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TRANSLATION: “Launching their own investigation.”

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Here is a little translation for you…when you hear the phrase “launching their own internal investigation” there is a good chance it means “sweeping this one under the rug!”

I don’t care who you are, a nation, a military, a company or an organization, when you restrict investigations into possible wrongdoing on your behalf to your own private committee…there is a fairly good chance that your intentions are not exactly on the up and up. Think about it!

What We Hear About Hezbollah and What We Don’t Hear About Israel

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

Being that I don’t have the stomach to watch FOX News this week and being that MSNBC news is pretty much a joke I have been watching a lot of CNN so that I can measure the current extent of media deception related to the Israeli invasion and obliteration of Lebanon. It seems to that CNN really likes telling us in detail about the Hezbollah weaponry. They don’t say much about the Israeli weaponry however.

A lot of attention has been paid to the Katyusha rockets used by Hezbollah. We have been told time and time again that they are being loaded with ball bearing so that they can cause damage when they land. Today I heard CNN tell us about how they are now being made larger and more powerful. As a matter of fact the new versions of this rocket are capable of having 250 lbs of explosive. Of course CNN, in a blatant attempt to exaggerate the situation described the 20 lb. bomb as a half of a 500 lb bomb. Unbelievable! Why not just say it has a fraction of the power of a nuclear bomb and start refereeing them to as nukelettes?

On the other hand Israel has openly declared that common rules of warfare do not apply to this conflict and they will use any weapons that they deem necessary. So what do they do? They bombard civilian cities with depleted uranium bombs, phosphorus weapons and some strange new chemical weapons that are burning people, innocent children people. In the mean time both Palestinian & Lebanese medical authorities have been complaining about this - but the U.S. media seems to think that this is not newsworthy. What a surprise.

As I write this CNN had two interruptions to bring us live coverage; one related to air raid sirens in Israel, the other an air strike in Lebanon. The camera in Israel was directly in the city, up close and personal. The camera in Lebanon was pointed at the target from miles away. Hmmm.

On that note, here is a letter from a reader of

I am watching BBC which I think is the US version, and comparing it to the live European version…. wow…. hardly know they are talking about the same event…… the US version is totally politically correct, the Euro version is spontaneous, you see the cameraman who was wounded bleeding (just his hand), that’s been cut out, the children who were wounded, cut out, the live commentary of the reporter who says they spoke to Israel several times, told them where they were, all cut out….. reporter now a sophisticated, made up woman in a studio, the commentary voice over by someone else, not the original reporter…..

Can you say cult of false reality? We are living in one, thanks to our media. Think about it!


The Israel You Don’t See on the News - I defy you to watch this and then tell me that the media reports reality!

Days of darkness - The devastation we are sowing in Lebanon doesn’t touch anyone here and most of it is not even shown to Israelis. Those who want to know what Tyre looks like now have to turn to foreign channels - the BBC reporter brings chilling images from there, the likes of which won’t be seen here.

Why Create Enemies? Here is Why.

Friday, July 28th, 2006

Americans sit back and watch in amazement as their government conducts activities that will clearly result in “blowback.” We can not figure out why we would conduct our affairs or respond to crisis by acting in ways that will without a doubt turn a great deal of people against us and make a given situation worse.

Then we watch as Israel obliterates a peaceful nation. They did not attack an enemy, they attacked a civilization. They destroyed the infrastructure of a modern nation. They killed hundreds of innocent people. Then, the New York Times reports that the result of this is increased global support of Israel’s enemy. Is anyone surprised? Would anyone on Earth say that the result would have been different?

Well if you have not been able to formulate a logical reason why anyone or any nation would do these things…I’ll give you two…

  1. * For the people who make $ trillions on defending you from an enemy…they need enemies. When the cold war was over these people needed a new enemy to feed the monster known as the military industrial complex. So they create, provoke, fuel, instigate and in some cases lie about the existence of new enemies. Then they sell them to you. Currently Cheney, among others, acts as a senior spokesman while the news organizations legitimize their claims.
  2. * For the people who hate other people and want to kill them, like the Israelis hate the Arabs, a legitimate reason has to be created so that they can indeed kill them. They can’t just go in and bomb “the enemy” because most of these objects of Israeli hatred are innocent bystanders. So here is what a nation like Israel can do…they provoke as many Arabs as they can to join their enemy which in essence makes these innocent bystanders actual enemies of Israel and therefore they then become legitimate targets. Then it will be OK to kill these people because the media has made it perfectly clear that anyone who is an enemy of Israel or the U.S., not matter why they became an enemy, is simply a radical terrorist. And we all know that it is OK to kill terrorists.

