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CNN Delivers Non News Delivery News

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Continuing the corporate news industry’s tradition of deception and distraction, CNN (and all the other news entities) is doing its part in the annual holiday media distraction game by pretending that the pre-holiday surge in deliveries for UPS, FedEx and Post office is news. While the criminal media spent quite a bit of time this weekend making you think that some lost hikers is something that we need to know about, in detail, extremely fine detail, they had the dedication to keep up their annual tradition of showing us how busy the parcel delivery industry is just before Christmas. This information falls under the DUH sub-category of the news distraction topic list. This year however CNN chose to tell us a lot about the canned ham industry while they were at it. Don’t we all feel like better informed citizens now? Aren’t you glad that after making sure you took the time to watch a news program so that you can stay informed about what is happening in the world, as any responsible citizen would, this is the information you walked away with?

In the mean time they have not mentioned the latest smoking gun memo (another one in the UK) proving that the (person who seized via election coup, the office of) president of the United States LIED US INTO WAR!

Hmmm…let’s see, even though this information has been out for several days this nation has not had a single broadcast media report about yet another discovered piece of evidence proving that high crimes were committed that has resulted in massive death, the obliteration of a sovereign nation and weakening of our national security (and financial health). We are supposed to believe that there is not a single person in the entire national broadcast news industry who makes decision about the content and focus of our news, who as a journalist felt that it was more important to inform the public about the latest evidence of the many high crimes committed by a sitting president than it was to report the fate of some people who have no impact whatsoever on our nation or our world (outside of their personal circles!) Every single managing editor of every single corporate news entity in this nation decided, on their own we are to believe, supposedly without any central information controlling entity, that a press conference given by the family members of some hikers who got lost in a storm is vital news that you need to know and should be aired live!

Just to keep this in perspective news about high crimes of a sitting president, especially those that involve sending a nation to war, destroying a sovereign nation and killing at least tens of thousands of people impacts the lives of virtually everyone in this nation, a majority of the world (in a geo-political sense) and our democracy and freedom. The biggest impact that you will feel when you receive news about some stranded hikers is an urge to say “cool” or “great” or “that’s a shame!” I mean no offense to the stranded hikers or their families but their plight is in no way national news and the feelings of the family members of missing individuals is in no measures up to what needs to be reported by journalists. While some personal tragedies are newsworthy on a national level how people feel about those tragedies is never newsworthy. Asking a family member of a missing or killed individual how they feel is never news. It is a pathetic attempt by inept non-journalists to look as if they know how to conduct interviews.

So using this weekend of hiker & delivery news as a final example can we finally admit that the entire news industry is controlled by a single source that decides what may be reported and what you are permitted to know about your world? Can we find the people who are controlling this information AND KILL THEM? PLEASE? Think about it!


Diplomat’s suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war - The Government’s case for going to war in Iraq has been torn apart by the publication of previously suppressed evidence that Tony Blair lied over Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.

CNN’s Front Page Main Story: Climber who died identified; search goes on for others -

Jesse’s Predictions Coming True

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Officials: John Edwards to announce ‘08 run

Those of you who have seen my live presentations or have listened to my radio program know that I have been saying that John Edwards will be our next president. I said this just prior to the 2004 elections when I said that John Kerry, a Skull & Bones member would go along with the farce of an election because the real people’s choice, Howard Dean, would never be allowed to win. He was not an inside player.

Edwards was accepted by the group of people known as the Bilderberg Group. He was invited to speak to them and he charmed them, according to all reports from this secretive group. An argument could be made for claiming that this group is a subset of what is really a global government that controls most governments from behind the scenes. They do this in various ways; financial, militarily and para militarily. No matter how you look at it they are a very powerful group of people.

I had said that you should look no further than John Edwards when you try to figure out who will be the next Democratic presidential candidate. I had said publicly, many times that Edwards had already been selected. The media verified my assertions by continuing to bring up Edwards even though he never indicated an interest in running. What does that tell you? It tells you that the media know because these decisions are made by the people who control the media.

I said many times, on the record that if Edwards did win it would indicate that my assessment of the situation is true. It means that there are powerful non-elected people who have complete control over our political process. I also told you that if he wins you should arm yourselves because these people are indeed in control of us and we must protect ourselves from them.

Well…it’s starting…out of nowhere Edwards is now a potential candidate.

If my assessment is correct the rest of this horse race is just a show, as is most of the procedures conducted by our so called elected officials. The people have no say in what takes place. We have no representation at all. Our so called elected officials do not legislate according to our desires. And the political process is in place simply to make us think that we live in a democracy.

If Edwards is our next president, please…oh please, pay attention to what I am saying.

Jesse - Editor,

REFERENCE - I was video taped at no less than two public events discussing this issue and specifically stating that John Edwards will be the next president. One time at the NY911TRUTH.ORG event on April 30th, 2006 in New York City, and one time in Chicago at the 9/11 Truth Convention in June of 2006 run by 911TRUTH.ORG. Just for the record.

