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Iraq: Unwinnable and Unsolvable “ And Exactly As Planned.”

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Don’t kid yourself. This is exactly the way they want it to be: chaotic, devastating, confusing, horrendous, and right on target. Clever bastards, these neocons; their goals were always so damn clear, and they finally got there: get into Iraq and find a way to stay there forever. Forever, folks, - that’s always and into eternity. That was the plan from day one, and that’s the way it’s working out.

Henry Kissinger came out of the woodwork this past weekend and said it in terms that were impossible to misunderstand if you really listened closely. In a television interview the aging assassin and war criminal of yesteryear played a little game of bait and switch. First, he lured the public into a moment of reality by acknowledging that the war against Iraq was “unwinnable.” But then came the zinger: “But,”he said as he delivered the follow up punch, “I don’t think that the alternative is between military victory or total withdrawal.”

I learned early in life that you can’t be a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead. You’re either one or the other. The lesson of recent history is that the same applies to waging a war and being an occupying nation. You’re either at war or you’re not. You’re either an occupier or you’re not. And Kissinger made it very clear. The same doctrine that gave us the horror of Vietnam is alive and well today. The despair that Henry of the Death Squads felt when the US finally ended the debacle of so many decades ago must be rectified in Iraq. We must stay. People must continue to die. Soldiers must continue to be sacrificed. But we absolutely will not relinquish our goal to dominate both the country of Iraq and the region we have inflamed. Withdrawal is not an option. No way.

The neocon plan was very simple and so beautifully underhanded that it has evaded many people in this nation and the world. The architects of the invasion knew that the greater the instability, the worse the insurrection, and the greater the possibility of out and out civil war, the more the US would appear to be needed in Iraq. And so it has come to pass, and so it is now the mantra of those who no longer talk of WMD or Al Qaeda or democracy in Iraq.

Understand that all is going according to the PNAC plan: The US cannot leave Iraq because the dangers of our leaving are too horrible to imagine. Fear that moment, America, because if we leave Iraq things will only get worse and worse and, as John McCain reminded us this week, all those evil terrorists will follow us here and attack us in our beds. Got that? We cannot withdraw, we will not withdraw. Don’t even think about it.

That fantastic American Embassy, larger than Vatican City is well under way in Baghdad. The $592 million facility will stand as a symbol of our influence in that nation and signal to the Iraqis that we will never leave. At the same time, 14 permanent military bases are under construction in Iraq, all of which are to be consolidated into four mega-bases. That’s 14 huge bases in a country only twice the size of Idaho. No, we are there to stay.

So, let James Baker and his Study Group present their conclusions, and let the Democrats with their newly acquired power draw up plans for deployment or withdrawal or whatever. Bushco will do as it pleases, because the neocons are still in power, despite the protestation of some among them who appear to be abandoning the ship they have been instrumental in sinking. Rest assured that the plan they conjured up years before the actual attack against Iraq is in full operation. And it’s going exactly according to plan.

Who Said “Nigger”?

Monday, November 20th, 2006

There seems to be an uproar (in the media) about a white comedian who used a string of offensive racial epithets in his comedy routine; but apparently crossed that fine line between funny and offensive. I am not making excuses for him but as a class clown I do know that when you are trying to make people laugh you can try too hard and work too fast and say things that are really offensive; with good in intention but offensive none the less.

Anyway I thought I would use this media moment to share my observations about the notorious “n” word: nigger. I live in New York City; Brooklyn to be specific. I am rather used to hearing words that would grow hair on the tongues of some people. I have to say that over the past twenty years I have heard the word nigger more times than you can imagine. I hear it used in conversation all over this city and it is used without a flinch from anyone except me. “Nigger” is one of those words that actually makes me very uncomfortable. It is part of the vernacular of our city.

