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Congress Just Now Discovered Gonzales’s Problems?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Am I nuts or was Alberto Gonzales the person who approved the legalities of the torture techniques used in Abu Grabe? Was it not Mr. Gonzales who decided that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to detainees? Why is he just now being asked to resign?

Reference: Gonzales Helped Set the Course for Detainees 

US Army General: Homosexuality Immoral. Killing 10s of Thousands of Human Beings Who Never Threatened Us…Just Fine. How Christian.

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Just when I thought human beings could not get any stupider, I made the mistake of listening to the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff! I found myself listening to news reports and recordings of this high ranking military officer telling the world how  he “considers homosexuality to be immoral and the military should not condone it!” A man who chose as a career a vocation that put him in a position to implement or partake in the killing human beings on a massive scale is telling us that giving and receiving sexual pleasure with a consenting adult is immoral! In human history has there ever been a bigger hypocrisy?

Somebody wake me up! These past seven years can not be real! Please, somebody wake me up!

There seems to be no limit to hypocrisy in the current administration and there seems to be no limit to the lack of ability or willingness to make note of this hypocrisy by our criminal corporate media or our brainwashed fellow citizens!  When human beings are more accepting of war than they are of sex, perhaps we need to reconsider whether or not human beings are indeed the most advanced species on this planet, or just a virus that poses a danger to all others.     Think about it!

Reference: General Pace: ‘Homosexual acts immoral’ 

Call Your Congressperson; Or Stay Home and Pick Your Nose. Same Difference!

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

If you want a Congress person to listen to you…join AIPAC or one of the other share holders of the fully owned co-op known as Congress. - Asking your Congressman to represent you is like reporting police brutality to the cop that is beating you with a nightstick!

When you are attempting to do something that is useless or impossible does it really matter what method you use? If you are trying to throw a rock and have it land on the moon, what is the difference if you pick up a rock and hurl it towards the sky with all your might, or you just stay home and eat a Twinkie? Do you really think that hurling that rock is going to have a different outcome? Do you think eating the Twinkie gives you less of a chance of having your rock land on the moon than throwing it? Let me teach you some math my friends…zero chances means zero chances, no matter what the scenario.

Every single day I get e-mail from organizations that tell me to “call your Congressperson,” or “say no to” one thing or another. What’s the point of doing this? Here is what I tell people…if you chose a method of change that has absolutely no chance of succeeding, save your energy. Do something else. I usually tell people to stay home and try to teach their dog how to play chess. But not everyone has a dog. So for people with out dogs, try picking your nose. Set up some good lighting, get a magnifying mirror, grab your nose hair trimmer and get to picking and grooming! Maybe then you will actually look foolish. After all when you are doing something foolish, like trying to get your Congressperson to represent you, you should look foolish. So I say…pick your nose. You’ll get the same result but you will look the part!

This advice goes double for the people who hop on busses from all over the country to “voice their opinion” to their leaders. (I was one of those bus hopper, but I know better now!) I have news for you people, we live in the most technologically advanced era of communication in history. We have phones, faxes, mail, email, blogs, youtube, megaphones, cell phones, text messaging, blimps, skywriting airplanes, sandwich boards, chalk and sidewalks, graffiti, etc. If you have to get on a bus with tens of thousands of fellow citizens just to tell your representative to represent you…the purpose of the trip should be to forcefully remove these people from office and replace them with someone who will uphold their Constitutional obligation to represent you!

If you want a Congress person to listen to you…join AIPAC or one of the other share holders of the fully owned co-op known as Congress. If you want to take your country back from these people make some real plans to do so. Don’t keep asking those criminals to listen to you. Asking your Congressman to represent you is like reporting police brutality to the cop that is beating you with a nightstick! Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results. Stop using the same useless approach to achieve change. Take back your government, or stay home and pick your nose! Think about it!

- They didn’t listen to these people.

Free Alternative to Microsoft Office

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Many of us “computer geeks” have been complaining about Microsoft’s utter domination of the desktop computer world for years. We realize that there are better operating systems (Linux, MacOS & even OS/2 in the old days), better software solutions and more choices for consumers. But, the truth is Microsoft pretty much dominates the market.

Well while I was setting up a client’s Vista laptop I discovered two things; Vista is not ready for prime time and Microsoft Office is very expensive! After spending about $1800 on a new laptop my client was forced to buy the upgrade to MS office. He was going to have to shell out a few hundred bucks more just so he can write simple letters and read simple spreadsheets.

