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Any Comments Mr. Cheney?

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Has anyone seen Dick Cheney lately? I know he went hunting this week but I have not heard him say much lately. He has not even been on his personal broadcasting network known as FOX News.

It seems like every few months Dick Cheney pops out of his bunker to appear on FOX News and deliver some absurd remarks about some reality that only exists in his mind and the minds of FOX News watchers. It is really hard to think back to a single comment Cheney has made over the past six or seven years that turned out to be true but that has not stopped him from babbling on. Nor has it stopped the media from giving him a platform to influence the weak minds of scared trusting victims of tyranny known as American citizens.

But I guess the current real reality is too much for even Dick to counter these days. As hard as it is to believe I think Dick realizes that reality is too much, even for his brainwashing skills and network to counter.

I don’t know what insane verbiage is stuck in Cheney’s throat these days, but it will be interesting to see what his next outrageous comments will be. Think about it!

Reference: Cheney’s Secrets

Who Gave the Order to Turn on Bush?

Friday, January 12th, 2007

What changed? What caused the entire US media sans FOX News to reverse course on their relentless support for George W. Bush? What caused the Republican members of Congress to break from their Hitler Youth like obedient allegiance to their Fuehrer, George W. Bush?

There has not been any single event that changed the world. Nothing new has really taken place, just a lot more of the same. For virtually every person who blindly and supported every single action of the front man for PNAC, George W. Bush, to suddenly and strikingly completely reverse their positions something must have happened and I believe that the people behind the scenes who really run our government and control our media created that event. They gave the order; they changed their minds; they regret their decision to put this mad regime in place.

Again, I ask you what just happened that would have caused this full scale reversal. There is nothing we know now that we did not know three years ago. The people who reversed course are not even addressing the real “revelation” like the pile of lies and high crimes that led to this war. That information has been known all along; just look at the Downing Street Memos, and the other Downing Street Memos. Someone told these people that it is time for change and it was not the American people; it was the people behind the scenes that control the agenda. You are once again witnessing the power of the powerful people who completely control our political process. There is no other reasonable plausible explanation for the current reversal of support for the criminal in chief and his policies. Think about it!

Why Did Bush Give Kristol’s Speech? PNAC is Alive and Well and They’re Taking Us to Iran and Syria!

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

PNAC is alive and well and living inside George W. Bush’s empty skull. All you had to do was watch a few minutes of FOX News before George W. Bush gave his speech and the grin on William Kristol’s face, (PNAC chairman who is very likely one of the insiders that brought us 9/11 or as he called it, our “new Pearl Harbor”), and you would have known that Bush was about to announce the continuation of the PNAC agenda. Kristol grinned like a little boy trying to keep a secret. But some of us know better. Some of us know that Kristol has been one of the Neocons who has helped package and sell the continuation of the PNAC foreign policy agenda.

“A new way forward” and troop “surge” are two of the laughable inaccurate terms that have been coined for this second chapter in the PNAC coup. These guys stole an election, 9/11ed us into giving them control of our military and they even sacrificed their own (Rumsfeld) in order to retain power. Tonight’s speech by George W. Bush was simply the public announcement that the Iran/Syria chapter of the PNAC remapping of the Middle East is on its way. Another element of PNAC chapter two is also under way, for those of you who are not paying attention: the part of their agenda that recommended that the US secure (steal) resources in the region is in the works because Iraq’s newly “elected” Parliament, you know the people who represent the citizens of Iraq, just decided to sign the Iraqi oil rights over to western companies. You know; the oil that Saddam used to provide free health care and education (through college) to Iraqi citizens. Now that oil revenue will go right into the pockets of the oil executives who bring us global warming, war and a wall of secrecy when it comes to any technology that could replace oil for anything.

Hey, stupid brainwashed Americans, did you know that Saddam used Iraq’s oil money to pay for health care? No; because your lying bastards in the media did not tell you this. While Saddam was providing free health care for his people your health care costs rose 70% (another fine Bush legacy) and while Iraq’s oil money also paid for Iraqis’ education, Exxon has turned in one global profit record after another!

