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George W. Bush “Failed to Tell the Truth.” What the Hell Does That Mean?

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

A while back I wrote an editorial highlighting the many euphemisms being used by the media and Bush apologists alike so that they can avoid pointing out the obvious: George W. Bush is a chronic liar. He and his administration lie with virtually every statement on virtually every issue. Keep in mind part of the definition of the word lie includes the notion of leaving someone with a false impression.

But with all the euphemisms for lying, “failed to tell the truth” takes the cake! This is the new buzz phrase surrounding the new Bob Woodward book about George W. Bush. With all the lying exposed by this book the best this so-called journalist can do when it comes to finally telling the public that they are being led by the most dishonest American administration in history- is to express the apologist notion that George W. Bush was really trying to tell the truth, but he simply failed. That sounds as if he fought to tell the truth and just did not know how! (By the way, if Bob Woodward were a real journalist he would have been reporting his discoveries AS HE DISCOVERED THEM - not after the irreversible damage has occurred!)

Simply said, George W. Bush and his administration are liars at their very core. The so called neoconservatives are disciples of Machiavelli. We hear that all the time but nobody stops to think about what that means. It means that they feel that lying is OKĀ  - for them!

For an in depth explanation of the philosophy of the people who now control your nation - read my earlier editorial: The George W. Bush Administration: A Lesson for Bush Supporters.

George W. Bush did not fail to tell the truth - he lied. He lies every day about almost everything. When is someone finally going to say it publicly? Think about it!

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