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Corporate Media Reports on Voting Risks – Why Now?

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

I hope everyone has noticed that the criminal corporate media seemed to have just noticed that there are “issues” or “concerns” with electronic voting. Well is the institution (journalism) that is supposed to be the guardian of our democracy just now discussing this when we have had clear indications that this has not only been something to be concerned about but it has affected already elections in this nation?

They report this as if there is some theoretical possibility that elections “can” be manipulated. But we have EVIDENCE that elections HAVE been manipulated and election results have been reversed; in effect stealing elections!

As far back as the 2000 elections you had situations where George W. Bush received in excess of 4000 votes in a precinct that had less than 700 registered voters. There was a precinct in Florida (what a surprise) where Al Gore received a NEGATIVE 16,000 or so votes. Let me repeat that…a Florida precinct registered negative numbers from a Democratic candidate and the press in this nation did not find this one bit curious!!!

I don’t care how honest the media in this nation appears at a given snapshot in history, when you stand back and look at the big picture the corporate media in this nation operates as a single unit, with a single point of control. Even if one or two outfits act as mavericks now and then and really inform the public about what really goes on in this world the industry as a whole is controlled by the powers behind the scene, outside the elected sphere. They control what we believe because in our society they are the rubber stamp of approval for what is considered to be officially accepted as fact by the public. Let’s not be fooled by what appears to be blips of legitimate reporting. Think about it!


Gore Receives 16,022 Negative Votes 

The War in Iraq IS the ECONOMY, Stupid!

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Is everybody in this nation an idiot? What will it take to detoxify us from the mindset created by the criminal U.S. news media? They keep telling us things that sound reasonable until we spend about eight seconds thinking about what they tell us. That is why I tell my readers to “think about it”  every single day!

We are now being told that the voters of this nation (who will not have their votes counted because we are living under a coup brought to you via electronic voting, etc), consider the war in Iraq (which should more accurately be called the invasion of Iraq), a more important issue than the economy in their evaluation of candidates this vote stealing season. (Yes, I said vote stealing; we have not had a legitimate election this century!…Think about THAT!)

Well, the reality is that the Iraq war is perhaps the biggest economical issue that our nation faces and every single American other than the Bush/Cheney cabal of war and energy profiteers are suffering the financial effects of the invasion of Iraq! For every dollar that is spent on destroying Israel’s enemy for them a dollar is taken from a program that would benefit Americans. From health care, to food for the poor, to fire fighting, to school teachers, to roads, to pollution, to researching new sustainable clean energy sources to anything and everything that would make our lives better the financial costs of invading Iraq have had dramatically negative effects.

Then there are the costs associated with rebuilding our depleted military. That’s great for the war profiteers who started this thing; you know: the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice/PNAC cabal. What about the costs of taking care of the Iraq war vets and helping those who suffer permanent injuries or mental trauma. Oops, I am sorry, you can forget that one! America does not take care of their vets. Especially Americans who start wars. As a matter of fact they CUT funding for taking care of vets, so please forgive me for mentioning that one!

While you support the record profits of Exxon Mobile and Chase Bank (as they increase fees for everything except saying the word “Chase”; and that fee may not be far off thanks to the criminal syndicate known as the U.S. Congress), your tax dollars are being used on everything, except you! The Iraq invasion was the most costly crime committed so far by the invaders (the PNAC/Bush cabal), who took over this nation via electoral coup and with eight seconds of thinking anyone would realize this! So to my enemies in the media I say this: TvNewsLIES readers know that IRAQ IS THE ECONOMY; STUPID! Think about it!

America Did Not Make Iraq’s Violence Worse; We Made it Happen!

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

It matters not who tosses in the kindling; it was America that started the fire! - Jesse - Editor,

No matter how hard the media works to keep Americans stupid the people of this great nation remain smarter than they think; only they don’t know it. The current message coming out of our media via the people who really run our government is that our presence in Iraq is making the violence in Iraq worse. This is clearly a pre-packaged excuse for bringing troops home and blaming the violence on the Iraqis, al Qaeda, Iran, Syria, the devil, liberals, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Susan Sarandon, NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez and anyone who did not want to launch this war based on lies. I forgot one: the Dixie Chicks!

