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Trickle Down Ignorance

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Posted by Reggie, Contributing Editor,

This morning, an AP article brought out the schoolmarm in me. There’s such little awareness of American history on the part of so many in this country, that this story ticked me off to the point of having to share my thoughts. So, here goes:

The AP reported that the US government has plans to revise many of the civics questions asked of immigrants as part of the process of becoming American citizens.

The article cited one of the questions on the present test as being: What was the Emancipation Proclamation? It then explained that current applicants need to know that it freed the slaves.

NO IT DID NOT. The Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 3, 1863, at a very critical moment of the war. In a very calculated move, he declared “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”

But the Proclamation did NOT free a single slave in any state on either side of the conflict. In fact, it:

1. Declared slaves to be free ONLY in states that had seceded from the Union, and over whose freedom his government had no control whatsoever.

2. Allowed slavery to continue in the Border States that were loyal to the Union, (the slave holding states of Maryland and Delaware), where slavery could have been ended.

3. Exempted parts of the Confederacy that were under Union control at that time, and where slavery also could have been ended, and was not.

4. Made the promise of freedom dependent on a Union victory, which was by no means a guarantee at the time.

So, while being an important document that influenced the War Between the States considerably, no slave was immediately freed as a result of its existence, nor was the intent of the Emancipation Proclamation to actually end slavery at the time it was issued..

And that historical truth, which is, or should be taught to school children everywhere in the United States, has been sorely distorted by those who would teach new Americans about such an important era in our history. Alfonso Aguilar, the director of the citizenship office wants applicants to have “a better understanding of America’s history and government institutions.”

He really is not off to a very commendable good start. Ignorance at the top is not only embarrassing, it is unforgivable.

A Note About Journalists

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

If you want to truly understand the role of a real journalist think about a newspaper delivery person. When your paper boy/girl delivers your news (paper) does he/she ring your bell and try to discuss the news with you? Does he/she give you an opinion on what is written in the paper? No. This is because the paper delivery person is the only real example of a journalist most Americans actually get to see because the deliver person does what a journalist is supposed to do…simply deliver news (let’s pretend that the newspaper actually has real news). That’s it. Journalists are simply supposed to get information and give it to you. Keep that in mind when you are watching the talking head criminals who pretend to be journalists. Think about it!

Bush is Not Protecting Us; He is Killing Us

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Radical Christians who have nothing better to do than hope for Armageddon sure have a lot to thank George W. Bush for! While the criminal corporate media fool you into thinking that you are being kept safe because terrorists have not attacked this nation in a few years refuse to report how the real threats to your life and to the world in general have increased exponentially thanks to the policies of George W. Bush. While I can fill volumes with reports validating my claim I’ll settle for pointing out the latest crime against humanity committed by the Bush administration that will no doubt result in human and animal death and suffering. Continuing his assault on the well being of Americans George W. Bush and his criminal administration has decided to allow pesticides to be sprayed over open waters without any permit! Isn’t that nice? I wonder if the members of the Environmental Protection Agency know the name of the agency for which they work! Any way this is just another example of how threats to your life increase at the hands of George W. Bush while the criminal media distract your attention! The only good thing about a development like this is that the people in the media will die too. Think about it!


EPA OKs spraying pesticides over waters - he Bush administration pleased farmers and frustrated environmentalists Monday by declaring that pesticides can be sprayed into and over waters without first obtaining special permits. - Environmentalists, though, note that mosquito-killing chemicals can also poison shrimp, frogs and other aquatic innocents. The good intentions of mosquito-hunters shouldn’t exempt the chemicals from permit requirements, these advocates believe. - “Pesticides are intended to kill living organisms, something that most would consider an adverse effect on the environment,” noted Janette K. Brimmer, legal director for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy.

Bush on the Environment - The environmental policies of George W. Bush will result in more death and destruction than anything else in history. It is almost as if they are trying to end life on earth. TVNL chronicles the crimes against the planet known as the George W. Bush environmental policy.

Would Somebody Please Bell Dick Cheney?

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Can we please embed a real news reporter with Dick Cheney? Do any of your friends have a rude obnoxious child? You know the kind and I talking about…he gets to do or say whatever he wants and his parents stand there and just let him continue to offend all around him. They don’t even stop him when he is in your home and he is touching things, breaking things and gives himself run of the house; all the while his parents sit there with a goofy smile (smirk) on their face. Cheney is that child only his behavior is treacherous for all!