Mysterious Object Found: White House Evacuated

Friday, December 15th, 2006

A mysterious object was found at the White House this morning leading to the complete evacuation of all occupants. Nobody in the White House including George W. Bush & Dick Cheney could identify the item but they both felt that it was a grave threat to their administration and they had the D.C. bomb squad dispose of it.

The new Democratic leadership in Congress refused to examine the item before its disposal but several well meaning members of Congress from both sided of the aisle led by Robert Byrd & Ron Paul were among the few people in D.C. to be able to identify the object. It turns out that the mysterious object that poses a threat to the Bush administration is the U.S. Constitution. Last we heard the object has been removed from the White House. Think about it!

Always Hear the Message - ALWAYS

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Today I just want to pass along a simple yet valuable piece of advice. My advice: Just listen! That’s it. I am saying this because there is too much valuable information being ignored simply because it comes from people you do not like, do not trust or who have a questionable past. Don’t deny yourself valuable information simply because the value of the messenger is in question.

Likewise we tend to listen all too much to bad information because we trust or think we should trust the source. Unsubstantiated information and pure lies flow from journalists to politicians to clergy men and women. Practice critical thinking, common sense and evaluate the message, not the messenger.

We will all benefit if we simply evaluated information based on the merit of the information, not the informant. Think about it!

George W. Bush the Decider? Is This Really Happening?

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

(CAUTION: Use of adult, yet appropriate language ahead!)

There is an episode in the old TV series MASH in which Col. Potter decided to allow the medical unit in Korea to celebrate Boxing Day by having the officers switch roles with the enlisted personnel. Klinger, the comic character, became the commanding officer. For those of you who have seen MASH know that the sheer thought of Klinger being a commander of the 4077th is laughable, - but keep in mind that he was only the commander for one day…and MASH is only a TV show.

Every day I wake up and realize we are living in just such an episode, but it is not for only one day. Every day, I watch people, real people, so called journalists, politicians and supposedly informed adults, who sit around waiting for George W. Bush to tell us what must be done in Iraq. Every day, soldiers are waiting for orders - from their buffoon of a CIC - about whom to kill, how to kill and how to die! And let me say this as an avid watcher of MASH re-runs and a full time monitor of world events: I know Maxwell Klinger and George W. Bush is no Maxwell Klinger! George W. Bush is unquestionably the most intellectually limited public figure in the US next to Paris Hilton, and tragically, he is in charge of our military!

To back up my assertions about the intellectually inert George W. Bush, I decalre an open challenge to publicly debate him on any subject related to world affairs or any discussion that measures logic, honesty or integrity!

Are we all out of our fucking minds? Are we really allowing one of the most stupid, uninformed people on the planet to make life and death decisions for our world? This guy could not pass a grade school history or science exam and we are letting him make decisions with consequences that affect the entire globe? Are we fucking crazy?

And no, I’m not about to mince words or worry about using polite language. This is too serious and too scary. There is no longer any question about the intellectual limitations of this President. We have to stop covering it up or pretending that George Bush is able to make even the most simple decisions about anything at all. And yet, we all sit back and await his great revelations. It’s beyond stupid.

How long is this nightmare going to continue? I wake up each day thinking that I was just having a bad dream; one so ridiculous that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about it. But it is real! I live in a world that is standing by silently and allowing an absolute imbecile rule us!

Now we are waiting for this idiot to make decisions about how to handle a war that he started based on 100% lies (not bad intelligence…cherry picked intelligence)! Hey America…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DISASTER! PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERY SINGLE DAY BECAUSE OF THIS ABSOLUTE JACKASS!

This post will undoubltedly give me a permanent place on some government watch list and might even end in my arrest for saying it as it is. But, that may be the price of trying to save this nation and the world. It is really time to remove Bush and Cheney, one way or another. In fact, it’s probably time for a revolution! Think about it!

No Free Speech Zones in Iran! Just Free Speech

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

A lot of attention has been paid to the heckling that Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received while giving a speech. What our media did not point out is that for George W. Bush’s entire reign as president via electoral coup he has been shielded by all would be hecklers by unconstitutional no-free-speech zones around him and that Iran now has more freedom than America! They also neglected to point out that Bush, not Ahmadinejad has been the most protested person in history; in his own country and around the world. How about a little perspective from the media for a change…but we all know that is impossible! Think about it!

Don’t Ask Congress; Tell Congress

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Every day I get email “telling” me to “ask” my Congressperson to take one position or another. In other words they want me to “ask” the people who are supposed to represent me to do their job. Well they have not done their job. In my entire life I do not remember a period in which Congress represented the well being of their constituents. My advice to all…stop asking and start telling…and make our representatives fear they day that the people may actually hold them accountable. Just a thought.  Think about it!