Well Americans understand the logic of who really is at fault for the violence; only many of them don’t know it. We have laws in this nation that holds bars and bartenders responsible for allowing someone to get so drunk that they cause harm by driving drunk. Parents in this nation are held responsible for the actions of their children and can be arrested if their child commits a crime with their handgun. People in this nation even take issue when criminals are given light sentences by judges and then commit more crimes as soon as they get out of prison. We often become outraged and the ‘liberal’ judge who did not protect society from the criminal.

Americans know that criminals often have support and sometimes they even have sponsors. Americans even realize that sometimes the criminal is sometimes not even the person who committed the crime; sometimes the real criminal is the one who creates a situation where someone who would never have committed a crime commits one. We have seen this in real life and we have seen this in movies. Americans understand this concept better than they realize.

The problem today, thanks to our criminal news media, is that Americans are not viewing the violence in Iraq for what it is. It is a lawless out of control situation that was created by one thing and one thing only; Americas invasion of Iraq. That is it. That is the only cause, the only reason and the only explanation for every single death that has occurred in Iraq for over three years. Every single bit of violence is the sole responsibility of the people who decided to invade that nation and unleash the ethnic hostilities that were kept in check by Saddam Hussein. Anyone looking at this situation must eventually acknowledge the greatness of Saddam as compared with America. While America can not stop the violence between the warring factions in Iraq in even one city Saddam was able, via strong-arm measures keep his nation calm and quiet.

Saddam killed Iraqis who were causing him trouble; we kill Iraqis who cause us trouble Saddam tortured Iraqis who opposed him. America tortured Iraqis for various reasons; none of which were explained. Saddam’s killings and torture kept his nation calm; America’s killings and torture has stirred up violence not seen in that region in generations.

The difference is that Saddam’s cruel and tyrannical rule kept Iraq relatively peaceful where people lived in fear, but they did live. America on the other hand, in taking over Saddam’s role, has created a hellish environment of death and destruction. Another difference between America and Saddam is that Saddam’s rise to power did not cause the sectarian hostilities in Iraq; you can blame Britain for that one. He just chose to use a tyrannical rule to control people who do not seem to respond to democratic rule. I don’t understand how Americans do not see this at this point. Iraqis seem to have issues and Democracy is not going stop them from addressing them. (This is a big “I/we told you so” moment in history!)

One day perhaps a majority of Americans will use the logic that they already have and apply it to issues that may make them a bit uncomfortable because it exposes some sad and disturbing things about their own nation. As sad and as disturbing as it may be the fact remains; America created the violence that exists in Iraq today. So it really does not matter if our current actions are fueling the violence because the violence itself is already America’s responsibility. Think about it!

Breaking a Law is Legal in America; For George W. Bush

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

“You don’t get everything you want. A dictatorship would be a lot easier.” Describing what it’s like to be governor of Texas. (Governing Magazine 7/98) — From Paul Begala’s “Is Our Children Learning?”

“I told all four that there are going to be some times where we don’t agree with each other, but that’s OK. If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator,” Bush joked.–, December 18, 2000

“A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there’s no question about it, ” [Bush] said. — Business Week, July 30, 2001

If you or I were to, oh, say, create a rule for the people who enter our home, that happens to contradict laws that are in our Constitution, we would be fined or imprisoned. At the very least we would be told that we had to cease and desist and we may even be liable for damages.

When George W. Bush first entered office, prior to the events of 9/11 (you know, PNACs new Pearl Harbor!), his public appearances would be absent of one thing; first amendment rights. In their Orwellian doublespeak the Bush administration would set up “free speech zones” where people who did not support can go to protest and not be heard. In reality what they were setting up was “no free speech zones” around the newly ordained Coup-mander in Chief. In other words they were violating U.S. Constitutional law by eliminating first amendment rights.

Ironically, or should I say criminally the U.S. corporate news media, the same news media that is protected by the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, refused to do their job which is to protect the rest of the U.S. Constitution from anyone and everyone who poses a threat to it. So the criminal corporate news media refused to use the freedom (and responsibility) granted to them by the second amendment to protect the first amendment.

