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President & Vice President Democrat Mike Gravel & Republican Ron Paul! Yeah, That’s the Ticket!

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Let me start off by setting the record straight. I am not in any way inferring that I believe that the Democratic or Republican parties are about to allow a legitimate candidate to achieve any level of political success in this nation. As a matter of fact I believe that signing up to be a candidate for one of these two parties is the legal equivalent of making a deal with the devil. The two party system is broken and under the control of people who simply do not care about the majority of Americans.

That being said, I am ready to identify two individuals who, in my opinion, may actually still own their own souls. These two men seem to actually be legitimate representatives of the people of this nation and they seem to really want to protect the American citizens from the ruling elite who have hijacked the political system of our nation for their own use. I would like to see them make a joint run for the office of President and Vice President in the 2008 election.

On the Democratic side, my choice to share this slate introduced himself to our nation during the Democratic debate on MSNBC. His name is Mike Gravel and I am proud to say that the readers of this newsletter learned about him weeks, if not months ago. The former two term Senator from Alaska stood alone among a stage full of establishment stooges and spoke boldly about the control that the military industrial complex has over our government and over our culture. As Gravel stood across from the Demopublican Hillary Clinton and the Bilderberg Group approved John Edwards, he did something that no other American politician has done for years, he spoke the truth to the American people about war, nuclear weapons, America’s breaking of international treaties, the fraudulent case for invading Iraq and the myth of a war on terror. He understands the illegality of personal income tax and he would bring an end to the IRS and its blood thirsty practice of sucking the financial life’s blood of the working class. He stood on the same stage with people who have been doing nothing but lying to Americans for years (a semi-pass granted to Dennis Kucinich), and he told the truth. What more can one ask of a president of the United States?

On the Republican side I have identified a real Republican hidden among a government full of Republicans who share the party name but show no sings of sharing the party principles: Republican Representative Ron Paul, 14th District Texas. This is a man who has bravely and vocally addressed the biggest and most powerful conspiracy against the American people in our nation’s history: the criminality of the Federal Reserve system. Ron Paul has entered into the public record his concerns about an illegal, unconstitutional and immoral monetary system that has virtually placed complete control of our government and our economy in the hands of secretive financiers. The central banking system is arguably the most harmful entity on this planet and is very likely at the heart of every war and economic hardship we experience. Ron Paul literally risks his life each time he courageously attempts to raise this topic while, at the same time, his colleagues on both sides of the aisle remain silent as if a bolt of lightning might strike them if they were to take part in this vital discussion. Even Lou Dobbs, the perceived media champion of the working class, pretends this issue does not exist. The issue of the Federal System is at the heart of everything that is wrong with government today. It is the most important issue related to democracy at this point and Ron Paul stands alone in Congress as a champion of the people. It is for this reason alone Ron Paul must be considered a true and legitimate representative of the people and not a tool of the ruling elite.

One way any American can tell if a member of our government is indeed on the side of the citizens (as opposed to being a tool of the ruling financial elite, corporate lobbies, military industrial complex or AIPAC) is to watch and see how the establishment media treat them. If the media ignore them or show a coordinated effort to belittle or ridicule them, chances are they are actually fighting for what is best for the voters. With that in mind, please watch how the media treat, or ignore the two candidates highlighted in this piece. If you see a willing participation of the establishment media to ignore or belittle either of these candidates you should do your best to ignore the media and listen closely to the candidates and really think for yourself about what they are saying. Forget about parties to which they belong, In fact, disregard their parties altogether and just listen to them. That’s all I ask.

My suggestion to these two fine men is to join forces. This is a desperate time for America and for the survival of our democracy. It is a time to end the myth of the two party system because both parties have become as corrupt as can be. The people of this nation no longer get to chose their representatives because the people who control the parties and the media determine for whom we are allowed to vote. Often, they don’t even let us see some of the candidates they have selected until we notice their names listed on a ballot on election day. Is that democracy?

So, I wonder what would happen if one of the few legitimate Republicans joined forces with one of the few legitimate Democrats and tried to defy the system. I wonder if the power of the people could overcome the power of the establishment media and the ruling class and elect a presidential team consisting of the first two legitimate representatives of the people in generations. I wonder what our nation would be like with leaders who would be willing to take on the enemies of the American people that have infected our system of government and like a cancer consumed our democracy.

