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In 2007 Make it the Truth or Nothing!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

I am going to end 2006 with one final thought. I am going to suggest that you make 2007 the beginning of a life of honesty. Don’t be insulting, don’t be argumentative, don’t be in your face and don’t be wishy washy; just be honest. Don’t do things that will make you want to lie about them and don’t fear saying it like it is with friends and family.

We are all together in this thing called life and we can make this world a better place one truth at a time.

You can also stop hurting people by contributing to their self harm. What do I mean by that? I mean you can stop lighting your “friends” cigarettes. You can stop preparing grossly unhealthy meals for your overweight family members. If people want to harm themselves, so be it; but you should not help them hurt themselves. Don’t fool yourself, you are not being a friend by buying the bacon for your husband who is fifty pounds over weight and you are not being a friend by picking up a carton of smokes for your wife while you are out. I have told many people that if I even gave them a match to light their cigarette they should worry about how I feel about them. And you know what…I am a good friend to my fellow smokers. I can’t stop my friends from harming themselves but I can go to bed each night knowing that I did not play a role in harming them.

You can also have a heart to heart with your buddy who may be involved in a bad relationship. Don’t tell him or her that their relationship is bad, just tell them what specific things you notice that disturb you enough to worry. If my friends did this for me I would have saved two years of surreal lunacy!

Anyway, you can take my advice with a grain of salt or you can try to use it as inspiration. In my opinion having people who are willing to be honest and caring around you makes it easier for you to be the same. But it has to start somewhere, so why not with you?

Now you people go and have a peaceful new year. I have to run out and get a carton of Smokes for George W. Bush and a case of bacon for Dick Cheney! That’s my New Years gift to the world! Think about it!

Excuse me? Where Am I, Mr. Blitzer?

Friday, December 29th, 2006

I wonder in which class in journalism school Wolf Blitzer was taught that it is an acceptable part of the practice of journalism to tell people who are watching TV news that they are in some pretend room. Wait a minute, I forgot, Wolf Blitzer never even took a single course in journalism; and that is more obvious with each of his appearance on CNN!

On a daily basis, actually many times per day, the so called “iron man” of CNN (and/or the so called journalists who fill in for him when he is off), look directly into the camera and tell people who are viewing his program that they are in a situation room. What are we, children? Is this a pretend game where we get to pretend that we are in some important room? And let me ask Wolf one little question, exactly what situations are you being asked to tackle and who exactly has put you in charge of these situations…and what situations have you handled so far? So Wolf Blitzer is now responsible for “situations?” What exactly are he and his crack team of high resolution screen animators responsible for?

Last time I checked I have never ever been in a situation room of any kind. This fact becomes most obvious to me every time that Wolf tells me that am in one. Every time he tells me this I look around and guess what…no situation room. Just an office, a bedroom, a living room, a diner or anyplace with that little technological conduit of propaganda known as a TV.

While you are at it Wolf you may want to tone down the on screen animations. Last time I watched your program (or any CNN or FOX or MSNBC show) for too long I had to clean vomit off of the walls in my home! I am not supposed to get motion sickness from watching an interview with an irrelevant relative of a crime victim who has no impact on my life or the lives of your viewers (you know, typical CNN news story), Is there anything on your screen that is not in motion? Even the little CNN logo has a light scrolling through it non-stop! I know you people are trying to hypnotize us but this is getting a little silly! Here is a project for Stephen Hawking: see if you can count how many objects are unnecessarily animated on a typical cable TV news screen! This one may even be beyond Hawking!

Gee Wolf, you are sooo dignified! I wonder when the Wolf Blitzer School of Journalism will open? Maybe you can get some sage CNN journalists like Soledad O’Brien to teach courses in how to make grown up looking expressions while not having a clue as to what you are talking about! The possibilities are endless!

Let me ask my readers this: how do adults with a rather serious positions (supposed journalist), get up in front of a camera and say something so silly (“you are in the situation room”), and still take themselves seriously? How do you take them seriously? Am I the only one who realizes how unbelievably stupid this is? These grown up people tell us we are in a situation room? Do you realize how ridicules this is? And Wolf is not alone because all the other senior “journalists” on CNN take turns filling in for him and repeat this same childish nonsense!

CNN’s “Situation Room” is a prime example of just how pathetic a joke TV news has become. We have a pretend journalist on a pretend news network telling us that we are in a pretend room with him as he pretends to be in charge of some situation! Soon he will be telling us to put on our super secret Wolf Team uniforms before we watch his program! Think about it!

More on Ford

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

There are a few other lovely things about Gerald Ford that I forgot to mention yesterday. First off you can thank him for making the sinister Dick Cheney and the vile Donald Rumsfeld national figures. These men rose to prominence under Ford’s guidance. Other criminal 9/11 conspirators like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard (New Pearl Harbor) Perle also rose out of the ashes of the Nixon White House under Ford’s guidance. So regarding the mess we are in now, with a government that seized control via election coup and then brought us 9/11, we cant let Ford go without al least some of the credit. This is one funeral that should not bring any tears to our eyes.   Think about it!

So Gerald Ford is Dead? So What?