The real problem is that the “n” word that I hear so often is used overwhelmingly by black people. It is used often, loudly, in public, when you are a captive audience (like on a bus or a subway car) and without any regard for how makes people within hearing range feel. I can count on one hand the number of white people that I have heard using the term “nigger” over the past few years but I can take you out to any school yard, subway car or any location where black teens gather and we won’t have to count to ten before you hear the term “nigger.” But you will have to count to ten, as matter of fact way past ten, if you try to keep count of how many times the word is used. I can also take you to my home and flip on some ethnic standup comedy cable special and guess what…”n” words galore! I can also show you video clips of almost any hip-hop wannabe celebrity like Jennifer Lopez referring to their close friends as their “niggas.” I hate it. I am sick of it. And quite frankly as long as I hear this offensive term flung around in public, out loud, very out lout, along with every other offensive word as defined by the Christian purists and the FCC and pointed out by George Carlin in his comedy bit about the seven dirty words you can never say on TV, I don’t want to hear any complaints about the words use by non-blacks; especially when the real intention was to make people laugh. I am sorry but speaking as someone who has tried very hard to be a respectful person even while being a “social comedian.” I have issues with hypocrisy, even when it comes to asking for respect. Think about it!

Unqualified Americans

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

America is about to revamp the test that immigrants will have to pass in order to become American citizens. I got news for our anti-foreigner government…foreigners know more about America than most Americans! I defy our government to force every heartland redneck to take this test. As a matter of fact I would like to see every member of Congress take this test.  I want to see how many Americans are deported because they can’t answer basic questions about their native country! While we’re at it I would like to remind many Americans that making English the official language of America may criminalize many Americans; you know…the flag waving redneck anti-foreigner Americans who can not construct a single sentence using correct grammar as defined by the rules of the English language.

I’m all for setting reasonable requirements for American citizenship but I don’t think being born in this nation should exempt people from meeting those requirements. So by all means…test away!   Think about it!

There Is So Much to Say

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

(This message is for the deep thinkers out there!)

I have been absent from the blogosphere for the past few days due to a health scare (not me - that of my wonderful better half). Sleep was not an option for me however so I was not coherent enough to prepare a newsletter; even though I did update the news page. I had a tough couple of days so instead of preparing my usual newsletter I would share my silly side with you all. I am human you know!

The issue at hand was a heart attack, or what was diagnosed as a heart attack (turned out to be more of a heart event than a damaging attack - thankfully.) But I wanted to share this with you…because in a way it reflects on what is taking place in this nation. As is usually the case when serious issues are at hand I am the one to take charge. When I am in a position where I do not have to take total charge, like when qualified doctors are helping someone who is having a “heart event’, I assume the role of mood controller. I keep things calm and I usually try to keep people laughing when appropriate.

So when it became apparent that our situation was not life threatening and was much less serious than first thought I morphed back into my silly self and I cracked a joke about the entire situation. BUT - this joke was made possible only by the current geo-political environment that the readers of this newsletter are so used to; so I thought you may enjoy the little joke, I mean silly comment - so here it goes: when I was looking at the heart monitor where the heart beat and rhythm are monitored along with blood oxygen and respiration I thought out loud that if the heart monitor machine was manufactured by Diebold, the company that makes our insecure election stealing voting machines, we may actually be witnessing someone else’s heart attack! Now that’s funny!

OK - more silliness - as I am getting ready to prepare today’s newsletter our heart patient looked at me and asked me if I had a topic for the commentary. I replied by saying that there is so much going on that I always have material for a commentary. Most of my readers know how I feel about Dick Cheney so you will understand the rest of my response. I told her that I could simply write “Cheney is a Dick” and that would be a publishable newsletter. And that’s when my own words came back to bite me - her reply to me was. “think about it!” Think about it!

Hey, Corporate Media: Dictatorship is NOT Democracy.

Friday, November 17th, 2006

For decades, now, Republicans in Congress have become accustomed to following the herd, without question or challenge. This time around, they’ve gone overboard in their lemming response to their own leadership as they willingly cooperated in waging an illegal war, supporting torture, and weakening our precious Constitution. In that process Republicans have unashamedly embraced dictatorship as a replacement for debate and discussion, and blind obedience to their handlers as a substitute for any legitimate election process.

They are now trying to validate that philosophy through their complicit media hirelings on the so-called news networks that most Americans still turn to for their nightly source of information.

Trent Lott’s election to his earlier post in the Senate was hailed by every television ‘news’ pundit - other than Keith Olbermann - as a laudable victory over an opponent. But, lo and behold, the corresponding Democratic challenge for leadership was reviled as a defeat for Nancy Pelosi and a nasty catfight among the new House members-elect.

