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Global Warming: The Media’s Latest Deception Campaign

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

It gets lonely being me. Even the most well meaning people try to counter my claims that the state of the U.S. media is much worse than most people understand. Many times people try to “teach” me about my misconceptions and paranoia. They do this by citing some very important issues that are being covered by the media. They also do this by showing me how the media is also reporting negative news about George W. Bush and is therefore being fair and doing their job.

Then comes the fun part. This is usually where I start to recite the unreported aspects of the issues being cited by my well meaning (and ill meaning) correctors! It usually takes about one or two sentences before a confused look appears on the newly silenced faces of these not so sage media analysts known as oblivious opinionated Americans.

Let me say this as a fact; no matter how much news appears to be reported by our media the campaign of informational control and massive deception is continuing full force. Here are two little examples.

  1. During the 2004 election fraud campaign season many people appeared on TV and in the media to voice opposition to the Bush/Cheney cabal or to support Skull & Bones member John Kerry. Well, think back; who got the most attention? Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, the Dixie Chicks, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand & maybe a rapper or two. Now think of who did not get the attention that they deserved? Let us start with the 27 senior military leaders and diplomats that were warning the nation of the damage the Bush administration was doing to both national security and international relations! Then let us move on to the 4000 plus scientists including 23 Nobel Prize winners who signed a declaration condemning the Bush administration for misusing, suppressing and distorting scientific advice. Now ask the average American if Michael Moore opposed Bush. Then ask if any military leaders or scientist opposed Bush and wait for the confusion.
  2. Now let us look at the media’s “coverage” of the most serious issue to face Humanity; Global Warming. This is an issue that may prove to end life on Earth and who is the media focusing on? Al Gore; a political figure. The 4000 scientists that I mentioned are nowhere to be found in the media’s coverage of this issue. Neither is the Pentagon report that informed George W. Bush that climate change is our greatest threat and will destroy us. It said that climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.

So when you are watching all this “news coverage” with Al Gore being the focus of the issue, think about the elements of the issue that are not being reported. Then understand that what you are seeing is not a news media that is coming around and trying to do their job; you are watching the continued assault on America by our greatest enemy: The US Corporate News Media! Think about it!

Introducing the New “C” Word: “Coulter!”

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Famous odds maker Jimmy the Greek had his career ended because he made the intellectually assessment that black American athletes were actually bred like animals when they were slaves. His comments may have been insensitive but they were surely reasonable and matter of fact.

Al Campanis, former Los Angeles Dodger’s general manager lost his job, rightfully so, when he proclaimed on TV that blacks “lacked the necessities” to be field managers in the major leagues.

People who utter a word about Zionism or the atrocities committed by the human rights violating, illegal, nuclear-weapon-producing, apartheid government of Israel gets inaccurately labeled an anti-Semite and can lose their job, have their reputation trashed and most probably will be banned from all American corporate media broadcasts.

Yet Ann Coulter, who is to journalism what child pornography is to family entertainment, continues to be a welcomed guest on virtually every pseudo news program on every network. I submit to you the word “Coulter” has now usurped the word “cunt” as the most offensive word starting with the letter “C”. In other words “Coulter” is the new “C” word in my opinion.

Let me say that “Coulter” is closely followed by “Cheney” as the most offensive “C” word but taking into account the “C” word has traditionally been offensive to women “Coulter” deserves top billing.
So I ask you, which is more insulting, a derogatory term for a part of the human anatomy, or a vile, hate mongering, lying, insulting, worthless pile of human anatomy named Ann Coulter? Think about it!

I’m Back From Chicago!

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

I am back from the 9/11 Truth Conference which I extended into my first vacation in five years or so! I learned a lot at the conference and I learned a lot in Chicago in general.

Regarding the conference I learned that I have many reasons to love my country but I have equally as many reasons to hate my government; at least in its present/recent form!

Regarding Chicago I learned that there are cities in America that can impress me more than my home city of New York. I learned that people can live and work in a metropolitan area without feeling the need to litter. I learned that there are nice people in our nation and that there are some damn rude people outside of New York.
I learned that purchasing a $20 weekly train/bus pass costs less than a $50 cab from the airport to the hotel and that you can use it to get to almost anywhere in Chicago.

I learned that Wrigley Field is the kind of ball park that reminds me of the days where a $26K per year school teacher could take his or her kid to a baseball game and did not have to worry about paying the quarter billion dollar salary of a guys who play a game for a living.

When I visited the Field Museum I learned by watching and listening to the many children around me, that all children are liberal Democrats. They all care about life on earth. They are all disturbed by the killing of innocent animals, even for the purpose of putting them in a museum. They all believe in science. They all seem to be kind and charitable too. I wonder what changes children into monsters who put profits ahead of human compassion?

I learned that America has a long way to go before we achieve real racial equality. I noticed an interesting trend in Chicago where the overwhelming majority of people in business attire were white and virtually all transit workers, store clerks and security guards were black or minority. The contrast is astonishing to anyone who pays attention.

I learned that the “cheezborgor, no Coke, Pepsi, cheeps” place from the John Belushi Saturday Night Live is real and still serves “cheezborgers!” I also learned that you can be treated better in a little dive like that than you can in a posh Italian restaurant named Rosebud on Rush!

Anyway, I learned that we live in a nation full of nice people who for the most part have no idea what their government or the people who run the government has been or is currently doing. They have no idea how the media have created a false realty for them. But I have a feeling if they knew…some things may change. Or maybe I am just foolishly optimistic about the true nature of people. Think about it!

More photos from Chicago

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

Update 2 & Photos From 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

What a great weekend. 5 rooms, packed to the rafters, overflowing with people while the lobby, hallways, restaurant, bar and entrance played host to the remainder of the enthusiastic crowd.

