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Take Your Eye Off the Ball

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

This is just a little advice for people who try to figure out what is really going on in the world. Don’t look too close. Instead, stand back. Take your eye off the ball and try to see where the ball came from, who is bouncing it and where it seems to be headed.

When you start looking at what governments, corporations, institutions and enemies of the state have in common the answer almost always leads to their financiers. When you take a close look you will even find that the people who financed the emergence of communism in Russia and Adolph Hitler’s Nazi war machine (heavily financed by the Bush/Harriman banking apparatus)  were American capitalists. Go ahead, start researching this. From the Council on Foreign Relations (funded in a large part by the Morgan banking family) to the Us Government itself the financiers all seem to be the same people; the international bankers.

So I ask you to take your eye off the ball and start looking at the bouncers, so to speak. Maybe if enough people are aware of the people behind the scenes we can finally call an end to the instability that they seem to provoke.  Think about it!

Steve Colbert: Everyone is Missing the Issue

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Everyone is harping on how Steve Colbert was too hard on George W. Bush the other night at the correspondents’ dinner. Everyone is asking if he went over the line with his jokes. Well let me set the record straight.

Steve Colbert did not make any jokes about George W. Bush. He simply told the truth about Bush. The joke however was on the so called “journalists” of this nation. The target of Mr. Colbert’s comedy routine was our media, not George W. Bush. When people say that he was harsh on Bush what they are actually saying is that the truths about Bush and his administration are in fact harsh or over the line or offensive. All Colbert did was point this out and poke fun at the media for not holding Bush accountable for his over the line harsh offensive reign as the decider in chief. Think about it!

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