I’ll tell you one thing, the day I hear the words “President and Vice President of the United States, Ron Paul & Mike Gravel (or the other way around), I’ll volunteer to serve my government in any way I can, even if it means taking a bullet for one or both of those men; and I would think that bullets may be flying, if you know what I mean! So what do think? Can a Real Republican and a Real Democrat take their parties back at the same time…together? Think about it!


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Who Exactly do They Mean When They Say “al Qaeda?”

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Let us for a minute realize that our government uses code names for many things. They use code names for military operations, espionage operations, CIA operations, law enforcement operations, social programs, etc.

From Operation Iraqi Freedom to Able Danger virtually all government operations are named in code and the more secret the operation the more ambiguous the name. For example “Operation Zapata” was the code name for the Bay of Pigs invasion. “Operation Mockingbird” is the name for the secret program where the CIA works with the corporate media to “manipulate and control public perception!”

So keeping that in mind think back to when George W. Bush received a top secret report prior to 9/11 called “Bin Laden Determined to Attack.” Is it so outrageous to think that “Bin Laden” is code? Did you ever think that perhaps the term “Bin Laden” is code for “rogue group of enemies on the inside?”

Keep in mind if my guess is accurate everybody in our government can continue to blame “Bin Laden” for the attacks of 9/11 and technically not be lying. They can even pass a lie detector test.

We are told that the intelligence agencies from around the world were warning us prior to 9/11 that something big was about to happen. What do you think is more likely: they were all watching terrorists who wanted to harm other countries, like the US, or they were hearing chatter within the global intellegence agencies that they were spying on? Intelligence agencies spy on each other for the most part. I would think their priority would be to look out for themselves as opposed to watching out for the enemies of other nations. Maybe while they were spying on each other they caught wind of the plans to conduct a huge false flag operation and they wanted to make sure Bush knew about it. Maybe they were saying “hey, Bush, your guys are going live with a false flag attack and we don’t think that this is not a good idea! Are you ware of this?” Seriously, they can not just come out and say it because they would have to pretty much blow their cover and admit to the world that false flag operations exist. So they drape their actions in pseudo reality so that they can say as much as they can truthfully without actually blowing the whistle. So instead of saying “your guys are going too far” they say ”Bin Laden” is determined to attack.

Then again maybe Osama bin Laden was the coordinating officer for the false flag operation. Maybe he was the operational guy for the rogue group. And maybe when George Tenet says that he wanted to get Bin Laden he was serious because he was trying to stop the rogue group.

In a nutshell I am saying that very few things are actually as they appear when it comes to intelligence operations and we would be fools to believe that the language used in relation to Al Qaeda is as simple as they would have them to belive. If there were ever a time one should read between the lines this is it! Think about it!

Dick Cheney & George W. Bush Make Me Want To Be a Christian

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I am a devout atheist. This is not to say that I am not religious. On the contrary; I am more religious than most God fearing people that I know. Why do I say this? I say this because I live by a strong code of ethics and I do so with no hopes of Godly rewards, personal gain or a membership in a post life heavenly resort. I don’t really think I need a book to tell me how to be a good person and I don’t really think I need a book to tell me who I should hate. I try to be good for the sole reason of being good.

I am a big boy now and I have pretty good parents and I think they did a good job in making me a decent person. I learned a lot about character from being around them. My dad worked very hard his entire life. He never took bribes from salesman when he was buying materials for the low paying slave driving mens clothings company that he worked for in the 60’s and 70’s. As a matter of fact he never even accepted the usual holiday gifts like bottles of liquor or the tickets to sporting events that were offered to him throughout the years (and you have no idea how mad I was when I found this out after missing all of those boxing matches at the Garden as well as Yankee, Met, Knick, Giant and Jet games!!!) My mom was a school teacher who never wanted to be promoted because even though promotions would have increased her income they would have taken her away from the classroom, where she felt that she could do the most good for the children of our society. My sister, as much as I joke around about her being the Loch Ness Monster (or Big Foot, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon), is so kind that she actually puts her fear of insects aside to rescue the odd spider from her home and place it safely outside as opposed to killing one of natures living creatures. Of course she tortures me, but that’s another story:-)

So you see, I believe that even though I don’t follow an instruction book, I had some good teachers around me and I developed my personal religion based on their influence. My religion: Do the Right Thing and Just Don’t Harm Others. Pretty simple. It’s not exactly a tax shelter, and I don’t have any special holidays or fancy garments, but I’m happy.