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

For those of you who do not already know this, Gerald Ford is a special man in American history in that he took part in not one, but two cover ups related to the JFK assassination. First off, he was one of the authors of the fictional piece known as the Warren Report. Then he pardoned Richard Nixon so that the real reason for the Watergate break-in would not be revealed.

For those of you who do not know the Nixon connection the JFK assassination you should start doing a little research of your own, but I’ll tell you where to start looking…start with the Watergate burglars and the “tramps” who were picked up at the scene of the Kennedy assassination. They seem to be the same people. Then research where Nixon was on that fateful night. Nixon, along with the probable kingpin of the assassination George H. W. Bush, are the only two people on the planet who can’t remember where they were on that day but records show that they were both in Dallas.

Start poking into this and you will be shocked at what you may find. In the meantime spend your emotions mourning for our nation, democracy, Iraq and its citizens or just about anything…rather than for Mr. Ford. Think about it


UPDATE: Gerald Ford’s Role in the JFK Assassination Cover-up

Politically Correct or Factually Correct About 9/11

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

I have decided on a New Year resolution. I am going to stop beating around the bush (no pun intended) when it comes to the events of 9/11. I have seen enough to know for a fact that the official explanation about 9/11 is a crock and that most of the evidence indicates that it was an inside job.

In the past I have refrained from openly discussing this in some circles because I wanted to avoid getting into uncomfortable social situations. But I have now decided that I am the one who is made to feel uncomfortable when 9/11 is referred to as defined by the official story.

I have learned many things about the event. I have also learned that when I tell people about some of these facts more often than not they listen. I have learned that information is more powerful than personal opinion and I am armed with a lethal amount of information where it comes to 9/11.

From now on, regardless of the venue, when the issue is raised I am going to speak my mind. I am going to do so politely, calmly and with the attitude that encourages people not to believe me but to research the official body of evidence. This surreal experience has to end once and for all, and I am going to do my part to end it. Either I am going to show all around me that 9/11 was an inside job or someone is going to set me straight by showing me information that I do not have. But none of this will happen unless we start talking; and that is exactly what I am going to do! Think about it!

Refernece: 9/11 Facts

‘Tis the Season?

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

I will be attending some holiday events over the next few days. I have no doubt that I will be among cheery people who think all is fine in their little world. I am sure that at one point I will be in a room full of people where some of the people are very aware of the facts that 9/11 was an inside job, we have stolen elections in this country and that global human extinction is being expedited by the people who make decisions about war, our food chain, our health and our environment, yet they will party like all is fine.

I may be the only one in the room daydreaming about homeless veterans gathering together to kill every white shirt war profiteer and politician who sent them to go murder people and then tossed them aside like a used tissue. I may be the only person among the festive crowds wondering how the hell the term “homeless people” is still applicable in a world in which the hottest selling “game” costs $600!!! I will no doubt be the only one in the room saying to myself “what the hell are we celebrating?” Think about it!

When 62 Million People Die Remember This

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

All of a sudden scientists are warning us that a flu pandemic can kill as many as 62 million people. They are talking about a scenario if a flu similar to that of the Spanish Flu hits big.

So if and when 62 million people drop dead please keep this in mind…the Bush administration took it upon themselves to resurrect the Spanish flu. Why? Good question. Maybe we are just now finding out.

Also remember the silly crazy people like me who warned you about the issues surrounding secret world governments and secret agendas like population reduction. Then again…maybe you won’t be around to remember anything! Think about it! - Jesse, Editor,


Global flu pandemic would probably kill 62m, study says - Around 62 million people in the world are likely to die if there is a flu pandemic and more than 70,000 of those deaths will be in the UK, according to a statistical analysis published today.”
Resurrecting 1918 Flu Virus Took Many Turns - It took a lot of digging to bring back to life the Spanish influenza virus of 1918. Some was done with invisible molecular primers in a PCR machine in Rockville. Some was done with pick and shovel in the frozen ground of Alaska. - Either way, it was a huge amount of work on a project whose chance of success at the start seemed very, very slim. Now, it will go down as one of the most astonishing technical feats in the history of science — the viral equivalent of bringing dinosaurs back in the fictional “Jurassic Park.”

Beware the Fake Media Watchdog

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

This is an open letter from the editor of to Rory O’Connor in response to his interview with the CBS News Chief Sean McManus. The interview can be read here:


I hope you remember me. I am the editor of We met at one of Danny Schecter’s C-SPAN interviews and then again at his office in NY. We had discussed possible collaborations at the time.

I just read your interview with the CBS news chief and I have one thing to say…I am stunned. I am absolutely stunned that you had face time with this person and those are the questions you chose to ask.

America has never been led down a more dangerous path by our news media. The levels of deception and information omission by our corporate news media have never been greater while the level of distraction, (i.e. Laci Peterson and missing hikers) has never been more prevalent and you use this valuable opportunity to confront one of the criminals in chief to ask questions as if you were a high school kid doing his first interview with your principal. After 2 paragraphs I was expecting you to ask him about his favorite color.

