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The Most Embarrassing Night in American Television News History: On a Monumental News Day CNN’s Larry King Interviews Paris Hilton

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Let us for a moment forget about the fact that the US establishment news media are, by virtue of their complete complicity in hiding from the public virtually all vital information about our nation and the world, the greatest enemy of our democracy and the American people. Let’s just pretend they are just not very competent when it comes to journalism.

Now even if we believe that the members of the US establishment news media are stupid enough to think that information related to the conduct and daily life of a person who has absolutely no impact on anyone outside of her family and social circle, like Paris Hilton, is of interest to the American people, can anyone really justify the fact that with all of the news that has come out on this given day, June 27th 2007, CNN’s Larry King could not find a more important topic to cover for an entire hour on live TV…on a network that claims to be a NEWS network?

Now an hour of this embarrassing nonsense was not enough for CNN. The closet homosexual (according to my sources) Anderson Cooper followed up the one hour embarrassment with a panel discussion on the Paris Hilton coverage where he replayed portions of the interview (like the vital issue about Paris’ favorite bible passage…which she has none…because she probably never heard of the bible), and discussed the interview in depth.

On a day that saw subpoenas related to criminal investigations issued to the White House and the most pathetic criminal do nothing Congress whose hard work has propelled the American government into and through its most anti-Constitutional, corrupt, illegal, incompetent and dangerous period in history, approved a pay raise for themselve, Larry King interviewed a spoiled brat bimbo! Larry King stands as a symbol of what has become of American establishment journalism; a joke on the American people and a conspiracy to keep them uninformed about the real world. 

On any given day all one has to do in order to see what your criminal American establishment media types are actively working to hide from you, visit the news page ( ); but today…holy cow, today was a news doozy! And yet the American people are force fed Paris Hilton! You see reality actually does get reported by our establishment media…but the people who decide how much ( if any ) attention is paid to each news item and how, when and where (broadcast, headline or tiny little article in some local paper) each news item is distributed for mass publication, make sure Americans are not made aware of unapproved reality! These people also decide how much discussion will take place on any given news item. That is why non-vital (non-vital on a national level) news items like a local murder or missing child or Paris Hilton systematically end up on every single news broadcast and other world changing news items like the discovery of technology to run cars and all engines on WATER, never get past a little report on some local news program. You see if reporters were told not to report stories the conspiracy would be obvious and well known. So the brilliant criminals simply control the proliferation of information and they bury most of the real news this way. You don’t have to take my word for this, you just have to pay attention and observe that this is taking place. It happens every single day. Just compare any of our daily news reports to what you get from CNN, NBC or any of the establishment criminals and you’ll understand.

The state of the media is no longer a joke, it is a serious threat to our well being. Irreversible harm is being done to our lives, personal wealth, food chain, air, water and our democracy. The criminals who are doing this harm are being protected by the media. At the same time solutions to serious problems and global crises like new clean free energy sources and health related discoveries are hidden from the public by the establishment media. If the so called patriots of this nation understood the ramifications of the conduct of the US establishment media they would be like me in understanding that the establishment media is indeed the greatest enemy of the American people for the enable all other enemies to harm us with impunity.

In a sad statement about the collective American intellect made possible by the dumbing down of America by the establishment media, there exists a television program called “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” It is not surprising that this program is on a FOX network. Well, to me it is obvious that Americans in general are far less intelligent than 5th graders should be for if they were as intelligent they would understand what is going on and they would take to the streets in order to defeat our most dangerous and harmful enemies, the members of the establishment media…by any means necessary! Think about it.

Hey, Have You Heard the News? Betcha Haven’t!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

I have been watching TV news for five straight days trying to find a single real news report. I’m telling you I can not for the life of me find any real news! Nothing! I watched CNN from the top of the hour at 9AM today and 27 minutes into the broadcast I still did not see anything that can accurately be described as legitimate national news. Even the coverage of stories that may be considered news had angles that made them non-news. For example a report on wild fires was actually a personal drama about a single family experiencing tragedy.

