murdered. So we have a situation where one person posed a threat to another person. Well the person who was threatened is no longer in danger because he is dead and the person who posed the threat is no longer a danger to anyone because he too is dead. Then we are told that we can not see the records of the investigation for 99 years because of “national security!” Does anyone else see the absurdity of this argument? The person who posed the threat is dead! Either there is more to the story or the claim that a single dead person still poses a security risk to our nation is clearly a lie. Whichever explanation you accept it still proves that we were lied to and secrets were kept with no reasonable explanation ever provided to or demanded from the public…and we simply accepted this.

So today we have what appears to be the most criminal administration and Congress in history. The Bush administration is making it standard practice to violate the Constitution and Congress is systematically dismantling our Constitution by signing into law acts that violate virtually all laws that protect the citizens from a government that tries to abuse its power. And whenever a patriot tries to address this situation the prefabricated excuse of “national security” is thrown out to defend the people who are raping our Constitution. And guess what…we accept this.

My question to you is this…how much more of this should we accept? When does a nation decide to completely replace their government? How many years of non-representation is a citizenry supposed to accept from their elected (questionable assumption these days), officials?

When millions of people have to sign petitions and travel in person for the purpose of begging their representatives to actually represent them it may be time for the people to do more than just protest.   Think about it! – Suddenly Newsworthy – Do you know Why?

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Have you noticed that has been getting a lot of attention lately? Internet predator and potential school massacre “news: stories” seem to involved quite often lately. You know there are millions of websites and Internet communities but these sensational news stories suddenly seem to focus on those devilish people who leave a criminal trail on

Well, have you ever heard the expression “the only bad publicity is no publicity?” Whenever these stories hit the networks you can bet millions of people are scrambling over to their computers to check out You can even bet that these news stories are attracting more pedophiles and such over to join up; after all other predators are meeting their victims on that site and the news networks are helping to spread the word to any pedophiles who have not heard of the site. Business is business.

Well if you ask my why all this new attention is being paid to it is because Rupert Murdoch just forked over a half a billion dollars (actually $580 billion) to buy and he is doing everything he can to get publicity for his new media venture. That’s right; I think that the owner of FOX News has his pals at all the networks promoting his business. Well, you have to wonder why all of a sudden this site is making headlines. It is not new web site; it was only newly purchased…by a media mogul. Come on, do the math…out of all the websites in the world became the focus of the news networks; is it merely a coincidence that this happened after the owner of a few networks bought it?     Think about it!

CNN Protects the Pharmaceutical Companies, Betrays Their Viewers…Again

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Today CNN aired a report on autism in America. They discussed the personal side of families living with autism. They also mentioned that one in a hundred children born in America is autistic. That is 1% of the entire newborn population.

They discussed how autism is caused. They questioned the possibility of genetics being involved and they discussed the chances of twins and siblings being autistic.

Not once during their entire report did they even mention the concern of the many people who have pointed to vaccinations as a possible cause of autism. There is a great deal of suspicion that the mercury in the vaccine preservative called Thimerosal has been responsible for the autism epidemic.

A news report about autism where it’s possible causes are discussed that omits any discussion about the issue of vaccines can not be considered anything except deception. There is no conclusive evidence of what causes autism at this time and for a journalist to simply omit one of the suspect causes which happens to be a pharmaceutical product, can only be considered corporate cronyism and a betrayal of the people who rely on journalists to keep them fully informed.

On a personal note I know of two people who have children that seem to be victims of vaccine induced autism. A former staff member of mine (in a past job) had to take emergency leave when his daughter fell into vegetative state only hours after being vaccinated. She remains in this state even now, years later. Another friend of mine has a son who shortly after being vaccinated experienced a permanent semi-withdrawal from the world around him and now has multiple mental developmental problems.

Mercury is a poison that affects your nervous system To pretend that injecting mercury into a developing child is safe and has caused no problems is simply ludicrous. Do we really need to prove something in a lab before we accept the reasonable concerns surrounding vaccines?

Cronyism At Any Cost, Once Again!