So I looked into Sun’s open source free office package and I’ll tell you, it is pretty impressive. It installed cleanly, had all the productivity applications and is FREE! Keeping in line with the theme of my website, informing people about information that is not common knowledge for one reason or another, I thought I would use today’s newsletter to let people know that there is indeed an alternative to MS office…and it’ FREE!

To my Mac Friends…yes, there is a Mac version as well as a Linux version.

You can download the package or order a CD on the web site here: . I was not asked by anybody at this site to write about this. I just happen to be a 20 year computer professional who is asked about things like this all the time…and finally I found a solution to a common issue that can save a lot of people a lot of money!

So before you go and violate copy right licensing by getting bootlegged or cracked versions of MS software…try Open Office. See, there are good people doing good things out there. You just have to know where to find them! Think about it!

UPDATE: Someone recommended Abi Word for people who just need a word processor. You can read more about that here 

Libby is No Scapegoat

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

While the media is playing up the fact that the Libby jury felt that Libby was a scapegoat for the real criminals in the CIA outing scandal, keep in mind Libby is a PNAC member. Libby was part of the cabal that wrote about invading Iraq before Bush was even in office. This is one of the guys who were part of the crew who wrote about how a “new Pearl Harbor” would help speed up their agenda. You know…a new Pearl Harbor…like 9/11!

Sure there were bigger fish and bigger criminals than Libby. I have said from the moment hit the web that Cheney was the ground zero of corruption in the Bush administration and with each day my claim becomes more valid. But Libby is not simply the fall guy here. He was part of a group that had been hell bent on going to war with Iraq and there was nothing that was going to interfere with their once in a lifetime opportunity to advance their agenda. Nothing.

Libby just a scapegoat, I think not!     Think about it!


PNAC Gallery
Cheney - The Ground Zero of Corruption
Required Reading for Bush Supporters

Walter Reed Problems? Why is this Suddenly an issue? America Hates War Veterans; and that’s a Fact!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

You don’t believe me when I say America hates their veterans? Well tell my why this phrase even exists in our vernacular: “homeless vet.” On any given in night in this nation 200,000 or so veterans wander the streets, homeless. And as many as 400,000 veterans find themselves homeless at one point or another during any given year. Perhaps those stupid meaningless yellow ribbons on trees and doors across our nation that currently stand for worthless empty words of support can indicate something meaningful like “Room available for a veteran!”

I have said this time and time again, it is outrageous enough that in a nation where the glutton of personal wealth in the hands of the few can only be described as obscene while we live in a nation with human beings who have no place to live. But for a nation that treats war as if it is the greatest ting America has to offer to the world, to turn their back on the very people they use to fight these vile and primitive social activities known as wars is unacceptable any way you look at it. Many of the seven deadly sins, like gluttony and greed, have found a home with the rich in our nation. Unfortunately our veterans have not been so lucky.

Talk all you want about supporting the troops but there is one, and only one demographic in our nation that supports the troops or at least genuinely has the troops’ best interest at heart: liberals! Face it is those bleeding heart liberals who want the government to take a greater responsibility for the people in our nation who can not provide for themselves and have been fighting for better treatment of our veterans. They also try more than any other group to prevent the creation of war veterans…especially when it is not necessary and based on lies piled on lies!

When certain politicians speak of increased war funding they are not addressing the needs of the troops. They are addressing the needs and insatiable thirst for money of the military industrial complex. Take a good close look at George W. Bush’s defense policy board and his entire administration. You will find board members of military contractors. You will find countless people who in one way or another are connected to war profiteers. What you will not find are many wounded grunts, experienced combatants or former military hospital workers. And you sure as hell won’t find sincere advocates for veterans.

There is simply no excuse for how we treat our veterans. There is even less of an excuse for how we have created many of these veterans. But let’s be real, the only people in this nation who should be responsible for taking care of veterans are the people who create war, especially the wars that did not need to be fought. It is high time they start taking care of the people who did the dirty work and fixing one military hospital hardly begins to address the issues.    Think about it!

CNN’s O’Brien Duo Laughs at America’s Fall From Grace

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

This morning the CNN O’Brien duo, Miles and Soledad, took time out of their important task of gossiping about the personal lives of some American astronauts to read a report about an international poll in which the United States was beaten only by Iran and Israel (first place) for having a negative influence on the rest of the world! How do these so called journalists respond to this disgraceful result of our current leadership in Washington? Here is how: Miles sarcastically said “Ohhhkaaaay” and Soledad simply laughed. How is that for taking a serious issue like America’s standing world opinion with the seriousness it deserves?