And many of the people of this nation are to damn stupid to comprehend what is taking place. They have blindfolded themselves with an American flag while the real soul of America, the U.S. Constitution, is being obliterated by the George W. Bush administration and the U.S. corporate media. America; what a country.

Reminder to my right wing friends…the flag does not protect you, it does not identify or protect your rights, it does not prevent criminals from taking control of your positions or your person and it does not outline a doctrine that sets us apart from the rest of the world enough to arrogantly claim that we are the greatest nation in the world. The U.S. Constitution however, does. It is time that you recognize your enemies. They are the people who are erasing the U.S. Constitution right in front of your face. They are the current administration and the current Congress. And they could not be doing the harm that they are without the full and willing cooperation by their enablers; the U.S. corporate media.

I have spoken about this before but the reason I bring it up again is because history is repeating itself. People today ask how the Germans did not notice the early signs of Hitler’s tyrannical rule. That is to say maybe if they stopped him when he started to get out of hand…the world could have been spared of the larger harm that he had done. While George W. Bush is no Hitler he is a figure head for the tyrannical rule that is engulfing our nation. And even though being a dictator is easier, especially if that dictator is George W. Bush, a dictator and a democracy can not coexist. Why are we permitting them to? Think about it!


US Corporate Media – America’s Greatest Enemy: Nobody Needs to Know About Election Fraud!

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Our current national press is complicit in the crime of starving our democracy to death.

Keep in mind that the press is the only vocation that is protected by the U.S. Constitution. The reason for this is because it is the press that is tasked with keeping our democracy alive and healthy. They are responsible for keeping the public informed about the conduct of the people who hold Constitutional offices and all things related. They are responsible for alerting the public when threats to our democracy or Constitution arise.

Well we now have evidence that that last three elections, one presidential and two midterms, have been subject to massive election fraud that has resulted in reversing the results of American elections; including presidential elections. That’s right folks; George W. Bush was not elected, twice. His cabal, which includes the owners of the two companies that manufacture the majority of the electronic voting machines, stole two presidential elections in the United States of America. This has been fully documented.

Now, as each day passes, new stories exposing what appears to be the largest effort in the history of human kind to manipulate election results go unmentioned on TV and radio news reports. You have to wait for an occasional one time special or report here and there to learn about the rising “concern” about our electoral system but you do not hear the daily reports of actual election crimes taking place now!

When our Constitutional institutions are threatened it is the single most important responsibility of journalists to inform the public of this. Technically nothing else should matter to the press. You can liken this to making sure you have food and water before you do anything else. The press is there to make sure that our democracy has food and water. It is the job of the press to tell the people of this nation when their democracy is in jeopardy. Our current national press is complicit in the crime of starving our democracy to death. They continue to trick the American public into becoming concerned about so called news items that have no impact on the nation; only on a few people here and there while they deliberately refuse to expose the criminals who are tampering with our democracy.

There is no way for me to accurately express how angry I am at the members of the US media. Each time I see a talking head on TV reporting, in detail, news items that affect less than one millionth of the US population, flashes of violence litter my thoughts like a strobe light at a disco. My only hope is that with each expose I present I open the eyes of a few of my fellow Americans and awaken their patriotism. My only hope is that my newly awakened Americans learn to spot their real enemies; and there can be no worse enemy of the American people than the universal lookout/getaway car driver/ and false witness for the rest of the enemies of American democracy…the US Corporate News Media. Think about it!

Fine Footwear for Democrats Only

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

It appears that democrats are the only ones who wear “flip-flops!” Republicans wear “adapted to wins”, “altered courses”, “revised plans”, “changed hearts”, “modified approaches”, etc.

It is actually a good thing to keep an open mind and adapt as the landscape changes. Democrats are too stupid or weak to have made that point while their candidate, the Skull & Bones presidential sacrificial candidate John Kerry, was being labeled as a flip-flopper. And now they are too dumb or weak to point out the many euphemisms for flip-flopping that have been attributed to the current Skull & Bones presidential stand in, George W. Bush.

Did I say the Dems were too dumb or weak? Perhaps I should have said that they are part of the political propaganda landscape where a world of false reality is created for us while the people who really rule this nation continue to have their way; because that is sure what seems to be going on here! Nothing else really makes sense. Does it?   Think about it!