Folks, don’t criticize this blog entry by saying things about the credibility of my blog; because the design is not professional, or because I did not provide too many links to back up my comments. Go through the hundreds of pages of the main web site where you can find thousands of linked references or get off of your butt and start Googling (you know, like that sage intellectual W says, use “the Google” on the “Internets”). Maybe after reading a few corroborated undisputed media reports from around the world you will put two and two together and join me in recognizing that we have a president who is a puppet of some very bad people who think nothing of lying to you in order to further their goals. They think nothing of killing massive numbers of people including Americans in order to further their goals and they have done just that.

Don’t be afraid to start researching this stuff because the ramifications of not doing anything will be worse than if you let the damage continue to pile up. Maybe if enough of you come to terms with what is taking place more people can actually take action. Maybe the people who are trying desperately to alert the citizens of this nation about what is going on will have one less person slowing us down from stopping the madness!

PNAC brought you 9/11, they brought you Iraq and now they are telling you that Iran and Syria are next. And guess what, I have said it time and time again but when the time comes I’ll say it again…I told you so!

So how much more do you have to see before you stop these guys? How much more do you have to see before you start believing your own eyes and ears; or do you just not trust your own eyes and ears; only those of the people who have lied to you about everything from the Gulf of Tonkin to 9/11; the criminal US corporate media? Think about it!


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It is Not a “Surge”; It is an “Escalation!”

ADDED 11-Jan-2007:
How To Further The Neocon Mess In Iraq: Those Who Sold War On False Pretenses Want Escalation - Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol walked into the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) yesterday with a big grin on his face, as if to say “they’re listening to me again!” - Jesse’s note: Even the corporate media are noticing. Maybe they are rethinking their criminal venture!
War With Syria and Iran = Peace With Iraq? - If there’s anything in the President Bush’s remarks tonight that we didn’t already know or didn’t anticipate him saying militarily about Iraq, it is his evident willingness to go to war with Syria and Iran to seek peace.

Is the Iraq “Surge” (Escalation) the Iran “Build Up”

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Has anybody considered the possibility that the reason Bush is moving troops in to Iraq is to position them for a conflict with Iran without drawing suspicion?  I would not put it past this devious administration and their PNAC planners. Think about it!

The Fascist Mission Accomplished in Iraq

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

While we hear buzzwords like “freedom” and “democracy” tossed around by the criminal corporate media and the lying bastards known as politicians, the reality is that fascism is what is at play. Look around the world for any leader of a nation who dares to disturb the fascist financial leaders of the world by using the recourses of their nation to benefit the citizens instead of the small group of fascist global imperial elite and that person will rise to the top of the most wanted list. They will be demonized in every way imaginable. Their crime: providing for the people without allowing greedy fascist to exploit people for profit.

Hugo Chaves is the most recent anti-fascist leader to be demonized by the propaganda arm of the global fascist elite: the US corporate media. His crime: he is providing for his people at the expense of multi-national corporations.

Saddam was the last person to pay the price for doing a similar thing. One can argue that Saddam signed his own death warrant when he kicked out the international oil companies and nationalized the industry. He strengthened his nation with this oil money. Thanks to the lying bastards in the US media most Americans do not know that the Iraqi oil money was used for things other than the government buildings, deceptively emphasizes by the corporate media as palaces. That oil money paid for FREE HEALTH CARE FOR IRAQIS and FREE EDUCATION, THROUGH COLLEGE, FOR IRAQIS (including women!)

Now, the new Iraqi government is set to hand that oil back to the people who are arguably the most horrible ruthless evil people ever to live; the western oil companies and those who represent them. These are the people who think nothing of starting wars, lying to the world about pollution and global warming (things that will kill millions of people), and preventing other technologies from entering the public realm.

Now these greedy dangerous oil companies have what they wanted, Iraq’s oil. The Iraqi people will no longer have free education or health care. The health care issue is even worse than you think because thanks to the nuclear waste that we littered their nation with in the form of depleted uranium the health problems in Iraq may become the worst of any nation in the history of the world; and just in time because the American mission in Iraq is concluding with the elimination of the money to pay for that health care.

Iraq is now shaping into the fascist model that so many people mistake for democracy. Make no mistake, as it is in America freedom now exists in Iraq. But the freedom is for those who own our lives to own more of our lives. Freedom exists, but only for the few in charge. Nobody has the courage to point this out however. So with this latest decision to turn the Iraqi oil rights over to western nations you can pretty much feel safe to finally say “mission accomplished.”     Think about it!