Shooting people in the face aside, this guy is leaving a trail of lies, blood and suffering across the planet. Did anyone notice that the moment he gets back from a visit to Saudi Arabia the Saudis decide to cut oil production resulting in a new spike in oil prices? Can the oil companies get any richer? The answer to that question is YES a long as Cheney has something to do with it.

Cheney is clearly the ground zero of crime and corruption in our government today. He is behind the effort to isolate the executive branch from oversight and accountability and he has created what has been a virtual dictatorship built on legal loopholes and scare tactic politics. One good poke into his secret energy policy meetings may just shed light on why we really went to war with Iraq and what actually happened on 9/11. But thanks to those shredding machines that were parked in front of his residence we may never know the truth! This nation does not have a real news media (don’t let anyone tell you different and don’t fall for that distracting argument about media bias…the problem is deception not bias), so for the sake of the world would someone please bell this guy so we can keep track of him! Think about it!


9/11 and Iraq – The Concealed Connection!

Monday, November 27th, 2006

It is astounding that so many people who denounce the war against Iraq are so naïve about its origins. One of the strongest arguments by those opposed to the Bush/PNAC war policy in the Middle East maintains that there was NO connection between Iraq and the events of September 11th. That allegation, while well motivated, is entirely and absolutely false.

No, Iraq was not involved with, nor did its leader support Al Qaeda. No, Iraq was not involved in the planning or operation of the 9/11 attacks. And no, not a single alleged hijacker was an Iraqi. It’s “no” to the Iraq nexus all the way down the line.

And still, the attacks on 9/11 and the invasion and occupation of Iraq are interminably and intrinsically intertwined and neither tragedy can be fully discussed without the other. The hard fact is: had there been no attack on American soil on September 11th, there would not and could not have been a war in Iraq. And, conversely, if there was going to be military action by the US against Iraq by Bushco, there first had to be an unprecedented attack on American soil.

Sadly, but predictably, the correct connection between the two has never adequately surfaced. Certainly, the corporate news networks were fully complicit in shaping the public’s belief that Iraq was involved in the attacks of 9/11. Much of the nation, and a great percentage of the military still hold that belief, and little has been done to expose this calculated fabrication. Still, despite all we have learned, no one in the public arena has focused on the accurate and vitally important connection between the two events.

Despite all they have learned about the litany of lies and distortions that led to this failed war, most Americans still will not even consider the possibility that the attacks of 9/11 had to happen so that the premeditated plans for invading Iraq could be carried out.

That fact is a logical certainty which most people understand on some level of awareness. The public realizes that the attacks of 9/11 and to the Bush/PNAC invasion of Iraq are somehow interwoven, but most Americans cannot bring themselves to deal with the correct cause and effect sequence: Iraq was in no way responsible for what happened on 9/11, but 9/11 was in every way responsible for what happened in Iraq.

But no one outside the 9/11 Truth Movement dares to say that. Despite all we know, and despite all the dots that have been connected, discussion of 9/11 as a necessary event in the PNAC strategy for global domination remains taboo.

Let’s look at what we do know, - not what we suspect, but what is documented and verifiable fact:

• Members of the Project for a New American Century proposed American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq years before George W. Bush came to power.

• Their treatise for Restructuring America’s Defense, also written before 2000, stated that the American people would not support such wars “absent a catastrophic and cataclysmic event like a new Pearl Harbor.”

• Members of PNAC took on high positions in the new Bush administration, including those of Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of State, Under-secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Special Assistant to the President, Members of the Defense Policy Advisory Board, Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy, and Special Envoy to Iraq and Afghanistan.

• The founder of PNAC, Bill Kristol, while never so identified, became a major television personality promoting the invasion of Iraq immediately after 9/11. He remains a propagandist for the Bush war policy to this day.

• Barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed into the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq — even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks.

• In the summer of 2002, when the nation was still reeling from the events of 9/11, and was largely distracted by the war against the Taliban, Andrew Card and Karl Rove set up the White House Iraq Group. The group of nine experts, including Condoleezza Rice, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, Dick Cheney, Steven Hadley and Scooter Libby was formed to devise a plan that would sell the invasion of Iraq to the people of this country. They successfully formulated a plan to convince an unsuspecting public that invading Iraq was vital to their own security.