George W. Bush is Not Our President and I Refuse to Treat Him As Such

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

“It’s all over but the counting, and we’ll take care care of the counting.” - Congressman Peter King (R-NY), Election Night 2004.

If someone kidnapped your child and then forged some adoption papers would you simply let it go? Would you simply treat the person as the parent of your child “for the sake of the child?” After it is discovered that this person kidnapped your child would you just “let it go” because “what’s done is done” and because “there is nothing you can do about it?” Would you not call the police because the police are kidnappers as well?

You know what you would do? You would do everything in your power, both legal and illegal, to get your child back and ensure his or her safety! You would do ANYTHING and ANYTHING would be justified. I don’t think anyone would argue with me on this point.

Do you love America? Are you a patriot? Are you willing to die for your nation? Then why did you allow your nation to be kidnapped?

Well here we are, headed into another election term, with a so called president and a plethora of Congressmen and Congresswomen who clearly are in office as a result of election fraud! This is not a conspiracy theory or a blank accusation, it is factual information. If you want the details may I suggest that you start by reading Mark Crispin Miller’s book “Fooled Again.” Miller does a damn good job of documenting the theft of elections here in the good old U.S.A! Then you may want to pop on over to to keep up with the nonstop discoveries of even more election fraud including the relentless efforts to spread it as wide as possible before the upcoming midterm elections.

Once you view the EVIDENCE that the Bush administration stole both of their so called elections you will understand that George W. Bush is not the president of the United States. George W. Bush is a criminal who overthrew our government and we are treating him as if he were the Commander in Chief! He should have been arrested the moment the mountains of evidence started to become uncovered.

As each day goes by I wonder if I am the only true patriot in this nation, I wonder if I am the only person who realizes that we are living under a coup and we need to take our nation back by any means possible. I wonder if I am the only person who realizes that anyone who is anti-Bush is actually pro-American! This is not about Republicans or Democrats; it is about criminals. Both parties are corrupt beyond description but we can not allow even corrupt politicians to assume Constitutional office by corrupt means! George W. Bush is an enemy domestic who along with his administration have attained power and took over our nation via electoral coup and the nation sits back and says that it is OK for one simple reason; they feel Americans can commit crimes against Americans but foreigners may not. The only thing that has protected George W. Bush from criminal prosecution and lynch mobs is his birth certificate. Had he been born in another country you better believe that your average American would clearly see him as what he is, an invader!

From the moment George W. Bush took over our nation he has worked non-stop to destroy it along with our Constitution. The first sign was clear and loud and nobody said a word. Early on, before the Project for a New American Century ensured that their “new Pearl Harbor” would come to fruition in the form of the false flag operation known as “9/11” the Bush administration was violating the Constitution and nobody said a word; mostly because they were not allowed to. The Bush crime cabal would take Bush on the road to speak to the people of this nation and while doing so, using their first piece of Orwellian double speak; they would set up “free speech zones”. These were little fenced off areas that were out of site and hearing range of George W. Bush where Americans could voice their opposition to their so called president! Well, the truth is that the Bush administration did not set up free speech zones because this entire nation is a free speech zone; anyone who read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights would realize this! The Bush administration was setting up illegal “NO FREE SPEECH ZONES” around George W. Bush so as to create a zone of false reality for the cameras! This way when they steal elections there is historical documentation that can serve as “proof” that Bush is supported by the people. For 4 years the Bush administration had kept all opposition hidden from the public record and it was the criminal public record keepers known as the corporate media, who were complicit in this act.

Now we have another election coming up. We have even more evidence that election fraud is being implemented. We have an over confident Karl Rove and George W. Bush saying that they expect the Republicans to hold power even though the public opinion polls show historical low support for Republicans in Congress. Why do you think that it? I’ll tell you why; it is because when you fix elections you don’t have to worry about public opinion!

On election day 2004 Republican Congressman Peter King (NY) stood next to George Bush BEFORE the polls were closed and he claimed that that the 2004 elections are “already over–the election’s over, we won.” When the camera woman asked him “How do you know that?” Congressman King replied, “it’s all over but the counting, and we’ll take care care of the counting.” Am I the only person in the world who thinks that this is a cause for alarm, especially with all the evidence regarding election fraud in the 2000 election and especially since the exit polls indicated a LOSS for George W. Bush in the very election King was referring to? Am I the only person who has maintained my outrage? Am I the only real American on this planet?