This unified assessment was undoubtedly another example of how the media collectively repeat the same daily talking point. Pelosi was criticized for her inability to manipulate and control a secret ballot. Her influence as the new Speaker was undermined because she could not dictate and deliver a vote for someone she supported. To a pundit, the network parrots characterized a fair and honest election among Congressional Democrats as a serious rift in the party and a damaging weakness of leadership for Pelosi.

We are witnessing the continuation of the mindless media chorale that parades as political analysis on our television screens. The same media that supported every move by the Bush administration in blind and sycophantic loyalty is still unable to accept the defeat of those policies at the polls. The same media that refused to question a single criminal or unconstitutional power play by this administration is still unable to assume the responsibility of unbiased journalism.

In the very least, the public must recognize the ruse. At the very most, the public can totally reject the nonsense being spewed by the corporate media and turn to alternative sources of news on the Internet that offer information and news, not mantra and distortion.

If not, nothing will change. If not, things will only get worse.

No Oil? No Israel? No Stability? No Problem!

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

This nation and arguably the world are focusing quite a bit of attention on Iraq and the Middle East. Except, despite that focus, we are not really taking note of anything Israel does, no matter how egregious. The media are indeed focusing on the stability of the Middle East and suddenly the average American is waking up to the fact that there are serious questions about what instability in Iraq means to American national security. Of course we don’t question what the actions of Israel have to do with destabilizing the Middle East; because it is American policy and the policy of the controlled media not to question the actions of Israel.

OK, so let’s say the Middle East stability depends only on the actions of Arabs. Let’s say Americans are finally starting to pay attention, or I should say the media, more accurately mind control apparatus of the people who really control this nation, are now focusing your attention on this vital issue known as Middle East stability; make that the stability of the Middle East sans the instability that may be caused by the actions of Israel.

Well, let me ask you this…why are we more concerned about the stability of the Middle East than we are about the stability of say, the Democratic Republic of Congo? Why is the most unstable region of the world with the highest level of human suffering and despair completely ignored by the entire American corporate news media? Why is the only corporate news network that covers issues like this, Al Jazeera, being kept off American airways? Could it be because the situation in the Congo does not involve oil or Israel? Could it be that the despair and horror taking place there is fueling tremendous profits for American weapons manufacturers who seem to arm every despot on the planet including our own enemies?

The fact is that the people who control the U.S. media do not want you to give one damn about anything that does not cause you to fall in line with their personal ideology. Whatever select pieces of news and information must appear in our media that will cause Americans to support Israel, oppose Israel’s enemies and oppose any nation whose leader decides that their nation’s natural recourses and assets should benefit the citizens and not the corporations, will indeed be presented to the public. Any news or information that exposes the criminals who own this planet and profit both financially and ideologically by death, destruction and discrimination, will be kept from the public. Well, not as long as I and my fellow independent legitimate news bearers and organization have something to do with it! Keep in mind that we are not “alternative news” sources, we are the legitimate news sources. They, the corporate media, are not!

So if there is news out there that makes you realize that the oil companies and their representatives in our government are not acting in your best interest, or if Israel violates dozens of U.N. resolutions and commits atrocities that would turn even a peace loving, flag burning Air America worshiping bleeding heart liberal into a revenge obsessed suicide bomber, we’ll report it. I just hope you don’t unsubscribe because we inform you about what really happens in the real world. We don’t always like what we are reporting, but if we are going to make this world a better place…we have to know where the real problems are; and the corporate media are protecting the bad guys! Think about it!

Another Smoking Gun Indicating Bush Guilt; Another Smoking Gun Indicating Media Conspiracy

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Be it the exposure of the Downing Street Memos or the multiple discoveries related to the events of 9/11 (like when seven of the accused hijackers, whom we still blame, surfaced), any one of the numerous smoking guns has been singularly worthy of a major criminal investigation of George W. Bush or his administration. And yet, all remain completely ignored by the criminal enterprise known as the U.S. corporate media.

