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A Variation of the Powell Doctrine

Friday, June 30th, 2006

The Powell Doctrine simply asserts that when a nation is engaging in war, every resource and tool should be used to achieve overwhelming force against the enemy. Well, the Bush administration and the Republican party have adapted this doctrine so to speak. They apply it differently however.

To them the “enemy” is the U.S. Constitution or anyone who defends it. The enemy is anyone who stands in the way of their power. The overwhelming force they use comes in several forms. They overwhelm you with lies, unconstitutional actions, secrets, attacks on our rights, crimes of all types. They overwhelm you with the variety and sheer volume of ways they steal or fix (redistricting) votes in elections. They overwhelm you with their full frontal assault on our environment. They simply are so overwhelmingly vile and criminal that it is hard to comprehend. Maybe that is why some people have trouble believing what is happening. These guys are so bad that it is hard to believe, even if you see the evidence! Think about it

Today’s Anti-Republicans; Tomorrow’s Heroes?

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

First let me state this: being anti-Republican today is not really being anti-Republican. It is being anti-fascist. The political party associations claimed by our current crop of government officials have nothing to do with the actual political ideologies of their respective parties, but the American public for the most part is too lazy to take notice.

Americans today are fooled by labels. They could care less if their brightly labeled bottle of Kool-Aid actually contains poison; they will just keep drinking as they die while defending the purity of their Kool-Aid. And they could care less if their Republican candidate is actually a neo-Conservative who is more like a lying power mongering a Machiavellian than a law and order Republican.

At least the Democrats don’t get fooled by Democrats who only pretend to be Democrats. Are you listening Hillary? That seems to be the only difference between the political parties these days. Democrats don’t tolerate their politicians who do not follow party principles where Republicans are content as long as their party is used by the politician. They could care less about their Republican politician’s actual position on anything other than God and hating gay people; for all they care their candidate could actually be a Communist…they don’t notice and they don’t seem to care.

So for the sake of reality let’s just say that the current crop of Americans who are alarmed by the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the rise of the corporate fascist state that is enveloping our nation, are anti-Republican. Let say that for one reason: it is because the current crop of people in office who call themselves Republicans are openly supporting and actively expediting this transition to fascism. On the other hand, the Democrats in Congress, many of whom are part of this anti-American initiative, at least on the surface try to appear as if they are opposed to that agenda.

Now for as long as I can remember I have heard that we must support our military because they fight/fought to protect our freedom. I have been told that I have to support them even when their mission directly conflicts with the principles of freedom both in America and abroad. I am told to support the military no matter what they do or to whom they are doing it. I am told that anything the military does has something to do with supporting my freedom.

Well, I know now that that notion is a load of shit. As a matter of fact our troops have been misused and have acted in violation of the principals of freedom and democracy more than they have been used to protect my freedom. Well at least that is how it has been during my forty two years on this planet. And now they are being misused like never before. As a matter of fact from the look of things they may be used against me/us soon; directly!

On the other hand there are a bunch of good people who are really fighting for our freedom. We are not taking up arms or marching into civilian territories with guns and bombs and secret torture prisons. We are fighting to inform the rest of our brothers and sisters about what is really happening in our world and about who really poses threats to us!

There are a few of us who are fighting directly for the freedom of the only industry that is important enough to be explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution: the press. We are fighting the real enemy of freedom the people who have hijacked our political process and are in the process of eliminating individual freedoms and the concept of national sovereignty around the world. We are fighting the people who have hijacked the only industry protected by the Constitution. We are fighting to inform our fellow Americans about the issues that impact their freedom and their lives. We are fighting for them; even for the ones that think we are the enemy.

You may call us anti-Republican. I call myself pro-Constitution. Personally I am anti-Republican and anti-Democrat. I am not foolish enough to think politicians of either corporate party are going to save our nation. I am of the opinion that we have to purge both parties, remove money completely from the political electoral process, eliminate all modern electronic technology (and private ownership) from the election voting system, and we have to replace our entire leadership with people who actually represent their constituents. We also have to eliminate ALL connections between industry and government. ALL CONNECTIONS! We need protection from corporations, not of corporations. Well, that’s just my opinion.

I may be called anti-American today by some, but if I and my fellow pro-Constitutional soldiers will one day be referred to with the same respect and admiration as any army that fought so hard so you can have your freedom. The difference is that we fight for real freedom, not corporate capitalist freedom! Think about it!

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Why All the Surveillance? To Prevent a Revolution!