That being said, there are times that I wish my hyper logical mind could make room for some illogic. I sometimes wish my hyper critical thinking could be suspended for just one thing. That one thing would be to believe in some God based religion. I did the religion thing when I was a kid but my critical thinking kicked in as an adult and my brain would have none of that. I don’t think it is a conscious decision, it is just something I can’t relate to. Religion stands less of a chance surviving in my mind when I see all of the real life examples of the vile and deplorable conduct of so called religious people around the world. Religious people murder, start wars, support wars, molest children, cheat on their spouses, rob, lie, you name it. So I say to myself, what’s the point? Why not just be a good person? This way if I do stray from my code of ethics at least I won’t be a hypocrite! Because let me tell you there is no bigger hypocrite than one who hides behind a holy book!

Now about Cheney and Bush…here is the thing…when I see people like Cheney and Bush, and just about all men and women of their ilk, Democrat, Republican, Nazi, whatever, I really and truly wish (I know…who am I wishing to…I DON’T KNOW:-), that there was a Hell. I truly wish that retribution was guaranteed in life. I picture a place where people like Bush and Cheney have to spend the rest of eternity facing all the people who have been harmed by their actions. I have a difficult time living in a world where evil people with power get free passes, so in the back of my mind I hope one day to find out that I am wrong about religion.

I think I would make it into Heaven based on my conduct during this life. I surly have a lot of apologies to make, but to be honest I try to make it a habit to apologize for my wrongdoing while I am alive. I don’t know if that cleans my slate, but I would think that it counts for something.

In the movie Slingblade the main character, Karl, is speaking to a good man who happens to be a homosexual. In other words this man is considered a sinner according to Christianity, and Karl is a bible reading Christian. But after getting to know this man Karl uses his critical thinking and eventually professes to this man “But I don’t reckon the Good Lord would send anybody like you to Hades.” By this he meant that by committing the so called sin of homosexuality the man really did not harm anyone and he feels that a “good” lord would not look upon that man as a bad man and want to punish him for eternity by sending him to Hell. I guess like Karl, I believe that if that of there is a God and a Heaven and a Hell, that a “good lord” would not send anyone like me to Hades just because I never believed in him. I may have to write some things on a blackboard over and over a few hundred times however.

So let me publicly apologize to my sister for all of the monster jokes, and let me say that even though my weird little brain won’t let me believe in a religion in the conventional sense of the word, I kind of hope to find out some day that I am wrong. And I hope Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and all people of their ilk also eventually find out that some odd guy from Brooklyn named Jesse was very, very wrong! Think about it!

Leaving Iraq is Not Admitting Defeat - It Is Admitting We Were Wrong; And That’s is the Real Truth!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I am American. I love my country. I live every moment of my life reaching out to my fellow citizens in order to teach them how to bypass the cloak of false reality wrapped around this nation by the establishment media. And I can say this: I am a patriot when I say: not only can America not win in Iraq, but we have already lost and we should have lost, because we were wrong! Period, end of story.


Trying to blame Democrats for wanting to end the travesty known as the invasion of Iraq is like trying to blame a judge for releasing from prison a person who was innocent of a crime! Again I ask a question that I ask almost every day; are all Americans insane? Is it not now crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that our invasion of Iraq was a criminal act against a falsely accused adversary?

The moment it became crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that Iraq did not have WMD, the people of America should have collectively declared an apology to the Iraqi people. The moment it became crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that Iraq had nothing to do with the events of 9/11, the people of America should have collectively declared an apology to the Iraqi people. And the moment it became crystal (or should I say Kristol) clear that the Bush/PNAC administration knew all along that Iraq posed absolutely no threat or potential threat to the people of the United States, the people of America should have declared a collective citizens arrest of the members of the Bush administration who were hell bent on taking this nation to war with Iraq, even if they had to create a false flag operation as sadistic and brutal as the events of 9/11 in order to do so!

