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Your New York Yankees, Not Mine – American Values, a Human Disgrace

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

We live in a nation that claims to have values. Well I see American values and you can keep them for yourself. I want nothing to do with American values.

American values demand that we pay school teachers and EMS workers as if they were menial laborers while they pay a baseball player, who plays a god damn game for a living, a quarter of a billion dollars!

Nothing personifies American values more than the New York Yankees in their quest to build a new stadium. The New York Yankees are building a new stadium because their classic historic stadium is not opulent enough for these overpaid children who never developed any skills past those learned when by many five years old children. I have nothing against professional athletes, or entertainers for that matter, but let’s face it, they provide nothing to further or support our existence. They are a drug for the masses and they get to play a game for living while the rest of us work our asses off in order to eat and live indoors.

Now the Yankees are getting ready to destroy a neighborhood park, where good hard working non-wealthy people take their morning runs and bring their children to play, so that they can have their new ball park. But that’s not the best part…the new stadium will have fewer seats than the old one. But…it will have more luxury boxes normally reserved by rich corporations who will no doubt use some of their tickets to bribe politicians in some technically legal way! Obviously the stadium will have fewer affordable seats (if you can consider the price of the cheap seats affordable), so Joe school teacher and Mary EMS worker will no longer be able to take their child to see Alex Rodriguez play and get paid $155,000 for each game the Yankees play! Forget about the local grocery store worker who can not even see the Yankees on TV because cable TV charges their viewers too much money even though they receive a fortune from their advertisers! (Why the hell do we pay for TV and still have to watch ads? Aren’t the ads supposed to pay for the cost of TV, just like broadcast?)

Yes, the Yankees are doing exactly what the Bush administration and the Republican fascists are doing. They are making America a place where only the extremely wealthy can enjoy life. They are even taking baseball away from the common man. Greed is now the only aspect of American values that counts. Say what you want about liberals, but this, my friends is the mission of the right wing and guess what…mission accomplished! Think about it!

Mike Wallace Promotes George W Bush to “Commander and Chief of the Free World”

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

In cased you overlooked it, during the 60 Minutes piece where Mike Wallace was interviewing Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Wallace referred to George W. Bush as “the commander in chief of the free world!” Who the hell appointed Bush commander in chief of the world? Once again we see the disgraceful violation of anything that is journalism by someone who claims to be an American journalist. Think about it!

Link - President Ahmadinejad Interview

CNN’s Scare Week

Monday, August 14th, 2006

This week CNN has decided to dedicate itself to scaring the American public into thinking that the only serious threat to us is rogue terrorists with ties to Islam. They will point out every little theoretical target for a would-be terrorist. We have not seen this kind of scare mongering since the Republican National Convention!

Interestingly enough some of the apparent sponsors of this media event are Jewish/Israeli groups who have taken out ads to tell the American public that someone has to stop Hezbollah before they threaten us. Give me a break!

Have CNN and the UJA taken the time to warn the American people about any real dangers that Americans face each day. Like, oh, say, fluoride in our drinking water, Bush’s environmental or I should say anti-environmental polices or the risks to our health posed by genetically modified foods? Did the Anti-Defamation league take out an ad on TV asking us to help Israel stop AIDS, cancer or heart disease? Why is it that the only thing that Americans are supposed to protect ourselves from is Muslims?  Think about it!

Just a Public Yet Private Thank You

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Today I want to relate a personal message, not my usual commentary.

For those of you who are familiar with TvNewsLIES and my personal story you know that I left my career to undertake this mission. You also know that personal income and health insurance are now distant memories for people like me who chose to use our skills for the benefit of all instead of personal/financial gain. You also know that I seem to be suffering from terrible 9/11 related respiratory problems. You also know that it costs me about $100 to visit my doctor and it cost me over $100 per month for medication.

Well, along with receiving many supportive message via e-mail and telephone I occasionally receive donations that not only able me to keep going but provide me with a real emotional boost. Kind words and offerings make me feel like my efforts are truly appreciated. They are my compensation and inspiration.

That being said I want to issue a public thank you to one specific reader while keeping this person’s identity private. I want to thank my latest guardian angel for offering and then sending me two months worth of asthma medication saving me not only the cost of the medicine but the price of a doctor visit.