Opportunities Passed (I would have said missed but by all appearances you did not miss anything…you knew exactly what you were doing…and not doing):

You could have asked him why six years into a PNAC driven global war on terror, war on civil rights and war on the US Constitution no mention of PNAC has been made on CBS, not even on 60 Minutes.

You could have asked him why CBS News broadcasts have not informed the public about the fact that 7 of the so called 9/11 hijackers are still alive or about the hundreds of other contradictions between the official story of 9/11 and the official body of evidence.

You could have asked him if he thought PNAC’s published desire for a “new Pearl Harbor” represents a reasonable and valid concern about who had motives while also having the means and opportunity to conduct the attacks of 9/11 and if he thought it was too far fetched to think that it is just coincidence that the US would have our first new Pearl Harbor in sixty years when men who wrote about the the benefits of having one just happen to be in positions to prevent, permit or conduct the events of 9/11, our new Pearl Harbor!

You could have asked him why CBS has not highlighted the ten thousand six hundred scientists, scientific researchers and Nobel laureates who signed a petition condemning the the Bush administration for political interference; thus endangering our health and life on Earth.

You could have asked him why the entire news media and political apparatus of our nation are incestuously intertwined with secretive organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations.

You could have asked him why there has never been a single news report informing the public that the Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the government and is a private, for profit corporation that appears to completely control our monetary policy, recessions, inflations and economic collapses while it answers to no US government body including Congress or the executive branch.

Instead you chose to ask questions like: “Is it true you are the living reincarnation of Roone Arledge?”, “You’ll make more money this year?” and “Are you looking at new potential revenue sources?”

Need I say more?

Rory, I could go on and on but you get the point. I met you several times and I thought you were one of us: members of the reality based world who care about our nation and global community. Your close ties with one of the people I respected most, Danny Schecter, served as stamp of approval for you in my book.

By virtue of your close ties with Danny, after reading your interview I also question Danny’s legitimacy as a media watchdog. I also don’t know with whom I should be more angry, the head of CBS News who, because of his position as a leader of a corporate news entity, is an enemy of all American citizens, or with you; a person who had the chance to confront the enemy and instead played along with him and helped to legitimize him.

A very stunned and disappointed - make that angry,
Jesse Richard - Editor,

Right Wing Americans are Getting What They Deserve

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

If there has ever been a case where people have lost the right to complain it is now. The blind faith and catatonic loyalty given to George W. Bush by what has to be the most uninformed political base in human history serves as justification for those of us in the “we told you so” crowd to tell them to shut up and take it like a man. As the average American drowns in the wake of the Bush tsunami I don’t want to hear so much as a peep from the millions who ridiculed the “intellectuals” who tried to warn them about this intellectually inert puppet and his fascist handlers.

As American soldiers and innocent Iraqis die by the hundreds each day, as the true costs of the Bush tax cuts and Medicare overhaul come destroy one family after another, as each child dies from asthma due to relaxed environmental laws, when an accident at a germ warfare facility wipes out a city, when our coastal cities end up under water because we ignored and exacerbated global warming, as new cancers and horrors arise because our food supply has been genetically modified without our permission and when we have to go to war with other nations because the global food chain broke and our seas no longer provide oxygen to breath and there is not enough food and air to support life on earth because our god damn president does not believe in science, every Fox News watching, Limbaugh listening, Hannitized, flag wearing, gay hating right wing Constitution bashing false patriot Bush supporter better shut up and take it because they made it happen! Bush supporters have nobody to blame but themselves and guess what, the rest of us should blame them too.

All I can say is that this is what you get for believing even for a moment what the US corporate media wants you to believe. The rest of us Bush haters are Bush haters for one reason and one reason only; we pay attention! So to my new former Bush supporting friends who seem to be suddenly surrounding me and telling me that I have been right all along: you can tell me I was right but after that shut the hell up because it is too late for forgiveness. From now on, just shut up and listen. Think about it!

America Should Not Care About Lost Hikers!

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

The corporate media is taking part in yet another campaign to prove my point that America does not have a national news (journalism) industry and that there is one single point of control. They have launched in depth coverage of another so called news story that has absolutely no affect on the people of our nation other than the few people who are personally involved. The total number of people who are impacted in any way shape of form by the plight of the lost hikers or should care about them at all comprise less than one millionth of the US population. If the entire news industry is not controlled by one single entity tell me how every single managing editors of every corporate news company decided to spend time, revenue and resource to cover such a story in depth. I am not saying that a few tabloid type new organizations are not going to focus such stories, as nationally insignificant as they may be, but to say that every single news organization decided that this monumentally irrelevant event is more newsworthy than the hundreds of news items that go unreported yet have direct impact on one hundred percent of the American population is simply not believable.

I wonder how the on air corporate new criminals keep a straight face while they read their teleprompters.   I wonder when then American public is going to get outraged enough with the corporate news media for keeping the real important news from us to go postal on them. Any minute of any day you can view the news page and compare the items on our page with any news broadcast in America and you will witness first hand the level of deception and distraction taking place. You will ask yourself “how can they not report this?” Maybe if you read my news page enough you will become furious, as am I. As the British rock group the Clash said in their song “London Calling”: “Let fury have the hour, anger can be power, D’you know that you can use it?!”        Think about it!

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