I remember an episode of South Park where the gang went on a camping trip. They ended up hunting all kinds of animals. I should say that they simply killed all kinds of animals; even though it was not hunting season and they did not have hunting licenses. But before they killed each animal, even though it was not true, they screamed out as loud as they can “IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR US!” Thus creating a situation where they were able to say that they killed their target in self defense. All I can say is that the U.S. and Israel are artists at screaming “THEY ARE COMING RIGHT FOR US!” Think about it!


* Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon
- “All those now in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah,” Mr Ramon said. - Ramon made these comments on Israeli Army radio. He was apparently not asked about the IDF’s practice of blowing up the cars full of civilians fleeing south Lebanon.
* US planning $4.6bn in Mideast arms sales - The Bush administration spelled out plans yesterday to sell $4.6bn of arms to moderate Arab states, including battle tanks worth as much as $2.9bn to protect critical Saudi infrastructure.

It is Time to Replace ALL of the Leaders of the World

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

I am saying this on the record, as an American born person, with both Jewish and Christian heritage: I could not imagine being more ashamed and disgusted by my government (American), the government of Israel and my ignorant fellow Americans. I am stunned at my friends and family members who support Israel regardless of what they do. These people do not even realize that every “news item” that comes from Israel must be approved by Israeli military censors (bull shit democracy). I am sickened and infuriated at the members of the corporate entity known as the U.S. Congress and the U.S. media. I am sickened by the portion of the American public that remains embarrassingly ignorant to the history of lies and atrocities perpetrated and/or supported by the United States. But I am most angry at the press for making people like me have to stop their lives to alert the American public about real world that remains hidden from them by the media.

The press has been complicit in covering up the obliteration of the U.S. Constitution and it has covered up the inhuman assault on the citizens of the world conducted by America and its allies. Even if you simply ignored every gunshot fired and simply focused on the obliteration of environmental protections by the Bush administration you can see the devastating evil that is being perpetrated on mankind by the son of a bitch known as George W. Bush and the behind the scene people in the real shadow world governing body for which he works.

History aside we are witnessing a new level of American hypocrisy and inhumanity; a level that we can no longer simply stand by and permit. To watch Israel destroy Lebanon, a nation smaller than the state of Connecticut, and to watch the Bush administration step up the delivery of munitions to the most arrogant bigots every to walk the Earth, the Israeli government (not the Jews…the Israeli government…settle down you abusers and misusers of the anti-Semite label), makes me want to organize a complete overthrow of every single nation on Earth. I have had it with these vile maniacs! (Calm down you Department of Homeland Security Nazi bastards…I HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING THIS!!! I am just expressing my anger here! )

It is time to replace very leader of every nation on Earth. It is time to replace every member of every ruling body in every nation on Earth. They have failed. They are responsible for death and hatred beyond human comprehension. They are leading us to extinction. They are destroying the very planet on which we live. These “deciders” make decisions and pass laws that no citizen of the world would approve. They make decisions that would outrage people of all political and religious beliefs and would vehemently oppose. They force people to hate one another and then they send us to commit atrocities against eachother while they reamain out of harms way. It is time for the people of the world to wake up from this insanity and stop fighting for these evil people!

If the U.S. had a real news media the people of this nation would be kept apprised of the actions of their leaders. And if they were really aware of what has been taking place perhaps they would become outraged enough to stop the maniacs who are leading us to doom. If the media did their job, perhaps we would have justice in this world. Let me rephrase that…if we had a journalism entity in this nation or on the planet, one that is truly independent from the ruling bodies (governmental and corporate/financial), perhaps we would have a just world.