The discussions taking place about trying to win something in Iraq are as immoral and obscene as cheering on a bully who is beating a defenseless, weak, unarmed school kid. While it is no surprise to me that right wing neo-fascist bigots have no problem murdering people who don’t look like them and believe in the same fairy tale god as they do, it is the hypocritical lefties that disgust me the most because they know better and they simply refuse to do and say the right thing because they may lose their jobs.

You know, sometimes you have say what is right. I lost a lot of friends years ago because I tried to inform them about the disconnect between the official story of 9/11 and the official body of evidence as recorded by those same officials who created the myth known as the official 9/11 story. I did not fold, I did not run, I simply repeated the known facts and dealt with the ramifications. Now those former friends are calling me and telling me that I was right all along. In the meantime, my convictions remained steadfast. I saw elections stolen, and I said it. I saw very disturbing aspects of the events of 9/11, and I said it. I saw lie after lie blurted out about Iraq, and I shot back educating those around me about the lies. And time has proven me right about everything.

But I watch with disgust as the political adversaries of the Bush administration , mostly those in the Democratic party, twiddle their thumbs and remain silent because they fear the ramifications that may result from having to accuse a so called American President of the highest crimes ever committed by an American against Americans. (To me, George W. Bush is not the President. He is in office via electoral coup and is therefore an enemy of the state; an invader who came in and took over the presidency by force.) Instead of standing up and screaming at the top of their, lungs the opposition plays politics. They follow orders given by people above and beyond the system. They ignore the electorate and they pretend that there is not ample evidence to question virtually every action of the Bush administrations.

I am sick. I am tired. And I am disgusted. We will not win in Iraq because we should not win in Iraq, and that is the truth. My fellow Americans, face it, we were wrong. We attacked an innocent victim. Say all you want about how you feel Saddam should have been eliminated, but the bottom line is most people don’t know anything about how Saddam got into office, what was really behind the first Gulf War and how American “intervention” in Middle Eastern affairs has helped to create the problems that exist there. And the other bottom line is that America was wrong and should not have attacked a nation that posed no threat to us. We have unleashed violence in Iraq that was not there while Saddam was in charge. Saddam was better and stronger than the United States when it came to controlling the radical elements in his nation. He was no saint but we can all see how a saint would not survive one minute in Iraq.

America owes Iraq an apology. America owes an apology to the members of the U.S. military, who once again were misled and misused, as they have been time and time again over the past 50 years. America owes the world Dick Cheney and George Bush, hand delivered to a court of world citizens for judgment and penalty. And Americans owes it to themselves to rise up and overthrow the true enemy of American democracy, the US establishment media. For if America had a real press that recognized its Constitutional mandate to keep citizens informed about what their leaders are doing and not to distract them from the crimes of our leaders with trivial celebrity and tabloid stories, we would never have allowed this to happen.

I am American. I love my country. I live every moment of my life reaching out to my fellow citizens in order to teach them how to bypass the cloak of false reality wrapped around this nation by the establishment media. And I can say this: I am a patriot when I say that American can not only not win in Iraq, but we have already lost and we should have lost, because we were wrong! Period, end of story. Think about it.

I Called My Congressperson Today in Support of Cheney’s Impeachment

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

While I do not fool myself into thinking calling a Congressperson has any impact on the agenda of a given Congress person, I felt compelled to express my feelings today. I called my rep to tell them that I wanted my rep to support the articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney that were filed by Dennis Kucinich yesterday. I also took the time to say that I am stunned that Congress has not impeached this administration based on the mountain of evidence of inside complicity into the events of 9/11. I enlightened the person who took my call by explaining a few facts about the event and I suggested that he start looking into it on his own.

I know my call had no effect but I felt good after I made the call. And while I am not one of those gate keeping sheep herding organizations that mobilize activists by asking them to spend their time and money doing things that will have no impact on change, I think a call supporting impeachment may be worth the few minutes it would take. You can easily find the number of your representative by going here:

I can not for the life of me think of a more sinister figure in American political history. Cheney even makes Kissenger look like a child. While an arrest and trial on multiple, oh multiple charges are in order, I would settle for an impeachment simply to stop some of the insanity.