The most recent smoking gun came in the form of two documents indicating that George W. Bush personally approved the transporting of prisoners, none of whom was tried in a court and most of whom were not even charged with a crime, for the purpose of torturing them. Outside of the obvious implications these memos have regarding the violations of international & domestic human rights laws, they serve as another example of how George W. Bush has stood in front of this nation and lied over and over about the most serious of issues.

In a nation that tried to purge itself of a president who lied to the citizens in order to hide his personal infidelity, it is hard to find any excuse for the media to once again pretend that the discovery of these memos has not occurred. Perhaps the people who decide what the media may and may not report will permit this issue to be addressed, but only after the agreed upon spin and timing are finalized. You are witnessing yet another example of a coordinated effort to control information by our media. This news is obviously of national import and this news is obviously being ignored by our corporate media in what undoubtedly has to be a coordinated effort.

Nobody can tell me that there is not a single managing editor who is a real journalist who would not view the discovery of these memos as a front page or lead-in story. Still. this news has yet to enter even the middle pages of our papers or the little crawlers on our screens.

You will see this story enter the media mind control information flow only when it can serve to shape public opinion in accordance with the desires of the people who really control our nation and our media. This is just one of thousands of examples of the media conspiracy that is our corporate news industry. Think about it!


Document shows Bush guided CIA on detention

The Lethal Legacy of George W. Bush!

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

If you succumb to the temptation of using violence in the struggle, your chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Funny, all this time most of us really thought it was a war. Early on, many of us marched in futile protests to prevent Bushco from starting a war. And when the bombing of Baghdad began, we joined people all over the world to express our helpless outrage at what surely seemed to be the waging of an illegal and immoral war. In fact, for more than three and a half years of unrelenting bloodshed and horror, millions of us have railed against what we understood to be a bloody and costly PNAC war against Iraq. But we were wrong.

The new truth is that the invasion and occupation of Iraq, from its premeditated start to any improbable finish, is not at war at all

Today, winds of change are in the air, and there is little doubt that the military strategy in Iraq will change. But it will not change because a war is failing. It will not change because people are dying in greater and greater numbers. It will not change because the course taken by this President was a crime against a sovereign nation and the greatest deception every perpetrated on the American public.

It will not change because the Democrats won the Congress or because Jim Baker and his Study Group have come to town.

It will change only when the President, with his extraordinary war powers may decide that it must. And it will change in direct proportion to the way he believes history will view him in the future.

In short, the debacle in Iraq is not a failed war that is a human tragedy of horrific proportions. It is one thing and one thing only: the war against Iraq is the sole act by which George W. Bush hopes to be remembered. It is his war, it is his chess game, and in his mind it must become his greatest legacy.


George W. Bush really believes that he can alter his destiny in the last two years of his presidency. He is convinced that he can call in the cavalry and turn his catastrophic venture into a magical success. He thinks that history will ignore the years that led to his ill-fated invasion and remember only whatever happens from here on in. He thinks that he will be judged by his illusory willingness to listen to saner voices and to consider more competent ideas. He truly believes he can morph his image from treachery to sainthood in the short time he has left in office.

His is totally delusional.

George W. Bush is losing it. He really may be oblivious to the house of cards that is crumbling all around him. He even may be unaware that his neocon handlers have abandoned ship and left him alone with the fiasco they steered him into. But he is fully cognizant of the calendar and he must be getting desperate. He will surely make an attempt to create a legacy that recognizes the man he wishes he could become. But he will fail.

No matter what happens in the next two years, George W. Bush cannot escape the real legacy he has earned through his own efforts. It is far too late for any more smoke and mirrors. Too much blood has been shed. Too many lies have been exposed. Too much incompetence has been displayed. It is far too late to sweep the first six years under the proverbial rug and turn the last two Bush years into some false paradise.

As much as George Bush tires to rehabilitate his legacy, it just isn’t going to happen.