American Values – How Low Can You Go? MSNBC, Cialis & Pedophilia Happy Together

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

This is not the first time that I pointed this out but it is still going on…so I wanted to point that out! MSNBC runs specials where they catch Internet predators who are trying to arrange for sex with minors. This is a pretty serious subject that should disturb any mentally healthy individual. It is also a subject that may excite people who have unhealthy sexual attractions towards minors. Some of these people fall under the category of pedophiles.

I think it is kind of sick if you watch these specials and have sexual thoughts but our vile drug companies think just the opposite. The majority of the ads aired during last nights episode was for Cialis; you know the erection pill! These are the ads that tell you that having a four hour erection could be a problem and they are advertising during a program on sexual predators that target kids.

Call me crazy but I think that airing ads designed to enhance your sexual experience during a program about sex crimes against kids is just as vile as the crimes against the kids! I keep hearing how great our nation is but greed and disregard for everything from non-human species to homosexuals seep to be the predominant values of this nation. I have a little feeling that unless this nation gets a real news agency and informs the people of what is really going on I will never again see an America in which I can show pride.  Think about it!


Pfizer Markets to Pedophiles on MSNBC!

Somebody, Please! Take the Grenades out of Bush’s Hand!

Friday, December 8th, 2006

A year after the attacks of 9/11, a timid and obedient Congress handed George W. Bush a bag of live grenades. With that ominous bequest came the right to pull the pins and toss the grenades wherever this petulant resident of the White House chose to hurl them. There would be no oversight, no accountability and no questions asked. “Toss away,” was the message on the Iraq War Resolution gift card, “and we’ll pick up the tab.”

And toss away he did.

What the hell is wrong with this picture? Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians and thousands of young American troops have been blown to bits. A once viable nation has been destroyed beyond repair, an entire region is on the brink of disaster, Billions of dollars are enriching the war profiteers and bleeding the American economy, and still this unstable man of questionable intellect with no previous grenade experience is permitted to hold on to his lethal arsenal.

It is absolutely mind boggling that the country has not risen up to stop him.

There is no time left. The situation in Iraq is spiraling ever downward while the Iraq Study Group sets forth its meaningless plan for ‘going forward.’ Everyone who really understands the gravity of the situation and the potential for even greater disaster is pleading with George W. Bush to make a decision about the way to end the horror in Iraq. Damn, that’s akin to asking an arsonist to decide how to put out the forest fire he himself has set. It’s an absurdity beyond belief. Even after all these years of missteps that have taken so many people to the gates of hell, people are still looking to the White House for a solution. How much more bungling incompetence can we take?

We can no longer allow George W. Bush or his handlers to make a single new decision about the conduct of the war in Iraq. Neither can he be allowed to stay his catastrophic course any longer. He has to be stopped now, and it can be done.

No, impeachment is not the answer. That process will take far too long and its outcome is highly unpredictable. Something has to be done as soon as the new Congress is in session, and as soon as it is possible to legally put and end to the insanity of one man rule that has replaced any vestige of shared power in this country. The ability to toss more grenades has to be wrested from the hands of the man who has run totally amok. What Congress has given to the President of the United States, it can also take away. And that is exactly what has to be done.

Last July, Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D-Ca] introduced the Iraq War Powers Repeal Act of 2006. The expressed purpose of HR5875 was to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Public Law 107-243). Simply stated, the bill would take away the war powers given in haste to the President of the United States as he lied to the Congress and the nation about the dire necessity of an attack against Iraq.

Of course, the corporate media ignored it and most Americans had no clue that a bill of this sort had been introduced. On the Internet, many bloggers and anti war web sites publicized Woolsey’s bill, but there was not a chance in hell it could pass, and predictably the bill died in committee. However, this election has changed the playing field. As soon as the new Congress convenes, HR5875 or its equivalent has to be revived and treated as a priority of the greatest urgency.

That can only happen if the people make it happen. We have the power. We have the votes. Now we need the action.

Enough said. Call your representative. Write snail mail. Don’t email, it goes nowhere. Call and write again and again until you get a commitment from your Representative to support this bill or any other that will take away the war powers that George Bush is using to single handedly continue his madness.

It can be done. Someone has to grab the bag of grenades away from George W. Bush. He will never give them up voluntarily, and he will never stop to consider the carnage he causes with every devastating move. The time is right. Let’s go for it.

The Bush Administration is Underreporting Violence in Iraq?

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

For a perfect example of hypocrisy look no further than the news reports about how the Iraq Study Group (ISG) included in their report that the Bush administration has underreported violence in Iraq in order to hide their policy failures. “Who” is underreporting violence? Am I crazy or is it the news media that is supposed to report this? Do reporters, especially the embedded reporters need to rely on government controlled news releases in order to find out what is happening in the world?

If anyone wants to know how much violence takes place in Iraq he or she can tune into Al Jazeera; you know that anti-American new organization that has the nerve to report news! Oh, wait a minute…I forgot that we live in a democracy with freedoms that the rest of the world hates and because of those freedoms I do not have access to al Jazeera because our monopoly corporate media outlets want to control what information I get! Oh, what it is to be free. Think about it!

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