And don’t look for any news tonight; at least don’t look for news on CNN because Larry King will be devoting his entire hour to Paris Hilton. I have to hand it to Larry King He has done what no other human has; he managed to maintain a 50 year career without a single important accomplishment! He is to journalism what Joe Franklin was to late night talk shows! Long lived and unimportant.

I wish I could sit down with every American family and watch one hour of any news channel or program. I guarantee you that hour would change the lives of most Americans. They would for the first time see the criminality of the establishment news industry. It would become obvious to them. Maybe I can figure out a way to do that. Until then the tragic joke on the American people continues and Americans will continue to think Paris Hilton belongs on news broadcasts. Think about it.

Is Anybody Going to Stop Dick Cheney?

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

When it comes to the multitude of crimes committed by Dick Cheney do we really need the smoking gun to be in the form of a mushroom cloud before we decide to haul him off in shackles? This is getting stupid, from the events of 9/11 to the blatant in your face self assertion that American laws don’t apply to him, can anyone seriously say that Dick Cheney is not a criminal?

Virtually every crime committed by the Bush administration from starting a war based on lies to outing a covert intelligence official, to the destruction of official records, has Dick Cheney’s finger prints all over it! The outrageous behavior of Cheney has become a global joke, only there is nothing funny about it! Cheney is perhaps the biggest criminal in the history of the American political system and the most this nation is willing to do about it is tell jokes about him!

Is anyone living in the real world? Is there a human being left in our political system or judicial system that is willing to open his or her eyes and stop this mad man? Holy cow…it’s one thing to be willing to look at the overwhelming evidence of his complicity in the events of 9/11/2001, but hell, this guys is simply looking us all in the face and telling us that laws don’t apply to him! He is telling this to us with his own mouth! This is not conspiracy theory, this is confession! How much evidence does the American public need before they do something about the biggest criminal in American governmental history?

I must be dreaming. The people of the world can not be as crazy as they are acting. I’ll go back to sleep now. Maybe I’ll wake up to reality. I’ll know that I am in a real world when I turn on my TV and see news reports about Cheney getting sentenced to hang in the gallows for high crimes and crimes against humanity! Until that happens I will have a hard time believing that my fellow Americans are part of any real world because they could not possibly allow this guy to continue his crime spree unopposed! Think about it.


Cheney’s Secrets

Israel is a Theocracy, Not a Democracy – I Don’t Want My Nation Supporting Theocratic Bigotry!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

I have heard rhetoric about Israel all of my life and I have yet to see any reality that accurately reflects that rhetoric, except for one thing: Israel is, as they claim to be, a Jewish state.

Now correct me if I am wrong but how can a a nation that claims to be democracy place a religion or a culture above all the rest? How is that democratic? That, my friends, reflects the attitude of a theocracy, not a democracy. So why do we continue to call Israel a democratic nation and why are we supporting them?

You know I can not think of one benefit my nation has received in return for or as a result of our blind support for Israel. Call me antisemitic if you like, many of you will, simply because I am voicing legitimate concerns and raising valid questions, but after you label me…answer my questions. Why is my tax money going to Israel? What’s in it for me? What is the return on my investment? I know a lot of people on this planet don’t like my nation too much because we offer blind support to Israel regardless of the pain and suffering they inflict on a group of people and that is a pretty bad thing for me, in my opinion! And why is our democracy loving nation supporting a nation that places one religion or culture over all others? Isn’t that bigotry?