Being vile, smug, uninformed and immature should be the qualifications for so called journalists. Somebody should tell CNN.  Think about it!

9/11 in Perspective : Flight 93 and WTC7

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

I wrote about this several years ago and I was lambasted by the 9/11 truth community. Finally yesterday I noticed one person who made the same observation (Mike Rivero of, a good friend of ours and not one of the people who criticized me.) Maybe now we can see the full picture of how the 9/11 events were supposed to unfold. Jesse Richard, Editor,

Disclaimer: The following is the opinion of the author. However this “opinion” is based on four years of research into the events of 9/11 and four years of full time investigative research into to how the US corporate media control information for the purpose of manipulating and maintaining a cult of false reality. If anyone among you doubts this claim, the author will gladly make his presentation to your group, radio or TV program, school, organization, etc. He will do this free of charge if travel accommodations are provided. He has an open challenge to every member of the media and will publicly debate anyone on this topic. It is not an issue of bias, it is an issue of deception and it is very easily exposed. You just have to be willing to take a few minutes to learn how to spot the deception!

It has become very clear to many 9/11 researchers that the events of 9/11/01 were planned and carried out by rogues within our own government under the cloak of war games that were being conducted on that very day. It is also clear that many things did not go as planned, and this is why there is so much suspicion related to the events. Perhaps, if the execution of the plan had been more perfect, fewer people would have been suspicious in the first place and much of the evidence noticed by the 9/11 researchers would have remained unnoticed.

One of the most obvious anomalies of 9/11 that attracted attention relates to the flawless, unexplained and virtually ignored collapse of WTC7, a 47 story building that was not hit by any airplane.

First some facts: WTC7 building collapsed in perfect controlled demolition form in less than seven seconds. This component of the events of 9/11 was not even mentioned in the bible of the blind known as the official 9/11 report. As a matter of fact, you can read the entire 9/11 Commission report and not even know that there was a WTC7, let alone that in collapsed under such suspicious circumstances. Another interesting little nugget relates to what appears to be a public confession by the owner of WTC7 acknowledging the intentional demolition of the building. Larry Silverstein seemed to openly admit to making the decision to “pull” the building. On public television, Silverstein was recorded describing the decision to “pull it,” a term used when a building is imploded via controlled demolition.

Now a new bombshell adds dramatic credibility to the suspicion surrounding the collapse of this now infamous building. The revelation comes in the form of newly publicized news footage from the BBC and CNN, clearly exposing the fact that the collapse was anticipated and that a detailed explanation of why this building could collapse was prepared for the press in advance, before anyone even knew why or if the building would fall.

Understand that these news organizations reported the building collapse almost half an hour before it actually did!

Some vital points: Many people will argue that WTC7 was damaged and burning quite badly, and that alone could cause the building to collapse. This is a reasonable assumption to some extent but it does not take many of the extenuating circumstances into account. Here are some things that have to be taken into account when assessing the reality of the situation: During the day we all heard radio and television reports telling us that the building was under great stress. We were told that the building was ‘œleaning’ and would not stay up for long. I suggest that we were being told this so there would be some reason to convince the public that this building would eventually collapse when, in fact, this was not true. Just think about this for a minute: if the building was indeed “leaning” then why didn’t it tip over? That’s what buildings do if they lean over badly enough.

It is not arguable that all objects on this planet are subject to the laws of physics as they currently exist. Physics 101 teaches that objects tip over do when they lean too far over. Why, then, did the core of the WTC7 building collapse first? Watch the video; that is what happened. The first thing that happens is that the penthouse structure drops into the building followed by what appears to be a completely simultaneous failure of every single supporting structure located on the same level of the lower portion of the building. Buildings do not collapse like this under any condition, and no acceptable explanation has ever been given as to how the building could lean and then collapse in the manner in which it did.

Let me repeat one fact that I can not emphasized enough: the warnings describing the building’s pending destruction described a building that appeared to be ready to fall because it was leaning. This would have meant that the building would eventually tip over totally or break at some point like a tree after a lumberjack gives it enough whacks with an axe. The building came straight down, center columns first, from the bottom, on to its own footprint. Repeat: Leaning = tipping over, and we were clearly told that the building was leaning.