• The official version of 9/11 is replete with anomalies and inconsistencies, as well as uninvestigated challenges and discoveries. And yet, it remains the only explanation that the American people and the world must accept without question.

The rest is history. The premeditated invasion of Iraq was inevitable and launched as planned in March of 2003, and three and a half years later, we are still bogged down in this illegal and immoral war and bloody occupation. What boggles the mind is that any discussion of its causal relationship to 9/11 is still relegated to tin hat conspiracy theorists, or never mentioned at all.

For just one moment, consider how the foreign policy of this administration would have been different without the benefit of the attacks on American soil Understand that without the events of 9/11 Iraq would have been off the table for invasion and George Bush would never have become the ‘wartime president’ of his dreams. .

Then wonder why the President of the US refused to have an official investigation of 9/11 for a full year after the attacks, and why not one member of the mainstream media has presented a single item of the vast the new evidence about the events unearthed by the 9/11 Truth Community.

No questions about the official version of 9./11 is allowed anywhere in the mainstream media without derision and contempt. Imagine… NO QUESTIONS…..have been acknowledged or aired on any news network. The reasonable suspicion raised by knowledgeable experts and academics about these terrifying attacks have been swept under the rug along with their relationship to the present war in which we are so painfully trapped.

And no questions about the official version, despite its laughable explanations of what happened, will be investigated by the newly empowered Democrats in Congress. Whatever investigations are launched, this will not be among them. No one in power wants to peel back the layers of deceit that we have been fed. Wait and see.

By any logic, if you follow the dots, there is an obvious and transparent connection between 9/11 and Iraq. It is not the connection set forth by the Bush/PNAC warmongers who wanted to incite fear and loathing for the nation they wanted to control. It is not the connection that prompted US soldiers to believe they were fighting in Iraq to revenge the attacks of 9/11. It is a far more insidious connection that should be publicly examined and exposed.

But it will not. Wonder why.

Why Shouldn’t Iran Support the Iraqi Insurgency?

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

It was the United States that encouraged or more accurately ensured Saddam Hussein go to war with Iran in the 1980s. Ronald Reagan’s war consultant to Iraq at the time was none other than Donald Rumsfeld. Donald Rumsfeld and the United States supplied the arms and intelligence to Iraq helping them to kill Iranians for the better part of a decade. The mass graves that we hear about so often when our media demonize Saddam Hussein are filled with Iranians; many of whom are in those graves thanks to American war technology and intelligence; much of which was provided by none other than Donald Rumsfeld. So I ask you, why the hell would anyone question Iran for fueling the current insurgency in Iraq? If there was ever a justification for causing trouble this is it!

While I have no particular love for any radical religious totalitarian government, Islamic, Christian or Jewish, I have to say I am neither surprised nor angry at Iran for making the situation in Iraq worse. History clearly shows that the American & British governments and corporations (can you say oil companies or military industrial complex) are the big trouble makers in the Middle East. Whose bright idea was it to create a Jewish state in the middle of an Arab region on Arab land? Who the hell thought that would result in a nice peaceful region emerging?

Well, actually America and Britain are big trouble makes everywhere, supplying the many of the reasons for conflict and then supplying the tools, weapons, training, and rebels and let’s not forget evil dictators to nations all over the world. When it comes to creating the industry of conflict where the real losers are the citizens of the word America and Britain are surely the equal opportunity suppliers!

So lo and behold we finally see a situation for a nation that had been brutally victimized by the blood thirsty west to enjoy a little payback and everyone is outraged! Hello! What would you do? I hate war. I hate hatred. I hate religion and all the evil that it has brought to the world. Mostly I hate anyone that poses a risk to the well being of my family and my country. So let’s be clear here, it is not now and never was Iraq or Iran that posed a threat to me, my family or my nation. The people who caused these problems are the same people who wanted to make an obscene amount of money doing obscene things like keeping us from having safe, clean, war preventing renewable energy sources and people who make money financing wars. People who start wars are never the people who fight in them yet they are the ones we should really be angry at; not the victims of those wars who now have just reasons for seeking revenge. Think about it!


Have You Read This Mr. Bush? - Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Read this line by line. You will be absolutely stunned at how many provisions of this Geneva Convention have been totally violated by George W. Bush and his war party. Everyone down to the field commanders is clearly guilty of war crimes based on this one convention. As you read you will be hard pressed top find even a single clause in which the Bush administration’s cabal has been compliant. It is simply stunning. And what will become clear to you by the time you finish reading this is that our criminal corporate media have been complicit in these crimes in that they have ignored them even though it is their responsibility to hold our administration accountable to the people of this nation and to the laws of the land!