It is not a “Surge”; it is an “Escalation”

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

The criminal American corporate media has been the commercial for the advertisement firm of Bush & Company over the years. The Bush administration has been the world’s most prolific word smiths over this period of time. They have come up with the most deceptive words, phrases and descriptions over this time and the criminal corporate media do the dirty work of brainwashing the public into accepting these new Orwellian double talk.

The latest in a long line of inaccurate tags, complicity accepted by the criminal corporate media for a national brainwashing campaign, is the term “surge” when used to describe a “escalation” of the war in Iraq.

Grab a dictionary and look up the word “surge!” Then look up the word “escalation.” Then ask yourself which term more accurately describes the plan to add as many as 40,000 troops to an ongoing military operation. Then ask yourself if the members of the media speak English or if they are complicit in the deceptive propaganda campaign by the criminals who lied to the world in order to start a war.

When will this nation realize that the US corporate media are our enemies and they must be treated as such. They lie to us with every word they utter and their campaign of deception is the sole reason why the American people are not aware of the crimes being committed against them. Think about it!

Don’t Let Iraq Distract You

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

While every bit of our attention is being devoted to discussions about Iraq don’t take your eyes off of what else is taking place. The Bush administration is speedily moving to eliminate the sovereignty of the United States of America! Our individual financial rights and protections are being eliminated and more power is being granted to the financial institutions that control our society, including the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Decisions are being made about our food chain, the balance of nature and the very future of life on Earth. So while Iraq is a vital issue, don’t let it distract you from other vital issues.  Think about it!

How Long Do We Continue the Farce of George W. Inspector Clouseau Bush?

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Is there even a single person reading this who feels intellectually inferior to George W. Bush?

From the moment George W. Bush seized office after the electoral coup of 2000, his puppet masters, you know, the ones who spent the prior two years teaching him the difference between a country and a continent, did everything in their power to make him look like a real president. They even went as far as to reverse the 1986 the Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act that added a new level of commander-in-chief to our military ranking system. These regional commanders-in-chief were created to bring a local supreme commander directly to a military conflict. The most well-known commander in chief was the head of CENTCOM during the first invasion of Iraq, Norman Schwarzkopf. In order to make the once AWOL from military duty George W. Bush look more presidential Donald Rumsfeld decided to reserve that special important sounding title for the little boy who was “in charge” of every single decision on Earth, George W. Bush, the sage leader of the free world! The same sage leader who could not find China on a map (of China!)

Reference: On October 24, 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced that the title of “Commander-in-Chief” would thereafter be reserved for the President, consistent with the terms of Article II of the United States Constitution. Armed forces CINCs in specified regions would thereafter be known as “combatant commanders,” heading the Unified Combatant Commands.

Could you imagine someone taking Schwarzkopf’s title from him for no other reason that to make George W. Ignoramus Bush stand out from the other big kids in the playground! Could you imagine Clinton getting away with this? Well you ditto heads…what would you say if Clinton had done that? While your at it ask yourself what you would have said if Clinton was “in charge”, and on vacation, again, when the alleged 9/11 warnings were pouring in? Maybe then you would actually do your duty as an American citizen and start looking at the 9/11 related evidence and you would all of a sudden understand that 9/11 could indeed possibly be an inside job and it is not blaspheme to explore the evidence!

So who actually came up with this initiative? Rumsfeld? Wasn’t he busy with real work? What was the point? There is only one reason to do something like this; insecurity. How childish. Then again we are talking about a child. An intellectual child. George W. Bush; the American president who can’t complete a sentence. The embarrassment of a human being who if not for his fortunate blood line may have problems meeting the qualifications to secure a job handing out free passes to strip joints on a New York City street corner.

We are living in the most surreal period in human history. Having George W. Bush continue in his illegally assumed role as a US president has got to be the closest thing to having the Peter Sellers character, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (from the Pink Panther movies) actually come to life and get promoted to Chief Inspector! Did you ever see the Pink Panther movies? Do you remember how the intelligent people around Clouseau behaved? Could you sense their bewilderment at how such a buffoon could become a police officer, let alone rise to the rank of Chief Inspector, as did the Sellers character eventually? Don’t you feel like those people? Is there even a single person reading this who feels that they are intellectually inferior to George W. Bush? Is there anyone who can read who is intellectually inferior to George W. Bush?