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Do you want to know why we are being scared with ridicules stories about terror plots? It is so the American people will tolerate the increased Big Brother style loss of privacy. Do you want to know why this loss of privacy is an issue? It is because by the time the American people realize what is happening to their nation there will be so much surveillance in place that we will not be able to organize a revolt!

Let’s face it, this is no longer America. We are in HUGE trouble as it relates to the survival of our so called free nation. But the people who are in control are making sure that we can not gather any steam when it comes to stopping them. Anyone who realizes that the people at the highest levels of government and the people in the shadow government comprised of the three letter agencies, think tanks, etc., are the enemy of the people, knows that any efforts to counter their control will be deemed a threat to national security.

Well, we better do something fast because our ability to defeat our enemies who have hijacked our nation will diminish with every new effort to “secure our nation!” Think about it!

CNN Viewers Care Not About News

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

As America continues on its merry way to self destruction without the protection of journalism industry CNN remains America’s most trusted name in news. Well that is surely a sad statement about both TV news and Americans. But just to put this into perspective take a look at CNN’s viewers. Take a look at the priorities of the people who place their trust in CNN. Here is a list of the most popular items on the CNN news website today:

  1. Charges detail prison sex scandal
  2. Ray Romano in talks to star in new series
  3. The dark side of Chuck Berry
  4. Gandolfini puts muscle on ‘Sopranos’ pals
  5. Attacks kill 5 US service members

Of the top five stories on CNN’s “news” web site three of the most popular items are celebrity entertainment related and one is about a sex scandal. So let me say this about the people who trust CNN; I am not impressed. It does not take much to get an idiot to think you are smart and it does not take much to get an American to trust a corporate news organization. Think about it!


Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

A TVNL Guest Contribution:

What I DO understand is the anger and outrage at the thought of how these two young kids were violated. .I DO understand that we are …as a nation…..horrified by what has been described as ‘barbaric’ torture that we can only imagine. I really DO understand that, Mike.

But I’m confused. Why is there not the same anger and outrage each and ever time one of our kids is blown to bits by a roadside bomb? Is that kind of death less painful or less brutal or less final? Why is there not the same anger and outrage at the thousands and thousands of young men and women whose bodies and minds have been mutilated and who lie in hospital beds or rehabilitation centers with wounds that are horrific and crippling and whose lives will forever be scarred?

Why is there not the same anger over the brutalization of the people of Iraq perpetrated by the Bush crime family…. from the death and destruction of Shock and Awe to the murderous attacks at Fallujah and Haditha? Is that we can confront the deaths of two young men more easily than we can fathom slaughter in greater numbers? I really don’t understand.

The morgues in Baghdad are overflowing. The bodies that arrive on a daily basis are just as dead, and most probably died as horrible a death as did the kids who made the news today.

We are about to launch an attack on Ramadi….to ‘cleanse’ it of insurgents. More people will be blown apart and the war will go on because we are making ‘progress’ in the war against terror that people still believe exists.

And tomorrow is another day.

Editor’s Note: We warned that torture begets torture.  Flashback to our article of two years ago: ALL BETS ARE OFF, written when the first Abu Ghraib photos were released:

Anderson Cooper 360

Monday, June 19th, 2006

According to CNN’s web site: “ANDERSON COOPER 360°” does not shy away from strong opinions, provocative stories and challenging issues.

Anderson’s challenging issue for tonight: Angelina Jolie’s first U.S. television interview since giving birth. She talks about baby Shiloh, Brad and her passion for refugee relief.

Nuff said. Think about it!

Feeling Fine? That’s What You Think!

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

Are you feeling OK? Do you have an overall feeling of wellness, absent any aches and pains? Do you sleep well and are you free of anxiety? Do your blood tests indicate perfect health and do you have a clean history free of any genetic disorders? Do you have a full head of hair, beautiful skin and healthy gums? Are you simply feeling vibrant, full of energy and ready to face each day with vigor and enthusiasm?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions it may be a sign of a dangerous condition known as YANMUR Syndrome and you should consult your doctor about your potentially dangerous lack of symptoms. Your doctor may be able to prescribe the right medications that will keep this dreaded syndrome in check.

YANMUR syndrome is better know by its discoverers in the pharmaceutical industry as the You Are Not Making Us Rich Syndrome. We, the caring people in the pharmaceutical industry are working hard to eradicate this dreadful condition. We have worked hard to produce many medications that will some day eliminate this dreaded condition from our planet. And thanks to the help of advertising companies, the corporate media and the U.S. Congress we are well on our way to achieving our goal!

This message was brought to you by the pharmaceutical industry; we care about you…no really, we do!