Israel US

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    Friday, July 21st, 2006

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    I am also looking for a new home for the e-mail list so that I can resume the daily newsletter. Stay tuned!


    Israel is Killing Incubator Babies and the World Says That it is OK!

    Thursday, July 13th, 2006

    When Israel punishes every Palestinian person for the actions of a small percentage of Palestinian people they are being racists of the worst kind. They treat all Palestinians as if they were one person or one cooperative organization. That is racism.

    Practicing collective punishment on the Palestinian people is no different than if we in the U.S. placed all African Americans in prison because there are several high crime African American communities.

    Actually Israel’s actions are worse because they involve murder. Israel destroys life sustaining infrastructure. Their recent attack on Gaza destroyed an electric plant resulting in the shutting down of the water station. Gaza is without electricity and without water. No electricity means hospitals can no longer help people. This, my friends, is called murder. It means any life sustaining medical equipment in the community can not run. This too, my friends, is called murder. It means people who need this life saving infrastructure die. It means babies in incubators die. Remember when the Bush I administration lied to the world about Iraqis killing Kuwaiti babies by removing them fro their incubators? The world was outraged even though the Bush administration was lying about this and the world went to war with Iraq! This was the deciding factor for the U.S. Senate. But When Israel kills babies in incubators the world says that it is OK!

    Say what you want, call me what you like, but I object to the murder of innocent people. I know many people refuse to believe that there are any innocent Arabs on this planet but I defy you to show me a baby or small child that is evil. I object to baby killing.

    So where are all our pro-life people who seem to object to killing unborn babies but see no problem with killing them once they are born? Where are all the Christian pro-lifers who seem to loose their voice when real live babies are threatened? Tell me…who is printing all the free passes for Israel? Think about it!

    Associated Press Help Wanted: Chief of Bureau, Baghdad, Iraq

    Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

    Any real journalists out there looking for work? This is for real.

    New Job Posting - Description No. (24)214
    POSTING DATE:  7/11/06 ( expires 7/25/06 )
    POSITION:  Chief of Bureau
    LOCATION:  Baghdad, Iraq
    STATUS:  Administrative
    INCUMBENT:  New position
    JOB REFERRAL AWARD:  Not eligible
    REPORTS TO:  Sally Buzbee
    DUTIES:  This is a two-year posting. As head of the AP's bureau in
    Baghdad, the chief of bureau oversees the AP's large news and photo staff
    covering the Iraq war. The COB resides in the AP's secured villa in Baghdad and
    is responsible for the onsite management of the news staff, plus security,
    personnel and budget issues, working closely with an office manager and
    the chief of Mideast news on security, personnel and budget issues. It is a
    high-profile assignment that carries a high degree of responsibility,
    requiring a talented journalist of proven judgment and ability for a
    once-in-a-lifetime challenge.
    JOB QUALIFICATIONS:     Strong news, interpersonal communication and
    leadership skills. Experience working in a high-stress and hectic
    war/combat environment is preferable.
    Common sense, calm in the face of uncertain and tense situations
    and flexibility are a must.  Should be able to motivate and oversee a large,
    diverse news and support staff, keeping AP ahead -- both aggressive and
    creative in its news coverage -- in a highly competitive news environment.
    Should perform these news tasks while also working on security, logistical
    and staff issues, in close consultation with AP's onsite office manager
    and the chief of Mideast news as well as New York headquarters.
    Strong reporting, writing and editing skills are a must, as is interest and
    ability to work on multimedia and online video/TV coverage. Creativity
    and willingness to try new things valued.
    Should also, as AP's onsite representative, be capable of dealing with
    Iraqi government and U.S. military on issues that arise.
    Should be able to prioritize numerous tasks, while working to maintain
    staff morale, and be able to creatively problem-solve difficult situations.
    Should be able to create a sense of teamwork and mission,
    working with and serving as a mentor to less-experienced journalists,
    including talented journalists selected and hired locally.