You know I as an American do not approve of the conduct of my nation where it comes to Israel. Correct me if I am wrong but my nation has been the sole member of the UN Security Council to veto over 30 otherwise unanimous resolutions denouncing the conduct of Israel. I am supposed to forget, ignore or be deprived of all the details behind and reasons for world opinion when it comes to Israel because according to my government, and the establishment media, Israel never does anything wrong and anyone who says otherwise is biased; and the supporting facts and details don’t matter. Well, I am not that stupid. I can see what takes place in the world. And I have news for you…even biased sources can have valid opinions from time to time. For example I am biased against radical religious people who treat women like possessions yet I am perfectly within reason if I make the very valid point that the Taliban violate women’s rights and should have never received the support of the Bush administration and a diplomatic visit with the Bush administration should never even have been allowed forget invited (as they were by the Bush administration in early 2001). Likewise I am also within reason when I say that nobody in the world can tell me that Israel treats non-Jews they same way they treat Jews, especially Arabs.

I did not like it when Colin Powell delivered a $43 million check to the Taliban prior to the events of 9/11; a little tidbit that the establishment media skipped over in their catatonic coverage of the conduct of the George W. Bush administration. The media has basically kept all the actions of this administration a secret and if you think that is an overstatement you have not been reading very long. So when Powell delivered that check I sent out an e-mail to all of my friends saying that any women who supported this administration deserves what they get because they just gave the most anti-woman government in history $43 million. That did not make me biased. Just the same when I comment on the actions of Israel when it comes to their treatment of the Palestinians, their violations of UN resolutions, their continual construction of settlements in the occupied territories, their destruction of food supplies like when they bulldoze 100 year old olive tree groves and water wells, their practice of collective punishment like when they use American supplied bulldozers to destroy the homes of innocent people, or their total disregard for all human life that is not Jewish (in that they will blow up an entire building full of innocent Arabs to kill one of their suspected targets), and their disdain for any kind of law or due precess as they simply kill anyone they label as a suspect, it does not make me biased. I ask questions about this stuff. That does not make me anti-anything. It makes me curious and it makes me angry. Again I say you can call me anything you want but please address my concentrates.

Now Israel continues to refer to itself as a Jewish state. Our media and our government officials refer to Israel as a Jewish state. Well, call me an anti-Semite but someone please just answer this question…why are we supporting a nation that has proudly declared itself to be a theocracy? Isn’t America trying to support democracies or more specifically secular democracies? Why do we refer to Israel as a democracy if they call refer to themselves as a theocracy and conduct themselves as cultural supremacists who can do anything to anyone, anywhere, in the name of self defense, even if there is no clear indication of a threat?

Israel is in violation of dozens of UN Security Council resolutions and had it not been for the sole vetoes cast by the US over thirty more resolutions would have been passed unanimously over the past 20 years. Iraq did not even come close to violating that many resolutions and look what we did to them, yet we actually support Israel. In addition Israel practices collective punishment. They punish an entire society for the actions of some or even many of its members. You tell me…if your pregnant mother died waiting at a checkpoint…as dozens if not hundreds of pregnant Palestinian women have, what would you do to the people who caused her death? I don’t know what I would do…but know that I don’t want to support people who do things like that and guess what…Israel does exactly that! So if anyone on Earth can tell me why I should want my tax money supporting this, I’ll listen. But until then…stop calling names and start answering questions. Think about it.

No News, All the Time! Another Missing Woman to Report…Cool!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Here we go again…the latest non-news item dominating news broadcasts…a missing mother…the latest national lead story that impacts less than one millionth of the nation! How stupid is this getting!

I think CNN did about three solid hours on this non-news item last night. That embarrassing joke of a…well I don’t know what to call him but his name is Larry King on CNN, devoted an hour to discuss this local mystery. This guy has spent more time covering the most trivial unimportant issues known to the world and he receives accolades for his achievements! We celebrate his many years in broadcasting. In all his years this man has not once brought important news the American people. He is the Jerry Springer of news and in my opinion he can serve as the token symbol of the pathetic embarrassment American broadcast news has become and how stupid the Average American has become!

When exactly did the local tabloid like the National Enquirer take over our broadcast news networks? I really was not watching when it happened. Actually I am not sure that it has not been this way all along.