While all gestures are truly appreciated some gestures are so humbling that I can not think of a sufficient way to show my appreciation. Perhaps this message will serve the purpose.

What may seem like a little to one person may seem like a whole lot to another person. Think about it!

Boo! Are You Still Frightened?

Friday, August 11th, 2006

What do you think will kill more people: 10 hijacked planes flying into buildings, or a government decision to ignore global warming? What do you think will kill more people: a suitcase nuke going off in a city, or a nation that can not afford basic health care? Who do you think really threatens the lives of the people of this nation: lone terrorists or terrorists dressed up as a presidential administration and a Congress?

Reference: Click here to find out exactly why George W. Bush is the worlds leading terrorist! 

CNN’s Tony Harris – Caught on Air! Racists & Biased!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

This morning, as CNN was running their little news brief clip, they were showing one of their vital hard news items…a story about the TV show American Idol. Apparently the fill in anchor Tony Harris, an African American male, did not know his microphone was still in because when some obviously untalented African American with frizzy hair and a bad voice was shown singing at the American Idol tryouts he uttered “Cynthia McKinney was there!” Cynthia McKinney, for those of you who do not know, is a Democratic Congresswoman who just lost a primary yesterday. She is one of the only members of Congress who is involved in the 9/11 citizens inquiry.

This statement is coming from the same Tony Harris who along with his studio mate and on scene reporter was almost gloating when the prospect of the elite ruling class member Joe Lieberman winning as an Independent was discussed earlier in the program. Yes, CNN started telling the people that it is very possible that an Independent can win in Connecticut, thus making any possible election fraud less of a concern to the public if they chose to steal another election!

The comment about Congresswoman McKinney would have resulted in a race related firing had Tony Harris been white. His comment should result in a firing for sheer unacceptable bias, unprofessionalism and just plain stupidity for saying something like that during a live show into a microphone even if it supposed to be turned off!  Think about it!

Click here to see Tony Harris 

Advice to George W. Bush

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Hey George W. Bush,

Instead of “staying the course”, try “taking a course”; in anything…especially world history and the U.S. Constitution! Or how about a mini-course in science…you know…where you can learn that human beings need oxygen to live and that without oceans and plant life WE ALL DIE!

Your stupidity stopped being funny a long time ago. Now it is simply fucking dangerous!

And to the people who support this jackass who can not complete a sentence or face a hearing unless he is sitting on Dick Cheney’s lap…next time you cast a vote…make sure your candidate has a functioning brain! The ramifications of stupidity in positions of leadership are deadly and irreversible! Think about it!

Reference: Here is how stupid this jerk was when some of you voted for him! Click here!

An Urgent Appeal For Forgotten Katrina Victims

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Guest contribution by Herb “Sarge” Phelps

Hurricane Katrina ravished Jackson County (also home
county of Senator Trent Lott), the coastal county
closest to Alabama, is faced with many major problems,
and I was able to obtain an interview with Jim Yancey,
Medical/Mental Health Branch Director/Unified Command
of Jackson County, Executive Director/Jackson County
Children’s Coalition (JCCC) Here is what I learned from

Background: We have had 9 teenage fatalities in Jackson
County since January of this year! Based on info from
our coroner, Vicki Broadus we have already had 20
suicides in Jackson County and we are only beginning
the month of August. For all of 2005 we had a total of
12 suicides. We expect the suicide rate to increase
200-300% for 2006. Sheriff Byrd reports that domestic
violence has increased in the county. In talking with
local law enforcement they report that alcohol and drug
abuse arrests are on the rise. These are all risk
factors associated with the aftermath of Post Katrina.
A FEMA representative informed the Unified Command of
Jackson County last fall that it took 2 years before
the mental health issues peaked after 911. We fully
expect our mental health issues to continue to rise
past the first anniversary date. Our agency(JCCC) has
completed 50 debriefings in the past 2 months alone to
help people cope with this regional tragedy. This is
what we need.