    AP PHONE NUMBER: 212-621-1500

    Under Bush We Have Lost:

    Monday, July 10th, 2006

    The World Trade Center, one Space Shuttle, New Orleans, Oldsmobile, the birthplace of civilization: Iraq, countless lives as a result of war, electrical power to the entire northeast section of the United states for a full day, a legitimate electoral process (and with that our democracy), 50 years of environmental protection legislation, a great deal of our polar ice caps, countless animal species, science, our ability to afford housing/education & health care, student loan programs, heating assistance programs, hunger assistance programs, the division in the CIA that was searching for Bin Laden, Paul Wellstone, our right to eminent domain and to feel safe in our homes, our right to eat foods that were not genetically altered, our jobs, $billions of unaccounted for dollars given to military contractors, workers rights protections, whistle blowers protections, our right to hold corporations accountable for their crimes against us, our right to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for killing or harming us, countless officers who resigned from the military, countless intelligence professionals who have bolted from the current insanity, respect for America in the eyes of the world.

    We have gained: A presidential administration that acquired power by electoral coup and has broken more laws than one can imagine, a global nuclear arms race, a rise in global racism, unprecedented levels of global warming, powerful hurricanes, government sanctioned hatred (anti-gay), a lifestyle and economy designed to keep us in constant fear, a wider gap between the rich and the poor, four million more Americans living below the poverty line, six consecutive pay raises for Congress and an American population that knows more about the trials of Scott Peterson than they do of the trials of Dick Cheney.

    Thanks to the American news media the nation does not realize what we have gained or lost. Can you imagine what this list would look like if I took even 5 minutes to actually do some research? Think about it!

    Corporate Media: Hot Dogs are More Important Than 9/11, Lies Leading to War & Election Fraud!

    Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

    I had the pleasure of attending the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest yesterday. We got there two and a half hours before the event started so that we could get a good view. Unfortunately there was not a lot of space for the spectators because of the enormous press center that had been set up which was so big that it blocked public view of all but a few of the contestants.

    The press from all over the world was on the scene. Most of the press had set up hours in advance. I saw ABC, NBC & CBS cameras there along with all the sports networks. Coverage was thorough and global.

    All of this coverage was dedicated to a twelve minute gluttony contest.

    The NY police department, (60th Precinct) was out in numbers. They lined the roof of Nathan’s. I assume they were keeping an eye out for Osama “Bun” Laden. The police provided the contest sponsors with a crowd estimate of twenty five thousand people. Personally I think there were between five and ten thousand. I can not imagine that half of Yankee stadium filled the small area. Anyway I found it amazing that the police could estimate this crowd when I have heard time and time again that crowd estimates were not possible. I heard this at every anti-war protest that I have attended. You know…the protests where twenty or thirty Yankee stadiums full of people attended!

    Anyway…the media were out in full force covering this disgusting contest where people ate fifty hot dogs on the same site where homeless people search for scraps of food in garbage cans throughout the year. However, I found none of these media organizations covering the international 9/11 truth conference that I spoke at in Chicago last month. I found none of these organizations covering the million plus strong crowds that gathered many times to protest the most protested human being ever to live…George W. Bush. I see no coverage of the massive number of election fraud related events, arrests, lawsuits and press conferences alerting the public of the election fraud that is being uncovered all over our nation. I see no reporters trying to cover the lawsuits related to Dick Cheney’s energy policy meetings. I see no coverage of anything important at all in this nation.

    Maybe one day we will see media outlets covering the violent overthrow of the media outlets themselves. Hmmm…I suppose I am allowed to dream! Think about it!

    The Media: Your Enemy Exposed! An Independence Day Lesson

    Monday, July 3rd, 2006

    Here is a very simple lesson for Independence Day. As you take notice to the fact that the press is the only “industry” or “vocation” that is explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution. Neither doctors, who save human life, nor rescue workers who save human life nor police who protect human life were granted the protection of the Constitution. It is not because those noble professions are important it is because they are not required to protect our democracy. Only a free press can ensure that our government remains accountable to the people.

    So here is your lesson: As you watch the discussions take place about the NY Times printing information that may have hurt national security keep this in mind: Any person who even hints at the notion that the press should be keeping any information from the public is not a journalist and is your enemy - period, end of story. If the press in every nation followed this protocol we would prevent most wars and a great deal of injustice in the world.

    The press should be as relentless as celebrity paparazzi in their pursuit of information. Anything less is not journalism. Think about it!

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