As the criminal news agencies continue to hide all the news that affects every American, American idiots continue to tune into programs like Larry Kink and networks like CNN. I am starting to wonder if they are worth my efforts to educate them! Maybe they deserve whatever happens to them at the hands of the people who control information in this nation. Maybe that is nature’s latest iteration of natural selection! Think about it.


CNN = “Contains No News”

CNN’s Hard News - Serving 0.0001% of America

Attention Homeless Iraq War Vets: It’s Time to Seek Out Those “Troop Supporters!”

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

In yet another “we told you so” in the battle between so called patriots and so called people who hate America, the people who supposedly hate America are once again proven correct in their criticism of this nation!. It is unfortunate that the people who love this nation enough to speak out when they see the ugly side of what takes place in the name of America are called anti-American, and the people who voice support of our nation while turning a blind eye to any and all wrongdoing by our leaders are considered patriots! Well once again the patriots were wrong and once again it is the icon of American patriotism, the US veteran of war, who has to pay the price for the blind loyalty of the so called American patriot.

While millions and millions of Americans protested the George W. Bush administration and their attempt to boldly lie like no other administration in history, blind patriots all over this nation went out and purchased American flags (that were most likely not even made in America), and wrapped them around their heads, covering their eyes and ears. You see to those people information, history, evidence, or current reality mean nothing. Words and phrases are the only things that count to many American patriots. Words and phrases like “freedom”, “protecting us”, “commie”, “liberal”, “good vs. evil”, and my favorite: “support the troops!.”  What these words and phrases mean is not the concern of the American patriot. The only thing that matters is that you say the right thing and repeat the right phrases. And how do these people find out which words and phrases are good and which words and phrases are evil? They watch TV!

Unfortunately many American’s have no inclination to think for themselves. I don’t believe that these people are stupid, I actually think that they are good people. I just believe that these people understand deep down inside that it would be too painful to discover that their faith in government has been misguided. They are so in love with their image of America that they can not face the possibility that America is not what they think it is!

Well evidence is all around us proving that the image of America in the minds of many American patriots is less than accurate. All one has to do in order to understand this is pretty much pay attention. There are no secrets. There are no hidden mysteries. One does not have to rely on conspiracy theories, one only needs to open their eyes and witness the conspiracy for themselves.

Our media continues to show the American people apples while they report on oranges. All you have to do it look at the orange for a minute and you will see that the discussion about apples in just smoke and mirrors. Well, actually those “apple” discussions are lies, but let’s not get too technical for now.

So in the latest apple news American patriots are going to be seeing some oranges for themselves for quite some time. These oranges will be in the form of homeless Iraqi war veterans. These troops will be living proof that the “support the troops” apple rhetoric coming from our government and our media has nothing to do with the orange reality in which we live. We anti-American types tried to warn everyone. We tried to tell people that supporting a war based on lies has nothing to do with supporting troops. We tried to point out the orange orchard of information that indicated that the media and the Bush administration lie with pretty much every sentence they utter. The oranges are all over to prove our point. Instead of listening to us and simply opening your eyes you wrapped another layer of flag over your eyes and ears and you cursed the very ground we stood on. Well, as we have said before, time and time again, when it comes to ant-American reality…we told you so!

So now it is time for the war/troop supporters to do some supporting. I suggest that each and every homeless American military member seek out the homes of people who have those “We Support Our Troops” signs on their doors, windows, lawns and cars, and start knocking on their doors. Ask the many troop supporters for the medical help you need. Ask them for the education funds that the government promised you. Ask them for every benefit and entitlement that you were promised and never received because of red tape or because they were eliminated or cut by the George W. Bush administration and the pro-war Congress! Ask them for the support for which they so boldly take credit! I want to see how much support you actually receive from these people.

You see America, people like me and the millions of other reality based Americans, who have the courage and pride to stand up and say when our country is wrong or when our leaders are lying to us, are patriots. We are the same type of people who fought for the independence of America in the first place. We risk a lot for the good of us all. It is high time that you hear us. Maybe this latest I told you so will serve as a wake up call.

