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Outsmarting the Hackers! - An Eventful Week at

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

For those of you who have subscribed to this newsletter during the past few days…while I was not sending out newsletters…please forgive this commentary. Normally the commentary in the daily newsletter relates to current events in one way or another. For the rest of you…here is an update on what took place.

As I mentioned in my announcement the web site received multiple attacks this week. With one or two exceptions I do not think the attacks were related to any political reasons. So for those interested…here is the rundown…

Pornacopia: Someone used a security flaw on our news page to upload a tree of directories containing porn. You would not believe the topics that were included in this variety pack! I immediately deleted the files, closed the security hole and then I used this to our advantage! Thousands of people have been coming to these nonexistent directories because the content got into major search engines. So I took advantage of the situation! The porn connoisseurs who are looking for, well, you know, link to the now missing porn directory on the but they now end up on an error page. Well, I modified that error page in several ways. I placed an advertisement on the page so that we get a few pennies every time it is presented. I placed a link on the error page saying “Click Here to Find Out What Dick Cheney has to do With 9/11” which takes people to our 9/11 page. And I placed the on-line video presentation of Loose Change (9/11 documentary) right in the middle of the page for all to see! This way we may wake up a few extra people around the world to the anomalies of 9/11.  I would say that’s making the best of a bad situation. Wouldn’t you?

SPAM-ALAMA-DING-DONG: Apparently spambots were using the “tell a friend” mechanism in our shopping cart to send spam to people. The messages were the usual Viagra and stock tip messages that we all see. I removed the “tell a friend” feature until I can apply the available patches (lots of coding work…but I’ll get to it!)

TvNewsLIES Potatogate: Someone replaced our home page with an Idaho potato grower’s page. I have no idea what that was about…but we changed all of our passwords just in case.

Blog Fog: The administrative login files for our blog page were modified so that I could not log in. Hmmm…I fixed this, applied the security patches and updates to the blog software package and it seems fine.

Newsletter News:
After upgrading to the latest version of our mailing list software the formatting of the newsletter was still problematic. If this message is formatted correctly the problem is with our new OpenOffice template that I created. If this newsletter is in plain text…I have more research to do!

Anyway…I would like to thank those of you who have sent me kind supportive e-mail messages in response to the announcement. There were too many for me to reply to each one of them. Unfortunately we have had a large number of people unsubscribe this week but this comes after a rather long period where we have had many new subscribers and few people unsubscribe. If they plan on stopping me…they better try harder. Regardless, I would never taunt them into trying by saying something stupid…like “bring-em-on!”  Think about it!

My Letter to Circuit City

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

I just wanted to pass this along to your management…

Regarding your decision to fire 3400 employees and rehire cheaper workers…that decision has cost you one customer.

I will never shop at your store again no matter how good the prices are. I will also encourage other so shop elsewhere. I have a website that receives hundreds of thousands of readers each month and I will be encouraging them to shop elsewhere too.

There is a difference between profit and greed and your company proves that.

Think about it.
Jesse Richard  - Editor,

Attention Tony Snow

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Hey Tony Snow, just a few comments for you today…

The Bush administration has taken credit for increased funding on cancer research. This my friend is a lie and you off all people should know this. A lie that is propagated by George W. Bush and his official liars known as his press secretaries. Liars like you.

While it is true that funding for cancer research increased during the early part of the Bush reign they were a result of policies that were in place during the Clinton era. Your boss, George W. Bush proposed a $40 million CUT in cancer research funding for his 2007 budget alone. Add that to the extra carcinogens in our environment that have found a friend in the Bush administration and have been allowed to flourish under the protection of obliterated environmental regulations, thanks to the Bush administration, and you have a wonderful situation in which cancer can grow!

18,000 Americans die every year for the simple reason that they do not have health insurance. Hey Tony, do you know that that means? It means that the health policies under your boss’s administration are six times more dangerous to the American people every year than 9/11 was once! This is not to say past administrations were wonderful but a few of them at least tried to look as if they actually cared about the American people!

I’m sorry Tony, but while I wish you no harm and I think cancer is a terrible thing, I am having a hard time mustering up sympathy for the spokesperson of an administration that has worked so hard to make cancer death more available to the little people…you know…American citizens!   Think about it!