1. Funds to hire counselors, (Intensive Crisis
Counselors) to do home visits to attend to mental
health needs. People do not have the time or money to
schedule an appointment for counseling and then go to
an office to talk to someone. The majority of the
people on the Mississippi coast have 2 jobs. Their 8-10
hour job at the office and the job at home of
rebuilding their home or helping their family or a
neighbor rebuild. We know where many of these people
are located due to the work of our case managers,
however, we need to hire trained counselors to go into
the homes and FEMA trailers to assist with people coping
with everyday problems. 3 counselors needed: Funding for
these three positions: $138,600

2. Intake counselor to record information and give
information out: Funding: $22,000

3. Unmet needs. This is the group of people that have
fallen through the cracks that FEMA, MEMA, national
organizations, state organizations and other
organizations have missed. For example, a person with a
disability needs a wooden ramp build and attached to
his home. A woman needs the mold cleaned off her
ceiling in her trailer. A senior citizen had damage to
her home but not enough damage to be covered by any
agency or insurance and she has no money to repair her
home. The stories go on and on. This is a huge need!!
Our agency alone has had more than 75 of these cases
come across my desk. There are long term groups being
put together to address these needs, but we need the
funding now. We have volunteers on the ground from
churches outside Jackson County that are willing to
supply the manual labor required to complete the task.
Our agency located $117,000 through an agency in
Kentucky. That agency gave the money to one of our
volunteer centers (CORE) and they utilized the funds in
rebuilding a number of homes and assisting with unmet

Funding: $25,000 will begin to put a dent in the unmet
needs. We have a process in place to identify an unmet
need. We do not give money out. We use the funds to
rebuild what was there or clean out a place, or put a
roof on a home or a ramp for a disabled person.
More at Hurricane Center

Herb “Sarge” Phelps is a Political News Columnist for, he can be reached at:

Herb "Sarge" Phelps

Wolf Blitzer and His Pretend Situation Room

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Wolf Blitzer, who claims to be a journalist, tells us as we watch his so called news program that we are in the situation room. What the hell is he talking about?

First of all, why would a journalist be in a situation room? What situations is Wolf Blitzer being asked to handle? And finally…what aspect of journalism is Blitzer practicing when he is telling us that “we” are in this situation room?

The closer you look at TV news, the more ridiculous it appears. I should say the more outrageous and criminally non-journalistic it appears. Think about it!

Virtually All Israelis Are Legitimate Targets in Times of War

Monday, August 7th, 2006

First off, let me say that I am pointing this out for two reasons. One, I truly believe that any leader of any nation, organization, or group, who makes a political decision to send people to kill other people should be the first and only casualty. If armed groups practiced this approach we would have eternal peace. The second reason I am pointing this out is to expose another brick in the largest wall of hypocrisy and propaganda the world has ever seen; and that wall is the wall that is built around Israel by the media of the world; most notably the American media.

We keep hearing about how Hezbollah is firing rockets into Israel and that the Israeli “civilians” are under attack. Well, I have news for you; the Israeli civilian population IS the Israeli military and should therefore be considered a legitimate military target by any sane military strategist.

Unlike Lebanon, In Israel, with very few exceptions, every male and female is obligated to serve in the military. This even means that Israeli children must be considered future soldiers. Even after an Israeli serves in the military most must remain on reserve status until their mid fifties.

In essence, a majority of the Israeli population are actually soldiers, reservists or future soldiers and must be considered as such by any nation who is at war with Israel. Soldiers are legitimate military targets. Period, end of story.

On the other hand Israel can label anyone, anywhere as a legitimate target simply because they do not have the resources to leave their homes and pass through bombed out roads to live “somewhere else.” Americans, especially those who lived through Hurricane Katrina, should understand how damn stupid and outrageous that position is.

Now do you see how stupid this whole thing is? It’s a word game where people die and the people who made the game get to live. If we eliminate from the face of the Earth, every leader who chooses war over peace we and will live in peace. If we eliminate from the face of the Earth every leader who chooses to put resources into war and killing rather than into the advancement of mankind and life on Earth we will possibly be able to reach our human potential.  Only then will we legitimately be able to lay claim to being the highest life form on Earth. Think about it!

Who Serves in the Israeli Military? - Click here to find out.

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