It’s not about supporting the troops, it’s about supporting the truth. If patriots had done so in the first place maybe the phrase “homeless vet” would have never been created! But now that it has, it’s time that the people who refused to support the truth to support the troops. Think about it.


Report: Veteran Homelessness on the Rise - LINK - The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed to a sharp rise in the number of homeless military veterans, a recently completed Congressional Research Service report on homeless veterans says, and lawmakers are beginning to take notice.

Wake Up America: A Point About Debt and the Fed

Monday, June 18th, 2007



I have spend a great deal of time trying to educate the public about the largest conspiracy facing our nation, the existence of the Federal Reserve. I want to make a few points in order to help illustrate an aspect of this conspiracy.

First of all, if you are not already aware of this, the Federal Reserve is neither federal or a reserve. It is a private bank that was illegally given complete control over American monetary policy and it is permitted to create money for itself out of nothing. The money is not backed by gold or silver or anything of value. It is basically a loan shark with a fancy name.

You see, the Federal Reserve acts like the godfather to the bank industry Mafia. There is nothing illegal about the banking industry except for the fact that its profitability is based on the illegal and immoral conduct of the Federal Reserve. Understand this: banks make money by doing one thing; lending you money. Actually thanks to fractional reserve banking they can lend you money that they do not have, charge you interest on that money, and then they can count that interest as an asset before you even pay them back! That’s just one problem. The real problem is with the Federal Reserve.itself. The Fed exists for two reasons: one is to keep the government in debt and the other is to keep you and me in debt. If we are not in debt then we are not borrowing money and the banks are not making money.

Congress won’t touch this issue. If you look closely, the strength of the American economy is really all smoke and mirrors. Our economy grows only when money is borrowed. In fact, when someone borrows money from a bank or when the government borrows money from the Federal Reserve about 90% of that money is created out of thin air! The practice of fractional reserve banking allows banks, including the Fed, to lend out about 1000% of the actual money they have. The rest is simply created out of thin air. If a bank has $10 they can lend you $100. All they do is type in the rest of the money into your account. Then you pay the bank back, with interest and the bank will have the original $10, plus the $90 they created out of nothing plus the interest which will usually total more than the original loan. This is how banks make money.

If you don’t need to borrow money this amazing money creation scam stops. The economy stops growing and the banks have to go back to doing what banks are supposed to do, hold your assets in a safe place for your convenience.

Now, I have a personal theory about why Clinton was impeached and why Bush can not be impeached. During the Clinton years something terrible happened to this nation: personal savings reached an all time high. When people don’t have to borrow money the result is a disaster for the banks.. While the smoke and mirror measurements of the US economy reflected an economy that was not growing (because new fake money was not being created to lend out), the people of this nation were experiencing personal economic growth. But the people don’t matter here. They never have and they never will.

George W. Bush on the other hand, has created an economic environment where personal saving is virtually nonexistent. People need to borrow money just to feed their families! This is wonderful for the banks. The nation is also at war which means it is spending money on the most expensive activity a nation can partake in: war. Now the nation has to borrow money to finance that war, and guess what, the nation has to borrow that money from the Federal Reserve, with interest! The nation can not do what all free nations are supposed to be able to do, borrow money from itself and pay itself back without interest! This is because on Christmas eve in 1913 a few criminal Senators took advantage of the holiday to sneak into law the creation of the Federal Reserve system. Of course, a few years later we all had to start paying income tax. Understand that income tax was not needed until the Federal Reserve showed up and started charging our government interest for its own money! That interest had to come from somewhere!

You see my friends, it’s a scam. It’s a conspiracy. And until we do something about it people like George W. Bush are going to continue to run the show because the people who control money control government. Think about it.

Is Bush Al Qaeda?