Bush & the Environment
Bush & Cancer Funding

Chavez’s Communism Vs. Bush’s Fascism

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

CNN is focusing on the actions of Hugo Chavez asking if he is paving the way towards communism. You communism; it’s one of those things that we are taught is bad yet we are never taught what it really is and why it is bad. You know…like liberalism.

Well CNN is framing the argument this way; they are saying that Chavez is like a modern day Robin Hood, taking land from the rich and providing land for the poor. Well let me ask Wolf Blitzer and company this…why didn’t you to a piece on the new eminent domain laws that permit rich people to take land away from poorer people and why didn’t you ask if that was paving the way towards fascism? Why didn’t you do an in depth report on capitalism and the wonderful things it has done for the people of the world. Oh, maybe it is because the overwhelming majority of people around the world have been victimized or expoited by capitalism while only about 5% of the population really truly benefits from it.

Capitalism is like the game of Monopoly; wealth consolidates until everyone looses except for the one who ends up with everything! If that’s the alternative to communism…count me in. Don’t get me wrong, I think capitalism is a good thing. Regulated capitalism is a good thing that is; unregulated capitalism is fascism and that’s what George W. Bush means by freedom, free trade and open markets. It means freedom from regulation for people with money to use that money to take your money away! Well Wolf & CNN; when is that report going to air? Think about it!

Reference: Free on-line documentaries on capitalism.

The Right Wing: Brutal Murdering Tyrants

Monday, March 26th, 2007

I have a question for my friends who consider themselves “family values Conservatives and Republicans”: why is it that throughout American history in every situation where America “supports” foreign regimes or supports (or takes an active role in) regime change the beneficiaries of our support turn out to be brutal murderers and our support usually helps them murder or torture so called leftists? Henry Kissinger, one of America’s most nefarious figures, is currently wanted around the world for war crimes related to his support for, enabling of or masterminding atrocities across the globe. Now he is wanted in connection of Operation Condor, where the US backed what was in reality a brutal genocide of leftists in South America.

For those who don’t know what leftists are or what left wing/liberal politics is…it is basically the political position that stands for things like social justice, civil rights, secular government and the right of the people to benefit from their nation’s resources. Our media has been on a long mission to demonize liberals yet they forget to explain what liberalism or left wing politics is all about. They also forget to inform the public that throughout history decent law abiding leftists around the world have fallen victim to American supported brutality and genocide for no other reason than the fact that they stood to defend their freedom, assets and natural resources from financial elitist capitalists, mainly from the US and the UK.

Why is it that you never hear about liberals or leftists brutalizing innocents? Why are brutalizing and genocide always methods used against leftists? What does that tell you about the values of the left versus the values of the right? Christians, who so often align themselves with the right might want to start asking themselves this question and they may also want to once and for all look up the definition of liberalism for they just may find that they themselves are liberal, for the most part. You see liberalism has nothing to do with abortion or homosexuality; although Ann Coulter (who coincidently looks like a transvestite male) and Sean Hannity (who could not be an active homosexual if he wanted to because no self respecting homosexual would give him the time of day), might have you believe otherwise. I have a feeling that if every American was forced to read the definition of the word “liberal” we would have a lot of confused people out there. And I have a feeling a lot of those confused people would feel angry, betrayed and stupid for not doing their homework sooner.

I have experimented with this before. Read about my confrontation with Bush supporters at the huge protest at the RNC convention in NY: . I have done this sort of thing dozens of times…and I am right about this (no pun intended). Try it for yourself some time.

Unfortunately the stupid idealist liberals keep trying to achieve justice by using fair and legal means against an opponent who does not play by any rules, has no conscience and thinks not twice about brutally eliminating anything that stands between them and complete domination of all around them. Justice will never catch up to the brutes unless you fight their fire with fire. You can not defeat unjust politicians using in the voting booth when those politicians don’t play fair with the electoral system. You can not conduct investigations using corrupt investigative bodies like the US Congress or the US Judiciary and you can not educate the people when the media is under the control of the enemy. There comes a time that you have to fight dirty. There comes a time that you have to use the same tactics as the enemy. There comes a time where you have to stop fooling yourself into thinking the righteous will emerge victorious. The truth is that you will get kicked in the nuts before the bell rings and there is no ref around to disqualify your opponent; you’re all alone in the ring with Mike Tyson, and his gloves are off, his teeth are sharp and he’s in his prime. He owns the judges, the referees, the photographers and ringside doctor; and you are still trying to play by the rules. Who is the ass?

