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Attention Ron Paul Supporters: Now Do You Believe Conspiracies Exist?

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

I have a question to those people who have been impressed with Ron Paul’s performance during the recent Republican debates: are you starting to notice something odd? Have you noticed that the entire body of the establishment media are pretending that Ron Paul was not a significant candidate? Have you noticed that the positive comments written about Ron Paul on news sites, by readers (as comments), are being deleted and that on-line poll results are being removed?

I’ll tell you this, you can forget about Ron Paul becoming President, no matter how many people you know seem to be noticing him and have voiced their support for him. He won’t be elected because you have nothing to do with who becomes president in this nation. And the establishment media have never been more obvious about their complicity in this crime against democracy as they are now.

You see the establishment media are telling you what reality is, they are not reporting reality to you. They tell you what to believe. And now they are telling you to believe that the impressive Ron Paul is not being noticed. That’s right, the media is telling you that you are virtually alone in your support of Ron Paul, even though you may know a ton of people who also support him and you don’t seem to see too many people supporting other candidates.

For generations the establishment media have been part of a conspiracy to manage your perception of what is real. They make you believe that you are part of some sort of democracy. They make you believe that there are no viable renewable clean cheap energy technologies available. They make you believe that the Federal Reserve is part of the US government. They make you believe that for some reason the US has to pay interest when it borrows it’s own currency! They conspire to make you believe a lot of lies. It’s not hard to see this, as a matter of fact it is pretty obvious. You just just have to pay attention.

The media conspire to tell you that the apple you are looking at is an orange. What I do with this web site and with my presentations is tap you on the forehead and make you notice that you are looking at an apple and I make you notice that they are telling you that it is an orange. You see the difference? They tell you what you are looking at, I ask you to take notice of what you are looking at and to think for yourself. They are lying to you every day, about almost everything. I don’t tell you this, I just show you that it is happening. Maybe now you can see this happening with how the media is handling the reality of Ron Paul. Maybe this can be your wake up call.

Again, for those who would like to learn about this media conspiracy and learn how to spot the massive deception in the media, I offer a free presentation that will empower you and render those liars harmless. Provide me with an audience, room and transportation and I’ll simply point out the obvious for you. Then you will suddenly notice what has been right in front of your face all along…and you will not fall for it anymore. Don’t believe me…just hear me out and think for yourself. I won’t tell you what to believe, I’ll just show you what you are looking at.

Don’t believe me…just pay attention. Watch TV news and read your establishment news papers. You know, the networks and publications that tell you all about the real world by telling you what you are supposed to believe, so when it happens you accept it. See if what they say about Ron Paul’s performance in the debates, if anything, reflects what you actually saw when you watched. You know…just like when they told you in 2004 that George W. Bush won Ohio, now they tell you that Ron Paul did not win the debates. Think about it.

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Only in America…

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Only in America can opposing war, humanity’s most horrific obscenity, be frowned upon and ridiculed.
Only in America can sex, nature’s most natural pleasurable activity, be considered a sin.
Only in America can one’s own body be illegal or at least the showing of one’s own human body be considered a crime. (Imagine outlawing God’s work!)
Only in America can having many children be considered a wonderful thing even though sustained population growth can lead to the demise of our planet and all of those new children.
Only in America can a population believe anything it is told regardless of the evidence to the contrary.
Only in America can a person tout his or her freedom without knowing one single thing about the importance of the laws and documents that define that freedom.
Only in America do people not believe what they see, hear, taste, smell or touch unless the people on TV tell them to believe it.
Only in America can an event like 9/11 happen without the public truly examining the evidence of what happened.
Only in America can you have a media that keep the public informed about Paris Hilton but not about revolutionary advances in science that our government won’t allow us to see!
Only in America can a media lie, day in and day out, to the point of painful embarrassment, and deceive the public while causing them immeasurable and irreversible suffering and harm, and the people do not revolt against them.
Only in America can people who are part of secretive organizations
such the Council on Foreign Relations, with unchecked influence on our political process, and who are sworn to secrecy by those organizations, be trusted to report news about our political process.
Only in America would a person like me have to stop his life, end his career and jeopardize his future so that he can simply point out the obvious to his fellow citizens.
Only in America can someone like me be accused of being anti-American for simply trying to expose liars and criminals.

Actually, America is not the only place where all of this exists, but from what I was taught, it is one of the places where none of this is supposed to exist.
Maybe one day I’ll write a follow up to this piece, called “Remember When…”
Think about it.

CNN Cloaks Gravel & Continues to Murder Democracy

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

The most important role of the press in a democracy is to keep the public informed about our government. This includes informing the public about the conduct of elected officials and it includes informing the public about people who offer to serve in public office.

Ronald Reagan helped to destroy our democracy by eliminating the legal provisions that required broadcast media outlets to provide equal time and coverage of all presidential candidates. The Internet has given our democracy a bit of a boost since it took the hit from Reagan in that it provides a forum for the people to learn about the candidates who are intentionally hidden from the public by our establishment media. But it took CNN to apply a stealth coating to a candidate who made such a large impression on the public that the establishment media could not justify ignoring him.

Tonight, CNN was forced to accept reality and welcome Mike Gravel to the Democratic debate but that did not stop them from keeping him from the public. They asked the former senator about three questions, allowed him a total of about 90 seconds of air time, and did not include him in a single issue of major import.

CNN again helped prove why the American establishment media are the greatest enemy of Democracy. No matter what we do, no matter how much information passes by the cloak of the media via the Internet, it is clear that the establishment media will continue to alter their methods in order to prevent the public from learning anything or about anyone that is not approved by the ruling elite establishment. The media in this nation must be exposed for what it is, the greatest enemy of the people. We must not fix the media, we must replace them. Think about it!

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