Based on the real commercials on TV these days and based on the U.S. government’s legislation when it comes to pharmaceuticals, advertising, vaccines, etc., I feel that the preceding commercial may actually be produced in my lifetime. Think about it!

Anybody Teach You to Knock?

Friday, June 16th, 2006

So the authorities no longer have to knock on your door when they decide to harass you with an intrusive investigation of some sort.

Remember the good old days when the authorities had to have a reason to search you or your home? Remember when you used to be able to sit in your living room watching German citizens being asked for their papers by the Gestapo in an old black and white WWII movie on TV? Remember how safe you felt in your home as you watched the Gestapo threatening people by saying “Ve haff wayz of making you talk!” Do you remember the scenes of implied torture and murder at the hands of the Nazis? Remember how you felt as you watched all of this unfold on your TVs from the safety of your home?

Well, who knows, maybe someday someone will be watching your story on TV asking thinking the exact same thing. Think about it!

The 9/11 Truth Convention Review on TVNL Radio!

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Tonight, Thursday, June 15th, on my radio program, I will be reviewing the 9/11 conference that took place in Chicago this weekend. I will be sharing my thoughts on the event itself and the direction of the movement. I will also be analyzing the approach of the truth activists and I will be making suggestions on how to before more affective truth sharers.

Tonight’s show will be broadcast on Revere Radio at 8:00 ET.

Click here to listen live!

I am Online Send me E-mail

I will be taking instant message and e-mail questions and comments.

If the people knew what we know would they really continue to deal with this government as a legitimate legal entity? Think about it!

Flying a Plane Into the World Trade Center? Why Not Fly Out of LaGuardia?

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Here is a new, and so far unasked question about the hugely debunked official explanation of the events of September 11th 2001. If you spend years planning a spectacular attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, and you are a less than adequate pilot, and you wanted to ensure the attack would be completed without giving the U.S. air defense apparatus the chance to follow their normal procedures and intercept your plane, why would you choose to fly out of Boston? Why would you choose to risk getting lost or stopped as you try to fly 190 miles to your target when you can hijack a plane from one of three airports within sight of the target?

There are three airports that would enable a pilot or a hijacker to have visual contact with the World Trade Center within a minute or two of takeoff. With all the planning these so called hijackers must have made, how stupid would they have to have been to travel to Boston in order to attack NY? We have been told that the so-called hijackers were barely able to pilot even simple two seater aircraft, but we are supposed to believe that they felt confident enough to navigate to NY from Boston without the help of ground control. Are we to believe that i they would not have flown out an airport from which they had constant visual contact with their target? Also keep in mind that planes taking off from these NY area airports would have more fuel remaining in their tanks when they made contact. They would not have to burn off 45 minutes worth of destructive explosive fuel.

Here is why they had to fly out of Boston: it is because the real planes had to be switched with the remote controlled modified 737s that actually impacted the towers. Yes, planes did hit the towers and the Pentagon, but not the planes that we have been told. I am convinced based on the current body of evidence, that the planes that hit the towers were 737s flown by remote control and that a Skywarrior hit the Pentagon.

Where are the other planes? Skeptics would disqualify this commentary by saying something stupid like “well, where are the real planes then?” I’ll tell you where the real planes are, they were destroyed and the people on board were murdered. They were sacrificed “for the good of the nation.” At least that is the reason for their sacrifice we would hear from a Machiavellian leader who follows such illogic. I will ask that you look into that particular philosophy so that you understand what I mean. We already know that the hawks in the Bush administration are Machiavellian in their thinking; we hear that on a regular basis from Chris Matthews on MSNBC. The only problem is that Matthews never explains what that means. In a nutshell that means that the hawks in the White House will lie, cheat, deceive and even kill for the overall good of their mission. These are the same people that lose no sleep about the almost 3000 Americans that they sent to be killed in Iraq as part of this same mission. These people have no problem sacrificing others in order to achieve their mission. They did it with Iraq and they did it on 9/11. Stop telling me that they would never do that because they already did!

When I teach people how to watch or interpret news I tell them to ask themselves three very important questions when they are being told something by the lying bastards in the media:

  1. Does this information make sense to you?
  2. Does this information make sense to you?
  3. Does this information make sense to you?

Once again, I ask you: would hijackers planning on attacking New York City, a city with 3 airports within direct eyesight of the intended target, choose to launch their attack from 190 miles away when they could have launched their attack from a distance of less than 15 miles? We are told that these ‘hijackers’ were such geniuses that they could deceive the most sophisticated air defense system in history. After spending all that time and resources to plan an attack of that scale why would minimally trained pilots with no airliner experience make such a senseless choice Think about it!

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