While I am no fool and I don’t believe this will go anywhere I think a call of support for Cheney’s impeachment is worth a few wasted minutes. Think about it

Refernece: Cheney’s Secrets

Overstating the Obvious

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I have pointed this out many times but it is worth repeating, especially since our mailing list has many new member. When you are watching or reading news ask yourself why you need to know what you are being told. Even when the clowns in the establishment media report news that is of some concern to the public they distract you by reporting aspects of the story that can in no way be confused with information that the public needs to know.

For example when there is a tragedy that affects society like the Virgina Tech shootings, or when there is a news story that involves someone that is of some interest to the public like the Blue Angel pilot that died this week, there is no need to report the personal details of those involved or of the friends and family of those involved.

Another question you may ask yourself as the establishment media forces information down your throat is “does the subject of the report have any impact on the electorate, the world or you personally.” If you ask yourself this every time you are being informed about the relatives of some crime victim and about exactly “how they felt” (the most non-newsworthy aspect of any news report, no matter how legitimate the actual story is), you may just realize that you are being made to feel that people who have absolutely no impact on your life, the country or the world outside of their personal community, are and should be of vital interest to the nation. This, my friends, is called one of two things: intentional distraction or pathetically incompetent journalism. Either way the bottom line is that it is not news!

May I point out that the mandate of the press is to provide information to the public for the purpose of maintaining an informed electorate. That is why the press is the only job that is protected by the Constitution. The press does not exist to report sports scores, movie reviews or box office returns (which is reported every Monday by every news program for some reason), celebrity gossip or who is ringing the opening bell at the NYSE. The press is there to keep an eye on our government and report everything they can discover to the electorate. So with all due respect to the family of the recently lost Blue Angel pilot, his personal background does not belong on a national news report. Dick Cheney’s personal background and the personal background of all the Bush officials including their ties to PNAC, lobbies and defense contractors on the other hand, should have been reported. I guess the press felt that personal information is not newsworthy! Think about it.

Mood Music? Is That Journalism or Manipulation?

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

The recent obsessive coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting by the establishment media serves up many examples of what is not journalism. Although I can point out about 50 problems with the coverage of this event the one aspect that stands out as an obvious and egregious violation of journalistic ethics is the establishment media’s use of mood music for this coverage. While music is constantly used to instill fear or tension into the so called news coverage on our TV sets, the sad heart wrenching intro and background music that is being played during the coverage is a clear and obvious example of how the criminals who claim to be journalists are in fact shaping your opinion and manipulating your emotion; and they are using every tool and method available to do this including music.

A journalist is supposed to have the same effect on you as a paper delivery person has. They are supposed to deliver news to you and you and that is it. You are not supposed to find out how they feel about the news and they sure as hell are not supposed to try to tell you how they feel about the news. Their job, as defined by their claimed profession, is to report recent events without bias or opinion. That’s it. They have to simply read reports to you about what is taking place. They can show you pictures and films but they are not supposed to manipulate the information, craft a fancy package to deliver it or create an atmosphere that is intended to influence how you feel about what you are hearing.

So let me ask all of the senior anchors on the so called news networks and news programs; which journalism class taught you about how to select the appropriate music for a report? Or did you learn that in your propaganda class? Think about it.

So When are Bush’s & Cheney’s Trials and What Will Their Penalties for Genocide Be?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

If I “thought” that a man who lived overseas posed a threat to my family, and I took a plane over to his nation, and I killed him, and as a result his family was left homeless and threatened by violence sparked by the killing of that man…and it turns out that I made a “mistake” in thinking he was a threat…would I be arrested? Would I be extradited? Would I be put on trial for murder? Would I have to pay restitutions? Would you think that at the very least I would have my passport and gun taken away from me so I would not do it again? Well the answers to all those questions are yes!

Then why isn’t George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, most of the US Congress and just about every member of the US establishment media under arrest and awaiting trial? At the very least they should be relieved of their duties, or I should say responsibilities.