Wake up America! The enemy we all fear is closer than you think! Our nation is being picked apart and handed over to some very powerful people and your little participation in this so called democracy is no longer a reality. We have enemies to deal with and may I suggest that the first step in dealing with these enemies is to correctly identify them. Once identified these enemies should be referred to as such. Once these enemies are clearly identified and accepted as such by the people of this nation perhaps then they will decide to do something about it! Think about it!


It’s Time to Change Our Name – This is No Longer America

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

It is fair to say that America stopped being America with the signing of the Federal Reserve Act. It is also fair to say that America stopped being America when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in a clear conspiracy at the highest levels of our government. It is fair to say that America stopped being America when the Supreme Court openly took part in an electoral coup by installing the Bush administration in the White House when he clearly was not the people’s choice. But the absolute nail in America’s coffin came in the form of the end of Habeas Corpus. It is clearly time to change the name of the nation in which we live because it is no longer the land of the free.   Think about it!

James Baker is NOT “the former Secretary of State!” He is an Enemy of the State!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
“Exposing more media deception!”

When referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger, neither you nor the criminal American corporate media refer to him as the “former Mr. Universe.” Arnold is correctly identified as the current governor of California.

Similarly, when referring to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, neither you nor the criminal American corporate media refer to him as a former Congressman who just happened to have a female intern die of a mysterious injury in his office. He is correctly identified as a commentator or Republican pundit on MSNBC.

When referring to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, neither you nor the criminal corporate media refer to him as a former employee of the Israeli lobby AIPAC who never even took a single course in journalism. He is not-so-correctly identified as CNN’s Ironman or a journalist. (What a joke!)

James Baker has been in the news lately. He is being referred to as the “former Secretary of State” when in fact he should be referred to as the Senior Counsel for The Carlyle Group and a war profiteer. The Carlyle Group is the nation’s 10th largest defense contractor, with extensive ties to Enron, Global Crossing, Arthur Andersen, the Saudi Royal Family, and the Bin Ladens.

Baker’s law firm, Baker & Botts, is also working to assist American oil companies in the Caspian Region. This work right now involves a pipeline to be built through Afghanistan, a pipeline that Texas oil companies were negotiating with the Taliban to build before 9-11. His law firm also defended the Saudis against law suits from the victims of September 11th! Yes, this close personal friend of the Bush family SIDED WITH THE SAUDIS AGAINST THE VICTIMS OF 9/11!

On a similar note Baker attended the funeral of Ken Lay; a man who ruined the lives of thousands of Enron employees and investors while he bilked California out of a fortune!

So, when you hear references to James Baker in which he is described as “the former Secretary of State,” let’s be clear about something. James Baker is one of the architects of the current Bush administration. He is part of the ruling elite who yield power from unelected positions behind the scenes. He is in essence part of what is known as a shadow government or the New World Order. He played a key role in the election coup that inserted George W. Bush into the White House along with the current crop of PNAC neocons.

All this should make you question if Bush asked Baker to perform a study on Iraq or Baker is simply giving new instructions to the puppets in the White House.

So wake up people (and I am also speaking to the so called progressives out there) and come and join me in reality! We are living under a criminal occupation with a criminal media that continue to keep this nation submersed in a cult of false reality. How about helping me to introduce the real world to my fellow Americans! Think about it!

Bush Admin’s Approach to Iraq & Korea; What Do They Have in Common?

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Democracy’ Now’s Amy Goodman asked former UN weapons inspector Scot Ritter to talk about the “difference” between how the Bush administration has handled Korea and the way they handled Iraq. Ritter replied that the only thing that the Bush administration’s approaches towards Korea and Iraq had in common were that they shared a common “end game” (goal), which he claims is “regime change.” I beg to differ. It surely appears that one of the many common elements between the two approaches is that they both increase the potential for a long, costly and disastrous war that will result in massive loss of life and financial windfalls for the friends and families of the current American ruling class.  Think about it!

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