In fact, that legacy will be tainted with year after year of:

  • Lies, lies and more lies
  • Secrecy and obstruction
  • Hubris, arrogance, and dreams of empire
  • Ignorance and incompetence
  • Disdain for the global community
  • Violating international law
  • Disregard for human rights
  • Torture and rendition
  • Violating the US Constitution
  • Illegal Spying
  • Using illegal weapons
  • Waging illegal wars
  • War profiteering and corruption
  • Alienating our allies
  • Fomenting hatred for the US around the world

And the legacy of George W. Bush will be drenched in the blood of hundreds of thousands of slaughtered innocent civilians, and more than three thousand American and coalition troops sent to their deaths in vain. It will be tainted by the tens of thousands of wounded and burned and limbless and blinded soldiers and civilians sacrificed to the selfish ambitions of deluded ideologues.

His legacy will bear the responsibility for destabilizing the Middle East for decades to come, and for making the United States the target of deep vengeance among so many peoples of the world.

Bottom line: The war against Iraq will continue to be manipulated by George Bush into becoming his claim to fame. His dream of some non-existent victory is the result of a childish fantasy in his own deluded mind, and he will pursue it until he is no longer in power, hoping beyond hope that it becomes a reality. It will not. It cannot.

There is no solution to the quagmire in Iraq. George Bush and his PNAC warmongers set a whole herd of bulls into the China shop that was pre-war Iraq. Fragile as that nation was, it was not in shards and it was not in disarray. The rampage of his war of choice has resulted in a failed nation that is on the brink of setting the entire Middle East in flames.

There is no way to retrieve the herd or fix the carnage that has resulted. And yet, no one in this administration will acknowledge that truth. There will be meetings and hearings and new plans and new talking points, and the death and destruction will continue. Whatever is changed will be designed to save a legacy, not to spare a single life.

If there were any justice in this world, George W. Bush would not be allowed to make any decision whatsoever about Iraq. The devastation in that region can not be the means by which he realizes his dream to be remembered as a War President. George W. Bush and his henchman must be forever remembered as the war criminals they are. They must not be allowed to escape the true judgment of history.

But there is little justice anywhere, and the world sits back to wait for the next move and the next plan. No matter what ensues, George W. Bush will insist that victory is just around the corner, and democracy is on the rise in the nation he has so wantonly destroyed. And, as always, the corporate media will wave their flags and display their willingness to play his game. Just as they promoted his lies and just as they supported his earlier crimes, the media will help George W. Bush to distort his legacy. But they, too, must fail.

The fact remains that the legacy George Bush will leave behind is one that we, the people, can determine. We, the people, must remember what he did and who he was. We are the present and we are the future, and we will not let the world forget the black mark that George W. Bush has left on this nation and the world.

If there is any honor left in this nation, it is that of the people. We must make sure that history records the truth about these terrible years. The tragic events that are still unfolding must be a lesson for future generations.

That lesson must teach future generations that we must never again allow our government to act with impunity and without oversight. That lesson may save us from enduring such tragic times again.

That lesson, then, must not hide the horror of what happened in so short a time under this presidency. It must, - it absolutely must become the legacy so clearly earned by George W. Bush. It really must.

It’s Not Outing Homosexuals; It’s Outing Hypocrites!

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

When someone outs a gay republican they are not outing a homosexual, they are outing a hypocrite! Very simply put the impact of exposing a homosexual member of the Republican Party is in that you are exposing a person who is a homosexual and who is part of an anti-homosexual political movement! It has nothing to do with exposing the sexuality of a person and it has everything to do with exposing how someone could capitalize on the anti-gay movement while being gay. It exposes a liar; a cheat; a deceiver and a traitor to ones own.  Think about it!

FOX News Shows Their True Colors; Or Lack There Of

Monday, November 13th, 2006

While I know racism in the media exists on many levels the culprits normally try to hide their bigotry. FOX News however has no problem when it comes to letting you know how they feel about people who are not white, Jewish or Christian. Today the other two criminal cable corporate media outlets aired live a significant portion of the speeches being made in honor of Martin Luther King as celebrations took place in recognition of a new MLK monument in D.C. As CNN & MSNBC aired comments by Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey FOX News decided that their brand of journalism mandated them to cover Victoria Secret’s new high tech bra. I kid you not; underwear was a higher priority on FOX News’ journalism scale than one of the most important civil rights leaders that ever walked the face of the earth. Forget about the “fair and balanced” claim that Fox News always makes…I still have problems with the “journalism” claim! Think about it!

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