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

We keep hearing that the greatest threat to America is Islamic terrorism; most specifically al Qaeda led Islamic terrorism. We were told, even though the evidence points elsewhere, that al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks of September 11th, 2001. We keep hearing how al Qaeda hates our way of life and wants hates our freedom. Yet during the past seven years it has been the Bush administration that has done the most harm to the American way of life and it is the Bush administration that has eliminated a great many of our freedoms. Interestingly enough during the past seven years the threats to and harm imposed on the American people by the Bush administration and by Congress far surpass any harm outside terrorists could have or could eventually do to us.

To start with no foreign terrorist could have stolen presidential elections in this nation. The military surely would have stepped in and stopped them. Today we have seven years worth of accumulated evidence that the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were stolen by the Bush administration yet the military, and Congress for that matter, support the people who have hijacked our nation. During the years since the 2000 coup the criminals who stole the election have damaged virtually every aspect of our nation beyond imagination and in some instances beyond repair. This includes weakening our military while strengthening the private paramilitary companies owned by the friends of the Bush administration. Are they getting ready for something here?

The United States government has many oversight and regulatory institutions. What has happened with these institutions since the installation of the Bush cabal serves as proof positive that the intent of George W. Bush is to un-protect the American people from virtually every type of harm posed to them while taking credit for protecting them from one mythical type of harm; that posed by the boogie men known as Islamic terrorists. You see what has happened is that George W. Bush has replaced the leadership of virtually agency that is supposed to protect the American people from one thing or another, with representatives or lobbyists from the industries and entities from which these institutions are supposed to protect us! This is the proverbial fox guarding the hen house only it’s for real and it is outrageous…and nobody is doing anything about it!

Imagine if you will, the street gangs of Los Angeles being issued guns and police badges and given free reign to keep the peace as they see fit. Imagine if you will, a convicted serial pedophile being hired to run your child’s daycare center. Imagine if you will, Mafia loan sharks being put in charge of your mortgage or student loan. Well, you don’t have to imagine too much because just about anywhere you look today, from the judicial system to the FDA to the EPA to the FCC and any other letter group you can think of…we have foxes guarding hen houses.

From eliminating the middle class to seeing to it that health care is unattainable by most of us virtually every aspect of American life has been assaulted by the Bush administration.

The harm done to our way of life by the Bush administration can not be accurately measured but we are all starting to feel it. The Bush administration has attacked this nation throughly, viciously, methodically and completely. They seem to hate Americans and it appears that they are destroying America’s abiltiy stop their plans for global domination. They have been a super-virus that has infected our nation and weakened it to a point of virtual collapse. Now if there really was an al Qaeda wouldn’t you think they would be pretty happy about what is going on here? Maybe they actually are happy only maybe we are just not asking the correct question…is al Qaeda actually the Bush administration? Think about it.

An American Flag Made in China

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

The owner of the Amp & Guitar Wellness Center in Brooklyn is a very good friend of mine. His name is Jeff and he is a terrific guy. He is one of those rare business men who would rather make less money and do the right thing than cheat a customer. To me that is what America is supposed to be all about.

Six days per week Jeff, or one of his staff, pulls up the gates and opens the charming little music shop that is hidden away in a cozy corner of Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn; a tiny neighborhood filled with a mix of blue collar workers and six figure city folk. Every day it’s the same thing; gates up, alarm off, and if the sky is clear the flag is raised in front of the shop. The American flag, that is. Jeff served his nation in the Army and now he pays his respect to his nation by presenting the flag each day.

Windsor Terrace is an ethnically diverse neighborhood, but it has not always been so. Until recently Windsor Terrace was primarily working class white; home to more that it’s share of police, firefighters and sanitation workers. Republicans. Yellow ribbon “support the troops” types. To get a feel for the old world Windsor Terrace just pay a visit to Farrell’s bar on Prospect Park West, any weekday, at 8:00, AM! Yep, even early in the morning you will see the shift workers unwinding in the only bar in the area that is open so early. And to answer your question…no, they don’t serve breakfast…just beer, and only one kind of beer, Bud…and of course the standard hard liquors. Don’t expect to get a Margarita there either! Farrell’s is an American bar! (Actually…they may serve Margaritas, but I bet you’ll get a lot of funny looks if you order one!)