Although I could not see every presentation that I would have like to, I will write a bit about the few that I was able to attend.

Presentation: Pat Shannan, Investigative reporter. - Topic: Government Atrocities and the News Media Cover-Up: Pat was initially going to detail the Oklahoma City bombing as it was in his opinion, and in the opinion of many others, the precursor to 9/11. However Pat was so forthcoming with information on topic ranging from President Lincoln to the assassinations of Lincoln, JFK, RFK and MLK that he was never able to get to the Oklahoma City information! While one guest was unhappy with Pat’s portrayal of Abraham Lincoln and eventually left the presentation, the rest of the standing-room-only crowd was pretty much mesmerized. Mr. Shannan made it clear that the media does not exactly represent realty.

I spent some time talking to many of the visitors and presenters. I had lunch with Carol Brouillet, leading 9/11 activist, creator of the Deception Dollar and maker of the film Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush!, which we will offer to our readers next week. We discussed effective activism among a variety other things.

Next up:

Presentation: Meria Heller  - Leading Internet Journalist/Radio Host  -  I missed the beginning of her presentation but what I was able to catch can only be described as brilliant. Meria spoke about being one of the first Internet radio pioneers. She spoke of news and information that you won’t find in our corporate media; like health issues, vaccines, real news, etc. One of Meria’s past guests was in the audience - Charles Shaw ( He was openly grateful for and appreciative of Meria’s support and work. His sentiments were felt by all in the audience.

Presentation: Ralph Shoenman  - Genius - 9/11 and the Capitalist State: The Underlying Politics.  As usual Ralph got my blood boiling. The information that he shares about the conduct of our nation when it comes to undermining democracy, bio warfare, disease creation, human guinea pig experimentation and the financial kingpins of the global terror elite (the Carlyle Group, et. al.) simply enrages me! Ralph made a clear case for the need to replace our leadership in a real house cleaning!

Presentation: Jim Fetzer: - Founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth  -  I was only able to catch bits and pieces of Jim’s presentation because I was bouncing between his presentation and Ralph’s presentation but I can tell you this -  he had the standing-room-only crowd ready to take back their nation! He made sure that the people realize the scope of the problems with our so-called leaders, and his session ended with a crowd participation strategy session. Jim had the people fired up to take action…myself included.

I had to leave early because I had to prepare for my presentation tomorrow morning, and I have to get there nice and early. I am making this an early night. More tomorrow, or when I have time.


9/11 Convention Update

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

For those of you who attend the convention and want to see my presentation I will be presenting in Salon 3 on Sunday at 9: AM.

The press conference was overflowing with people and media. The speakers included Alex Jones, Ralph Shoenman & Barrie Zwicker, to name a few.

I was able to ask a question to the panel. I was humbled as the room broke into applause for me as I announced my name and affiliation to I was overwhelmed by this because I realize that I am making a difference.

Before I posed my question I asked if there were any members of the corporate media covering the event. Nobody responded. I then asked if anyone from Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now was covering the event. Again…the room remained silent. I said that I was “not surprised!”

The keynote speaking event was overflowing with people ranging from costume wearing truth seekers, young teens, senior citizens and parents with their children. It was very inspiring.

I was able to spend time with Jim Mars, Dylan Avery (Loose Change), Lenny Charles (INN World News), Alex Jones, Barrie Zwicker, Webster Tarpley among others. I ran into Roger, from I was able to meet Meria Heller, one of my heroes!

I am very encouraged with the start of this event and I am looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

I, Too, Would Become a Suicide Bomber!

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

I am quite horrified with the world these days. I am disgusted with my fellow ignorant Americans who believe that persecuting homosexuals and blindly trusting their government are more important than protecting the planet and our wonderful Constitution. I am disgusted at the fact that these people base such important decisions on tiny little incomplete bits of information delivered to them personally by the most biased sources imaginable.

I am most horrified and outraged at the vile bigotry, hatred and horrors brought to the people of this world in the name of religion! In my opinion no act that brings about sadness, physical harm or punishment of others who have not hurt anyone, should ever be conducted in the name of religion, period!

I often ask myself why I should continue to live in a world full of people who are working to end life on Earth and people who are too preoccupied to care about those life enders. It is clear to me that I continue my quest to make this world a better place simply because I have a few people in my life that make my efforts worth the while.

Now I imagine myself in a situation where some of my few loved ones were killed. Killed perhaps by a U.S. Marine who “accidentally”  blows up my parents home because there were reports of a person living next door to them who looked like a terrorist or l should say he looked a person who our government, without any legitimate justification, classified as a terrorist.

I also imagine my loved ones being murdered by an Israeli soldier in Israel because they were peace activists working to prevent Israeli soldiers from using U.S. made bulldozers to destroy the himes of innocent people as they practice the international crime against humanity known as collective punishment. Or maybe they were simply trying to prevent the Israeli soldiers from practicing one of their other crimes against humanity like destroying the food supply of a civilian population by dozing olive trees or destroying water wells.

All I can tell you is this. If any of these imaginary things ever happened to me I can imagine that I might go on a rampage the likes the world has never seen from a single individual human being. I can not imagine anything that would be too outrageous for me to do after watching powerful weapon toting government operated street gangs destroy the good people in my life. I would be as angry at the people who ignored these atrocities as I would be at the people who conducted them.

I can imagine that is why Americans can never again in our lifetime feel safe. The U.S. invasion of Iraq has created a generation of rage the likes that I have described above. The George W. Bush administration has created a generation of rage that Americans will have to pay for. Then again Americans will have to pay for everything this administration has done from invading Iraq to reducing environmental protections - and boy oh boy they have no idea the price they will be paying! Think about it!

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