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Today’s Comment is by TvNewsLIES co-editor:

Let’s see if the mainstream media once again ignore the incompetence, the ignorance, and the unmitigated hubris of the man whom President George W. Bush has just nominated to head the CIA.  Let’s see if they if they bother to go back just five months to point out the shameless liberties that General Michael Hayden recently took with the content of the US Constitution. 

Let’s see if they remind the American people of the statements made by today’s nominee to succeed Porter Goss as head of the agency.  Let’s see if they quote his response from a reporter last January, when asked about the NSA warrantless spying being in violation of the fourth amendment. 

For the sake of accuracy, here’s the actual exchange between Jonathan Landay of Knight Ridder and General Hayden.  The highlights are ours:

JONATHAN LANDAY: …I’m no lawyer, but my understanding is that the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution specifies that you must have probable cause to be able to do a search that does not violate an American’s right against unlawful searches and seizures.

GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN: Actually, the Fourth Amendment actually protects all of us against unreasonable search and seizure. That’s what it says.

JONATHAN LANDAY: But the measure is probable cause, I believe.

GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN: The amendment says unreasonable search and seizure.

JONATHAN LANDAY: But does it not say probable –


JONATHAN LANDAY: The court standard, the legal standard —

GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN: The amendment says unreasonable search and seizure.

JONATHAN LANDAY: The legal standard is probable cause, General. You used the terms just a few minutes ago, “We reasonably believe.” And a FISA court, my understanding is, would not give you a warrant if you went before them and say “We reasonably believe.” You have to go to the FISA court or the Attorney General has to go to the FISA court and say, “We have probable cause.” And so what many people believe, and I would like you to respond to this, is that what you have actually done is crafted a detour around the FISA court by creating a new standard of “reasonably believe” in place of “probable cause,” because the FISA court will not give you a warrant based on reasonable belief. You have to show a probable cause. Can you respond to that, please?

GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN: Sure. I didn’t craft the authorization. I am responding to a lawful order, alright? The Attorney General has averred to the lawfulness of the order. Just to be very clear, okay — and believe me, if there’s any amendment to the Constitution that employees at the National Security Agency is familiar with, it’s the fourth, alright? And it is a reasonableness standard in the Fourth Amendment. So, what you’ve raised to me — and I’m not a lawyer and don’t want to become one — but what you’ve raised to me is, in terms of quoting the Fourth Amendment, is an issue of the Constitution. The constitutional standard is reasonable. And we believe — I am convinced that we’re lawful because what it is we’re doing is reasonable.

So, here we go again.  Another inept, unqualified crony in place.  This time its General Michael Hayden, close associate and disciple of Iran-Contra hit squad expert John Negroponte, who heads the entire Homeland Security Agency.and who, like the the power brokers in the White House, revises the US Constitution at will.

You just know this story won’t appear on CNN or FOX.  You just know Sean and Rush and Matt will sweep it under the rug - or find a way to justify the General’s words.

And, by the way, as we once again watch the DECIDER in action:  Do you feel safer now?

So You Think Capitalism is a Good Thing?

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

There is perhaps no simpler way to understand how capitalism works than to play the game of Monopoly. This is a game where money is used to expand ownership of land and recourses. Providing for the people or in this case the players is not the goal of the game and is not mentioned in the rules.

The goal of the game is to own everything and force the other players to fork all of their assets over to you. In other words the only winners in Monopoly or in capitalism are the richest players. Not only do all others lose, but we can’t even play the game. Think about it

Fox News, Most Trusted?

Friday, May 5th, 2006

FOX News has been voted the most trusted source of news by Americans. For years CNN had staked claim to title of most trusted name in news. Please take note: most trusted does not mean most trustworthy!

People trusted Charles Manson. People trusted Adolph Hitler. People trust con men too. Being most trusted is not a reflection of ones trustworthiness.

When one claims that they are the most trusted source of news in America that title is not worth bragging about.  It is like having a company whose motto is “we suck less!” Being the group of liars that is trusted more than other liars is nothing to brag about.

What this also reflects is the fact that we have a large bunch of morons out there who still trust the corporate media. Well, I would like to meet these people who still trust our media; I have a bridge to sell them! Think about it!

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