Well my friends, this is not a funny movie. Our planet, democracy, freedom, health, welfare and way of life hinge on decisions being made by this real life Clouseau! How long are we going to play along? How much irreversible harm can we take before we say enough is enough? This stopped being funny the moment it started. Now it is becoming progressively deadly!

We are told by the people who sell this surrealistic existence to us as the real deal, the US criminal corporate media, that George W. Bush is actually the person who is making decisions about things like war. We are told that this jackass is the actual person who has reserved the right for our government to read our personal mail and declare us to be an enemy of the United States, based on his sole judgment! Our freedom hinges on that imbecile’s judgment! How are we sitting still for all of this? I have to hand it to the media because if they were any less diligent in hiding reality from the American people we would have had a revolution and tossed out every single human being that is participating in this farce! And we would have hanged every member of the media, a la Saddam, because they deserve it for allowing this to go on!

Holy cow, what world am I living in? Am I really awake? Am I on a bad acid trip? Am I in the middle of the longest nightmare in human history? Who is going to believe this crazy dream I am having! Somebody please wake me up! For Pete’s sake, somebody please wake me up! Think about it!

How About Term Limits for the Entire Executive Branch?

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

I’ll tell you what I am sick of: seeing faces from prior administrations pop up in job after job in our government for forty years, especially faces that have been or should have been in prison! Cheney, Rumsfeld, Negroponte, Pearle, Wolfowitz, these guys would have been out of our hair and a lot of the problems the word faces could have been avoided had term limits been established for executive branch employees.

I also want to see job requirements for the executive branch positions. I want anyone associated with a “think tank” or secret society disqualified for employment with our government and that includes the secret societies known as the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Enterprise Institute!

We need citizens running our government, not career power mongers!  Think about it!

Don’t Confuse “Brutal” With “Evil!” Saddam Was Not Evil. The U.S. Is.

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

I am getting tired of hearing this phrase: “granted, Saddam was evil.” This phrase is used mostly by people who fold to the argument that “taking Saddam out” was a good thing but the way it was done was not. Well let me clear something up right now…there is a big difference between being evil and using brutal inhumane tactics against one’s enemies. Saddam was a brutal leader and he had no limits as to how he dealt with those who tried to harm him or his people. Yes, Saddam protected his people. The problem is that many of the people living in Iraq were not his people and the feeling was mutual.

The people whom Saddam brutalized were those whom he felt threatened him. This is EXACTLY what the Bush administration is doing. The only difference is that the Bush administration came up with a title for those who they want to brutalize: enemy combatants. Saddam did not randomly pick people off the street in order to hurt them for fun; he was keeping dissidents in line. That is exactly what the Bush administration has done.

Evil is when the richest most powerful nation in the world allows or supports atrocities around the world because trying to help is “not in their interest” (code speak for “there is no money in it!”)

Evil is when the richest most powerful people in the world endanger the health and future of humans, animal life and plant life because not doing so may interfere with profit margins.

Evil is not treating ill people with every single available resource because they can not afford to pay you enough.

Evil is creating and using all means to end life in war while making it illegal to mercifully end life for those who suffer terribly from terminal illness (how does one justify the deaths of innocent people in “collateral damage” and oppose euthanasia?).

Evil is when a journalist looks you in the face and knowingly omits information from a news report so that you don’t know what the truth is.

Evil is earning multi million dollar bonuses while you are laying off employees.

Evil is claiming to “support the troops” while supporting the very people who allow veterans to become homeless and destitute.

Evil is lying to people by telling them that you are supporting and protecting “democracy” when in fact you are clearly destroying democracy to protect unregulated “capitalism”, where just like in the game of Monopoly everyone loses except the sole owner of everything.

Evil is greed, corporations are greed personified and the United States stands for nothing but corporate greed; so do the math…the United States is an evil nation led by evil people with evil greed running through their veins.

Evil is the U.S. news media, most U.S. politicians and just about every CEO on earth who on this third day of 2007 has already made more money than many of his employees will make for the rest of the year.

Evil is men with money and power who value nothing else but money and power and will to anything to anyone to satisfy their addiction to money and power.

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