History will look back at our generation as the generation that should have started some kind of revolution. History will show that all the signs were there yet the weak naive leftists stupidly kept playing by the rules even though they could see that the system was rigged. And history will teach many of those on the right that in most ways they were more liberal than they ever knew and that they were unwittingly supporting their own enemy; yet they never stopped to find out what liberalism was and they never bothered to look close enough at their leaders to see that the the terms “Republican”, “Conservative”, “Democracy” and “freedom” were code speak for “Machiavellian”, “Fascists”, “capitalism” and “tyrannical rule”!

Sure these faux leaders want freedom, freedom from rules and regulations that would prevent them from owning and controlling everything on the planet. They don’t even really try to keep this secret, it is just that people don’t want to open their eyes and accept what is happening. The sooner people realize what is going on the better chance history has of recording and passing along our story. But unless the good people of our nation actually do something more than march down a street carrying signs and wearing tee-shirts and hats, history won’t be telling our story because the people who control history, control everything and visa versa! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

Would a White House Official Lie? Gee, I Wonder?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

While we have heard many a pundit describe the Bush administration insiders as Machiavelli types, we never hear the pundits describe what that means. I did a great deal of research on the people of the administration, their core neoconservative principles, their mentors and their histories. I also explained Machiavelli principles. Let me highlight one of those principles and then point you to my fully researched article; just for your reference:

Point: “A ruler can cheat and lie and do all sorts of things but should at all time maintain the outside appearance of adherence to human rights and caring for people.”

Please feel free to learn about the people who are currently occupy the White House:
Required Reading for Bush Supporters

Any Questions? Think about it!

Testifying Behind Closed Doors, Not Under Oath with No Notes or Recordings: Sound Familiar?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

As a human being, putting all politics aside, what is your gut reaction to an individual or group of individuals who only agree to take part in an investigation if their testimony is hidden from the public, not under oath and unrecorded in any way including by stenography? If you have human blood flowing to a human brain, and that brain has not been atrophied by extensive participation if discussions, watching too much FOX News or listening to too much Sean Hannity, you probably feel that the person or people setting those conditions pretty much have something to hide. You would be correct.

As we watch the US Attorney firing scandal unfold and we watch the standoff between the Bush administration and Congress over who will testify and under what conditions they will do so, I want you to remember back to the 9/11 Commission hearings. You remember the 9/11 Commission, don’t you? They are the people who neglected to mention in their report that WTC7’s destruction took place on that day. They are also the guys who did not report about the multiple war games taking place in the northeast corridor that day. Anyway, my point is that I want you to recall the conditions set by George W. Bush for his participation in that most important investigation. Bush would only testify if his testimony was private, limited to one hour, not under oath, not recorded in any way shape or form, excluded all 9/11 Commission members except the co-chairman, and with Dick Cheney by his side.

So for those of you who draw the obvious conclusions about the real reason that Bush is setting these restrictive conditions for Rove and company during the attorney general scandal investigation, you may want to apply the same obvious conclusions to Bush’s behavior regarding the 9/11 investigation! Think about it!

What I Learned From Watching CNN Today

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Please keep in mind that CNN claims to be a news organization. They actually claim to be a national news organization. So when I tell you what I learned on CNN today, please try to figure out exactly how any of the information that CNN presented to us falls under the categories of either news, journalism or national news.

Here are some things that I learned: (They all relate to the missing boy scout who has been receiving national news coverage for some reason.)

1. The missing boy loved to play basketball.
2. The missing boy was on a non-competitive basketball team that ensured playing time for all ream members.
3. The missing boy was a Weblo Scout for two of the three years that he has been a Boy Scout
4. The missing boy likes to read
5. The missing boy’s father might give him $5 if he returns to them
6. The missing boy like Scouts because he it allowed him to hang out with the guys

I learned this thanks to the live coverage of the ridicules and useless news conference where so called news reporters were searching deeply for questions to ask during the conference that would appear to be important to anyone outside of the immediate family. It was to say the least embarrassing and to say the most pathetic journalism.