After watching George W. Bush conduct his affairs and speak in public for the past six years or so I am not so sure he can actually read. Well, let’s just say I am not sure about how “goodly” he understands things like words and stuff. But I think no matter how difficult it may be, Mr. Bush may want read this…or at least ask his lawyer to read it. But then again this career criminal has nothing to worry about as long as we have a corporately owned Congress and media who have no interest in running a legal and legitimate government - otherwise Bush would have been arrested many times- for election fraud, conspiracy to commit mass murder on 9/11, etc. Anyway - just read this Mr. Bush. It is one of the no-brainers when it comes to shining a light on the crimes that you have committed:

The document is too long for me to include in this piece so please click here and read the entire documents. I am sure you will be absolutely stunned at the level of violations you will be able to identify.

Perhaps because I did not grow up in Nazi Germany or communist Russia I can not imagine a more criminal and corrupt government than the current U.S. administration. Then again it may just be because there has actually never been a more criminal administration. Think about it!

Can We Call Iraq a Quagmire Yet?

Friday, November 24th, 2006

There is nothing to win in Iraq. The ever-changing reasons given for invading Iraq by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and the criminal U.S. corporate media are now moot. We surely did not have to go to war to protect America from some mythical grave and gathering threat because it has now been proved that the threat never existed. So, the logical conclusion is that there is nothing at all to win here. You don’t evaluate the actions of a bully like America beating up a weakling in terms of winning or losing; you simply measure the severity of the beating. Bullies don’t beat up little guys to protect themselves; but everyone knows that. Well, not everyone.

At any rate, the mission was really accomplished. I should say the missions were accomplished. The mission was actually twofold. The first goal was to start a war; a very expensive never ending war. This would satisfy the fascist global financial elite and international bankers whose real goal is pretty much to own everything on this planet. You see, war is great for these people. They get to finance wars. Private banks such as the Federal Reserve get to charge us interest for lending the U.S. money. War is the single most expensive endeavor a nation can undertake. Central bankers love war. They feed on war like leeches sucking the blood of their host. And what better person to get rid of than Saddam Hussein? He was using the profits of his nation’s oil for something other than American corporate profits. His oil money was going towards paying off his nations debt, providing education and health care for his people. The capitalists known as central bankers and the big greedy oil companies could not allow that! So what better a target for another war than Iraq?

Then there is the other part of the perfect war storm…Israel! This war served to eliminate a leader who was an enemy of Israel. Let me rephrase that; he was an enemy of the leaders of Israel who continue to commit atrocities against the Palestinians. As a matter of fact he may have been the only leader of any nation in the region to help the Palestinians at all; and Israel can not allow this; nor can the Zionists who influence and in the case of the Bush administration define American foreign policy.

That being said, we are now in Iraq. As I already said - we can not win. Staying will not do anything other than kill more Americans, cost the American tax payers more than they can every afford to pay and make the war profiteers richer that the mind can comprehend. We can not leave there because then the even greater bloodshed that may occur will surely be blamed on America; and rightfully so.

So what do you call it when you can not stay and you can not go? Have the media forgotten the word? Let me remind them…it is not “dilemma” or “decision”. It is not about “cutting and running” vs. “adapting to win.” The word is “QUAGMIRE!” Period, end of story. Think about it!

Thanksgiving? For Whose Bounty?

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

While you share the festival of over eating better known as Thanksgiving, please take a moment to remember the people whose land and nation we occupy. Take a moment to remember the fact that people lived here when we claimed to discover this nation. That’s kind of like me “discovering” money that is in your wallet and then declaring it mine because I found it. Reality is not always nice, but maybe if we did not pretend that bad things don’t happen with our support, fewer bad things would actually happen. Think about it!

Iraq Insanity!

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

How do we let them get away with it? The same people who put Saddam control of Iraq for what seems to be the purpose of opening up Iraq’s natural resources to American corporate profiteers have now led the charade to remove and replace Saddam. Every last one of the people at the top were responsible for creating the Saddam that they demonized and now they will be the people to replace him with the next generation Saddam. It’s not theory, it is official history. How do we let them get away with it? Where are the lynch mobs?. Think about it!

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