Let’s for a minute pretend that the invasion of Iraq was a good natured mistake (I know…just work with me here). Well this tragic “mistake” (I can’t believe I am saying that…when everyone knows that this was planned way before the self inflicted, Iraq war starting permission slip known as 9/11 took place, also known as PNAC’s new Pearl Harbor), has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including American military personnel. It has also resulted in the creation of 4 million Iraqi refugees! What should the penalty for such actions be? What charges should be brought? Several hundred thousand counts of voluntary manslaughter? Make that man woman and child slaughter! Well? Where are the cops? Where is the justice system? Where is the justice?

Do you know what the term is for a world leader who uses military actions to create a refugee situation? The term is “evil despot”, or “tyrant”, or “war criminal” or “terrorist” or “maniac”, or “genocidal maniac”, or “mass murderer!” Do you know what term the criminal US establishment media uses to describe such a person? They use the term “Commander in Chief!” They use the term “U.S. Administration. They use the term “Congress.”

Well, as long as the establishment media remains in place the majority of the American people will never learn the correct terminology. But for the readers of this newsletter…when you hear the term “Commander in Chief” from now on…maybe you’ll make the connection. Think about it.

The Controversy about Controversy

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Let me give you a little tip. When a controversial issue is raised for discussion and someone attempts to quash that issue, your enemy has just revealed him or herself. Regardless of whether the topic is 9/11 or where your spouse was last night, if a person refuses to address an issue based on the notion that it is “too absurd to even discuss”, you have just identified someone with something to hide. Sometimes they have something to hide from you and sometimes they are hiding something from themselves; but either way you have identified someone who does not want certain information brought out.

Many of the Americans who are going to continue their criticism of me and my writing by trashing this commentary agree with me on this even though they don’t know it. You see this falls under the “I have nothing to hide” principle. You know, the same principle that has been adopted by the Americans who support secret wire tapping, loss of privacy and government snooping. You know…my critics. These people say that all this is OK because if you have nothing to hide you should not object if your government violates your privacy. Yet these same people want to stop all discussions related to 9/11, Israel, Zionism, government conspiracies, the Holocaust etc. Why? What are they afraid of? What do they have to hide and what do they have to lose by discussing things? Are they unwilling to teach others where they are wrong or are they afraid of learning something for themselves?

You see the more controversial the issue the more we should be discussing it. Dialog is only way to clear up controversy. When you discuss an issue one of three things are going to happen. 1. The person with the controversial view is going to learn something. 2. The person with the counter view is going to learn something. 3. The parties will agree to disagree but they will better understand the respective positions.

During the last scene in the movie The Godfather, Al Pacino’s character, Don Michael Corleone, is asked by his wife Kay, played by Diane Keaton, if he had his brother-in-law murdered. The Don refused to answer the question based on a simple principle of privacy. His principle: “Don’t ask me about my business!” That’s it. That was his reason for not answering. And all who were watching the movie knew exactly why the Don made it his business not to talk about his business. And you know what, there are a lot of people out there who refuse to talk about their business, be it 9/11, Israel, etc., based on a similar principle, so to speak. So when you hear someone say that they won’t talk about something because you are making an absurd insinuation, that person, even though they may not know it, may just be standing for the same principles that the Don did. So may I suggest to all, don’t “be like Mike” (Corleone)! Listen, speak and resolve. Leaving an issue to fester is what causes problems. Discussing issues should pose no threat to people who have “nothing to hide!” Think about it.



EU aims to criminalize Holocaust denial -  Laws that make denying or trivialising the Holocaust a criminal offence punishable by jail sentences will be introduced across the European Union, according to a proposal expecting to win backing from ministers Thursday.

The US Government Has Already Been Overthrown!

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

An Open Letter to American Law Enforcement: True Patriots Are Working to Restore, Not Overthrow This Administration!

“The revolution has already taken place and the bad guys are now in charge!”

I am directing this observation primarily to the well-intentioned citizens who have chosen to dedicate themselves to law enforcement. I believe that most Americans who work to enforce the laws of the land and protect their fellow Americans from criminals and others who may harm us are sincere and concerned citizens of this country.

But something in the nation has changed, and sincerity and good intentions are no longer good enough. People with the power to enforce the law must fully understand how the law itself can be manipulated. Police, FBI, DHS officers and other law enforcement agents must become very vigilant about blindly accepting the laws that they are now and possibly will be asked to enforce.