I wonder how ALL the news agencies decided that this particular missing child case is national news. This is another perfect example of how information in our country is controlled and coordinated at a single source. Imagine that every single national TV news organization is focusing on this case when there are as many as 2000 missing children reported each day. So out of 800,000 or so annual missing children cases ALL of the news agencies seem to pick the same cases to bring to the nation’s attention. Is this an example of controlled single source news content decision making? You bet it is!

Out of the 2000 missing children cases reported each day every single TV news network chooses to cover the same cases at the same time. What are the odds of that being a coincidence? Your news is being controlled and this is yet another perfect example of it! Think about it!


“Missing Person!” - Newsworthy? Not at all.
CNN’s Hard News - Serving 0.0001% of America

The Pathetic Women of MSNBC

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

I tuned in to MSNBC six times over the past two days. One time I tuned in to see what Keith Olbermann was serving up. Keith is always good for at least a few minutes of information that you won’t find in too many other corporate media broadcasts. The other five times I tuned in were part of my daily monitoring of the criminals who control information on the airways.

OK…so about MSNBC…of the five other times I tuned in to MSNBC I found the same thing: women gossiping about Anna Nicole Smith. I watched as a variety of pathetic so called journalists kept serious inquisitive expressions on their faces as they played journalist and dug deeply into the Anna Nicole Smith tabloid story.

I am sorry if this comes across as sexist, but the truth is that every time I watch MSNBC, especially during the day, there are female news readers discussing issues that can only be described as tabloid gossip. There are usually expert guests and panel discussions as these women ask very smart questions and make very astute observations about very trivial topics. It seems like the only time these women have any brain function is when there are issues that invoke images barefoot and pregnant middle American housewives whose intellectual participation in life is limited to watching soap operas and reading grocery store celebrity tabloid magazines.

In my opinion MSNBC is insulting the women around the world who have fought for equality. Presenting the female journalist as one who is neither capable of analyzing nor interested in discussing serious issues while at the same time obsesses over trivial celebrity gossip is yet another reason to consider the corporate criminal media as America’s greatest enemy. Think about it!

American Values: Count Me Out!

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

The country that I call home has decided that a mother of two who is suffering from scoliosis, a brain tumor, chronic nausea and other ailments, can face federal criminal drug charges if the takes her doctor’s advice, and eats or smokes marijuana every couple of hours to ease her pain and bolster her appetite. Are there really many Americans, other than say Dick Cheney who is a sociopath, who feel that this woman or anyone who can have their suffering eased by marijuana should not be allowed to do so?

If you are trying to make sense of this, the answer is two fold. The first part of this cruel idiocy is that the US judicial system and law enforcement system are the corporate profit (and private banker/Federal Reserve) enforcement squad. They are like Mafia “collectors.” You see if a plant can be used to help you then you won’t be forced to buy criminally expensive pharmaceuticals. This means you will cut into the profits of big corporations and we all know that corporate profits are the only thing that matters. As a matter of fact if you drink a tea, and it helps you feel better or eliminates a problem, and you tell people about this, and then you sell the tea, you can be brought up on charges by the FDA.

The other truth to the situation is that the US government can never legalize pot because they are in the illegal drug trade and legalizing pot would cut into their profits. This was exposed over twenty years ago and it was really brought to light during the Iran Contra scandal. The US has to fund black ops. Black ops are illegal. The people who conduct black ops do so without Constitutional authority and therefore do not get funded through legal measures. There is no black op budget line in our national budget. Where do you think this money comes from? Does Congress approve funding for overthrowing democratically elected leaders around the world? Someone does and the money has to come from somewhere. Do some research about this and you will be surprised by what you find. Actually many of you will not be surprised.

In the mean time all I can say is that I hope the people who decided that this poor woman can not use marijuana to help ease her suffering go on a hunting/drinking trip with Dick Cheney. After all if anyone deserves to get shot in the face with a shotgun at close range it is a person who would deny a suffering person relief!   Think about it!


Dying woman loses marijuana appeal
The CIA and Drugs

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