Peruse the neighborhood on any hard core American holiday and you will see more American flags than you can count. Homes and businesses alike all pay host to that star spangled banner. Windsor Terrace residence sure love their country and they show their support for their nation by hanging that American flag out every chance they get.

So I was in my friend Jeff’s shop a few weeks back while he was drilling holes in the bricks in front of his shop. He was installing a new mount for his brand new American flag. You see the old one was getting a bit tattered so Jeff went out and bought a brand new American flag, complete with poll, mounting kit and a plastic eagle that sits atop the flag pole. The entire scene was like a living Norman Rockwell painting. A hard working American small business owner mounting an American flag in front of his small business in an American neighborhood filled with proud Americans. There was only one problem with this scene…the American flag that was about to be mounted had a little tag on it. Written on that tag…”MADE IN CHINA”!

I am not sure why I am writing about this or how I feel about this. But one thing hit me about seeing an American flag that was made in another nation…I wondered why in the world anybody would ever manufacture the flags of nations other than their own? I wondered what would lead to the need for Americans to import their own flag. I am not sure why I am disturbed by this, but I am. I can not exactly make a statement here other to say there is something very unsettling about living in a nation where we have to import our own flag!

I wonder how many of those gung ho American patriots in Windsor Terrace, or around America for that matter, have imported American flags. I wonder how many of those who do…realize it. And I wonder how many of those who realize it…care. Think about it.

Earth: A Beautiful Place if There Were No Humans

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Yesterday I was looking at a beautiful photograph of sea life that is on the cover of a book (related websites can be found here: and here: ). What I did not realize when I first saw the image was that the book was not a very happy book. While the book explores how beautiful ocean life is, it sheds light on the fact that no life forms on this planet are safe from the the treacherous impact human beings have had on this planet. The book shows how the beautiful ocean life is being harmed by humans.

Human beings, in our quest to satisfy our endless greed, have consumed and destroyed everything around us. We ( not all of us ) humans are so stupid that in our quest to indulge ourselves we have pretty much set humanity on the path to extinction. The simple minded humans, who think that some being up in the sky wants them to have more babies, can not perform the simple math that shows that exponential growth of our species can not be sustained! More babies = more harm to the planet = eventual extinction! The by products of humanity (consumption, destruction, toxic waste), are destroying all life forms, including those that sustain our own lives. You know…like the life forms that we eat, and the life forms that make the air that we breathe!

Several years ago I chose to become the housekeeper/slave to a 4 ounce parrot. I take very good care of my master. I clean up after her, feed her, provide her with my valuable belongings for her to shred with her razor sharp can opener bill, including US currency (actually they are not US currency, they are criminal Federal Reserve Notes). I take her to the park and to my parents house where my mother gives her bits of cookies when I am not looking. Her life is pretty darn good.

So yesterday, after I realized that the beautiful book contained a not so beautiful reminder of the impact human beings are having on this planet, I looked over at my four ounce pterodactyl and I got to thinking, and I realized something that is pretty darn disturbing. Human beings have had a negative impact on every single life form on this planet with two exceptions: house pets and man made super-viruses. That’s it. Pretty sad, huh. Something to be ashamed about, huh. And when you think about the fact that human beings need other life forms in order to live, it’s just pretty darn stupid, huh.

Humans are causing the extinction of hundreds of life forms every year and we are working hard to end humanity. Oddly enough when I realized that humans are setting up their own extinction I thought to myself, cool. I thought that maybe when the humans are gone the remaining life forms will thrive. It’s weird, but it made be feel a little better when I thought about that. It helped to balance the guilty feelings I have about being a member of the one species that threatens all others. Think about it.

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