In this ‘post 9/11′ America, patriotic peace groups, patriotic journalists, patriotic activists and patriotic truth seekers have become targets law enforcement . As has happened too often in the past, we are once again perceived as potential and even real threats to the safety of the government of the United States. Those of us who cherish democracy and organize on its behalf have been marked as enemies of the republic. I think it is high time that the truth be told about what is really going on.


Hear me out.

NOTE CAREFULLY: I am fully aware that it is against the law to foment revolt against the government of the Unites States. It is true that any discussions, plans, plots or activities related to the violent overthrow of the US government are illegal. I agree 100% with these laws and I am of the opinion those people who take part in activities that undermine the principles of our democratic republic of self rule should indeed be stopped and investigated by all appropriate law enforcement agencies.

That said, I think the point that so many seem to be missing is this: exactly who are the people with both the intent and opportunity to overthrow the American government? Hasn’t the American government already been overthrown? It seems to me that a calculated and stealthy revolution has been taking place right before our very eyes. Unfortunately for those remain unaware, this subtle overthrow, or coup if you will, was implemented slowly and carefully over a fairly long period of time.

There have been several stages to this overthrow, and in hindsight, each has been rather obvious. From the creation of the Federal Reserve System to the assassination of JFK and the stolen elections of the Bush administration, powerful groups and organizations have successfully hijacked our democracy and seized control of virtually every aspect of our lives. They control our food chain, our air and water, our finances, our ability to live out our lives as we choose, even if we pose no threat to others. These power brokers have succeeded without the slightest exposure, oversight or challenge because they also control the sources of information upon which Americans have traditionally relied.

When it comes to expressing the real extent of the problems facing us, there is a great deal of fear among my community, the patriotic truth community. That seems to be particularly true when it comes to exposing the dictatorship that is taking form in this nation. Many people are afraid to discuss solutions to the new empire because, in a sense, the only real solution against a Fascist takeover is some sort of revolution. In order to fight dictatorship, people have to rise up in some way against the small but powerful ruling establishment. That would have to begin with a revolt against the American corporate media and end with a defeat of the international bankers who have taken ownership of our existence.


People are frightened of any talk about real change because such a discussion carries overtones of some illegal action. Not so. There must be discussions related to the overthrow of our current leadership that are not treasonous by any means Our efforts to fight must be peaceful, but they must be fully focused on restoring our government, not violently overthrowing it.

THAT IS WHERE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMES IN. Somehow, somewhere, we have to reach those who are acting in good faith, but in misguided loyalty, to use fear and intimidation to silence protest and activism in this country. We have to reach out to them, to bring them into the discussion, and to see to it that they understand their obligation to protect, not hinder, our Constitutional rights.

The peace and truth community must adopt the mantra of “RESTORING, not overthrowing our government using any means necessary.” We cannot live in fear of our own protectors in our pursuit of freedom and the restoration of democracy. American citizens who work as law enforcers for the current regime must understand that we are on their side, and more importantly they have taken an oath to be on ours.

To the law enforcement community I say this: I pose no threat to you. I have no plans to organize or encourage a violent revolution. I merely intend to point out to you and to the American people that the revolution has already taken place and the bad guys are now in charge!

Think about this when you are asked to infiltrate us, or spy on us, or place us on your watch lists. Think about this when you are asked to arrest us or manhandle us or view us as the enemy of the United States. Think of this when you examine the rights we have already lost in the growing dictatorship and the powers that this government wants to expand and control. Think of this when you are forced to take actions against your own conscience.

As loyal and patriotic Americans, we all need to correct this. We need to take back our country. The American government has to be restored to its rightful place. I ask everyone in law enforcement to consider this as they perform the duties created to protect their countrymen and women. They represent the very best values in this country, a nation under LAWS, not men. I ask all law enforcement officials to fulfill their duty with pride and purpose: protect us from those who are intent on doing us harm and those who are intent on truly overthrowing the American government.

For the sake of this nation its survival, please protect Americans against those pose a threat to our democracy and not against those who are working so hard to restore it. Think about it!

The New World Order is Our Own Government - Government in the USA is the definition of Organized Crime.(RICO = extortion of revenue from the public for criminal enterprise) - They are consolidating their hold and move so easily in their own club.

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