Now let’s get on to the real question posed by those who refuse to accept the evidence, and who hold on to the belief that Americans would never do this, or who fall back on the old “why would the Bush administration, or other rogue elements within our government and military do this and leave so much suspicious evidence?”

The answer is simple, but difficult to accept: this was a hugely risky operation and could not have been completed without problems! And these problems have provided reasonable people with serious concerns about the real facts surrounding the tragic events of that day.

What is becoming clearer to me are the true intentions of the rogues within our government who conspired to shock and awe the American people into supporting a radical shift in American foreign and domestic policies. These criminals were intent on creating a scenario complete with a plausible reason for the collapse of WTC7. I believe that the planners of 9/11 originally wanted to counter the claims of potential conspiracy theory “wackos”  that WTC7 fell for the same reasons that caused the collapse of WCT1 and WTC2: because a plane hit it! I believe that WTC7 was the actual intended target of flight 93. I believe that flight 93 was, to the surprise of the rogues running the operation, shot down by some true American patriot who was performing his or her duty. I feel this person slipped by the efforts of the rogues who tried everything in their power to prevent the existing national defense procedures from operating successfully.

Had flight 93 actually hit WTC7, it would have served as an improbable but relatively reasonable explanation for the collapse of all three buildings. Science, witnesses, video and forensic evidence indicate that the main towers were brought down by controlled demolition and not as a result of any plane impact or raging fires. Still, the claim that the first two towers collapsed as a result of the damaging impact of aircrafts filled with jet fuel might serve as a reasonable explanation for what happened. On the other hand, the collapse of WTC7 - despite not having been hit by a plane - has caused people to reach for any explanation they could dream up and believe regardless of how implausible! These people look around frantically for scientific support for their unsupported theories, yet they ignore all of the other suspicious evidence surrounding the mystery of WTC7. They blind themselves to everything from comments by Silverstein himself to the dramatic video evidence and the revealing statements (and documentation) made by members of our government who were tasked with protecting us on that very day.

It is very important to pay close attention to the lack of public, official and media attention to WTC7. Most people do not know that there even was a WTC7. Most people don’t know the circumstances surrounding its collapse and have never seen a video of the collapse. Most people don’t know that this building has already been rebuilt! This may very well be because those involved did not want to draw attention to this building! Such publicity may have caused people to ask about a building so blatantly ignored on that fateful day. And, if they knew, they may have started poking around for answers to the obvious questions! You would also think that rebuilding the first WTC structure would have been a loud statement to the so called terrorists. You would think it would stand out as a symbol of American strength and resolve. And yet the reconstruction of this building went on and was completed with a virtual media blackout and to the surprise of anyone who eventually finds out about it.

It is equally vital to ask these questions: if construction of the new WTC7 was started in 2002 and completed in May of 2006, when was the replacement building originally planned? How long does it take to draw up the plans and actually build a 52 story building, especially in the footprint of damage done on 9/11? How long does it take to prepare for this kind of construction from the time you decide to build?

Let me repeat this as I scream as loud as I can: Construction for a 52 story building started less than one year after there was no reason to plan the project! How long does it take to come up with a design, arrange all the legalities, settle the insurance and arrange for the actual construction! Why wasn’t the rebuilding of this national historic symbol celebrated? Why didn’t FOX News taunt the terrorist with this as a sign of American resolve and as a sign that they did not beat us? Is it possible that this building plan had been initiated prior to the events of 9/11? Is this yet another smoking gun? I think it is!

A final point: The explanations given to the 9/11 research community by the people who like to debunk this evidence always follows the same pattern and always are hit and run piecemeal explanations. To my knowledge, nobody has ever debunked the entire body of evidence, that, along with the physical record include means, motive and opportunity as well as suspicious comments and actions. There is a big picture here and this issue must be discussed in a similar scope.

The body of evidence indicating the complicity of members of our own government in the events of 9/11 is growing daily. The ‘debunkers’ are starting to sound down right silly. Their apologist explanations are beginning to sound like typical “my dog ate my homework” excuses you might hear from a child. As a matter of fact, their responses to evidence are just that, excuses, not explanations. They often offer excuses that contradict the comments and admissions of the very people for whom they are providing these excuses!

One thing we must all admit at this time is that there are elements of the official 9/11 story that just do not add up; period, end of story. In that light, I ask the citizens of my country to stop fighting over speculation and start examining the big picture because the big picture may provide a clue as to how the smaller pieces of evidence fit together! Think about it!

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